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You're a Monster Hunter, someone that hunts monsters and tries to destroy them. Most people don't know monsters are real and you have to be careful they don't find out because it would cause panic. You can't have superpowers or magic items but you can use guns and knives and crosses and silver bullets and things like that against the monsters. Just don't get to violent.

5/12/2012 #1

Throughout time there have always been a few people that knew that the monsters in stories were real. Hercules wasn't the son of Zeus and didn't have super strength, but he was a really big guy that was very strong and hunted monsters. Let's say Hercules had Strength 22 okay? Nobody can have more than a 20 in anything though. Hercules was the strongest.

5/12/2012 #2

(Another hard one! My brain is gonna start hurting!)

5/12/2012 #3

(Finally got that horror topic, huh, pigtails? I'll have to come up with someone to play in this.)

5/13/2012 #4

Name: Zelda Armstrong

Age: 18

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Brown

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 156 pounds

Appearance: Nerdy looking, wears glasses to read.

Back story: Zelda is from a long line of monster hunters. Her father wanted a boy to carry on the family tradition. When Zelda proved to be short and nerdy rather than a tall and strong he decided she was hopeless. Zelda realizes she's not much of a fighter but she's trained herself as best as she can and studied everything she could get her hands on about monsters and hunting them. She hopes to prove to her father that a thinker can be a good monster hunter just like a fighter.

Strength: 12 Dexterity: 15 Constitution: 15 Intelligence: 17 Wisdom: 15 Charisma: 14 Level: 1st level fighter Hit Points: 12

5/13/2012 #5
Cool Monsters

(Been a long time since I've used him but I think I'll bring back Mr. Jade.)

Name: Hieronymous Jade

Age: 50

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown with graying

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 180 pounds

Appearance: Tall and thin, often wears sunglasses. Very serious looking.

Back story: Hieronymous Jade was an ordinary man a few years ago, but had a dangerous hobby, ghost hunting. The "ghosts" he found were all fakes, until he went to one old house. He made the mistake of bringing his wife and daughter with him. His wife was killed and his daughter was cursed to become catlike. He still hunts for the being that did this, hoping to somehow force it to make Jasmine human again.

Weapons: He knows just about everything there is to know about hunting monsters. It's been all he's been interested in the last few years. He has wooden stakes, silver bullets, a cane with a silver handle, and anything else that might be useful to fight vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night.

Strength: 16 Dexterity: 16 Constitution: 16 Intelligence: 16 Wisdom: 15 Charisma: 12 Level: 7th level fighter, 3rd level wizard Hit Points: 99

Name: Jasmine

Age: 9

Eyes: Green, slitted like a cat's

Hair: Orange and white (like a tiger)

Fur: Orange and white

Height: 4'8"

Weight: 80 pounds

Appearance: Looks like a little girl wearing tiger makeup and tiger pajamas. Only she's not, she really is tiger like.

Back story: Jasmine was with Mr. Jade in the backseat of his car when the ghost attacked. She was transformed and shocked when she suddenly realized she had a tail.

Weapons: Jasmine has learned a few things about hunting monsters from her father. She doesn't like fighting, but she has sharp claws on her hands and feet. Her hands are furry but otherwise human. Her feet are furry and have pads on the soles like a cat. She's also stronger than she was, about as strong as a human adult, and fast enough to join a track team. She's also an expert at climbing trees and can climb buildings if barefoot.

Strength: 14 Dexterity: 19 Constitution: 16 Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 8 Charisma: 14 Level: 1st level fighter Hit Points: 13 (She's superstitious and would be very unhappy if she knew she had 13hp.)

5/13/2012 #6

(I need some more time to make a character.)

5/17/2012 #7

(I'll need to think awhile about this too.)

5/17/2012 #8

Name: Erin O'Brien

Age: 16

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 110 pounds

Appearance: Cute little Irish lassy, but a lot more dangerous than she looks!

Backstory: Erin lived in the Emerald Island and was very happy among the heather and flowers until the little people came out of their caves and attacked her people. Now she hunts them and other monsters.

Strength: 12 Dexterity: 17 Constitution: 16 Intelligence: 12 Wisdom: 12 Charisma: 16 Level: 2nd level fighter Hit points: 23

5/18/2012 #9
Cool Monsters

Mr. Jade's Agent

Name: (Forgot, going to have to give him a new one)

Occupation: Former soldier

Age: 25

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 260 pounds

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde in a crewcut

Appearance: Looks like Rambo or Duke in G.I. Joe

Backstory: After getting out of the army he discovered that fifty years ago his father and several others, working with Mr. Jade's father, crushed a cult and destroyed its leader, a powerful sorcerer. Now, after fifty years, the cult is moving again and the sorcerer's spirit has returned from Hell to start the horror all over again.

