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As my friend says, if you have a voice in your head, don't worry, you're normal. If you have three or four or more , don't worry, you're a writer. So, writers, come join our awesome randomness! There may or may not be contests involved! XD
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Well.... This seems to be the part of the Coffee Shop where we talk contests. When there's one on. Please feel free to request a contest, cause otherwise I'd have absolutely no idea when to start one... But, yeah, there's nothing happening over here at the moment. After all, I did only just open the coffee shop. No contests until further notice. And if you've just popped in for the first time and this topic caught your eye cause of the word 'contests', then I say: the action is all over there in the other topic.... Until, of course, further notice. :)

From here onwards, this is officially an edited post.

FURTHER NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I changed the name of the topic!!!!!!!!! And put it in a category thingy!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so clever!!

Eva: Really???

Yeah! You didn't think of editing this post to change the topic name and put it in a category named 'Coffee Shop Contests', did you????

Eva: Okay, well... No.

Exactly. Anyways. So, I said in the top part of the post that this is where we talk contests when there's one on. No. That be wrong, my friends. -nodnod- Because I am editing this at a point when we have 5 pages of this topic, holding 200 and something posts. All before we finish one contest. And so, from now on, this is where we talk about not any old contest - we talk about THIS one. The one that startED (notice the past tense; it's been going for almost TWO WHOLE MONTHS now) on the fourth of June, and is due to finish on the first of October (but we'll carry on using this topic to discuss the results for several days afterwards because we love this topic). The one that you have to write something starting with 'Do you believe in magic?'. The one... Okay, you get which one I mean. The only contest on here... At the moment. We really ought to name the contest. OMG, LET'S CALL IT STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Eva: How about we don't call it Steve?

How about we do call it Steve?

Eva: How about we don't?

How about we do?

Eva: How about we don't?


Eva: -shrugs-

Okay, maybe I'll pin a poll (sigh, yes, another poll) to this post asking what we should call the topic, because I'd rather not have a headache from arguing with Eva about whether we should call it Steve or not.

Eva: We should call it Eva!

No, Mirror Magnet, we're not naming it after you. (Who knew Eva was so vain???)

Eva: But Eva's a nice name!

Not since it's been your name.

Eva: I'm offended!!!!

So? Alright, alright, we'll put it on the list of possibilities.

Eva: YAY!!!!!

What else?

Eva: Umm.... Ronald? Dave? Sue? Gary? Umm..... Bob? Gerald?



Oh... yeah... Aaanyways....

Eva: What about Harold? Or.... um.... I can't think of anything else!!!!

That's a good idea. That's going on the list, too...

Eva: What??? ... Well, anyways... *A long time later* Today is the third (fourth?) of October and yet again Beth is editing this post...

Beth: I now officially name this contest Steve!!! The second most popular name will be the name of our next contest (which seems to be a four-way tie between Eva, Gary, Harold and I Can't Think Of Anything Else... Maybe we could give the next contest four names... Or just have another poll...). Um... What else was I going to say???

Eva: I don't know. What else were you going to say?

I honestly can't remember. Oh wells.We'll leave it at that...

5/17/2010 . Edited 12/2/2010 #1

Herro there! I have a very wide open contest prompt. (Big word! YAY!)

Anyways, the story has to start off with somebody asking: "Do you believe in magic?"

Andd...that's it! It is wide open! The best story wins!(:

5/22/2010 #2

I likeses that idea. Now we just need people to join in the contest... Which will begin when I say go. And, no, that doesn't count...

5/23/2010 #3

I can has one thing to say... And that is rules. We be needing rules. So:

1) If possible, can all participants tell their friends about the contest, and then maybe we'll have LOTS OF STORIES TO JUDGE!!!! Woooo!!!

2)If you're participating, you can still be a judge, but you can't judge your own story/poem/piece of writing. You score each story out of 10. 10 being the best, 1 being the worst. Judges, PM me with the scores for all stories and we add up scores, and we will reveal them once we have all scores, and they have been added up. The winner is (you guessed it) the person with the biggest score. This may be changed later. We'll think of a prize later...

3) If you're gonna take part in either the judging or the writing, then please say so on this topic VERY CLEARLY. Then I can put down your pen-name and I'll know how many judges and participants we have BEFORE the contest starts.

4)You can enter any type of... erm... writing thing - story, poem, etc...

5) Please tell us what your piece of writing is called so we know which stories to judge.

6) There is no limit to how long it has to be. It doesn't have to be finished, we'll just judge what you've written so far. If you are judging, you're NOT ALLOWED to take marks off if a story isn't finished.

7) (this rule has now officially been edited!!!) The deadline is 1st October. I know, a long way away. Which is precisely the point. You CANNOT write anything new after the deadline, but you CAN go back and edit things, remove chapters, add any already-written-chapters-that-have-not-been-posted AS LONG as you DON'T write it AFTER the deadline. Judging starts on 5th October.

