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Princess Wombat
Here you can request a picture of either yourself or one of your OC’s. ^-^ Info: -It will be drawn by me. -It will be drawn in manga style. -You must give a detailed physical description and a name. -A description of the personality would be appreciated. -You can request poses and expressions, but please do not request the following: Mecha and weapons. Detailed backgrounds (buildings, trees, plant life, etc). Mythical creatures. Cars. Fan art. If you would like a fan picture, I’ll be setting up a requests topic in one of Roojii’s ffn forums. -You can request regular animals as long as you give a detailed description. -Please say if you would like the picture to be coloured or left as line art. -Slash and femslash is accepted. To help you decide whether you would like to make a request, here are some pictures of OC’s and artists that I’ve already drawn: Artists – Hikari No Roojii: AND AND SonicDX1995: InvaderAvatarTitan13: Moog1895: HauntedFlower: Original characters – (My OC’s) Aiko: Ran: (Hikari No Roojii’s OC’s) Jake: Xiang: Mark: Nicky: AND (OC’s created by Hikari No Roojii and me) Ryosei: Kanjiro: Anzai: AND Itoyo and Dasaki: (Pluto’s Rose’s OC’s) Ryan: (Miscellaneous) Cyan: Aspril: Kari: Diego: Nova: Itsuya: Alana: Jackie: Nomi and Taro: Kayla: I’ll add new pictures as I complete requests (if I get any ^-^;). Completed requests: Kelly for Random 4 life - Dan for Random 4 life - Claude for Hikari No Roojii - EDIT by Roojii: Mmkay, I thought I should probably say this, just in case anyone wants any pictures drawn anytime soon. Princess Wombat is currently drawing nothing but observational drawings for her college interview. Buuut, as soon as that's out of the way, I have no doubt she'll be straight back on manga like a shot. X3
8/6/2007 . Edited by Hikari no Roojii, 2/15/2008 #1
Random 4 life
Okay, is it okay if I give you my OC's one at a time? Thanks! Kelly Kelly has dark tan skin and straight black hair that goes to about her waist and ties back in a pretty, girly ponly tail. After all, she is Indian. She is about 5'1" tall. She normally wears a nice top in either pink, purple, or green. For bottoms, she'll never wear anything other than jeans or a jean skirt (the skirt will usually go about halfway to her knees). She has a very straight figure and rather tall legs. She has reading glasses the frame is just a thin brown one. When she's not reading, she'll often wear them on her head like one does a pair of sun glasses. If not, you'll find them either sticking out of her pocket for easy access, or in her brown purse. Which she carries only if she remembers (and she rarely does). On her feet are always her black low top converse. Kelly is a very smart girl. She's always trying to expand her mind through books and expeirments that aren't always safe to those around her. It always starts out the same, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if-." Then, she just goes ahead and does it. She sometimes is so wrapped up in her own thoughts, the world around her seems to fade away. She's very girly. She loves shopping, talking on the phone, and doing all the things that girls love to do. She's not a big fan of makeup, but won't leave the house without lip gloss. She enjoys the taste. Sometimes, she may get a little hyper. But, it's normally not anything too big. Most of the time, she's very queit and reserved. As for backround- well, if you can. She likes to hang out on the rooftop of her apartment. And, now only if it's okay, could you by any chance make it a windy fall day? I'm picturing it in my head, and I think it looks kind of cool. But, if you have a better idea, then, by all're the artist. Oh, by the way, I made a Fanart account: mugglecast4life
8/15/2007 #2
Princess Wombat
Of course, that'd be perfectly ok. ^-^ Wow, thank you for giving me such a detailed description of your character! That'll help alot. I've already started on your picture, so it shouldn't be too long before it's up. I'll have to look for you on FAC next time I'm on there. =D
8/18/2007 #3
Random 4 life
You officaly rock!!!!! I love it, it's EXCATLY how I pictured her. thnank you thank you thank you thank you!
9/8/2007 #4
Princess Wombat
*blushes* I'm so glad you like it. You're very welcome. ^-^
9/8/2007 #5
Princess Wombat
*blushes* I'm so glad you like it. You're very welcome. ^-^
9/8/2007 #6
Random 4 life
You did such a Good job, I'm hireing you to do all my characters.... ...Well, if you want to ^^ Let's start with Dan... Dan is what you may refer to as a "Pretty Boy." He's border line, though. His sandy blond hair falls in front of his eyes in that "I'm-James-Potter-so-I'm-gonna-make-my-hair-messy-on-purpose-even-though-I'm-not-James-Potter" kind of way. He thinks that the messy look is cool looking and will atrack (I HATE that word!) the ladies. He has bright blue eyes that reflected against his pale skin. He had a semi-muscular build from playing ice hockey. But, he's still not king of the sports. Normally, he's in jeans, big, white sneakers (you know the type, the ones all the preppy boys wear ^^), and some loose t-shirt or another. Personality wise, Dan is your classic popular boy. Girl crazy, goofy, not so good in school, always the center of attention. Sure, he's goofy at times, but that's why people love him. He's big on music, and is starting to form some kind of band. However, he should first learn how to play some sort of instrument ;). Let me know if you need anything more!
