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Identity Concealed RP General info: -This is a literate rp. Meaning, you’d write as if you’re writing a story. -No Godmoddering… This means you can not control other people’s characters. You are no god of all the characters. -Manga styled story. -If you already have heroes or people with powers, please use them… along with anyone new you might make up. Character creation: -If you already have heroes or people with powers, please use them… along with anyone new you might make up. -Character bios are not required. I would rather you introduced and described them in the rp. -Don’t take someone else’s and say its yours… like off Pluto’s story and say its your’s because then Pluto will have to kill you. Rules: -Be civil to other members… -No killing other member's characters, you can kill as many of your own as you like, just don't off anyone else's without permission from them please. Background: Random people around the world have been sent into this other dimension to destroy a great evil though they do not know whom it is. While trying to seem as normal as possible in a world so different yet so much like our own earth, they will have to live a new life, go to a new school, and try to do thier mission though they don;t know who is on thier side and who is telling the truth. A story of suspense, comedy, drama and action/adventure... and romance if someone adds to it. ----- Members: Pluto's Rose NeoMiniTails Random 4 Life
8/15/2007 . Edited 8/15/2007 #1
Pluto's Rose
So that means no stealy my Jakey. ^^ Or Aidy. Especially not Aidy. ^^;; I'm in.
8/15/2007 #2
I am also in.
8/15/2007 #3
Random 4 life
umm I don't quite get it, but I'm in.
8/15/2007 #4
Pluto's Rose
O. M. G.
8/15/2007 #5
Random 4 life
I guess I'll learn as I go And what's OMG?
8/15/2007 #6
It means... OH MY GOD! Most of it, yes... basically, what'll happen is your character has been sent into this unknown world... and has to somewhat try to live in this world, find partners, and rid of this great darkness that is also affecting the earth... the only problem is none of the people sent there saw eachother other than Jake saw Catsy (though, it wasn't her who truly saw him on Earth... but an illusion) And, have fun while doing it... a story that becomes a story slowly according to everyone's actions.
8/15/2007 #7
Does that make it any easier to understand?
8/15/2007 #8
Random 4 life
Yea, that helps. And, I know what OMG means. I just didn't know what she was OMGing about. So, yea, I'll join
8/15/2007 #9
It was probably because she was glad to see you had posted?
8/15/2007 #10
Pluto's Rose
I was OMGing because you finally came back. :)
8/16/2007 #11

i am also in

w00t in a kill all fake court jesters way

5/29/2008 #12

oh nvrmnd

w00t in a kill all fake court jesters way


5/29/2008 #13
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