This isn't a rule, but those who are under, say, fifteen (like me) might prefer you not to include too bad language and 'inappropriate' scenes, so please just bare that in mind while writing.

5/23/2010 . Edited 8/2/2010 #4

Just so you all know, I am taking part and judging as well. Yay! My name is the first on the list!!!! :)

5/23/2010 #5

Okay!(: Let's get it started, then!

My goal is get to one of the forum's stories (any of the authors) nominated for the SkoW Awards. (Those are REALLY famous on Fictionpress.) Sooo...let's start writing!

I am DEFINITELY interested. Well, not judging. Sorry...I am horrible at that kind of stuff. I WILL participate, though.

Come on people! This is an amazing opportunity!

5/23/2010 #6
Jiggy L. Morgan

"I can judge. If that's ok with you."

"You forgot about me! I can help too! I am magical!"

"Oops, sorry Billy Bob John... Hey why do you think you're magical?"

"Cause, I am!"

"Ok..... Anyways Billy Bob John and I will be happy to judge"

"Wait! I never said I wanted to do it!"

"Well do you?"


Jiggy bangs her head on the desk, "He's going to drive me insane."

"Yay! I am doing my job!"

5/29/2010 #7

Okay, BOTH of you are going on the list... :) Now we just need participants - we have more judges now, than participants, and the idea was that we get more participants than judges... Oh wells... :)

5/30/2010 #8

Oh, and Jiggy, don't bang your head on the desk; you'll give yourself brain damage, and then Billy Bob John won't be happy about that.... Eva: No, he won't; I'll seriously kill you if you get brain damage, Beth. Me: But then there'd be no Eva. Eva: Good point... But I still haven't gotten you back for whatever I was going to get you back for. Me: No, you haven't managed to give me a headache yet. Eva: Damn. I'm trying though. Me: I noticed..........

5/30/2010 #9


**waves excitedly** I have an ideaaaaaaaa! I think! My entry will be called "Stars in a Bottle." I will have it up sometime next weekkk...(: Yaaay!

Is anyone else participating? It's not fair if I am the only one writing an entry! D:

5/30/2010 #10
Jiggy L. Morgan

"I have an idea for how to get more participants!"

Well, don't just stand there, tell us!

"OK, what we can do is talk about the contest in our next chapter of VIMH. It will have our own spin on it and Beth, Eva and Jason are invited to be it too."

Wow, that was the greatest idea I have ever heard, come out of you mouth.

"Hey, what are you implying?"

Oh nothing......... Hey does anyone know if the idea goes against any rule set up here, and do you all think it's a good idea for the contest?

"Of coarse you would be worried about the rules..."

Hey there's nothing wrong about that, if it goes against the rules we could get kick off Fiction Press.

"I see your point.... so what do you all think of my idea?"

6/1/2010 . Edited 6/1/2010 #11

I don't think it goes against any rules... It's an awesome idea!!!!

6/4/2010 #12

Oh, and to Somebody-Not Nobody, I don't think I ever said go... So the contest hasn't quite started yet... But since it seems like you've already started writing, I shall say...


I know, since we don't have a full compliment of participants, you'll have longer to write, but hey that'll make it all a little more interesting. :)

6/4/2010 #13
Jiggy L. Morgan

"YAY! My idea is awesome!"

I believe we have already been through this....

"Oh sorry, am I annoying you?"

Nope, not at all.

"Well....Does it annoy you that you have to write another chapter?"

We joined this website because I like to write, so ...not really

"You're being so-"

Annoying? It's a little something I learned from you, am I good at it?

"Yes, so can you please-"

Stop? I really don't feel like it...

"I need some-"

Air? That's fine by me see you later

"See Ya."

Ha! Take that Mr. Awesome!(No worries he'll be back in time for the next chapter.)

6/4/2010 #14

Okay, so I shall be posting the first chapter of my entry in a few minutes, it's called The Curse. :) Jiggy and Billy Bob John, did I put VIMH on story alert? I don't think I did... But, anyways, what I'm saying is did you start the chapter? It's okay if you haven't, sometimes you just don't have time to write. :)

6/12/2010 #15
Katrina E. Hope

I wanna be part of this contest fun! And I can judge too. But you're not allowed to know the title of my story yet...because there isn't one. In fact, there's no story yet either. I only read about this contest a few minutes ago. I'll start writing it later, or maybe tomorrow. I'm gonna have to work on this title business. You know how I am with titles. :-( Anyways, I'm gonna actually pay attention to the movie I'm watching, Beauty and the Beast, now.