9/28/2007 #7
Princess Wombat
Sorry about the long wait before I replied, didn't realise you'd spoken again. XP And thanks so much for coming back to ask for more pictures^^ I'm already nearly done with drawing him, all I need to do now is colour it. ^-^
10/4/2007 #8
Ah, your style of drawing is similar to YGO... mine is more similar to Sailor Moon's style of drawing...
10/4/2007 #9
You can add me to the list... of people who draw... here's my picture:
10/4/2007 #10
Princess Wombat
Oh wow, I like your pictures. They have such pretty hair. ^-^ And if you meant adding it to the list that says "artists", I didn't actually mean ones that other people had drawn, they're by me too. =P But I'm going to start up a topic for other peoples art, so I'll put yours up there. ^-^
10/6/2007 #11
Random 4 life
You are my new love!!! Sorry I haven't posted in forever ever....High school sucks X(
10/6/2007 #12
Princess Wombat
Hehehe. ^w^ It's ok, I totally understand. I'm in my last year at school, and it's killing me! T~T
10/6/2007 #13
Pluto's Rose
Nyah. We're only in our first year of high school.
10/6/2007 #14
Hikari no Roojii
I wish for you to draw Claude. X3 He has long, straight, thick white hair, (the style isn't exact at the moment, so go nuts). His eyes are pink and he's supposed to wear green tinted glasses to protect them, but he only wears them when people make him, so it's up to you whether you draw them or not. ^^ His skin is very white because, as you may have guessed (or already know if you actually took in anything from the long lectures I aim at you about my characters), he's an albino. Personality wise, he can be a little snobbish since he was brought up in a fairly wealthy family. He can be a bit of an ass sometimes (something that developed from spending too much time with Lee), but he's a nice guy. He cares quite a lot about his appearance and usually wears a fitted shirt (in any pastel colour) and tightish jeans. And he's English, if that makes any difference at all. ^__^
10/26/2007 #15
Princess Wombat
Sorry about the really late reply Roojii! But I'm on it now. ^^ Hopefully it shouldn't take me too long.
11/17/2007 #16
Erich Sturmburg
Err... hope the forum is still active... Here's my entry... Raquel Schmidt Age: 27 Height: 1.72m Hair: Long, wavy silver hair tied to twin-tails, side parted fringe that ends above her eyes. Eyes: Grey Description: Wears long black dress with five to six belts wrapped around her midriff, brown boots, and dark brown leather overcoat. Behaviour: Very protective towards her peers. A risk taker. Other features that lacked in the details above: -Fair skin -Rather slender body physique -Boots she wears are of Weinbrenner type brands, most probably based on this one... -The leather coat she wear is similar to the character wearing in the pic below, but stretches all the way to above her ankles, as well as the hairstyle but without the ribbons. -If you wish to draw a slightly ripped dress, it could be at her midriff, where she has a scar that runs across it. -She possesses rather broad shoulders. -Her pose could be of a position ready to dash towards someone or already running head on towards something with a determined facial expression. ............... It's quite a simple description, I hope. :S
12/30/2007 . Edited 12/30/2007 #17
Princess Wombat
Thanks for giving me such a good description, and for the links, it'll help a lot. ^-^ I'll get started on it right away! *Skips off to get her sketch pad*
12/30/2007 #18
hey can you draw my character please by the way what does OC stand for, I'm very behind on the lingo Okay, my character is called Alyana, she 13 and a middle height, she has wavy auburn hair and green eyes and she likes dressing as a boy (this is medieval times) she is very willful and loves riding horses and nature and stuff (she has a bond with animals, and can talk to them(I'm unoriginal I know)) how do you send this to me? I haven't been on this sight that long and I'm always get confused thank you
3/17/2008 #19
um I just looked around and every one else was doing better descriptions than me so I shall continue she has naturally pale skin, she usually wears her hair just hanging around her face or loosely tied up she wears black clothes, knee high black boots and a black cape She has a sword on her belt she is very young but has a lot hanging on her shoulders around the top of her shoulder (if you draw short sleeves) she has a small bracelet I will be sooooo happy if you could draw me something thank you !!!!
3/17/2008 #20
Dalon O

