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Lazuri Academy is a boarding school for kids with magical gifts. Every one is welcome to join in and RP as their own character. Watch the story unfold.
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Consulting Sorceress

Raph grinned and then said, "Okay then. What now?" He asked, glancing back at Chloe and Arnold, and then to Connie who seemed to have been silenced for a while.

9/22/2011 #2,761

Arnold scrunched his face for a second, then said, "You guys were my sidekicks, of course... Yeah, that's it. Sidekicks." He spoke in a tone that implied that he was joking.

Chloe mock punched him several times on the chest, "I am not your sidekick... Never. I am your... partner." She said, winking as she said 'partner'.

9/22/2011 #2,762

Connie was still glaring at Cameron... for a number of reasons. How dare she claim to be Dimitri's daughter? SHE was his daughter! And she and Raphael... making up, just like that. How could they?! Cameron had betrayed Raphael's trust, and he forgives her so easily?! Impossible!!

Cameron looked at Connie, a small innocence still surrounding her. She didn't remember Connie... but felt it the best not to alarm Raphael straight away. She instinctively held onto Raphael's sleeve, then remembered her wearing his hoodie. Then she smiled, despite the situation she was in.

9/22/2011 #2,763
Consulting Sorceress

Raph looked back to Cameron and flashed her a smile, before standing up slowly and helping her get to her feet in case she was still a bit unstable.

9/22/2011 #2,764

(Sorry have to goooo! DX Later!!!)

Cameron smiled and accepted his help, losing feeling in her legs for a split second and falling into his chest, blushing as she did so. "S-Sorry!"

Connie glared a look of flames and daggers... Her eyes burning green and bubbling with jealousy.

9/22/2011 #2,765
Consulting Sorceress

((Aw D: Alright...night.))

Raph grinned, "You really need to learn the fine line between what you need to apologise for, and what you don't."

9/22/2011 #2,766

((Alright, I guess :D. Catch ya))

Arnold smirked at Chloe's choice of words, "Well, I really can't argue with that logic." he said.

9/22/2011 #2,767

(Heeeey! Again! :D)

She looked up into his eyes with a surprised and innocent expression. She was surprised for a few reasons: Raph forgiving her for the practically unforgivable; and that he was so happy right now. She suddenly blushed again. A sheepish smile. "R-right... guess I forgot that too..."

9/23/2011 #2,768
Consulting Sorceress

Raph nodded, slightly alarmed that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't keep a straight, his mouth keeping curving up into a slight smile.

9/23/2011 #2,769

She couldn't help but smile at him. She was so happy. He loved her... he really loved her. He took her back... How could she not be happy?

9/23/2011 #2,770
Consulting Sorceress

Raph looked at her for a long moment, before glancing at Chloe. He drew in a breath breath as if about to say something, but no words came. Instead he just gave her a grateful half-smile and then looked back to Cameron okay, "Can you balance okay now?"

9/23/2011 #2,771

She nodded, and despite wanting to stay as close to him as possible, she decided against it. "Yeah," she said before standing up straight again, smiling at him to show him she could.

9/23/2011 #2,772
Consulting Sorceress

Raph flashed a smile back and then glanced at Connie, an almost surprised look appearing on his face when he saw the angry expression on hers.

9/23/2011 #2,773

Connie's glare deepened. ".... He is my father, not yours." Although she was talking to Cameron, her eyes were still on Raph.

Cameron didn't have to read her mind to realise her other reason for anger. She stood next to Raph, as if saying 'Don't even think about it'.

9/23/2011 #2,774
Consulting Sorceress

Raph just raised an eyebrow at her as if to say 'you do know you're twins...right?'.

9/23/2011 #2,775

But none of them were looking at him, just glaring at each other.

9/23/2011 #2,776
Consulting Sorceress

Raph's eyes shifted from one to the other and back again several times. "...Not to interrupt or anything...But I really wouldn't have thought that Dimitri would be worth fighting over as a dad..."

9/23/2011 #2,777

"It's not about Dimitri... at least not all of it is..." Cameron.

"She's right." Connie.

9/23/2011 #2,778
Consulting Sorceress

Raph just frowned, a confused expression on his face.

9/23/2011 #2,779

Cameron glared deeper and touched Raph's arm gently.

Connie only glared more.

9/23/2011 #2,780
Consulting Sorceress

Raph looked at Cameron again, and took her hand, tugging her arm gently to try and bring her back to reality and interrupt the glaring contest.

9/23/2011 #2,781

Cameron instantly stopped glaring and looked at Raph, not knowing what he wanted.

9/23/2011 #2,782
Consulting Sorceress

"Come on." Raph said quietly, "I know this sounds weird coming from me, but don't start a fight right now."

9/23/2011 #2,783

She eventually nodded and looked to the floor, slightly ashamed.

9/23/2011 #2,784
Consulting Sorceress

Raph couldn't help but smile slightly as he used his hand under her chin to lift her head so she was looking at him again and pecked her lips briefly.

9/23/2011 #2,785

Cameron smiled and pecked his lips back whilst Connie glared at her with a burning hatred.

9/23/2011 #2,786
Consulting Sorceress

Raph grinned, "So, you want some revenge on your 'dad'?"

9/23/2011 #2,787

She grinned in return, "Perhaps~"

9/23/2011 #2,788
Consulting Sorceress

He gave her a devious smile, "Good."

9/23/2011 #2,789

She sighed dreamily for a second before admitting, "You're so hot when you smile like that..." Then she blushed, sounding like an idiot.

9/23/2011 #2,790
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