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Welcome to the Social Space!

Come and introduce yourself to the WRR crowd. Maybe stick around for a bit of a chat (tea and biscuits must be self-supplied I'm afraid) and drop in to see what/who's new.


12/2/2010 #1

Hiiii all! *waves* I'm Emily!

I love Harry Potter! And I'm an English lit. student...and...my favorite band changes a lot but I generally like Indie music and my favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, so those are some basis of judgment on my person, XD

Concerning FP I'm part of the Review Game and The Globe and sometimes I'm over at The Roadhouse, so I'm pretty active...and I look forward to meeting some fellow review returns! :D

12/2/2010 #2

Oh, hi. Name's Liana. I like candle-lit dinners and long walks on the--oh, wait. Let's start again. Ahem. ;)

My favourite band is Radiohead, and some of my my favourite movies are (omg, Emily, seriously we have to watch it together sometime) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Old Boy, Brick, Inception, Angel-A and Rushmore. Er, my favourite colour is purple. O_e I don't really know what to put. Ha-ha.

Gosh, I feel like I'm echoing Emily over here, but yeah, I frequent those spots, as well, and am hoping to build a stronger sense of community among my fellow WRR'ers. (Need to work on that name. Heh).

And, um, yeah... hmm. Come introduce yourself, people!

12/2/2010 #3

And I'm Jess - I'm a film and drama graduate in London, currently working full time (yuck) so unfortunately, I'm not very active at all right now.

However, when I do have free time, I can also be found lurking in the Review Game (and more occasionally, The Globe)

If I were to list all my favourite films, I'd be here forever, but a list off the top of my head contains delights such as Priscilla Queen of the Desert, In Bruges, Pan's Labyrinth, Zoolander, Dodgeball, Blade Runner, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, 28 Days Later, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Inception, Tamara Drewe, Death at a Funeral (the original), Brazil, A Nightmare Before Xmas, Thank You For Smoking, the new Batman and Sherlock Holmes movies, Being John Malkovich, Some Like it Hot, Spirited Away, Monsters Inc., The Full Monty and Withnail and I.

I'm sure I'm forgetting several :\

Anyway - that's me, mod no.3 ^_^

12/2/2010 #4

New people, come introduce yourselves! We don't bite, I swear! (Okay, maybe a little... but it's only because we write Supe!)

3/15/2011 #5

agreed agreed!

3/27/2011 #6
The Saturday Storytellers

I think we're a pretty good, easy-going community and I'm proud to be part of it. Not sure quite where I'm going with this. Sorry, it's late. Just thought I'd poke my head above the parapet.

6/2/2011 #7
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Hello, everyone. I'm Katie, I hope we get along. I'm 17, English, and a huge bookworm. In my spare time, I enjoy writing letters to penpals, singing and reading. I've been on Fiction Press for about 6 months now.

9/1/2011 #8
Ajvanho Rgx
Hello, I'm Razor Goto, I'm from Serbia, I'm 14, I'm new here. I enjoy my spare time out side trying to fid a inspiration. And I'm almost 1 year here.
12/24/2011 #9
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