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It was strange to most people who came to this place... it wasn't exactly the picture of a place where the greatest evil would be, where anyone would have to go to do such a dangerous mission. You'd think that the person whom chose those who came would've put much more thought and maybe had even allowed eachother to meet one another or have only the smartest to come into this world.

It was so similar yet so different from Earth... yet this place was known for its illusions and places that were there yet it could be a place that truly doesn't exist.

There's not many to trust... heck, even the kindest of people seem to be enemies when you're away from home... you never know who is truly on your side.


And so the story begins...

8/15/2007 #1
Pluto's Rose
Jake was wandering down the street. It seemed as though he did that a lot - it was one of the only things that broke up the monotony of life. Other than reading spellbooks and generally immersing himself in Magic, he didn't have much else to do.

Except wander.

8/15/2007 #2
Catsy watched him from the hidden places of the trees... her violet eyes keenly staying intact with the male as she jumped from tree to tree watching him. She waited until he got in front of her before jumping down from the tree, behind him, silently.

Besides, it would seem strange to come out in front of him, especially from a tree... and even she knew that wouldn't be the smartest action to do. The GateKeeper said he wanted her to bring him into the other world... the world of Illusions... a place that she had only heard stories about but never imagined that they were true until now... with all those visions of destruction.

The beautiful girl needed to find a way to speak with him without sounding weird. Hmm... she got it! She smiled slightly then hurriedly made herself look worried. "Excuse moi..." the french girl said, her tone slightly worried. "Are you from here? I need help with something... I believe I'm quite lost."

8/15/2007 #3
Pluto's Rose
Jake chuckled to himself. "Lost, are you? You seem to know the trees quite well - is that why you're lost, you don't know your bearings on the ground?"
8/15/2007 #4
Catsy frowned... how'd he know she was up there? "Yes, I was trying to get a better view... to see exactly where I need to go..." She replied with a smiled as she walked near him. "How did you know I was up there?" She asked, curious to his answer... then again, he was a magic practicing person... he may have been able to sense auras, she assumed.

She ignored his sarcasm... and what a sarcasm it was.

8/15/2007 #5
Pluto's Rose
"You were making a lot of noise," he stated flatly. "Where are you headed, anyway?"
8/15/2007 #6
Catsy sweatdropped. "You heard me..." she said, flatly... the cat-like warrior twitched at the thought of her being heard by him, the human. She looked down at the note the GateKeeper had given her and tried to decipher his horrible writing... then realized he had written in japanese, not french. Trying to remember how to read japanese, she finally responded, "the Shibuya Train Station..." She blurtd out.
8/15/2007 #7
Pluto's Rose
"Shibuya Train Station," he said flatly. "Never heard of the place."
8/15/2007 #8
"Oh well... I guess even you never heard of the place..." She tried to take up for herself, feeling annoyed that the GateKeeper didn't give her a place that was still around here... this loner probably never even used the Shibuya Station as for his transpotation. "Am I in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan?" She asked while coming close to him and showing him the note that was made to show just in case as she locked onto him an invisible bracelet onto his wrist as she walked over that would be impossible for people to feel it physically.

Her french accent made it obvious that she wasn't from Japan even though she did plan on moving here as she began to speak about how much of a bother it had been to come here from so far away. "So, have you grown up here?" She asked.

8/15/2007 #9
Pluto's Rose
"No, never heard of the place - and no, I did not grow up here. I grew up in England," he said, as he narrowed his eyes. He had felt her do something - what she had done, he wasn't entirely sure of.
8/15/2007 #10
Catsy looked up, the sky was darkening... the first sign that its time to go to the 'other world.' She noticed his narrowing of eyes and looked back at him, "Hmm... England, that is nice... you know I've traveled alot." She said suspiciously as she looked at her watch which read 1:12 in the afternoon... no time for getting dark.

"The world is changing..." She continued on to speak as she walked ahead of him, "but you won't be here to watch it change into the vision of darkness, I've seen." She turned around and the bracelet became visible as her eyes glowed red and her body started to glow. For a moment, creatures began to come from the ground and grab onto Jake's lake but the bracelet protected him from being pulled with the creatures.

"It is time to accept your destiny..." A voice could be heard in the midst of the wind while Catsy and Jake were being lifted into the air as she suddenly disappeared.

The voice was heavy and deep and spoke with authority and his power seemed to fill the area when he spoke like some kind of god.

8/15/2007 #11
Pluto's Rose
"This is just *lovely*," Jake said, not particularly thrilled by the whole situation.
8/15/2007 #12
Immediately, there was a brilliant flash of light and he was inside of a private school, somewhere else with a schedule in his hand.


The girl whom had met Jake wasn't exactly the real girl, just an illusion of an hero whom travelled this world for awhile now. Her violet eyes never ceased from watching everyone around, at least... not until today... all she wanted was someone whom she could trust and talk to rather than worry about everyone else.

They seemed nice, however... sometimes, too nice. Thats how people were in this world... they were like fictional characters to her... though they all hidden agendas between acting too nice and being everyone's hated person, like the evil villian in movies.

8/15/2007 #13
Catsy raised her hand and asked to be excused so she could go to the bathroom though in truth, she didn't need to go but it did get her out for a few moments.

She was going through her purse not paying attention when she had suddenly walked straight into Jake, falling on her butt.

8/16/2007 #14
Pluto's Rose
"Oh god, clones," Jake said flatly, knowing full well that the girl before had been an illusion when he had seen this girl. "Where the hell am I?"
8/16/2007 #15
Random 4 life
Three friends sat on a bench on a nearby sidewalk. They were engaged in a conversation about nothing really in paticular. No matter, it was what friends did. The summer sun was getting high, and they needed to find some shade.