hey there, do u have time to do all of these requests? lol good work aye.

Guy/PurpleHeadGuy.jpg and could u plz put this guitar in place of the one there.

lol and if at all possible please do a full body shot. He just wears long black camoflague pants and black converses.

thanks so much!

5/5/2008 #21

hey, if you make a picture for me, can it be my profile pic?

6/18/2008 #22

Sorry, is this still alive? Does anyone still draw here? Thanks.

7/17/2008 #23
Laura Lopez

Hi. :D I looked through some pics and they were really good. So I thought maybe you could draw one of my characters. :D If not that's alright. :D

Samantha has long black hair, almost reaching her butt. Wide green eyes. Likes to wear sweaters that are grey or plain tank tops with blue fitted jeans. She's slim and tall at 5'8. She has some what of a heart shaped face, you know with the small pointed jaw. And she's light complected, not pale or albino, just the normal white. lol

Sam is your average teen, boy crazy. Very outdorsy, can be fun and spunky. However, she always remains calm and doesn't reveal her feelings because she needs to be strong for herself and others.

I'm not sure if I'd like it colored, but that might be best so if you could have it colored that'd be fine. :D

1/18/2009 #24
Laura Lopez

oh geez i didnt even bother to check if this post was still alive. darn it, well im new so i didnt know. bleh oh well nvm then.

1/18/2009 #25
Princess Wombat

^^; It was dead for quite a while, but I would like to bring it back. :D So I'll accept your request if you want me to. :3

1/19/2009 #26

Hey if your bringing it back can i have mine done too? My girl Alyana is about 14 with dark auburn/brown hair and green eyes, she has pale skin and dresses like a boy, she can talk too animals so if you could draw a wolf or bird or something in it too that would be cool, on her upper arm she has a bracelet too.

1/20/2009 #27
Captain Cakewalk

It's OK if you don't want to, but it'd be cool if you could draw my character, Linus.

He's 11, which automatically makes him shotalicious (ha ha ha!). He's got chin-length, brownish-blonde hair and grey eyes. He wears square-shapes glasses that're always low on his nose, and a navy-blue sweater that says "Schrödinger's Cat is Dead" on the front in gold letters (or it can be blank, if that's too hard), a red-and-yellow striped scarf, baggy blue jeans, and green sneakers.

Linus is a real quiet kinda kid, partially because he's shy and partially because he doesn't want to talk to anyone he thinks is dumber than he is. Which is pretty much everyone. He's kind of a jerk, but keeps his jerkiness to himself. He's pretty brainy - eighth-grade reading level, sixth-grade math level, and an arsenal of facts that no one in his age group can understand (like the Schrödinger's Cat thing). He wants to keep up a sort of cool, boy-genious image, but he still likes video games and cartoons and things. He acts distant at school, but he secretly loves spending time with his carefree "sidekick", Zebediah, and his mousie babysitter. Especially the mousie babysitter. Who cares if she's five years older? Linus's mature enough for her..right?

It'd be awesome if you could do this in color, but it's totally OK if you don't want to do it at all. Linus is a pretty dumb character.

2/1/2009 #28
Crimson Dizzy


I checked out the drawings you've done so far and they awesome ^_^

I know this forum is currently dead and if you do bring it back there are a lot of other people in line before me, but if you get around to it could you draw two of my characters together?

Jay and Christian are foster brothers. Jay is seventeen, tall and underweight for his height with short black hair and dark blue eyes. He got off to the wrong start in life and now he's a moody drug-addict who can't seem to help but hurt the ones he loves. He would probably be wearing an open black leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a red t-shirt underneath.

Christian is fifteen, smaller than Jay and naturally skinny. He has light blue eyes and short, blond hair that flops into his eyes. He's always smiling and looks up to Jay, who is his hero. He's a slightly hyperactive, fundamental Anglican, burger eating vegan. He would be wearing a plain white t-shirt and and jeans and sneakers.

It would be great if you could do this in colour. I think for the pose Christian would probably jumping on Jay's back in the hope of getting a piggyback ride. Jay would look surprised with a cigarette in his mouth and have wide eyes. A plain background is fine.

Please revive this thread! Good luck with the college stuff.

5/10/2009 #29

I will go the other way round. For me it’s better to take the help free printable games to work myself out.

5/12/2009 #30
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