What do you think a guy wants in girls?
Hey everyone. I'm in the middle of research for a story I'm working on and I'm going to ask all you girls out there. what do you think a guy wants in a girl? Confidence, looks, sex appeal? What do YOU think they want?
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Catherine the Third
11/23/2006 . Edited 11/23/2006 #1
Catherine the Third
11/23/2006 . Edited 11/23/2006 #2
As a guy, I'm offended.
11/23/2006 #3
Catherine the Third
Then change my mind.
11/23/2006 #4
[q]As a guy I am offended[/q] lmao
11/24/2006 #5
I'm a girl and even I find that offensive. Is this gonna be another typical discussion about the female popultion being objects?
11/26/2006 #6
On another note, can someone tell me what Imao means? I'm sort of netspeak impaired.
11/26/2006 #7
Lmao- laughing my a.. off.
11/26/2006 #8
Charming Dice
Don't forget good hygiene. Nothing worse than a girl who smells like rotten fish.
11/27/2006 #9
I think that rotten fish smell comes from the ridiculous perfume some girls use. :P
11/27/2006 #10
Ick. Perfume makes me gag.
12/2/2006 #11
The only chicks who smell like rotten fish arer the dirty ones that sleep in the dumpster outside, and never take a sower.
1/23/2007 #12
[q]The only chicks who smell like rotten fish arer the dirty ones that sleep in the dumpster outside, and never take a sower.[/q] But at least their speling is gud.
1/23/2007 #13
Moko Emaki
Yeah well sorry to say it but there's rarely a guy in my school that's interested in a relationship. HINT. IN MY SCHOOL. Maybe not yours, or the other person's, but definitely mine.
1/24/2007 #14
Wow, this discussion totally isn't about how pig-headed and sexist guys are. Oh no. This one has nothing to do with guys who can't seem to commit does it? says the guy with a steady gf of two years.
2/20/2007 #15
In my schools all the girls are big pot heads so i dont want to date any of them. I dont do drugs, i only drink
2/20/2007 #16
Alcohol = a drug
2/20/2007 #17
Alchohol does not count as a drug. if you are going to say that, then yuo can get addicted to tylenol and advil...WOW. I consider to be drugs: Pot and related substances, H***,c***,m***, angel dust, acid, and other stuff like that.
2/20/2007 #18
You CAN get addicted to Tylenol and Advil. And a whole bunch of other over-the-counter drugs, too.
2/21/2007 #19

so... don't be technical. BEcause technically, Water is toxic chemical. Who actually refers to advil as drugs?

2/21/2007 . Edited by Krissy029, 4/2/2008 #20
[q]Who actually refers to advil as drugs?[/q] The drug store?
2/21/2007 #21
Wow I bet i'd beat the crap out of you in real life for being a smart a**
2/22/2007 #22
Lol Don't pay attention to that, i can't beat up on a girl (I just found out from reading the forums that yer a girl!), unless they p*** me off on a level that I have yet to reach.
2/22/2007 #23
[q]Wow I bet i'd beat the crap out of you in real life for being a smart a** Lol Don't pay attention to that, i can't beat up on a girl (I just found out from reading the forums that yer a girl!), unless they p*** me off on a level that I have yet to reach.[/q] Grow up. This isn't third grade. We're intelligent, mature people, and hitting everything that disagrees with you, male or female, is a big step towards backwards evolution.
2/22/2007 #24
I set the world on fire
I have to say that that's pretty shallow. Why can't it be if i guy is brought up it's not about sex? although that's rare (srry, its true) I mean i've met guys who are decent and they aren't nerds but they look for girls that don't push their b*** in front of his face and instead for someone nice. doesn't that mean something??
2/24/2007 #25
Very frankly, I'm going to have to say that everyone is very different. There are people who only care about bust size and how much skin you show on a regular basis. There ARE lots of guys who only want to get in your pants. However, it's extremely unfair to generalize based on the fact that the people who only want sex are the loudest. Personally, I want a girl who is intelligent. I don't care what she looks like really. For all i care she can be completely flat-chested as long as she's nice to me and I can relate to her. I guess it also depends what kind of relationship you're looking for. if you're looking for a relationship based around sex, naturally you're going to look for a hot girl. But if you want a relationship that will last and give you someone you can talk to and trust, sex appeal is definitely not going to be at the top of your list. I think another reason we tend to think guys only care about sex is because, especially at a young age, we're just discovering what sex actually is, and we want to find out what it's like. Of course, I could be horribly wrong.:) You don't have to agree, but that's my opinion.
11/7/2007 #26
heavy wings

I myself am male. So, in a girl, I would like to see someone to offer her hand and to buy flowers. Someone who likes me for what's on the inside, not what I look like. I would like a strong, confident girl, and it doesn't matter her bust size or anything like that, just deep eyes that I can stare into. A pretty face is the only look I'm interested in.

6/6/2010 . Edited 6/6/2010 #27
Who Is This Girl Anyway

I think most boys would probably like the same things a girl would like in a relationship. If a heterosexual relationship is fulfilling on both sides, then there must be things both sides are getting out of it. By that logic, I'm going to just say what I would want in a relationship(I'm female) and see how that applies to males:

Affection- Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone likes to feel special and accepted. There are different ways of making a person feel that way; gestures, making love, compliments, meaningful conversations, love letters, even just lots of hugs. Every person is different, so I'm not going to claim that all boys might want one specific sort of affection because that's just not what works. I will, however, state that there is a difference between sex(which admittedly a lot of teenagers/young adults would like in the short term) and affection- in our society, the two aren't as closely intertwined as they were maybe sixty years ago, but people still associate them with each other. That's why the "friends with benefits" arrangements that are starting to pop up often end messily- people go in wanting "no strings", but sex is still an experience with a huge emotional impact.

Support- I would personally like someone to talk to, to cheer me up and to look after me when I'm sick if it's a serious relationship. A good relationship should make both parties feel safe. It doesn't have to be big gestures, of course - something as simple as a phone call or even a text is enough to show you're trying, and that can make a world of difference. So I think that a boy, just like a girl, would probably want someone to help them out now and again, be that practically(e.g. cooking something when they're sick) or emotionally(e.g. comforting them after a funeral, reassuring them over insecurities).

Attraction: I think this one was my big mistake in my first relationship. I know this sounds horrible, but I didn't fancy the boy I was dating at all- if I'm totally honest, I think I was so thrilled that someone found me attractive that I said "yes" without thinking. That is completely my fault, and I would do things differently in hindsight. However, it did teach me that attraction is important, regardless of what it is that attracts you. I should mention here that a lot of it is to do with personality- what made Marilyn Monroe sexy was her persona more than anything else. I personally am attracted to confidence, honesty and genuineness(for example, saying "I love you" when you mean it- if you've been with a person for a week, you don't know them well enough to love them).

Fun: I cannot exaggerate how important it is to actually like each others' company in a relationship. This is why it helps to have common interests and similar senses of humour, as it means people are able to have fun together. Again, it's the little things; watching a film, joking, playing a game, as long as both sides are having fun, it's all good.

So to sum up: affection, support, attraction and fun. If there any boys here, could they please let me know whether I was on the mark or not? :)

6/15/2012 #28
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