"Look, there's a bunch of trees over there." One of the boys directed his friends to a nearby clearing with a bunch of trees. They looked sturdy, good for climbing. Under the trees, it appeared two people were talking. Not unsimilar than what the tree were just doing eairler. Shrugging to themselves, they made their was over and sat under one of the larger oaks. They weren't bugging the two other people, so they didn't see a reason why they would bother them.

The minutes passed long and slow. Once again, the tree were engaged in mild talk. Nothing specail- but these were the things friends did during the summer.

"I'm bored." One of the three children began to fidget with a nearby acorn. Then, with an evil smirk on their face, laughed and threw it so it hit the other boy's head. Two laughed, while the victim rubbed his head in pain.

"Oh, yea?" He picked up a pile and began to throw them at random to his friends. That did it. Hot they may be, but that didn't stop them from running around the nearby trees to find ammo.

"Bombs away!" They all knew they were acting way too childish. All of them were old, mature teens. Well, most of the time anyway. One of the friends threw a handful. But, the light blinded their vision, and they began to spew at random. One of them hitting hard the back of the strange boy's head.

8/16/2007 #16
"You're in school as you well should be," Catsy said sarcastically before noticin that he had said something about clones. OH just great... she bumped into the one CRAZY in this world. The pretty girl stood up and began t wipe herself, annoyance evident in her face as she looked u to the male... he was a handsome crazy male, she admitted to herself in her mind while she imagined him fighting the air, claiming there were evil little clones around here.

As soon as she was about to apologize for walking into him, she saw a brilliant light and somebody fall onto his head... how random was that! "I'm sorry about your bad lu--, I mean your crazi---, I wasn't about to call you crazy... sorry about running into you." She quickly moved out the way, for a moment unsure if she should've spoke the crazy handsome male.

8/16/2007 #17
Pluto's Rose
"Just my luck," he muttered, glancing around the place. "I've never been to this school before."
8/16/2007 #18
She looked at him and looked at his school outfit, "well, you are wearing the school outfit." She grimaced as she spoke with him. Yep, he was crazy.

She backed away and decided to get back to class immediately.

As soon as she walked away, a big bald man came walking the halls, wearing tight punk rocker pants with a pink blouse on his torso as he walked and stared at Jake for a moment. "Mr. Jake, why aren't you in class... your teachers have been complaining about your missing class. As the teacher of his fair school, I can't allow you to start missing classes." He reprimanded.

8/16/2007 #19
Pluto's Rose
Jake stared at the man for a few moments. "I don't go to this school," he muttered under his breath.
8/16/2007 #20
The big brawly man became infuriated by his words and grabbed Jake by his shirt collar as he walkd switching his giant hips as he walked. "Do not lie... this is no time for you to be playing any games." He pulled him to a wall of honorees and showed him a picture of Jake, himself... holding a plack saying #1 on the soccer team and another picture with him and Catsy holding a valedictorian plack together.

Catsy watched them for a moment before deciding whether or not to go help him but decided against getting into thier bussiness as she walked over to the fallen person and helped them up. "Hey, are you okay?"

8/16/2007 #21
Pluto's Rose
"Don't touch me," he snarled, moving away from Catsy. This whole thing was really starting to freak him out. This had all happened so quickly - he had to find out exactly what had happened. That was it. He needed to get to a library.
8/16/2007 #22
She sighed, annoyed. "Don't get an attitude with me, pretty boy." She growled, looking at the crazy boy. "Get to class before you decided to do anything..." She remarked as she looked at his schedule and noticed it was her class. Wait, if he went to this school... she would've saw him once, wouldn't she have? Then again, he could've changed classes! "Follow me..."
8/16/2007 #23
Pluto's Rose
He muttered a few nasty words under his breath, as he followed her. He didn't see any options in this - if he was stuck here, than he'd have to play along for the moment.
8/16/2007 #24
"What were you doing with your non-stop ditching boyfriend?!" The teacher screamed the moment the two walked in. Oh, now Catsy got it... and the reason he referred to her as a clone. The GateKeeper must've used some kind of clone of her to get him here... and in this alternative universe where it makes whole different histories for people, the teacher thought that she and the crazy-whose-not-so-crazy boy.

"Can you please stop cursing... it shows a form of idiocy." She remarked even after the teacher yelled at her.

"Jake, will you please stay after class a few moment with your little red head girlfriend?" The woman asked though it sounded more like an order.

"I'm not his girlfriend."

The woman rolled her eyes and continued on in her lesson.

8/16/2007 #25
Pluto's Rose
"They were actual curses," he stated. "Not knowing the difference between a swearword and a curse is a form of idiocy."

He stared at the teacher for a few seconds, thinking he had heard her incorrectly. "Girlfriend?"

8/16/2007 #26
"To do it in public?" She asked, sarcastically, "would be idiotic." She corrected while flipping her hair out of her face and looking at him, "don't want anybody to think you're crazy... Jake-san."
8/16/2007 #27
Pluto's Rose
"The next person who calls you my girlfriend is going to find themselves on the roof," he said bitterly.
8/16/2007 #28
Random 4 life
((Wait...I'm confused, wasn't this outside? And now we're in school?))
8/16/2007 #29
The girl rolled her eyes as the teacher went on to curse them aloud and yelled out leaving thier private lifes and talking to one another to themselves at home, not at school.

A guy whom sat in front of Jake in class with bright green eyes and shiny blue hair that went down to his shoulders turned around and smirked. "Good to see you finally came to class... so what were you and yer girl doing for that long time?"

8/16/2007 #30
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