Strength: 18 Dexterity: 17 Constitution: 18 Intelligence: 12 Wisdom: 10 Charisma: 14 Level: 7th level fighter Hit Points: 75

5/20/2012 #10

(I guess somehow Zelda has to get in touch with Jade.)

5/20/2012 #11

(I'm still thinking. Can I be Jasmin's friend?)

5/20/2012 #12

Name: Carol Manning

Age: 17

Eyes: Blue-green

Hair: Reddish-brown

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 120 pounds

Appearance: Cute but kind of old fashioned and nerdy looking.

Backstory: Carol is a psychic. She can pick up "bad vibes." (I'm working on other powers but I guess she shouldn't be too strong huh?) She was always considered strange and nerdy and kept to herself. She used to tell her parents and other kids about the strange things she'd see and feel but when she realized no one else could see or feel them she stopped saying anything afraid they'd think she was crazy. Wanting to try to fit in somewhere she started looking into psychic research. Finally she feels she has a purpose.

Strength: 11 Dexterity: 14 Constitution: 16 Intelligence: 15 Wisdom: 16 Charisma: 14 Level: 1st level psychic Hit Points: 9 (Or whatever they'd be for a level one psychic)

5/21/2012 #13

Erin was making some crossbow bolts.

(My brother said that's what they call arrows for crossbows, bolts. It's in D&D.)

5/22/2012 #14

Name: Tammy Rogers

Age: 9

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond

Height: 4'6"

Weight: 60 pounds

Appearence: Short and skinny, looks kinda sick. Gets headakes cause of her getting sychic vizins. Rocks fell where she was one time and strange lights were another time.

Back story: Um don't really know yet. Not sure what her powers are yet.

Weaspons: She can pick up a big stick if she has to. She doesn't like to fight tho. She also got a yoyo but cn't make it work right. That can be a wapon wright?

Strength: 6 Dextairity: 15 Constushun: 15 Intelligence: 10 Wisdum: 10 Charmsma: 15 Level: First level sychic Hit Points: How many would she have? 8? I dunno.

5/23/2012 #15
Cool Monsters

Jasmine was happily climbing a tree when she heard her father call to her.

"Jasmine! Get down from there! What did I tell you about giving in to your animal instincts?"

Jasmine climbed down sadly. She bowed her head.

"But's fun. And...and it'll help me help you hunting monsters!"

Jade placed his hands on her shoulders.

"I've told you before, I don't want you fighting. You're nine years old. I want you to have as normal a childhood as possible."

Jasmine sighed and looked at her feet. She wasn't wearing shoes. She had never liked shoes before but since becoming a cat she hated wearing them.

"How can I? I don't have any friends. They'd all think I was weird."

Jade hugged his daughter.

"You are not weird. You are my baby and I swear I'll find a way to make you like you were again, honey."

5/24/2012 #16

(Ghostbusters? Cool! Can I join?)

5/24/2012 #17
Cool Monsters

(Sure. Mr. Jade is the leader of the good guys. We need some villains of course.)

5/25/2012 #18

(How can Tammy meet Jasmin?)

5/26/2012 #19

(We could say our characters already know Jade or they could be at a psychic research place together and meet each other.)

5/27/2012 #20
Cool Monsters

(Jade would know all about any psychic research lab and be interested in anyone showing real potential.)

5/28/2012 #21

(Where would Tammy be? At home? In a school for people with powers?)

6/1/2012 #22

(It would be easier if everybody was in the same place. Maybe something like X-Men mansion.)

6/2/2012 #23
Cool Monsters

Jade sends Jasmine inside, making her cover her catlike face with a hooded cloak. Jasmine walks sadly through the building.

6/3/2012 #24

Carol picked up some bad vibes. Someone was very unhappy and she could guess who.

"Daddy picking on you again, kitty?"

6/4/2012 #25

Zelda was practicing with her crossbow which fired wooden stakes.

6/4/2012 . Edited by FairyMermaid, 6/14/2012 #26

Erin saw Zelda practicing.

"Bet I can beat ye."

6/5/2012 #27


"You're on!"

She starts shooting at the targets.

6/5/2012 #28

Tammy was trying to make her yoyo go up and down. It just went down and spun around and around.

"It just don't work right!"

6/12/2012 #29

Carol patted Jasmine on the head.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"

6/12/2012 #30
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