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Welcome to We Return Reviews! This is a forum where Fictionpress users who have a return reviews policy can come together as a community and find others who share their same courtesy of always returning the reviews they receive!

The concept of this topic is to register all those users who will promise to return reviews. Consider it almost a place where one can "advertise" they share that "return reviews" ideology.

If you haven't already, take a quick peek at our Rules to Review By, just to get a little familiar with the expectations.

This is a basic structure for this thread:


Active and returning reviews: (Yes or No)

Story you want users to start with:

Example of your average review style: (link to a review you've written in the past)

*The rest of the registration is optional:

Genres I read:

Genres I write:

Authors I idolise/aspire to:

Authors I loathe:


Anything else you want to add:

*Whiteboard Reviews:

(username) #(of reviews given to that user)

(username) #(of reviews given to that user)

(username) #ALL


*The whiteboard is a place for you to keep track of your reviews. You can edit your post as you feel like it, and it will help those who are here on the return review list better keep organized to see the review count of what you've tallied, and then if they owe you or are even. It's meant to be something to help keep you organized, which means it involves editing your post on a regular basis to keep those part of the forum up to date. If you update your posts, this should work to your advantage, as it will keep things neat and it will help those you've reviewed to keep track for their own purposes if they should lose count.

*If you have reviewed everything currently by that user, you can edit your post to say "#ALL" as seen above. Ideally you would then want to add them to your author's alert list so you know that as they keep updating with a new piece you can continue to get good reviews in return.

Warnings: This does require a user to be an active member of Fictionpress, meaning they are currently seeking reviews and are willing to review others on a two-week basis. There is a seven day maximum of days to return your review, and then a seven day leeway period to make it a total of fourteen days (two weeks). It is possible that if you find yourself free in one month, but then swamped by real life in the next, to edit your registered post under the "Active and returning reviews" subject. For more information go to the Rules to Review by here.

Review Content: When reviewing others from this forum, it would also be ideal and requested that you tag your reviews with something stating you're from We Return Reviews, or just WRR, so it keeps those participating organized even more, because everyone here is of course an amazing writer and gets so many reviews a day, it can get stressful!

This is not going to be a place for off-topic discussion, just to keep it organized. If you have questions go to Questions and Suggestions, we don't have a designated off-topic on this forum, but if anyone feels like we should have one, let me know int Q&S.

(Hopefully no one is added to this list) but the following will be members who have not been returning their reviews within the five day requirement and two days leeway (total of seven days without returning reviews) - check out the returning rules here.


No one! and let's keep it that way :D

3/18/2010 . Edited 8/3/2010 #1

Right...let's get this show on the road ^_^

Name: Improv/Austen/Jess

Active and returning reviews: Oh yes - bring it on!

Story you want users to start with: For the moment, I'm not fussy. Prefer the more recent uploads.

Example of your average review style: I'm a rambler, and I always try to be honest. Example here

Genres I read: Well, I loves myself some supernatural and horror, but I'm actually pretty open minded when it comes to finding things to read. Quality of writing is more important to me than genre.

Genres I write: Mostly, again, supernatural/horror/urban fantasy type things, with the occasional dash of the realistic.

Authors I idolise: Terry Pratchett, a.m. homes, Angela Carter, Sarah Waters, Rold Dahl, John Ajvide Lindqvist, George R. R Martin, Neil Gaiman. Those are just a few :P

Authors I loathe: Ms Stephanie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks, E.M Forster, Thomas Hardy - it's not that the writing's bad, he just needs to cheer the f*** up ¬_¬

Inspirations: I dig the steampunk aesthetic, graphic novels such as Watchmen, surrealism, and love constructing/analysing flawed characters.

Anything else you want to add: I adore concrit, and I love hearing people's opinions on what I've written - even the negative ones.

*Whiteboard Reviews:

Xenolith - 5/3

Anise - 11/10

Dahlia - 9/9

Spock - 2/2

Potter - 3/3

Sophie - 8/7

H - 5/5

Bick - 3/3

Nina - 1/1

Palm - 1/1

Liana - 2/2

Dante - 1/0

MeAsIAm - 1/1

NOTE: So my organisation skills have recently gone kaput thanks to graduation, and moving house twice in the space of two months. If I owe you a review, please PM me with a link to the review I owe you for, and I'll right the wrong asap ^_^

3/18/2010 . Edited 8/10/2010 #2

Name: Emily

Active and returning reviews: Check out my profile and check which works I'm doing returns for, it tends to change a lot.

