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Pluto's Rose
((Yep. ^^ Just randomly appear, it's fun. ))

Jake frowned at the guy. "For your information, she's not my girlfriend."

8/16/2007 #31
Random 4 life

"Well, if you want to throw them in detention, you'll have to take us too."

"What do you me-?" Before the teacher could respond, he was hit by three rapid fire spitballs comeing from the back of the room.

"So, can we stay now?"

8/16/2007 #32
Pluto's Rose
"Who the hell are you people?" Jake asked, turning around to face to people that had just contradicted the teacher.
8/16/2007 #33
Random 4 life
The three friends just smirked and stood up.

"I'm Joey."


"And I'm Lynn."

"Any other questions?" They asked with that evil smirk still on their face.

8/16/2007 #34
Pluto's Rose
Jake rolled his eyes at the three of them, and turned away from them, mumbling something about idiots and harpoons.
8/16/2007 #35
The teacher looked around incredulously, trying to find out how fire came out of nowhere but then looked at the three other people and sneered, "You'll stay after school, too... just not in this room... in Ms. Hendrick's room."

The whole class shut thier mouths at hearing her name. Her name caused the type of fear Freddie Kreugger put into little children... she was known as the most evil, wicked lady in the entire world... there were so many rumors about disappearances after people had her detention stories.

Catsy couldn't help but chuckle to herself at the silencing... she knew the old lady simce she was her student aid. She had to the sweetest lady in the world, in her opinion as long as you never got on her bad side... heck, people at cookies in her room while they had detention and she'd be the one to pass it out.

"Excuse me, ma'am." Catsy stated while raising her hand, "Jake and I can not stay today... how about another day?"

8/16/2007 #36
Pluto's Rose
Jake muttered something that sounded insulting under his breath, and crossed his arms.
8/16/2007 #37
"What did you say?" Catsy said venomously under her breath, "we have important business to tend to after school... our after school jobs..." Catsy made up as an excuse as she tried to get out of having a detention. "My boyfriend..." She almost lost her skin tone as she called him that, it was almost insulting. "and I have a family to support..."
8/16/2007 #38
Pluto's Rose
Jake muttered something else under his breath that was equally insulting.
8/16/2007 #39
The teacher finally shook her head and dismissed everyone from having any sort of detention as she frowned, watching Catsy hurriedly walk out. "Aren't you going to wait for your--"

"He's not my boyfriend..." Catsy interrupted her but decided to wait anyways to go along with this story that this story has made for them or whatever. "Honey, let's go."

8/16/2007 #40
Random 4 life
The three friends just stared at each other in shock.


"Okay then..."

"Let's go!"

They hurried out and caught up with the two kids who busted them out.

"Thanks guys! We owe you one. Well, we wanted to do time with ya, but this works to." David beamed at the friends, and all five of them made their way outside the school and down the street.

"So, wanna grab a smoothie or a shake or somthing?" Lynn asked.

8/16/2007 #41
Pluto's Rose
Jake frowned, and rolled his eyes. "I guess I have nothing better to do..."
8/16/2007 #42
Catsy looked at her watch and then at the others, "Sorry... I have stuff to do... I need to get to the library." The female looked around uncomfortably and began to walk away towards the library but then thought about the events that had just passed and turned back around.

"Never mind, I can do that later... I need something nice to drink, anyways." The beautiful girl walked past the three males whom she got out of detention, "so where are we going to get this smoothie?"

8/16/2007 #43
Pluto's Rose
Jake looked utterly revolted by the idea of having to spend time with them, but he knew that he didn't have much of a choice. He had little idea about where he was - and if spending time with them helped, then he'd just have to do it.
8/16/2007 #44
Random 4 life
Joey and Lynn eyed her weird, but then Joey said. "I know this great place nearby. It's where we always go. Smoothies, milkshakes, burgers, the works. Shall we?" They three beckoned the others to follow as they made their way down the path.
8/16/2007 #45
Catsy noticed the look and blushed embarrassedly. Did she say something wrong or were they hoping that only Jake would come? She shrugged her shoulders in response to her mental question then looked at Jake, questionably. Without hesitation, she asked him, "You're not from here, are you?"

She never did listen to people about speaking to people about not being here to figure whom was from her Earth.

8/17/2007 #46
Pluto's Rose
"What tipped you off to that?" Jake asked sarcastically. He rolled his eyes, looking to the three of them, and then to Catsy. Normally, he wasn't the sort of person that would go out to places with friends - he much preferred the company of books to people any day. But, this was a special circumastance.

"Sure," he said, trying to keep as straight a face as possible. "Let's go."

