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The Tear-Stained Queen

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4/8/2010 #1

Name: Bryce Spencer

Age: 28

Personality: Hard-headed, stubborn, no respect for authority, lives in the moment. Has a drug addiction problem.

Appearance: Tall, muscular, dark hair and green eyes, tattoos on his chest and shoulders.

Attire: Normally wears jeans and t-shirts and old sneakers.

History: Bryce was born into a poverish family and ran away at the age of fifteen. He traveled the world through whichever means since he never had enough money to even feed himself. He always took on odd jobs for some extra cash, he even robbed a bank and rich families homes and became an expert in theivery.

Other: A serious drug addict who makes money on the side by getting into illegal underground fights.

4/8/2010 . Edited 4/8/2010 #2
The Tear-Stained Queen

I had a thought a few minutes ago. Maybe it coud be fun to play with our characters a bit before the destruction of earth? It could be interesting, plus, it'll give us more to do. What do you think?

4/8/2010 #3

that depends, how would the earth be destroyed and how old should our characters be?

4/8/2010 #4
The Tear-Stained Queen

well, the earth will still be destroyed by an asteroid, but our characters -- 20-somethings -- will narrowly escape on ships or something. you know, in a dramatic way.

4/8/2010 #5

I guess, but being naive to the loss of a planet makes it easier without all the mellow drama of being homeless and losing everything and being all weepy.

4/8/2010 #6
The Tear-Stained Queen

Yeah, that's true, but I think that with a few well-placed time skips, we can avoid getting too "weepy". Your character seems 2nd generation, rather than a 1st, you know?

4/8/2010 #7

that's because he is, born after the destruction and all.

4/8/2010 #8
The Tear-Stained Queen

exactly. i thought you'd want to explore the original generation first. i guess not, though.

4/8/2010 #9

well, we can, but I'll need to change my char. profile first and you need to make a character, too.

4/8/2010 #10
The Tear-Stained Queen

i will. i'm just a bit busy at the moment.

4/8/2010 #11

kk, I already editted mine.

4/8/2010 #12
The Tear-Stained Queen

Name: Rita Canary

Age: 26

Personality: Something of a wallflower, Rita is, while indeed thoughtful and quiet, also a free-thinking woman capable of doing whatever it takes to stay alive.

Appearance: She is umber-skinned with dark hair cut stylishly short, brown-eyed, sharp-featured, and pretty enough to get noticed by men.

Attire: Dresses nicely, but not obnoxiously -- jeans, blouses, and dresses of earth or muted tones.

History: As a result of her parents divorcing, Rita lived with her mother and met with her father, a military scientist, only on the occasional weekend or holiday. Now twenty-five, she is an art teacher at a high school in the city.

Other: Had a miscarriage in her early twenties.

4/8/2010 #13

where shall we begin this RP?

4/8/2010 #14
The Tear-Stained Queen

lol. no idea. unfortunately, our character's are not likely to meet anywhere but on the ship. at the moment, they likely live entirely seperate lives.

4/8/2010 #15

make it hours before the earth is destroyed?

4/8/2010 #16
The Tear-Stained Queen

Okay. For a bit, then, our posts will be separate. you first?

4/8/2010 #17


4/8/2010 #18
Yuki Kuran

Name: Amelia (Amy)

Age: 17

Personality: stubborn and sly

Appearance: long blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, curvy body, bold features

Attire: worn out, dark blue jump suit

History: her parents were killed by a gang when she was 12, so she has always been a street rat

Other: she's a surviver and a fighter

4/20/2010 . Edited 4/20/2010 #19

(I don't think this is the type of forum where humans can sprout wings, but you'll have to wait for the administrator to give you the OK on your char.)

4/20/2010 #20
Yuki Kuran

((thanks for the heads up. I wasn't sure what I was getting into, so I just put stuff and figured I could change it if I needed to.))

4/20/2010 #21
The Tear-Stained Queen

(Hmm. Honestly, I wasn't really expecting anyone else to join, Yuuki. So, while I don't want to reject you, I hadn't really made room for another person...)

4/20/2010 #22
Yuki Kuran

((I am involved in some other forums, if you don't need/want me here, I won't be upset, really. It's hard to convince someone of something when typing because you can't hear their tone or see their expressions, but I really don't mind))

4/20/2010 #23
The Tear-Stained Queen

(Maybe you would want to create her husband, Lilkorea? I feel we need a little romance.)

Name: Matilda "Tilda" Haus

Age: 37

Personality: A perfectionist by nature, Tilda is at times chilly and a bit neurotic. Despite her need to be in control, however, she really does mean well.

Appearance: Tall and full-figured with pregnancy, Tilda is a lovely blonde with fair skin and peculiarly dark eyes.

History: The child of a broken family, Tilda grew up wanting to set her world right, and more than anything wanted a family of her own. Yet, when she married her husband, they had difficulties conceiving. By miracle almost, after ten years of marriage, she became pregnant -- five months later, the asteroid hit.

Other: Her pregnancy is considered high risk.

5/2/2010 . Edited 5/3/2010 #24

Name: George Haus

Age: 39

Personality: Light hearted, George never takes things too seriously unless it matters and is always considerate of others' feelings. But when on the job he knows when to turn his heart to stone.

Appearance: Tall and broad shouldered, dark brown hair with a bit of gray, olive skin and green eyes with laugh lines around his mouth and eyes.

History: Coming from a family with a long history of men in the military, George followed tradition and joined the Marines, now captain of his fleet. He married Matilda during the middle of his military career and was overjoyed to learn of her pregnancy after so long a time. Unfortunately, they are forced to make a new home in space now that Earth is gone.

Other: he captains the ship.

5/3/2010 #25

Name: Astra Burrow

Age: 32

Personality: Optomistic and likes to see only the good in people despite their background and past. Is a care giver and extremely good at cooking and sewing.

Appearance: strawberry blonde hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. Is a bit on the plump side and average height.

Attire: Wears dresses and always has a kitchen apron on with it's own unique stitching that she had done herself. Her shoes are worn but she maintains her appearance.

History: Having lived on the colony since she was a teenager, Astra had to learn how to cook and clean and do all the remedial things of a house wife. Though she detested it at first, she learned to accept it. She studied nursing at the only hospital clinic in the nearby town and works part-time as a nurses assistant. At twenty she got married and a year later had her first child, Trent, and then two years after Trent, she had her second son, Val. And then another two years she had a third son, Seig.


8/13/2010 #26
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