Story you want users to start with: I Never Said I Was Brave :D

Example of your average review style: Link Here

Genres I write: Supernatural/Romance/Experimental

Inspirations: Punk music, poetry slamming, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Neuromancer

Review Whiteboard:

As of 12/02, I haven't updated in a long time, so I honestly have no idea, other than:

Xen: ALL (on alert)

But once finals are over I will start keeping tally again ;)

Reading List

Jealous Rage (done, on alert)





A Hell of a Town







3/18/2010 . Edited 1/21/2011 #3
Lea Ai

Hi Improv...thanks for the heads up on the forum :-D.

Name: Lea Ai (RG Petals)

Active and returning reviews: Yep! :-D

Story you want users to start with: I prefer Sovereign, but you can take your pick :-D.

Example of your average review style: http://www.fictionpress.com/r/2703279/9/1/ Okay, not sure if I linked this correctly or not. In general, if I see something that I think needs to be fixed or can be improved, I will offer up suggestions--I by no means expect the author to use my suggestions, but I personally hate it when people say "fix that" and then don't offer help because obviously I think it is fine the way it is or I wouldn't have uploaded it...give me a jumping off point! :-D

Genres I read: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure--pretty much anything, but a lot of cursing turns me off.

Genres I write: I don't know...Romance/Fantasy/Adventure :-D. Really, whatever I'm in the mood for.

Authors I idolize: Jane Austen!!!

Authors I loathe: J.D. Salinger. Okay...it's probably not cool to mention him since he just died recently, but I never understood the obsession over Catcher in the Rye.

Inspirations: my husband and kids.

Anything else you want to add: Um...I'm honest in my reviews, but I try to be nice. I think for every negative you point out, you should try to find a positive also (but be sincere--false compliments don't help anyone!).

Oh...and I like happy endings. I know that's not very original, but what can I say? I read to escape reality--I don't want to be depressed in my escapism! :-D.


Anise-Cary: 6

lookingwest: 2

3/18/2010 . Edited 4/8/2010 #4

Name: xen

Active and returning reviews: not at the moment.

Story you want users to start with: whichever, I don't mind

Example of your average review style: I have to update this, it's been a while. This is my review of Emily's Josephology (which is v. good, btw)

Genres I read: general, supernatural, romance, sci-fi, some fantasy (in that order lol)

Genres I write: general, fantasy, romance

Authors I idolise/aspire to: Graham Green! Even though it's boring most of the time, I like the way he deals with love and angst and relationships.

Authors I loathe: Thomas Pynchon. Nigh unreadable.

Inspirations: books, mostly. I'm inspired by a particular style, or a character, or a love story.

Anything else you want to add: I used to have a strict reviews returned policy, like, day after before I forgot. This is me trying to get back up to that standard :)

*Whiteboard Reviews:

Improv: 3

AC: 4

Dhalia Wolffe: 1

3/21/2010 . Edited 9/2/2010 #5
Mizzuz Spock

Name: Michelle

Active and returning reviews: Noooooo. D:

Story you want users to start with: I'd prefer Dusk, since it's my major project at the moment, but I'd like feedback on my one-shots as well.

Example of your average review style: Ta-dah.

Genres I read: Anything and everything. I don't really care for full-out autobiographical stuff, though.

Genres I write: Mostly fantasy and supernatural, with sides of romance or drama/angst.

Authors I idolize: Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Mark Twain, Douglas Adams, Dr. Seuss, and Cormac McCarthy.

Authors I loathe: Christopher Paolini and Stephenie Meyer. And Dan Brown.

Inspirations: Everything.

Anything else you want to add: I'm not afraid to take risks in my writing and some of my stories may not have desirable characters/situations/endings. (Nothing totally scandalous, mind you, but I'm not the biggest fan of happy endings or Sunshine-and-Lollipops type stories in general.) Just a warning. I don't really like to push away an audience, and I don't mean to offend, but I write for myself, and I write what I like. *shrugs* If you like it, that's a plus. :D

3/22/2010 . Edited 4/11/2010 #6


Active and returning reviews: No. Drowning. Sorry. Hope to return one day.

Story you want users to start with: gosh, whatever takes your fancy. I don't want to force you to read something you don't like :)

Example of your average review style: heh heh, sometimes I get a bit nit picky. Sometimes I get a bit rambly. Sometimes I forget about the style and gush about the characters. Depends on the story and what the authors can take ;)

Genres I read: um, lots of stuff, so long as its either decently written or has potential, ie a writer that cares about it. Some stuff I just don't like though. It's more on an individual story / character basis than a genre.

Genres I write: hum, yes? and strong am I with the force. Hmph. When 900 years you reach, look as good, you will not.