8/17/2007 #47
"Don't get sarcastic with me, boy toy..." She said through gritted teeth, the pretty girl sighed as she walked past him, deciding to speak with him later... she didn't feel like dealing with him, at this moment.

"Oh, enjoy your time with them... I just realized that I really do need to get to the library." She whispered to him as she walked back... dealing with him and those others wasn't on her agenda though she knew he'd come looking for her after awhile especially since she already figured the gatekeeper used her body as to make a clone to get him.

"Jerk." She mumbled as she walked past him.

8/17/2007 #48
Pluto's Rose
"That's the *best* you could come up with?" he asked, "that's just pathetic." He turned around to follow the three friends, and smirked to himself.
8/17/2007 #49
She turned back around, feeling challenged by him calling her pathetic, "I wouldn't waste anymore breath on a person whom is not worth my time, space, or my breath." She spoke calmly and visciously by words.
8/17/2007 #50
Pluto's Rose
'So now you went for four year old insults to seven year old insults. I'm impressed," Jake said flatly. He showed no sign of being fazed by anything Catsy had said to him.
8/17/2007 #51
Catsy turned around and stared at the male for a second before catchng back up with him to speak to him, "I just want to tell you... be careful... people will be coming after you." She said quietly to him while making her way back to the library.
8/17/2007 #52
Pluto's Rose
"Wonderful," Jake muttered. This was exactly what he needed - to be in a different dimension and have people coming after him. It was just *wonderful*. He sighed, and just hoped that an attack wouldn't occur too soon.
8/17/2007 #53
It didn't take long for Catsy to start getting bad vibes while she was doing some reseach on this place. Nervously, she looked around and tried t figure out where she felt all this dark energy... but it was quickly moving from here and to where Jake and everyone was headed.

God, no... not, right now. She quickly left the book on the spot she was sitting and ran out the library.


"Hello sir, may I take your order?" A man asked Jake, his eyes gleaming with excitement. "Its good to see you... that was some game last night, eh?"

8/18/2007 #54
Pluto's Rose
Jake raised an eyebrow at the man, and decided to play along. "Yeah - some game." He of course, had no idea what the man was talking about, and was trying to hide the fact that his right eye was twitching.
8/18/2007 #55
The man laughed as he showed him the menu for him to choose from, "we got some new stuff, man!" His chocolate brown eyes watched Jake, almost every little thing he did-- almost as if her were mesmerized by the person in front of him. "Your girlfriend-- I saw her with another guy, yesterday..." he whispered in secrecy though it was quite loud causing a hush to come over the crowd of people there.

Catsy came running from the other side of the town, half out of breath and the other half angry that he had to be so far... she watched for a moment Jake and the guy he was speaking with. Crap, she watched as she felt the energy go inside of the man in front of Jake, his eyes changing immediately unkind.

The crowd turned and stared at her weird, making her feel like allowing Jake take this on her own... because they were making feel like a piece of trash walking into a rich person's party. Wasn't exactly the nicest feeling.



"Knew she weren't no good..."

"What are they talking about?" Catsy asked as she finally caught up to Jake, "You really need to leave this place.."

8/18/2007 #56
Pluto's Rose
"Really?" Jake asked Catsy jokingly, raising an eyebrow. "Personally, I find them to be quite hilarious."

He chuckled to himself. "There's no rush to leave."

Normally, he would've left a place like this in a heartbeat - or not have come in the first place. But, he was here. He had to find out something about the life he was intruding on to survive.

8/18/2007 #57
Catsy sneered at the male when he said, "You're a jock... supposedly with the perfect life..." She growled annoyed as she looked to the man in front of her whom stared at her for a moment then licked his lips. She tried to pull him out but he was seemingly bigger than her and unless she used more physical force, he wasn't going to leave.

She had to make this look much more natural so she whispered into his ear as if saying something hintingly to him, "Something bad is going to happen... I can feel it."

The guy behind the counter smirked at her as he looked at her butt with seemingly curious eyes, "Ya, aint no hurry!"

8/18/2007 #58
Pluto's Rose
"I think freezing them to death would draw too much attention," Jake said flatly, not making a move to help Catsy.
8/18/2007 #59
"Yeah, you think?" She asked sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

She looked around as she suddenly felt a mist around her and saw everyone but her and Jake falling asleep. "Did you just do that?" She asked, wondering what type of powers he had but looked in front of her and the man still standing.

The man smiled, his eyes glowing. "Jake, come with me..." He said, extending his hand out to him as shadowed creatures came out the walls, grabbing onto people, taking thier life.

"Jake, don't listen to him..." Catsy screamed while making a barrier around her and Jake to keep them from getting close to them.

8/18/2007 #60
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