What do you think a guy wants in girls?
Hey everyone. I'm in the middle of research for a story I'm working on and I'm going to ask all you girls out there. what do you think a guy wants in a girl? Confidence, looks, sex appeal? What do YOU think they want?
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It's really unknown. They say a face matters more but a lot of guys (((no one in particular))) seem to talk about girls bodies more than they do anyone's face They want a sweet girl or maybe sweet girls are boring? They want a wild girl then..... but they're intimidated by loud girls just observations
11/24/2006 #1
There ARE guys here you know. You could ask one of them. Or you could ask your trust neighbourhood gay :P Truly, I'd say that in the long term, men don't want anything different to what women want in a relationship. Someone they get alone with, someone they can laugh with, someone they can trust and basically someone they can love.
11/26/2006 #2
Or you could ask your trust neighbourhood gay --- Gays are truly the superior people on this planet. Great to take shopping.
11/26/2006 #3
Lord-of-fools is basically right but we do tend to be motivated by our sex drive. And the reason you hear guys talking about bodies more than faces is because how does this sound- "Damn, that chick's face is niiiice!" Really, it sounds dumb. Plus, when guys are among guys, there are few things we can relate to on- sports, video games, and sex.
11/26/2006 #4
Charming Dice
I could give you the answer I'd give one of the guys, but that might make me look bad. In fact, I know it would. I'll just give you a cleaner version. [q]It's really unknown.[/q] Really, I think you're missing an important point. Guys are individuals, so we aren't all into the exact same things, aside from sex. Some guys like wild girls, some like shy girls, and some like them all. It's unknown because each guy has his own likes and dislikes, just like girls do. Personally, I don't care for loud girls, unless they can sing. If someone's voice is loud, its either music or noise to me. Noise isn't something I can put up with for long, unless I have a reason to. Besides, unless a girl is talking about something we care about, we (guys I know, at least) don't want to hear them talk that much anyway. Not saying girls shouldn't talk, just that you can't expect us to like it all of the time. The face does matter quite a bit, but that usually goes without saying. Girls faces aren't mentioned unless something is unattractive about them. A lot of things matter that aren't discussed, because they're already agreed upon. (this post has been edited so feminists don't have a heart attack)
11/27/2006 #5
Hahaha... this is odd to read... We need to give Dice an honesty award or something.
12/2/2006 #6
For most guys, personality is most important (in a relationship. Obviously if we're just looking for a one night stand or looking at p***, personality doesn't matter), where a good personality is different for different people. Guys like girls that are compatible with them... Each guy has different preferences about girls bodies. Some like faces most, some like b*** most, some like legs most, etc. etc. etc.
12/7/2006 #7
I think it's important to say that physically not all guys are about big b***. Personally I find extremely oversized b*** to be disgusting. I think that I judge by the face the most. I think that a guy wants what any girl wants in a relationship: love and trust, someone that you can relate to and talk to about anything.
12/10/2006 #8
Yay. I like Key's opinion best. ^^
12/10/2006 #9
Limited Edition
Wow, I'm a girl and I feel offended. How can you guys generalise people like this? It sounds like men are from another race. Well they ARE monkeys, but that's beside the question (jk jk) Let's reverse the question. How should a guy be for a girl to like him? Everybody will give a different answer. I'm pretty sure I won't agree with any of you here XD
12/20/2006 #10
If you're flustered about men, read "For Women Only" by Shaunti Feldhahn. If you're a man and you're confused about women, read the counterpart, "For Men Only" by the same author. I learned of them during a Small Group Communications class I was taking at the time. Small books, quick reads. Some things you will know but some things you won't. They're interesting even if you aren't flustered.
1/2/2007 #11
Eh, Limited Edition, I think a lot of us here have admitted that guys are individuals and that their tastes differ. I don't see where you get this "generalise" thing from.
1/4/2007 #12
I understand what she's getting at - girls don't like to be categorized at all, which is what you've been doing. You know, loud, quiet, big b***, small b***... it's not tastes that gets to her, it's sorting girls into general types. Do you get it?
1/4/2007 #13
Charming Dice
[q] I understand what she's getting at - girls don't like to be categorized at all, which is what you've been doing. You know, loud, quiet, big b***, small b***... it's not tastes that gets to her, it's sorting girls into general types. Do you get it?[/q] Hahaha. I don't get what you're saying. I assumed L.E. meant everyone when she said "guys." You know, like "hey guys, come here" or some like that. Sorry Sakka-Fen. I don't know what you see, but I see guys in this thread listing specific traits that we like and dislike. If you're looking for generalizations, though, check the question at the top of the thread. "What do you think guys want in a girl?" As if all guys are the same. You know what? Screw it. I think its about time someone came out and said the obvious. This forum is pointless. Unless the original poster picks a specific guy and asks what he likes, we'll just keep going around in circles. Different guys like different things. That's where we are right now, and regardless of how long this debate continues, that's where we'll always be. We've all agreed with that. I think this was one of those forums made specifically to spark a heated debate about absolutely nothing. You can tell by the fact that, despite this site having plenty of men, not one of us was originally asked to join this discussion. What does that tell you?
1/5/2007 #14
most guys just go for the looks, and thats ok if its going for a one night stand or a (sex and the city quote) f*** budy. guys also go for the very intalgent types and thats fine to but some times they can be a little hard to understand guys also like the creative types and this is they way to go they can be way more fun in the bedroom or couming up with dates. some guys get them all dizy and this is again really ony good for sex
3/6/2007 . Edited 3/6/2007 #15
This is coming from a woman: I think it has to do with the man, and the age, but not always. I am just going to go with what I've talked to my boyfriend of two and a half years about. My boyfriend is 27 years old. He states that when he was younger he was very sexually active. He has told me that he used to go for looks, and didn't care about personality very much, but would give the girls with personality a try every once in a while, however, nothing ever came of it. He was young. He would cheat on girls and have one night stands. Before me he has been in two major relationships, but I am the longest lived. Now that he's 27 he talks about wanting a serious relationship; a friendship; a companion. He talks about wanting a wife and a family. He has told me on more than one occasion that if he didn't feel that our relationship was going towards marriage he wouldn't be in it. He's too old for one night stands and cheating, and he's too old for his counterpart to being doing the same. Alexpanda, this is only one man. Not all men are the same, and to put them in the same category on what they want and don't want is very hard. There are still 27 year old men that don't want to get married and a well prepared to love women for just the sex, but there are also men that want families and stability. This is not only for the older men, and I know 27 isn't that old, but also for the younger 16 year old men. Each one of them are different. They each want different things because they have been through different events in different lives. Please remember this for your writing; especially, since many characters that are the same, want the same things, and act the same are very boring. Not ever man wants sex, not every man wants commitment, but every man is different; and so should you characters. I hoped that helped somewhat.
3/25/2007 . Edited 3/25/2007 #16
That was cool. Personal experiences are way cool. Every character should be different and have their uniqueness. There are an infinite combination of personalties, but only a certain few you'll meet in your life. I wonder. There's no real answer to these or else it's purely stereotyping the situation.
7/18/2007 #17
Okay, wow, I've forgotten all about this forum until now and I must say, it's been a mixed board all the way around. You are right that it all boils down to different men want different women. I was just asking about a general and I've gotten a lot of help on the subject! thanks guys.
1/24/2008 #18
Shadow's Eve