Authors I love: Louise Erdrich, Pat Barker, Saki, Ann Michaels, Barbara Kingsolver, Oliver Sacks, Diane Ackerman, Joseph Kessel, Douglas Adams, Alexandre Dumas, T S Eliot, CS Lewis, Isabelle Allende, Farley Mowat, Roald Dahl, Janet Turner Hospital, anything Russian (oh god, Turgenev… Turgenev!!) Does Andrei Makine count as Russian? If not, Andrei Makine

Loathe is such a strong word… I feel sorry for ms meyer if she reads this (not that she will) Imagine being loathed for your writing….

Authors I don't dig: Dickens…. Hmmm…. Yep. There's a heaps of authors that just don't do anything for me… but one day they might. Maybe it's just one particular book I didn't like. So yup. Dickens. Oh! And Richard Flanagan: drives me up the wall.

Inspirations: fwaw, um…:thinks back: lines in stories? Interesting situations that pop into my head out of the blue, as far as I can tell… I dunno really. Anything.

Anything else you want to add:I hate this question in interviews, it always makes my mind go entirely entirely blank. :hums: "lets go fly a kite, up where the air is bright…" oh heavens, thanks Xen, that's going to be in my head all night!

3/26/2010 . Edited 5/27/2011 #7
The Saturday Storytellers

Name:Palantean Writer. But you can call me H if you want.

Active and returning reviews:Yes!

Story you want users to start with:Any of the Culture of Palantis stories - I'm particularly interested in hearing how the alien-ness comes across to you and how you feel (if anything) about the characters. For a few suggestions:

Weaver Fever - a short story, easy just to dip into, of a young caudal named Mase who just wants to make a nest. Includes a little bit of swearing, just to warn you if you're not keen on that kind of thing.

The LIFE Project - something a bit meatier, though still short. There are several dominant species on the world I write about, and cross-species relationships often happen... with troubling consequences.

But if you're looking for something good and epic (if rather more character-based than cultural), I'd love to hear your thoughts on Academy Year 7: From Loneliness Up. The beginning of the Academy year is initially a trial for cold-blooded Violet and much less-so for spiteful model Solitaire. But the tutors, who have a bigger part in this Young Adult story than you might expect, counter, support and counsel their students with compassion and skill.

Example of your average review style: Several are viewable here.

4/6/2010 . Edited 6/2/2011 #8

Name: Bickazer

Active and returning reviews: As of the moment. Ok, that's not a "yes" or "no", but it's the most accurate descriptor so far.

Story you want users to start with: Prelude to Broken Memory.

Example of your average review style: http://www.fictionpress.com/r/2786678/

Genres I read: Fantasy, science fiction

Genres I write: Fantasy, science fiction, romance, general

Authors I idolise/aspire to: Kurt Vonnegut, Philip Pullman, Isaac Asimov, J.K. Rowling, Barbara Kingsolver, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, William Shakespeare

Authors I loathe: Stephenie Meyer, Christopher Paolini, Charles Dickens

Inspirations: Anime, manga, music, dreams (on occasion...)

Anything else you want to add: I do write mostly slash (male/male relationships), just a warning there. Even if a story doesn't focus on romance or centers around a straight couple, there will still be quite a few slash pairings going on anyway.

Also I'm lazy and unmotivated and have found it difficult in the past to return reviews, so here's hoping that this group will help motivate me some. I only review on a chapter-by-chapter basis, though, unless your chapters are short or your story is really that engrossing.

*Whiteboard Reviews: improvisationallychallenged - 3

4/8/2010 . Edited 5/8/2010 #9

Name: Dragonfly/Nina

Active and returning reviews: No.

Story you want users to start with: If you'd prefer a story, my only one is Tiananmen Squares. Otherwise, any poem is fine.

Example of your average review style: I usually go through and comment on specific sections, then give an overview of the piece as a whole. Example.

Genres I read: Historical fiction is my favorite, but otherwise, I don't have much of a preference.

Genres I write: Historical fiction or non-romantic high school stories.

Authors I idolize: Cornellia Funke, Markus Zusak, Robert Cormier, Diana Wynne Jones. I also have an unhealthy obsession with Shakespeare.

Authors I loathe: Stephanie Meyer, Christopher Paolini, James Patterson, Tamora Pierce.

Inspirations: My own experiences, music, friends and family, being outside.

Anything else you'd like to add: The majority of my work is poetry. Sorry for the imbalance when returning reviews. To simplify things, I'm fine with one story review equaling one poem review.

Review Whiteboard:

Xenolith - 1/1

Dahlia - 1/1

Improv - 1/1

Mikey - 2/2

Avid - 9/ALL

Heaven - 3/3

Personal Whiteboard (for review returns outside of this forum):

Eve Rieycoit - 2

ByYourSide - 1

Vernelley - ?

Cybernetic Crusader - ?