6/12/2010 . Edited 6/12/2010 #16

OMG, is it the Disney one?!!!!! :) I haven't seen that film in YEARS.

...Anyways... :) Putting your name down for participating and judging NOW. Done. :)

And we still have more judges than participants. I might have to just ask for participants... Or, Jiggy, you and Billy Bob John could be considered as one judge rather than two? But, anyways, we have three participants now!! :) WOOO!!!! :)

6/13/2010 #17
Katrina E. Hope

Yup, it is Disney. My school is doing Beauty and the Beast as their musical next year, so I sudden got the urge to watch it at 10pm last night.

It's bad when there's more judges than actual participants. :-) I'm sure you'll find some more people to write.

6/13/2010 . Edited 6/20/2010 #18

That I shall do.

And I love the Disney version!!!! (Is there another version?) I think I still have it on DVD (or video, I can't remember), it's probably with all the old videos (all Disney ones!). I wish we'd do something as good as Beauty and the Beast for our school musical. In primary school, we did all really cheesy ones, and now we do things like Fame and Grease, so I've never bothered to audition.

6/13/2010 #19
Jiggy L. Morgan

The chapter is posted!

"It's a cliff hanger!"

Yep! It was really fun to write!

"But the computer was annoying!"

Yes, yes it was.

6/13/2010 #20

OMG, reading it like, NOW!!!!! Even though I'm halfway through writing chapter 8, here... oh wells. My friend says I'm over-updating. Well, I did kinda post it last night, and I have kinda already posted seven chapters including the first one... :)

6/13/2010 #21
Katrina E. Hope

Okay, I came up with a title for my story... Malibu Magic. But you still can't read it because I'm not finished with the first chapter. I'm so proud of myself though, for coming up with a title. It was hard. I think I must like alliteration, because my last story was called The Trash Tragedy. interesting :-)

6/13/2010 #22
Jiggy L. Morgan


Miss. Hope finally comes up with a title!

"We're so happy for you!"

It is a really awesome title to!

"Yes, yes it is."

Why do you always do that?

"Do what?"

That yes thing.

"What yes thing?"

That thing- oh forget it, I give up!

"Yes, yes you have."

Don't say anything. Don't say-

"But you are saying something."

6/13/2010 #23
Katrina E. Hope

Thanks Billy Bob John and Jiggy. I is glad you likes my title. Hopefully you'll like the story that goes with it just as well.

You should stop annoying Jiggy, Billy Bob John.

Why!! It's the VIMH's job to annoy you guys.

Logan, you're back. I haven't, in a while.

I was busy. Stop changing the subject.

I wasn't trying to change the subject. I was just being polite and asking where you'd been.

Fine. Be that way. Stalks off

Haha, I win :-)

6/13/2010 . Edited 6/14/2010 #24
Katrina E. Hope

Hurrah. I posted the first chapter!! Read it. And yes, I did get back up after going to bed to post this at 1:30am. I went to bed and wrote, then decided I had to post right away. :-) I'm really tired now, though, so bye

6/13/2010 . Edited 6/14/2010 #25

I be reading it... Soon. I'm loving the title though, it's so intriguing... :) :):):):):) And well done for thinking of a name. I quite often find that hard too. :)

6/14/2010 #26

I just had a thought: maybe I should put all the participating stories on story alert? Maybe all the judges should do that? Because then we can read the stories as they're written, but then we go back and read it all again before judging AFTER the deadline (whenever that may be). Okay, that be all I be having to say. :)

6/14/2010 #27


Wait, why'd I say it like that? Anyway, I'd like to join the list of participants, with a story about fairies.

Yes, fairies. Read that again if you need to. Fairies are awesome. So yeah. BTW, the voices say hi.

WHAT IF I HAVE FAIRIES IN MY HEAD?! Maybe I hsould handle that myself I'm getting way off topic.

Either way, I'll get my story going and ch. 1 should be up by Thursday. See ya!

6/15/2010 #28
Jiggy L. Morgan

Yay! another person to judge!

Billy please calm down you scare me-

When I get over excited?

Not this-

again. Yes, yes this again.

Not the-

Yes thing too. Yes, yes the yes thing too.

That didn't-

Make sense. Yes, yes it didn't

I have to go or I'll-

Be late for a thingie. Yes, yes you should.

Okay... bye! (Jiggy runs out of the room)

Hehehe, that's what she gets for messing with the master! Oh and good luck to all to participants! Jiggy and I were reading the ones that were already up and we both think they're really good so far. It's weird that we are agreeing on something but they are really good!

6/16/2010 #29

Okay, sorry it's later than I thought it'd be, but chapter one is up. The story is called Fairy Queen and it's in the fantasy category thingy.

Yes, the vampire lover also likes fairies.

It's okay to laugh.

*laughing sounds*


6/19/2010 #30
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