I'm totally agreeing with Joscerelle on a lot of that long explanation. Age and the man's personality has so much to do with whether or not he'll go for a certain particular girl. I've never dated a man that was for one-night stands, or a guy who was all for sex, because most of the time, as a woman, you can tell when a man is like that. I can say there are men out there(once more agreeing with Joscerelle and basically emphasizing on her opinion)that are based on personality, and not just looks, because all of the guys that I've dated were about my personality, not so much my looks. Not all men are sex-driven. Truly, we can't really put people into categories, male or female. The human race is an extremely complex thing. The only way that you can understand what a guy wants is to date around,(I don't mean sleep around, by that)befriend guys, and maybe ask them their preferences so you can learn what an outgoing guy likes, or a shy guy likes.

Oh, and so I'm not a thief, I'm giving all the credit from my speech to Joscerelle; she was my inspiration. I was emphasizing on your opinion.

7/23/2008 #19

As a girl, I'm pretty offended all of this. Also, I wanted to give the guys some advice. If you like girls for their bodies and looks and crap, but you also want a long-term relationship, have fun and good luck, because some girls may be s*** and w*** but I can say honestly that the majority are not, even if their good-looking. So think about what you say and how you act because if you're beeing h*** or trying to act cool or something they're most likely just going to think that you're a j*** and never talk to you again. So think about what you look for in a girl guys.

7/23/2008 #20

I'm sure people didn't mean to offend you Pontificator. It's not about a girl/woman being a s*** in order to hold a man's attention. I'm pretty sure every one of us has a tiny list in our heads of who you find attractive or you've cooed the words 'He's so hot!' once or twice in your life. As much as we hate it, looks do matter. It's not because we're all vain and shallow people but because we are drawn to people we find attractive. Some people want a girl who has long hair, they find that attractive, or a thin body, or a curvy body. It's what we find attractive.I have the funniest crush in my entire life, Drew Carey, to you he's fat and ugly, to me he's attractive because I like that sort. It's all in the eyes of the beholder.

And anyways, sexuality is a big factor of life. On the Holmes-Rahe Stress Score scale Sex difficulties are 12th on the list that includes marriage, pregnancy, fired from work and failing health. Sex is apart of life and we struggle every day to understand it. It's not just about guys glorifying women anymore, it's about women doing just the same. It's sexist when a man cat calls a woman but if a woman in turn cat calls a guy it's not sexist, it's a compliment. Girls I see run around with magazines with the newest fad on the cover and we crush on them. A woman runs around with Cosmo that has shirtless guys of the month in it. Guys have their maxim and it has bikini clad women in it. It's a huge double standard, we live in a world of double standards and sometimes it get's tough calling the gray areas.

I think guys look for personality as much as women do, if they are ready for a long term committment like the personal experience of the poster above. In order for you to stay with someone for a long time you need to have a good foundation built on personality, trust, sexual chemistry because if either one of those becomes tedious, it's no longer a healthy relationship. I'm also talking about relationship above a 12th grade level. Girls and guys any younger than that are not ready for a sexual relationship because they aren't mentally prepared for the conicience of their actions. So please Pontificator don't take a forum with personal (I state again, personal) opinions the wrong way.

8/31/2008 #21

What does a guy want in a girl? Obviously his peeenis. Duh! Next.

9/1/2008 . Edited 9/1/2008 #22
Kerrigan Sheehan

I'm female and straight. I'm just passing on what one of my ex's said.

F*ckability is the LAST thing a guy wants in a girlfriend. If a girl is easy to sleep with, then she's likely to be unfaithful, then guys start getting possessive.

He said he, and most of his male friends, would rather try to find a girl who takes a little courting before she's sleep-with-able and doesn't stomp around wearing too-tight, revealing clothing and flirting with other guys.

He also said that those type of girls are great for short, yet meaningless rebounds, one-night-stands, and minor excursions between serious girlfriends if and only if condoms are used.

4/11/2009 #23
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