4/10/2010 . Edited 8/18/2010 #10
Palm Tree

Name: Palm

Active and returning reviews: Hiatus

Story you want users to start with: Preferably Eden

Example of your average review style: Varies, though it's my goal to match the quality of those I receive: Longer/Shorter

Genres I read: Open to all

Genres I write: Hope to experiment to some extent with all genres

Authors I idolise/aspire to: Carol Plum-Ucci

Authors I loathe: Stephanie Meyer, and any author that actively seeks to have their rear kissed

Inspirations: Music, personal experience, and disappointment with what's published

Anything else you want to add: I enjoy reading and writing slash. (note: Eden is MxM, Doubutsu! is not.) On the other hand, I also enjoy whiplashing so I do tend towards/prefer downhill twists, killing off major characters, and having either bittersweet or outright downer endings.

Also, I'm a very busy high school student so, depending on my workload and the number to be returned, it may take me a while to return reviews. In advance, I apologize for this. 8/

Review Whiteboard:


4/11/2010 . Edited 5/17/2010 #11
weary writer

Name: Dante/Pyro

Active and returning reviews: Yessir, willing and ready

Story you want users to start with: Villain, preferably.

Example of your average review style: Depends, I'll give as good as I get. http://www.fictionpress.com/r/2754979/0/2/ (no idea how to do hyperlinks)

Genres I read: Most.

Genres I write: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action, Romance, Modern.

Authors I idolise/aspire to: Michael Grant, D J Machale (think i misspelled that).

Authors I loathe: The usual Christopher Paolini

Inspirations: My ipod writing playlist, life.

Anything else you want to add: If you need a story reviewed, I'm definitely your man. Even if it's not in my general area of interest, I'll still do my best to provide one that is in depth and appropriate. I'm easy to talk to, so just hit me up!

Review Whiteboard:

4/12/2010 #12
Old xRayneWolfx account

Name: Kairee-Anne/Rayne (call me Rayne please or Kair)

Active and returning reviews: Yes & no... I am helping out in the manga awards as a co-host and judge for the month ^-^, but I can try to squeeze in some reviews in from outside the stories

Story you want users to start with: It really don't matter =D, I been trying to work on my newest projects and the current chapters I just started a few days ago, though please don't expect an update from "Blood Letters" at the moment, the other ideas took over me DX

Example of your average review style: here you go ^^

Genres I read: Adventures, Manga, supernatural, dark romance (any thing really)

Genres I write: Angst, Adventure, Manga, suspense, dark romance

Authors I idolise/aspire to: Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, the people on my favorite's list on my profile =), any writer who writes beautiful works on here and any where else =), the author of Of mice and Men

Authors I loathe: those who steal and copied other peoples' hard work X( and those who don't put the effort into their works.. I don't have names for this list o.o

Inspirations: music, family, friends, wolves, the moon, personal life, anime,

Anything else you want to add: O.O um.... I hope we can be friends :) I don't bite.. much ;D Please enjoy my crazy adventures with my characters! I swear they are tamed in a way! o.o As for the romance in the stories, I love yaoi! but I enjoy the girl slash and steamy hetero love as well. I don't judge on the romance or the plots. Just have great characters, wonderful settings, and a amazing plot line; then you will see me every chapter!

Review Whiteboard:

I own two reviews to the last two authors who reviewed my Glass story.. ^-^

4/13/2010 #13

Name: Pooja

Active and returning reviews: Depends, really. As the boards are still a year away, there is no reason for me not to return reviews. But as soon as the work load piles up (which will generally start around June or July) I am afraid I won't be able to be prompt in returning reviews.

Story you want users to start with: Coffee, Embrace and Another Love Story... I am not updating anything else at the moment. :)

Example of your average review style: http://www.fictionpress.com/r/2649862/ But I must warn you that the length of the reviews I give depend on the genre of the story

Genres I read: Adventures, romance etc..

Genres I write: Romance

Authors I idolise/aspire to: William Shakespeare, Amartya Sen, David Baldacci...actually there is a very long list!

Authors I loathe: no names!

Inspirations: music, random people, TV, night and a cup of hot strong coffee...

White board:

I owe:

Mikey -1

Liana - 1 (I think....)

Others owe me:

Nothing! :D

4/14/2010 . Edited 5/20/2010 #14

Name: C.

Returning reviews?: Yuuup.

Story to begin with: Umbra (URL: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3035325/1/Umbra)

Average review style: Medium to epic.

Genres I read: What you got?

Genres I write: Fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.


Restarting this badboy, hit me up!

