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Ya Dig

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Physical Description


4/2/2010 #1
Ya Dig

Name Christopher "Kit" Johnston

Age 24

Occupation Sherriff

Gender Male

Background/History As a young boy, he grew up in a Catholic family in Newark, New Jersey. He had two caring parents, a younger brother, but one day, when he was nine years old, as they were on a stagecoach to the West, the Apache attacked and Christopher was the only left alive after pretending he was dead. He makes his way to the nearest town to find food, water, medical help. When healed, he joins a band of horse theives and take to their ways. He worked with them for ten years, witnessing murders, shoot-outs and even participating in them. When he was near 20 years old, the justic of peace and sherriff finally issued warrants and sent the bounty hunters to track every horse thief from the band. Christopher escaped to New Mexico and came to this town. He becomes a lawman and soon the town's sherriff. He prefers not to dawdle on the past.

Physical Description 5ft8, dark hair that falls in ringlets, a handsome face full of charm, light blue eyes, a slender frame, but pretty strong for his size. His skin is a bit tanned. He has a scar down his back when a knife was thrown at him. His mother was Hispanic, and his father was English, but he doesn't look Hispanic at all.

Other(s) He favours a '61 Winchester rifle, but he also carries two Colt Peacemakers around. He is charming, youthful man who knows how to have a good laugh. He can be fair when it comes to making decisions, but can be angered easily. He has a bit of an ego, but he isn't too arrogant.

4/2/2010 #2

Name: Dolores Maybank

Age: 23

Occupation: none, occasional dancer

Gender: female

Background/History: She grew up on a cattle ranch, helping her father. Her mother died birthing her, her father was a gunsmith

Physical Description: 5'6'', she has dark hair that falls in ringlets when fixed but when not fixed, it is wazy and thick. She has a round face with high cheekbones, littered by freckles. She has jade green eyes that are large and lined with thick, long lashes. She has great curves from dancing and they are emphasized by the corsets she wears.

Other(s): She is a very good horse rider, from working on a ranch when she was younger. She can shoot a gun but only if she has too.

4/2/2010 #3
Ya Dig

Welcome to Winston County!

4/2/2010 #4

Name: Fredrick Maybank

Age: 52

Occupation: gunsmith

Gender: male

Background/History: Grew up poor, learned how to weld at a young age. married Samantha and they had a child but Samantha died when she birthed her.

Physical Description: 6'5'', broad and strong. A small gut, black thick hair, piercing brown eyes, strong jaw, calloused hands.

Other(s): good shot.

4/3/2010 #5
Ya Dig

Welcome to Winston County!

4/12/2010 #6
Ya Dig

Name: Jasper Dolan

Age: 14

Occupation: Stable hand

Gender: Male

Background History: IS the eldest of his family, his father died, and he brings the money for his mother. He has five younger sisters.

Physical Description: 5'6, lean, tow-headed, pale blue eyes, high cheek-bones, small ahnds

Other(s): Loves horses and respects them very much, not very educated, wants to be a rancher

4/12/2010 #7

Name Samuel Winchester

Age 25

Occupation deputy

Gender male

Background/History his parents were killed by outlaws so he decided to go into an occupation that brought them down.

Physical Description


4/12/2010 #8
Ya Dig

Welcome to Winston County

4/12/2010 #9
Lady of the Freaks

Name:Rachel Turner


Occupation:Home-schooled student


Background/History:The daughter of a successful clockmaker,Rachel has an easy,safe life.Rachel,like any young teen,wants adventure and she plans on having as many as possible.Sure she's one of the town's rich people,and it's probably not safe for her to run around at night,but she loves it.Rachel is a troublesome,curious young girl with terrible manners,stubborn,and she tends to ask too many questions.

Physical Description:Firey,messy red hair.Pale skin.A few freckles going over the bridge of her nose.Skinny,5'3.Hazel eyes.Heart shaped face.

Other(s)Likes to read.

4/30/2010 . Edited 4/30/2010 #10
Time Of The Season
6/9/2010 #11
Time Of The Season

(this is actually OffenceTaken, just couldn't access other account) I have started a new Western RPG forum that would easier for me to admin, so if you want to join, just PM me for the URL.


6/9/2010 #12
Lord Monbodo

Name: Tom O'Brien

Age: 31

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Gender: Male

Background: The eldest son of Irish immigrants, he grew up in New York City. He fought with the North during the Civil War; and after the war, he came west to find work.

