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Lazuri Academy is a boarding school for kids with magical gifts. Every one is welcome to join in and RP as their own character. Watch the story unfold.
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Consulting Sorceress

Here is the main office or the reception, where you can come to ask questions about the school, or find lost property etc. It is also where the Head Master's office is and where the Nurse's office is too.

3/27/2010 . Edited 9/15/2011 #1
Consulting Sorceress

Raph stared at Cameron as they stood outside the door to the office and then nurse's room, "Well, there's got to be at least a little more to it." He stated, his eyes now slowly fading back to their original colour.

7/21/2011 #2

She glared at him, her eyes turning bright green in anger. "Well maybe you should just mind your own business!!"

And she stormed past him into the office, slamming the door so hard it bounced back open again.

7/21/2011 #3
Consulting Sorceress

He stared at the door and then narrowed his eyes, starting to get angry himself after her yelling at him. But then his brow furrowed and his clenched fists slackened slightly, when he realised this was almost pretty much exactly that same thing that had gone on an hour or so ago, though this time, Cameron was in his place. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair agitatedly, before pushing the fully open again and following her into the office.

7/21/2011 #4

She was sitting in a chair in the empty waiting room, waiting to be seen by the nurse. Her fists were clenched in her lap. She looked up with an angry glare, but she looked really tired all of a sudden. And pale too. Weak.

"...." She was too stubborn to apologise so she looked back down again.

7/21/2011 #5
Consulting Sorceress

His eyes darted around the room for a couple of seconds before his gaze fell on Cameron, "Sorry." He mumbled almost inaudibly, dropping his eyes to the floor in front of him, "Was just interested..."

7/21/2011 #6

She nodded, and looked up at him smiling. "Me too. I'm kind of... protective of my past." She patted the seat next to her.

7/21/2011 #7
Consulting Sorceress

Raph hesitantly walked over to her and lowered himself into the chair next to her, "I swear you're just reciting everything in my mind." He stated with a small smile...which faded when he remembered what her powers involved, "You're not, are you?" He asked, suddenly getting rather paranoid.

7/21/2011 #8

She grinned, "Nope." She leant close still grinning, "I'm scared of what's in there," she tapped his head. Then she leant back, looking into space. "I just.. I've never told anyone about what happemed when I was a baby. People would just feel sorry for me and look at me differently, and I hate that!"

She sighed, leaning back into her chair. "Sorry, you bet I'm cliche now, right?" She let out a laugh, "And I hate that too."

7/21/2011 #9
Consulting Sorceress

He naturally leant away slightly when she put her hand near his head, but shook it off afterwards with a grin, "Is there anything you don't hate?"

7/21/2011 #10

She smiled at him. "You."

7/21/2011 #11
Consulting Sorceress

His eyes widened slightly, obviously having not expected her to say that, "...Really? That's a first." He muttered.

7/21/2011 #12

Her eyes widened too, when she realised what she said. "W-Well i-it's not like I m-meant anything from it!"

7/21/2011 #13
Consulting Sorceress

Raph had to smirk, "I know." He grinned, "I don't hate you, too."

7/21/2011 #14

She grinned, "What was the smirk for?" She punched his shoulder, forgetting it was his bad one.

7/21/2011 #15
Consulting Sorceress

He winced slightly when she hit his shoulder, but managed to mostly ignore it, "Because you got all nervous and paranoid and girly." He teased.

7/21/2011 #16

"Girly?!" She scoffed with a smile. "Says the guy who winces when a girl punches him," she teased back.

7/21/2011 #17
Consulting Sorceress

He huffed defensively, "It's not my fault I got smashed against a wall."

7/21/2011 #18

"Aren't you always meant to be on your guard?" she retorted.

7/21/2011 #19
Consulting Sorceress

"...The key part being 'meant to be'."

7/21/2011 #20

She smiled and rolled her eyes. "Okay okay, I admit defeat." She yawned, "Mainly because I'm too tired to think of a comeback."

7/21/2011 #21
Consulting Sorceress

Raph paused for a moment, "...Would you be man if I asked you about the experiment thing again?"

7/21/2011 #22

"Be a man?" She yawned again and slouched in her chair. Her eyes drifted off into space, "Well, if you really want to know..."

A baby girl was born 14 years ago. She was an orphan almost straight after birth when her parents died from mysterious circumstances. The case had no investigation: Heart Attack.

The baby was handed over to the government and a scientist took her in. He seemed kind so he could take her into his custody, but he was the complete opposite in reality. He was a monster.

He was crazed with the idea of a genetically altered child; a child given superpowers by the power of science.

So he experimented on the child until the age of three, when the part of her brain started to store memories. He abandonned her when it seemed there were no results and gave her to a family of one of his inferior workers in the lab.

They treated her like she was their own, and she thought they were her real parents, until she found out on her ninth birthday.

Her powers were unleashed and she almost killed them.

The government covered up her 'parent's' injuries and the scientist from six years ago heard of this...

"And he's been trying to track me down ever since." She shrugged, forcing a smile. "I'm a freak-child. Supposedly his freak-child." She sighed instead of sobbing. "I think that's what these injections are. To make me fall asleep so he can take me back to his lab again.. Since he knows I don't matter to anyone significantly, his plan is sure to go smoothly."

7/21/2011 #23
Consulting Sorceress

He nodded slowly, slightly puzzled at the almost nonchalant look on her face, "...You're not scared?"

7/21/2011 #24

She smirked at him but she looked tired. "I can take care of myself."

7/21/2011 #25
Consulting Sorceress

He raised an eyebrow, "Really? 'Cause it didn't exactly look that way when you were unconscious on the floor earlier," He pointed out.

7/21/2011 #26

She frowned, "Well what do you suggest, Mr. Know-it-all?"

7/21/2011 #27
Consulting Sorceress

He shrugged, "I dunno. Maybe not get captured by the crazy scientist dude?"

7/21/2011 #28

Her frown deepened. "No shit, Sherlock."

She heard two voices from the nurses' room. "Come in~ Two patients only please~"

She stood up, "Well, bye." And she walked to the door.

When she stopped at the door, under her breath she muttered, "I guess friends aren't important to you, then..."

7/21/2011 #29
Consulting Sorceress

He took in a breath as if about to say something, but ended up just letting out a saddened sigh and looking to the floor.

7/21/2011 #30
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