5/3/2010 . Edited 6/25/2012 #15
mikey magee

Name: Mikey Magee

Active: Yes

Story to Start with: Through A Sandstorm

Example of Review Style: It kind of changes frequently, If I have something important to say or a suggestion I try to make it. I really try to give positve feedback and constructive feedback too. Here.

Genres I'll read: I'll read anything. I'm not very picky

Genres I write: To be honset I'm not sure. I've kind of had no idea where to place many of my stories so I just put them under "General" If you happen to read anything could you please point me in the correct genere direction. That would be much appreciated.

Inspirations: I'm not really sure.

WhiteBoard Reviews. (So far I have reviewed:)

1 for Lianoid (Shadows)

1 for MeAsIAm (Coffee)

1 for Rayne The Writer (Glass)

1 for Weary Writer (Villain)

2 for Dragonflydreamer (Kaleidoscope and Guernica)

I Have Been Given: 1 review (Through A Sandstorm) from Dahlia Wolffe and I have paid them back 1 review for Grey Witches

5/4/2010 . Edited 5/5/2010 #16

Name:Eponine, Ali, Ackie... Whatever!

Active and returning reviews: Yes! I'm back!

Story you want users to start with: After the End, then Respondebat Illa - thereafter, anything's fine!

Example of your average review style: I give concrit, but I'm not harsh (I hope :P). Here's an example.

Genres I read:Pretty much anything as long as its good, but I'm not a fan of manga, romance or OMGteenangst. I love good fantasy, introspective pieces and witty parodies.

Genres I write:Mixed bag! I like depressing introspective stuff, but at the moment I'm on a comic fantasy kick.

Authors I idolise/aspire to:Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman, Kazuo Ishiguro, Neil Gaiman.

Authors I loathe:Need it be said? Stephenie Meyer and her ilk.

*Whiteboard Reviews: (given/received)

Lianoid 6/8

beaux reves 4/4

5/7/2010 . Edited 6/5/2011 #17

Name: AvidWriter-92, but you can just call me Avid. :)

Active and returning reviews: Why yes, I am. :)

Story you want reviewers to start with: Hmm... "Persephone's Flight," "Our Remembrance," or any of my poems. ^^ Oh. I'm writing an action/romance story called "Two Similar Worlds," with William G. Thorne. :) You could check that out too, if you wanted. :P

Example of my average review style... http://www.fictionpress.com/r/2806059/ :)

Genres I read: Anything besides Essay, Biography, or Western... ick! All types of Poetry-- I love it!

Genres I write: Mythological/Thriller/Action/Poetry (Any type, really, but mostly Haiku or free verse... I can't rhyme to save my life. :/)

Authors that I idolize/Aspire to: I would say Emily Dickenson and Cornelia Funke. :D

Authors that I loathe: The authors that write the romance novels my grandma reads... Sigh.

Inspirations: Life. Friends. My own creative Muse. :)

Anything else that you want to add: Hmm... I'm somewhat of a newbie when it comes to these forum things, so please don't be so harsh if I do something wrong. It's an accident, I assure you. :) Uhm... I hope to become a published author one of these days. Who doesn't, right? Lol. That's about it. :)

WhiteBoard Reviews for WRR, GF and Roadhouse. (I thought it'd be easier to put them all in one thing... :P)

Me/You. (People I owe)

Narq (0/2)

Katerzzz (0/1)

Mandyla (0/1)

Kohe Derachi (0/2)

Dreamer's Requiem (0/1)

Idareutoguess (0/1)


People who owe me:

Lianoid: 1

B. Cross: 4

i88: 3

Wounded Petals: 1

Sercus Kaynine: 2

white wolf97: 1

DarkHawk14: 2

*** If I have missed anybody, feel free to send me a PM to let me know! I would feel bad if I missed you, or something like that... :P

5/12/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #18

Name: BRIGHTeyes.X3/ Keys

Active and returning reviews: yes i am!

Story you want reviewers to start with: hm. would like reviews on What Happened on the Train at this moment in time, or Powered by Infinity.

Example of my average review style: this was the last one i posted, is emily's work, so when you have writing like that all you can do is write a ton http://www.fictionpress.com/r/2740147/ but it isnt always like this

Genres I read: I don't think i can decide on a genre. Fantasy, Mysteries in the RJ ELLORY A QUIET BELIEF IN ANGEL RESPECT, horror, romance.

Genres I write: Adventure/Fantasy. it usually spreads to have romance, humour, drama, tragedy and other stuff i cant remember for the life of me at this moment in time!

Authors that I idolize/Aspire to: oh. Terry Pratchett. Just parts of Discworld- little sentences make me blow up in admiration for him. and for writing style, Jenny Downham.

Authors that I loathe: i wouldnt say, while looking at my bookcase, that i have any loathings (yes, i buy books even if i do not like them)

Inspirations: i would say anything. things that make a quantum leap to the material.

