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Pluto's Rose
"Uh huh," Jake said sarcasticlly.
8/18/2007 #61
The man kept his smile going as he broke through the barrier and grabbed onto Jake's arm, "She is against you, your enemy... come with me... and I'll help you." He said as Jake's energy was going through his body.
8/18/2007 #62
Pluto's Rose
"As far as I'm concerned, you're my enemy as well," Jake said flatly. "By the way, I wouldn't get too comfortable there. In a matter of seconds you'll get something quite like hypothermia."
8/18/2007 #63
The man laughed hoarsely at Jake's comment as he said, "You know-- hell isn't exactly hot... its actually quite cold!" The mist disappeared as the man passed out as the spirit seemed to leave the place.

Catsy stood with her arms crossed, "Believe me, I am nowhere near your enemy... jock-boy," She grumbled as things went back to normal for a moment and people kept talking about the rumors they heard about her even though that guy was the first to say that about or she assumed.

"Wouldn't you have given me that if you were to try that?" Catsy mumbled before saying, "Honey," she spoke loudly to go on with everyone's so-called story about them being together, "we need to spend more time together... when you're without me, I start to feel jealous... some other girl might try to take you."

"Let's get out of here, please... I feel uncomfortable."

The man woke back up as if nothing had happened and started saying how awesome Jake was and how hott his girlfriend was to Catsy's distaste.

8/18/2007 #64
Pluto's Rose
Jake was still staring at the guy that had grabbed him by the arm. "Yeah, that's a good idea. How 'bout a library?"
8/18/2007 #65
"I just came from there... we could go to the library at my house." She said, looking at him and noticing a burnt mark on his arm where the guy had touched. "Are you okay?"
8/18/2007 #66
Pluto's Rose
"It's fine," Jake said flatly.
8/18/2007 #67
Catsy looked at him... the mark looked pretty bad. "Jake, let me check it out..." She said as she pulled her backpack in front of her and took out a first-aid kit. "Never leave home without one." She said with a smile.
8/18/2007 #68
Pluto's Rose
"I'm fine, really," he insisted, trying to keep as straight a face as possible.
8/18/2007 #69
She smiled slightly though she was worried about him. That was who she was... she always worried for people, generally forgetting about her own safety on most cases for others. "Don't be so frickin' stubborn..." She said quietly, a smile still on her face.

Her cell phone began to ring, the name on the phone being a person called: Haji. Almost, immediately, a genuine smile lifted on her face and her face gained a tint, she answered it, "Umm... yeah, we need to get picked up." There was silence from her, "See you then."

"We're getting picked up to go to my house."

8/18/2007 #70
Pluto's Rose
"I don't need you," Jake said to Catsy, turning the other way. He walked a few feet, before he stopped.

"There's no way in hell I'm going anywhere with you."

8/20/2007 #71
"Don't you want answers 'bout why you're here?" She called out to him as she noticed Haji pulling up. Wow, he must've been close by.

She ran to catch up with Jake after seeing Haji coming up to get her whom honked but she told him to hold up for a moment. "Jake," She said, "please just come with me... I know you don't need me... however, you will need some understanding." She smiled slightly while she grabbed onto his hand gently.

8/20/2007 #72
Pluto's Rose
Jake's right eye twitched, before he sighed. "Fine..."
8/20/2007 #73
She looked at his eye, "You should get that checked out." She said after looking at it. Leading him to the car, she spoke of the GateKeeper and that they'll need to speak with him about his reason of being there and after that, he could do what he wants... he could leave her and never come around or she could help him since there will be very few to truly trust.

She opened the car door for him to get him.

8/20/2007 #74
Pluto's Rose
Jake glared at her, before getting into the car. Normally, he would've refused, but this was a special situation that was making him rethink many of his principles.
8/20/2007 #75
"Don't glare at me," she muttered while she went on to take the first aid kit and use it on his burn. "Yous should be happy you met me."
8/22/2007 #76
Pluto's Rose
"I should," Jake replied. "But I'm not." He drew his arm away from her. "I don't want your help and I don't need it either."
8/22/2007 #77
"I don't care whether you want it," she retorted, pulling his arm back to her and began to rub aloe vera onto the already alcohol-ed arm and went on to say, "speaking of which... I was looking through your alternative life in this world."

She paused for a moment, her violet colored eyes altering slightly as she spoke, "where do you plan on living... your euros," she assumed that was the type of money he carried, "will get you nowhere... and you don't have a family to go home to... at least, not a good one."

8/22/2007 #78
Pluto's Rose
"Lovely," he said sacrastically, not pulling his arm away this time.
8/22/2007 #79
"Hn." She breathed as she applied the alcohol to his arm then taking a bandage out of the kit and wrapping his arm, "you know... sarcasm generally doesn't gain friends..." she announced while she put everything away.

"Jake, being alone doesn't exactly bring you happines..." She said quietly so that Haji wouldn't hear.

9/3/2007 #80
Pluto's Rose
Jake glared at her. "I don't need friends."
9/3/2007 #81
His glaring had to be one of her pet-peeves of the moment... though she had plenty. Smiling lightly, she nodded her head and avoided going anymore with the conversation.

The car stopped suddenly.

9/3/2007 #82
Pluto's Rose
Jake rolled his eyes. "This is just great," he muttered.
9/3/2007 #83
Catsy looked out the window and noticed a group of people surrouding the car, "huh?" She enunciated in confusion as flashes were seen and people began to knock on window calling out Jake's name.

"You're a celebrity?" She questioned more to herself than him as someone came and thrust open her door as she scrammed to his side of the car, "what the--"

"Jakey-baby!" A girl called out as she jumped in with her camera and flashed the camera. "It's me--- your baby mama!"

9/3/2007 #84
Pluto's Rose
"This is just wonderful," Jake grumbled. He was in a bad mood. In a very bad mood. And when he was in a bad mood, he was usually driven to do something rash.

So he muttered a few choice words that caused the camera to shatter.

9/4/2007 #85
"Stupido!" Catsy screamed, her french accent becoming extremely evident as she pushed the woman out the car and screamed for Haji to keep on going. She locked her door, "you used magic in this place!" She shouted, her eyes slightly going as she spoke.

"Don't do that again!"

9/10/2007 #86
Pluto's Rose
"So now you're making up a language, are you?" asked Jake, rolling his eyes. "Last time I checked, 'stupido' wasn't a word. And besides...I do what I want, and not what you want."
9/11/2007 #87
"It's Italian," she remarked, "the last time you checked-- obviously wasn't another language."

"You'll be wise to listen to me-- for your safety-- this place is unlike anything you know..." She went on to say as she heard the sound of gates opening... they were there.

9/11/2007 #88
Pluto's Rose
"Last time I checked you were French, not Italian," he sneered. "The second I get out of here - I'm gone."
9/11/2007 #89
"The last time I checked I'm from a place called Knight Island... and speaking French and Italian is quite normal, just as speaking English and Spanish is on the other side of the island..." The french-girl remarked.

"Yes, I am french but does that mean I have to be as dim-witted as you English people..." She sneered back.

9/12/2007 #90
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