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Heads up all!

Austen and I have decided to give more leeway time on the reviews to free people up:

Austen suggested a one week (7 days) maximum of days to get the review in, and then a one week (7 days) leeway period. As I understand it, during that leeway period, the user is liable to receive PMs reminding them politely that they have seven days left, and then so on and so forth.

Just letting you guys know--if anyone's really opposed to this and has a better idea that's welcome too ^^

4/6/2010 #61

Are poems allowed to be reviewed, or just stories? I only have three single-chapter stories posted right now, so I wouldn't want to create a problem with people trying to return reviews.

4/10/2010 #62

Hmmm - good question.

I personally feel bad as a non-poetry writer reviewing poems under a return basis because the difference in word count is usually so vast.

It's like "I gave you feed back on a 300 word poem, now please go and slog through my 3000 word story" ¬_¬

However, reviewing poetry sounds fine to me, so long as the poets don't mind the length imbalance.

Maybe those who would prefer to only review one or the other (stories or poems) should make a mention of it in their review return profile. Then poets won't get harassed by story writers, and those allergic to poetry won't feel coerced into reviewing it.

Or maybe it would be worth setting up an exchange rate - like if a poet reviews a +1'000 word story chapter, that writer would then owe them a review of one long poem/two medium/three small/whatever and vice versa...

4/10/2010 #63

Thanks! From a poetry writer's standpoint, I don't mind the imbalance, but that could just be me. I'll mention something about it in my post.

4/10/2010 #64
Palm Tree

Question: Is tagging reserved only for the reviews given to another WRR participator or could it possibly go along to serve as advertisement? For instance, would it be okay if I reviewed a random person I came across and tagged the review with something along the lines of "A Gift from the We Return Reviews (WRR) Forum" or even "Greetings from...?"

I was digging through this topic and I don't think I saw anything that would answer this question. If I did miss it, I'm sorry for the spam. ^^'

4/12/2010 #65

So far, I've only used it to tag reviews to people who are already signed up, but I like the idea of using it as an advertisement - especially if it's for people who say in their profile information that they'll return reviews. It's just making sure it comes across as an invitation rather than harassment or anything :\

Starting a review to someone outside the forum with "Hi/Greetings from WRR - a forum dedicated to returning reviews. The link's on my profile if you want to check it out" or something could work...maybe? :P

4/12/2010 #66
Palm Tree

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question!

Gah. I didn't even think that throwing in a tag could count as some kind of harrassment. XD Although, I'd be a bit hesitant to start off the review with a tag because then it might seem as though the whole thing is an ad rather than a review with an ad attached. Ah, well. I was just wondering if it would be all right if done in a way that's clearly inviting (of course) and to those that look worth it. Just because I want to help out as much as possible. 8]

4/12/2010 #67

Oh hi Palm Tree, so glad to see that you've decided to try this out ^^

I'm all for that idea, as long as it's inviting enough I wouldn't mind--especially coming from you since I know you give such thorough honest reviews, it's not just going to be three words, "wow, how interesting!" and then an ad for WRR, XD, so I think it would be fine, I mean how could they mind after getting such a great review? :D

Ending with a tag would be fine too--I'd do whatever you feel most comfortable with. Especially with those from RH, as they're used to tags and such anyways I would think...

Hope that helped somewhat...

4/12/2010 #68
Palm Tree

EMILY! 8DD Really, I'm glad to be here. Took me long enough, I tell ya.

Anyway, it's nice to know you think well of my reviews, and I'd be sure to write up something beastly (in a good way) to get a person's attention if they'd be an awesome addition to the forum. And yes! Both you and Improv helped very much, and I thank both of you! Now if I can only track down some awesome people...

4/12/2010 #69
Old xRayneWolfx account

Here's a question, do we have to report every week or whenever we can?

4/20/2010 #70

Here's a question, do we have to report every week or whenever we can?

Whenever you can, though we have a two week policy for getting reviews in. Into the second week you'll get little nudging PMs. You don't have to use the "Whiteboard" thing if you don't want to, that's just optional as well. If you're a very organized person with your emails and such you should be good!