Anything else that you want to add: gosh. after reading every bit back of PBI, i just want to start all over again! maybe kickstarting it with a few reviews from you lovely people will give me the place to start. cheers, guys.

WhiteBoard Reviews:


Improvisationallychallenged: 2/2

AvidWriter-92: 1/0

Intheory: 1/1

Dahlia Wolffe: 0/1

5/16/2010 . Edited 8/18/2010 #19

Name: Francine

Active and returning reviews: Yup.

Story you want users to start with: I will only be returning reviews on Penumbrae.

Example of your average review style: Short | Average | Long | Insanely Long (Keep in mind that if you give me a long review, I'll give you one back. If you give me a short review, you'll get a short one back. It's only fair.)

Genres I read: Fantasy/Romance/Humour/Adventure

Genres I write: Fantasy/Romance/Adventure

Authors I idolise/aspire to: Any author that write fantasy is fine with me...

Authors I loathe: STEPHENIE MEYER. She unleashed the cliché vampire stories! =(

Anything else you want to add: Nothing really...

*Whiteboard Reviews: (Who I plan on reviewing/Who I owe)

0/1 - Serendipidist Swan

0/1 - Aspiemor

5/17/2010 . Edited 12/3/2010 #20
Just Silly Me

Oooh, I wanna join, I wanna join!

Name: Just Silly Me (Jelsa)

Active and returning reviews: Yes

Story you want users to start with: Secret Stalker

Example of your average review style: This has a bunch of recent comments. It's not FP but it's another site :)

I ramble a lot when I review too, I guess. But I talk about grammar a LOT. If you have good grammar, then I compliment you and then give you comments on the more detailed/important things.

Genres I read: Anything not listed below. (see my extra "will not read" section.)

Genres I write: Romance, General Fiction, Humor, Young Adult, Spiritual, Action, Tragedy. Basically, a little bit of everything. I have a teensy sprinkle of fantasy as well.

Will not read:

Anything incredibly graphic, anything slash, horror.

*Whiteboard Reviews: (received/given)

3/3 chapter of The Unwanted by andHeaven fell

6/6 chapters of Through A Sandstorm by mikey magee

5/19/2010 . Edited 5/27/2010 #21
in theory

Name: Jack/in theory

Active and returning reviews: Yes

Story you want users to start with: Anything recent

Example of your average review style: http://www.fictionpress.com/r/2711576/ if I like it enough it's hard to stop

Genres I read: Poetry, Haiku, One-Shots

Genres I write: Poetry, Haiku

Authors I idolise/aspire to: ee cummings, Sylvia Plath among many..!

Authors I loathe: I have an automatic dislike of pillowbooks, but will attempt to critique fairly

*please leave a little note in any review that this is where it's from, I have an awful memory but I DO return them!!

6/21/2010 #22
Robt Emmett

I'd like to add my name to this varied group of writers.

About me ~

Name: Robt Emmett

Active and returning reviews: Yes ~ Quid Pro quo

Story you want reviewers to start with:

Brass Zippo

I Wasn't There

She Asked Me to Have Sex.

Example of my average review style: this was the last one i [capital I] posted, is emily's [should be ~ Emily's] work [comma needed after work] etc. If the plot is good I'll read all of it. If the errors start to be repetitive, I stop editing and leave a comment. If a sentence reads better if reworded, I'll reword - brackets.

As to my reviewing style. I can't see into the authors mind, therefore, I make suggestions. The writer should always bat last. I don't feel comfortable making changes to a story, as it takes many stories and reviews of an author to get to a point whwere I know what is on the writers mind.

Genres I read: I don't think i can decide on a genre. Mysteries, romance or most anything that has a decent plot to it

Genres I write: Adventure, Humor, Young Romance.

Authors that I idolize/Aspire to: Vance Flynn, Brad Thor

Authors that I loathe: Don't know any, how could I?

Inspirations: Sometimes music, people I know, or memories.

The way I write

DuPree asks, "So, what have you been doing to keep yourself busy?"

I shrugged, "Writing. Writing teenybopper romance."

His laugh rattled the bar glasses.

"What the Hell is your problem, anyway?" I demanded.

"An old f*** like you. [email protected]%t! What the f*&k do you know about puppy love?"

"I was young - once." He chuckled,

"Sure, when Georgie W was the Prez, and I don't mean Bush."

I signaled the barman. "Up yours DuPree!"

As DuPree found out, I write Teen Romance stuff. The beginning piece is "She Asked Me to Have Sex." It's a true story and is not what your dirty minds are thinking. I tend to lead the reader down an obvious path and then make a sharp180!

