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Lazuri Academy is a boarding school for kids with magical gifts. Every one is welcome to join in and RP as their own character. Watch the story unfold.
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Arnold winced as he heard Cameron fall down the stairs... He ran after her and gasped when he saw her at the bottom of the stairs in the position she was in. He whispered, "Oh jeez..." as he picked her carefully and carried her to the guest room. Once she was on the bed, he whipped out his mobile and dialled speed dial 2... His dad. Speed dial 1 had always been Chloe.

"Hello... Dad, please I need you to look at my friend... No, it's really urgent... She was recovering from a condition with her legs when she fell down the stairs. I think she might have dislocated or broken something... Thank you, dad. Bye" Arnold concluded.

Then, because his mom always did it to him when she tucked him in, he brushed hair away from Cameron's forehead and gave her a peck on the forehead.

8/5/2011 #121

Cameron stirred, but winced in pain as soon as she did. "Arnold... I'm sorry..."

8/5/2011 #122

"Shh..." Arnold said, "There's nothing for you to apologize about. My dad'll be here in a sec to check you" he completed while he fingered Cameron's hair to keep her calm. "Don't worry... Just relax."

8/5/2011 #123

She managed to croak, "I..." A few tears started to tear her eyes, "I made Chloe slap you... I... I'm sorry..." Then she lost conciousness.

8/5/2011 #124

Arnold's eyes widened and he was speechless as Cameron said she'd made Chloe slap him. His brain was a continuous static as his father rushed into the room with his kit. He felt numb all over and couldn't move part of his body consciously, even when his father pushed him off of the bed. Then he just walked to his room and laid down very quietly and stared at the ceiling, waiting for his dad to give him news about Cameron.

8/5/2011 #125

Cameron dislocated one shoulder, snapped the other arm, and her head was bleeding from hitting her head on a step.

8/5/2011 #126

Despite the fact that Arnold was angry, he jumped off his bed and ran to Cameron's room once his dad was done. He made a sharp intake of air when he saw how Cameron was... Right then, all he wanted was for her to be okay.

8/5/2011 #127

His dad told him that she couldn't be moved for at least 24 hours until she wakes up, and even then they would have to see whether or not she could move.

Cameron slowly opened her eyes, and as soon as she saw Arnold she couldn't bare to see him and closed her eyes, afraid he would see her tears spilling from her eyes.

8/5/2011 #128

Arnold listened with horror as his dad spoke to him about Cameron's condition. Then he sat down besides Cameron's bed. Even though he was not sure if she could hear him or not, he said, "Cameron... I'll forgive you...for making Chloe slap me... I'll forgive you, promise! Just wake up and walk normally. Think about Raph... How Raph will feel if he sees you like this... I don't like seeing you like this... Please...Get well... For Raph, for me, for everyone."

8/5/2011 #129

She could hear him, but she thought she was imagining it. She couldn't bare him being so nice to her, so she started crying effortlessly. Her tears brought out the rosy colour in her cheeks again that were hidden under her newly made cuts and bruises.

8/5/2011 . Edited 8/5/2011 #130

Arnold wiped the tears as they came out from her eyes, "Please wake up and be okay..." Oh my Gosh, Raph will kill me if he finds out about Cameron being in this state, he thought.

8/5/2011 #131

She eventually stopped crying, and looked like she was simply asleep, at peace for once in quite a while.

8/5/2011 #132

Arnold patted her hair again and stood up to go to the couch nearby to get some rest. He lay on the couch, trying to take a nap. But all that came to his mind was, Why did she do it?

8/5/2011 #133

In her sleep, Cameron was still able to tap into people's minds. Chloe was upstairs moping about Arnold and 'WHY DID I SLAP HIM?! WAAAHHHH!!!' (XD)

Arnold's parents were concerned about all three of the kids in their home,

And Arnold was thinking about why she made Chloe slap him.

She managed to telepathically say Because I was jealous of her...

But since she was asleep her words came out as a dream: his imagination.

8/5/2011 #134

Arnold whipped his head around so fast, a cheetah would have been scared... His thoughts almost sounded real. Because she was jealous of Chloe? Could that be it? But she could have just told me, I'd have talked with my parents and we'd have returned to school immediately so she'd have been with Raph. Could it just be the thing with her legs affecting her? Nah... There's no way that making Chloe slap me would help that. Why then? Arnold thought as he scratched his forehead in frustration.

8/5/2011 #135

Cameron yawned, but remained asleep.

8/5/2011 #136

Arnold looked at Cameron when she yawned and watched her for a little while to check if she was waking up. Then he turned back to rest, only he just couldn't sleep off. So he just settled for closing his eyes and relaxing his whole body.

8/5/2011 #137

Cameron managed to send a message, just like the previous one: as if it was in his head. Finding it hard to sleep?

8/5/2011 #138

Arnold opened his eyes in shock, "Who said that?" he asked out loud, hoping that he wasn't beginning to go crazy.

8/5/2011 #139

Take a wild guess. Then, in Arnold's mind, Cameron started to form in his mind. The one before all of this happened, no cuts, bruises, no wheelchair. Just... Cameron. She was smiling.

8/5/2011 #140

Cameron? Arnold thought. He glanced back at the bed ans saw a still-sleeping Cameron on it.

8/5/2011 #141

The Cameron in his mind grinned, but didn't speak eventhough her words were clear as if her lips were moving. The one and only!

8/5/2011 #142

Arnold smirked. Anybody walking in on him right now would have thought he'd gone crazy. He leaned back in the couch and closed his eyes as if he was sleeping. Cameron!! What are you doing in my mind?

8/5/2011 #143

Same thing I always do. Be a nosy busy-body until people get annoyed but still find me irresistable. Haha!

8/5/2011 #144

Arnold chuckled in his mind, Yeah-yeah, just get well...will ya?

8/5/2011 #145

Mind-Cameron shrugged, still with a smile. Not sure. Probably will. Believe me, I've suffered more than this when it comes to Dimitri and his idio- sorry, co-workers. She let out a laugh. A cheery one. Unlike the ones she been letting out recently. In his mind, she was a lot happier than in the real world. Brighter, even.

8/5/2011 #146

Arnold smiled, it was good to see Cameron this way, even if it was just in his mind. But then he asked a question that had been disturbing him... Why'd you do it...make Chloe slap me?

8/5/2011 #147

Her wide smile dropped to a small one. Maybe I was jealous of you two together, and me being by myself... Maybe I was angry that I was being left out, selfish as it is... Maybe I was jealous of the connection you two have... Maybe I was just jealous, full stop. She shrugged, Search me.

8/5/2011 #148

You should've just told me... I'd have arranged for us to get back to school. Arnold thought. But it's okay... I'll have to go apologize to Chloe as soon as I can, though, for not believing her.

8/5/2011 #149

Mind-Cameron sighed in understanding. Apologise for me too... tell her why I did it... I hacked into her mind too, and she's torn up about it. Crying her eyes out, up there. She gave him a half-smile, She deserves you now more than I do.

8/5/2011 #150
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