Physical Description: He's a fairly tall man at 6' 2'' with red hair, green eyes, and a chunk of his left ear missing from a bullet wound.

6/25/2010 #13
Agent 22
Name: Samantha Lilian Buchanan Age: 19 Occupation: Hotel owner, vigilante Gender: female Background/History: Ever since she can remember, Sam has been working on her father's farm in Kansas. She would work from sun up until sun down and work hard. Eventually, she did get schooling in along with downtime with what friends she had. She has always been considered an underdog by those who judge her and she shows them that she comes out on top. Her parents were both good and loving to her, through good/bad. She did attend university and now uses that knowledge to run her hotel, which is her pride and joy. A year ago, her father feel gravely ill and Sam decided to try and make some money through whatever means she could. She tried everything and still it wasn't enough. Eventually, her father got better but she's still out there today making extra money so that if she did need it, it would be there. Her friend, Jack, fully supports her and has been friends with her since her youth Physical Description: Fairly dark skin with the natural ability to tan easily w/o getting burnt easily, fiery red hair that's medium length and tangles easily. Her eyes are a deep set green. Her arms are for the most part, muscle. She's not all skin and bones and weighs in at about 164lbs and 5,4. Her hands are worn from working on her father's farm but they're strong and tender. Other(s):She tends to get into everybody else's business, whether you want her to or not. She can sometimes be a little too trusting, and often blames herself when someone tries to take advantage of her. She tends to have strong morals and a good sense of judgement. Her intentions are usually good, but sometimes she can get sidetracked and usually needs a reminder every once in a while. Her passion is clear when she feels strongly about something and she's extremely loyal. One of the things she's not known for is her temper, which is extremely rare. If she doesn't like you for some reason, and you'll know when she doesn't like her, she'll let you know with either a prank or something else that will attack you in any way/shape/form. I'm kind of new here but I love the whole western thing so I'll give it a shot! Not exactly done yet b/c I had to get off early!
4/13/2012 #14
Cool Monsters

It looks like all of the Western forums are dead.

4/27/2012 #15
Agent 22

That I noticed

4/28/2012 #16
Cool Monsters

Most of the forums I'm in on fanfiction have also stopped. One has been nothing but a big argument that I've told everyone to stop before I lock the main topic. I've seen a great forum torn apart by fighting. I don't want to see it happen again.

4/28/2012 #17
Agent 22

I know what you mean. BTW, like your avie!

4/29/2012 #18
Cool Monsters


Did you hear about the owl that married a goat? They had a hootenanny.

4/30/2012 #19
Agent 22

That's a good one! BTW, nice to see you TailslovesCosmo! Didn't know you were here!

5/4/2012 #20
Cool Monsters

Hi. Didn't expect to see you here. I rarely come to fictionpress. Most forums on this site are like this one.

5/4/2012 #21
Agent 22

Same with you! And yeah...kinda noticed

5/5/2012 #22
Cool Monsters

There are some fantasy forums that are active. Most other genre forums are ghost towns.

5/6/2012 . Edited 5/6/2012 #23
Agent 22

Noticed that too

5/10/2012 #24
Cool Monsters

Notice the new format of the topics? Avatars can barely be seen now and everything looks very impersonal even unfriendly.

5/10/2012 #25

Name: Ellie Lister

Age: 11

Occupation: Homeless child

Gender: Female

Background/History: Ellie ran away from the orphanage where she was sent to live after her parents died and ended up in Winston County. No one knows who she is just that she has been stealing from anyone she could and get away with it.

Physical Description: Ellie is small with Curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She looks like she's maybe eight instead of eleven. She wears an old tattered pink dress that is much too small for her and an old pair of boots that are way too big.

Can she meet someone in the town who adopts her?

9/14/2014 #26

Name:Maggie Carter

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Occupation: Waitress and dance hall girl

Description: Green eyes, flaming red hair, and freckles.

Weapons: Has a knife in her garter

Family: Hasn't seen them for a long time, she's been sending home all the money she makes

Transportation: None

Goals: Maggie really wants to dance ballet, but there are no ballet schools in the West, and she can't afford to move back East.

(Maggie's a bit young to adopt her but she's always wanted a little sister.)

9/14/2014 #27


10/7/2014 #28
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