Some of the stories take place in a city, on a very large lake, at a time when the music was at its peak, the cars were fast, the girls weren't. The girls, in hindsight, were as beautiful as the cars and smelled a lot better.

I tend to us contractions. I shouldn't, but then I can't stop myself. I think what the person's to say, I say it, and type what I hear.

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Name: Agent.Frappuccino (Agent for short)

Active and returning reviews: Yes

Story you want users to start with: My story entitled Nowhere or Heart to Heart please :). However, if those genres are not to your liking, feel free to review whatever you fancy :)

Example of your average review style: http://www.fictionpress.com/r/2710898/

Genres I read: I keep an open mind when I read, so read a variety of genres. However, I'm not so good at fantasy stories

Genres I write: I'm the type of author who likes to experiment with different genres, writing style, etc. So far, I have written genres pertaining to Romance (Heart to Heart), General (Nowhere), and young adult (Remain Sane!)

Inspirations: Life, music, my own imagination XD

Anything else you want to add: I have a Book Cover Request Thread in my forum (which is dead lol). So I want to bring my assistance here if it is allowed. I like to make book covers for fictionpress authors :D. Here are some book covers I created:

"Heart to Heart" by Agent.Frappuccino... me haha

-- "Jack's London" by Katerzzz

-- "Persephone's Flight" by AvidWriter-92

-- "Haikus and Other Short Stanza Poetry" by AvidWriter-92

"Letters" by ranDUMM

If you are interested in having one of your own, send me PM :).

*Whiteboard Reviews:

AvidWriter-94 #(4/4)

sophiesix (1/1)

... And I don't remember the rest... gah I think I messed up, but I know I paid them back XD

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Name: ranDUMM

Active and returning reviews: Yessir!

Story you want users to start with: Letters please :) But anything if that's not to your liking.

Example of your average review style: It really depends on the story, but I try and give as much concrit as I can, and point out what I liked as well, so that the author can continue doing it. But here's an example:


Genres I read: I read almost everything, except for Western, Spiritual and Sci-Fi.

Genres I write: Family, Hurt/Comfort, Romance. That sort of stuff usually. Occasionally I dabble into Fantasy (I have no hand for writing it, though I love reading it). I also write poems.

Inspirations: Music is a huge inspiration, and many of my poems are based on that. Daily life... and little things that happen, and suddenly inspire a whole novel. :)

Anything else you want to add: I think Letters has a lot of mistakes; like A LOT. So honestly, if you see a mistake point it out. I'm not the type of person who will get offended by it. I'll actually be very happy. And in the same way, I ask you not to be offended if I give you concrit. I'm not trying to be mean; just trying to offer advice.

Nothing else to add at this present time! :D Feel free to PM me or visit my forum if you want to talk :)

*Whiteboard Reviews:

Lianoid: ALL (on alerts)

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Name: In real life I'm Sheri, but on forums people call me WFW.

Active and returning reviews: Yes (for now).

Story you want users to start with: Any poem, but no stories (I want to rewrite most of what I've put on those).

Example of your average review style: My review style depends a lot on my mood. Here are a couple of examples from when I'm in a good reviewing mood:



(I'll explain about my moods later on in this post.)

Genres I read: Mostly fantasy and supernatural, but I'm open to reading all kinds, including poetry.

Genres I write: See above.

Inspirations: Life, music, random thoughts.

*Note: I don't aspire to be any author in particular--I just want to write books that capture my audience and transport them into a different place. I hope someday to write so well that my readers want my characters to be real, maybe even be them, and have the same kind of adventures they do.

Anything Else: About my moodiness----I try to give great reviews, but don't expect them to be nearly as long as others are. I'm not going to give anybody a line-by-line break down. Anyway, some days I just feel like reading instead of going back and forth between my review and the story, especially if I'm really invested in the story. So if my review isn't the length of a story itself, look at it as a positive thing. Though it's not necessarily a bad thing if I give a long review, either. I'm going to let you be the judge of that.

Also, I'm going to be really busy this coming year, and I'm afraid the reviews I need to return are going to pile up sometimes. Please be patient with me, and I'll be patient with you.

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Name: Lea

Active and returning reviews: Yes

Story you want users to start with: Anything is fine.

Example of your average review style: As I gave Friglit a bunch of reviews once, I think they will be fairly representative.

Genres I read: about everything as long as the summary hooks me. Slight preference for fantasy, though, or short poetic pieces.

Genres I write: mainly fantasy, my current multichapter also has elements of steampunk. One-shots may cover any genre. I'm also trying to write some poetry...

Authors I idolise/aspire to: Neil Gaiman, George R. R. Martin, Jane Austen, Frances Hodgson Burnett, the Brontë sisters, Robin Hobb...

