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Go for it.
7/12/2007 #1
Will Sachiksy
Title: One Person You Can't Fool Author: Ivory Taint Summary: Yourself URL: Title: Leaning From the Steep Slope Authors: Will Sachiksy and Bolshevik Muppet (posted under my profile) Summary: She contemplated what she was going to have for lunch as he tumbled off the face of the mountain. URL:
7/12/2007 #2
Your entries have been noted! Anyone else?
7/16/2007 #3
Can I join? Title: Feeling Samantha Author: Concerto49 Summary: To me, Samantha's been a feeling by now. I've been feeling Samantha, and hence this. Sorry. Leo had been in a trance that night in which he accidentally met Samantha in a dance party. And that was how it all started. Something really different, see why. Written in 4th person if you believe me. Genre: Romance/Drama/Fantasy URL: Thanks.
7/17/2007 #4
Noted - will read shortly. Thanks for entering!
7/17/2007 #5
Is it too late to join? Title: Birds of a Feather Author: tabiscus Summary: The Realms are crumbling into ruins, and recent disturbances are causing chaos. All because Sevenese accidentally unleashed an ancient evil onto the Realms. Now she has to fix them with the help of a few odd characters. URL:
7/30/2007 . Edited 7/30/2007 #6
Not too late. Acknowledged. Still need a couple more before I judge!
7/30/2007 #7
Title: Miracle Knights Author: NeoMiniTails Summary:Two teens in love, but neither know of eachother's love. They are both going to end up on adventure of their lifetime. The adventure would take their emotions places they never thought it would go. The legend of Miracle Knights begins. Story Link: Commercial:
10/4/2007 #8
How many more before you judge?
11/5/2007 #9
Jonah Heman
I'm as new as they come, but I'll sign up! Title: The Waxy Heart Of Colonel Crawdaddy Author: Jonah Heman Summary: Whose side is Ironclad Cletus on? What is the secret of Colonel Crawdaddy, and his titular Waxy Heart? Where do babies come from, and more importantly, when are they leaving? All of these questions and more, answered within for the very last time. URL:
11/16/2007 #10
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