4/20/2010 #71
Old xRayneWolfx account

Alright, thank you. I will be able to review, but at the moment I'm helping out with the manga awards so the reviews will be slow...

4/22/2010 #72

Is it okay if we also keep a personal whiteboard of reviews that need to be returned to members who aren't a part of this forum? I figure it would be easier than my current system of letting them drown my inbox, haha.

4/27/2010 #73

Yeah, if you want to do that, I say go for it ^_^

Maybe section them off, just so it's clear they're from outside the forum?

4/27/2010 #74

Hey guys, Liana here.

I've been meaning to drop by for a while now, but became lost in all of the reviews I was handing out like free candy.

Let's talk about the Whiteboard for a second here. The first number (i.e. 1/3) means the number of reviews you've given? And the second number how many chapters the author has written IN TOTAL (out of all of their uploaded documents) that you still have to read? I'm really quite a horror with numbers; no matter how simple the concept is. I just want to make sure I'm doing this right; so if someone could give me the run down it would be greatly appreciated. I already read the rules, but for some reason I'm still just not getting it.

Many thanks,


5/3/2010 #75

Hey Liana - nice to see you here :)

Actually the way the white board works (although it's a personal space, so technically each author can do what they like with it :P) is that the first number is the number of reviews you've given that author, while the number after the divide is the amount they have given you.

*realises she needs to update her whiteboard o_o*

So basically, if, on my whiteboard, it says 'Potter: 1/2' - that means I have left her one review, but she has left me two, therefore, I owe her one.

Did that make sense?

5/3/2010 #76

Ah, okay I understand now. Yes, that makes sense.

Thank you. :)

5/3/2010 #77

Alright... So I have a question.

To start this whole adventure on We Return Reviews, do I just review a fellow registered reviewer's story, and then say that it's from WRR in my review? So then, it would be up to them to return the review?


~Avid. :)

5/12/2010 #78

Welcome, welcome!

Yes, you've got it. Make sure to tag it and say just something like, "From WRR" or anything of that nature.

You can review anyone registered whenever you want. But if you get any that are extra from anyone else you didn't review, or you recieve one more than you were owed, make sure to return them, of course :)

If you have any other questions just ask!

5/12/2010 #79

Should we do a temp thread so new people can still join up and everyone can keep a public whiteboard? I have personal file whiteboard, but I think a new temp thread might be helpful.

7/12/2010 #80

The main thread was working about five minutes ago. Unfortunately, it died again.

I was able to update my whiteboard, though. It was pretty sweet.

7/16/2010 #81

It did the same for me, but I was able to access it by going back to the forum and clicking the topic. It just didn't work right after I posted.

7/16/2010 #82

wait, sorry, what's happening?

Are you guys getting a 503 Error? If so, I sure can post up a temp thread--let me know what's going on. Or are you guys not able to edit your posts anymore? o.O

7/18/2010 #83

ahhh, yes. Stupid 503 Error!

I'll post up a new Temp thread for everyone...

7/18/2010 #84

The main thread appears to be rather moody. Sometimes it works for me, and other times I get the 503 error. Right now, it appears to be functioning properly.

7/19/2010 #85

dumb piece of crap :/

Well...I'll leave the second one up for awhile and see if the errors continue to pop up...

7/19/2010 #86
I think this is a great idea. I have a suggestion. I just started RP forum with over 25 topics, and I'd really like to advertise it, and I'd also be willing to go to someone else's forum. So that's my suggestion: add forums.
1/10/2012 #87

My apologies, paperandink13, I haven't been here for a while. What exactly are you proposing?

If by RP you mean a 'Role Play' forum, this is not what we do here. Although we encourage writing, reviewing, and exploring one's characters, settings, cultures, et cetera, I'm not sure if the aim of your forum would sync with ours.

Please PM any of the mods listed at the bottom of the screen, and we'd be happy to discuss this further.

-- C.

6/25/2012 . Edited 6/25/2012 #88
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