Authors I loathe: Christopher Paolini & Marc Levy. Big no-noes.

Inspirations: Music, reading poetry or short fiction (sometimes a sentence in those will inspire me a new idea)

*Whiteboard Reviews:

Sophiesix - 2

Canaletto - 3

Improvisationallychallenged - 1

Whirlymerle - ALL (on alert)

Mandysoccer - 1

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Engineer of Words

Name: Matt / Interpol (if you're an RGer)

Active and returning reviews (Yes or No): Not at the moment.

Story you want users to start with: Wings of Liberty.

Example of your average review style (link to a review you've written in the past): Link I try not to be too wordy. If I think your story needs polish, I'm not afraid to tell you, but I'm not going to be mean to you about it. I'll do my best to tell you what I think you did well, too. It's a holistic approach, that.

Genres I read: Action. Thriller. Supernatural. Crime dramas (my personal favorite). Stuff where stuff blows up. Occasionally I will foray into darker comedies or tragic romance as well.

Genres I write: Whatever the muse compels me to. Mostly the crime drama and poetry.

Authors I idolise/aspire to: Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Kafka, Palahniuk; perhaps Kurt Vonnegut as well. I say perhaps because part of me wants to write for the entertainment value and part of me wants to convey some biting social commentary as well.

Authors I loathe: Stephenie Meyer. Also, people who can't write. But that's redundant.

Inspirations: Other people's misfortune, film noir. Also, good movies in general. Oh, can't forget my own misfortune.

Anything else you want to add: My stories will often contain graphic violence, profanity or biting sarcasm. Review at your own risk. And if you do I will like you forever. Probably.

Whiteboard Reviews:User: Me/You

Lianoid: 1/1

Beaux: 0/1

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Name: Dee.

Active and returning reviews: Inactive at the moment.

Story you want users to start with: At the moment,Ex Nihilowould be great. It's a story but a rather unorthodox one. Other than that, I basically write poetry and I don't mind reviews on any of my recent pieces.

Example of your average review style: Longer, more in-depth. Short and sweet.

Genres I read: I read a lot of everything.

Genres I write: Lots of angsty, running-my-mouth, nonsense poetry with maybe-masterpieces every now and then.

Authors I idolise/aspire to: F. Scott Fitzgerald. Chuck Palahnuik. J.D Salinger. Charles Bukowski. e.e cummings. Amy Winehouse.

Authors I loathe: Any author who can't open a vein and bleed onto the page.

Inspirations: Life. And basically all my favorite authors that I listed up there. I want to be able to spin words into magic like they can. I read their work all the time and it just blows me away and it pushes me to write more, to write better. Also, I've got this thing about writing. It's in my head, it's in my heart. Caught the bug one day and I've been sick ever since.

Anything else you want to add: I want to be a f*** revolutionist. Turn the literary world upside down and wreak some havoc. Let me know if I'm getting the job done.

Whiteboard Reviews:


8/18/2010 . Edited 1/3/2012 #29

Name: Web

Active and returning reviews: I won't review you unless I know you personally. I'm sorry. I've been frightened by the recent news that Jared Loughner's psychotic thinking was influenced by a B grade he received for misusing English grammar in a paper. I'd rather stop reviewing entirely than worry about what will happen if I give someone a well-intentioned but negative review. I know this is being paranoid, and it will probably pass. Thanks for understanding.

Story you want users to start with: Literary - Iseult, Fantasy - Maybe & the Wolf, Historical - The Hut by the Sea. I need the most help with these. If you want to read "showcase items", ask me and I'll send you an excerpt from one of the stories I'm submitting to literary journals. I normally write literary fiction only, so help with any of my stories that are not strictly literary would be greatly appreciated.

Example of your average review style: Link to review examples. Whilst you're there, please take time to read "The Mindless Ones". The author of this story has since passed away. He was very young.

Genres I read: literary fiction; fantasy/sci-fi paperbacks priced up to the extravagant sum of $1 at my local used book store

Authors I idolise/aspire to: Jorge Luis Borges, Dostoevsky (The Idiot, Bobok, Crime & Punishment specifically), Matthijs van Boxsel (non-fiction)

Authors I loathe:

Meyer: self-insert, stalking is not caring

Paolini: self-insert, hideous

Nabokov: sole impetus for writing was to remind his readers that they're less intelligent than he

J.D. Salinger: I wanted to punch Holden Caulfield in the face

Bret Easton Ellis: I did more interesting things than just doing blow, fornicating and throwing up during college

Dickens: sentences should contain fewer words than pages

Whiteboard Reviews (me/other):

xenolith: 1/1

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