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Welcome to We Return Reviews! There aren't many rules for returning reviews, but here is a list of basic stuffs that should be followed when participating, so we know everyone is on the same page.

Review Time Limits:

1. Really, this is the only rule with consequence. You have one seven day week to return your reviews. If you do not return the reviews within the allotted seven days, you will receive a Private Message (PM) from one of the mods. We will remind you that you have another seven days to return your review, or you will be blacklisted. That gives you a total of fourteen days (two weeks) to return your reviews.

2. If someone hasn't returned your review in the allotted seven day period, PM one of the mods to let us know if you would like us to take action.

3. You do have the option of handling the situation yourself. If you're comfortable PMing the user and mentioning that you haven't gotten your review returned yet (after the seven day period) then you can go ahead and do that. If you're not comfortable, then that's where you can just PM one of the mods asking us to help. If you do handle it yourself, make sure to let us know if they never returned the review within the two week period so that they can be blacklisted.

4. Don't try to get someone blacklisted before their two week period--we're going to check review dates before we blacklist anyone.

For an active FP user, this should be enough time. If you decide that one month is busier than the next in your real life, you can easily repay those you have left, make sure you're even, and then edit your Review Returner's registration post under "Active and returning reviews" to "not at this time". Easy!

Concerning Review Content:

1. No flaming

2. We request that you put in a tag for the forum in your review, just because there are different review forums out there, and the user you're reviewing might participate in more than just this forum--so it's nice to help each other out with organization! A simple, "from WRR" will work fine, as I suspect if they're registered as a Review Returner, they should be familiar with the forum.

3. We have no structure here as far as your actual review content, so you're free to review to the quality and standards that you're used to.

Keep in mind, however, that is is perfectly acceptable and encouraged that you return the same sort of review quality to your reviewer. So if you should receive a one-line review such as, "I loved this chapter, your character "blank" is so cool! Keep updating!", you may return the reviewer's review with one of equal quality. This means that the effort you put into your review, will ideally be the sort of review you'll get in return--so if you don't like a one liner disappointing review yourself, don't write them yourself!

The Whiteboard (more information in Review Returners):

1. This is meant to keep yourself organized. It's of course nice when those you review also update their own whiteboard, but it's not required that they do so. I often find that when I'm reviewing multiple people who return reviews, I can some times lose count of who owes who, so it's always nice to have a good public home base where your reviewers can see if they owe you or if you owe them, which is why it's encouraged that you at least update your whiteboard at least once a week when active.

The User Reviewing Me is Blacklisted (didn't return my review within two weeks) and So I Never Got My Review:

Head over to Returns and Complaints, and we'll make sure you get that review you deserve!

You Have Not Answered My Question, Mod. And I Have a Brilliant Idea:

Please share your brilliant ideas which we would love to hear, and any questions in Questions and Suggestions!

And finally, make sure to sit down, enjoy a nice cup of [insert favorite beverage, mine being a White Mocha], relax, and have fun reading the best FP has to offer.

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