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Are you talkin to me?
2/22/2007 #91
Hikari no Roojii
Nah, she was talking to me. I have the memory and attention span of a goldfish... Feel free to post in the Battle dome if you want to though.
2/22/2007 #92
How long is a goldfish's attention span? Is it like a few seconds, or are they actually thinking about what they are staring at? lol I'm so dum
2/22/2007 #93
Chromium Dragon
[q]I have the memory and attention span of a goldfish...[/q]The attention span of a goldfish lasts approx 3 seconds at the most. They also say this is how long a goldfish's memory lasts, but I've seen experiments done that have disproven the memory myth. But I think Roojii's memory only lasts 3 seconds too.
2/22/2007 #94
LOL, I know a lot of people with 3 sec attention span. my brother, for example, although his is caused by ADD. Man I hate him!
2/23/2007 . Edited 2/23/2007 #95
I changed my name! This is still Erilev. I am recruiting people to my forum, which is called "" There will be some cool stuff going on so check it out. (There is mot really a lot of people there because I made them today so...)
2/23/2007 #96
Hikari no Roojii
Love the new name. ^^
2/23/2007 #97
Actually, I'm a male.
2/23/2007 #98
Hikari no Roojii
OO; Sorry! -bows in apology-
2/23/2007 #99
LOl. Oh, its okay... I need to get a better username... hoy va.
2/23/2007 #100
Hikari no Roojii
I like your username. ^^
2/23/2007 #101
Mine? Oh, if so, thanks! ^_^
2/23/2007 #102
Did you guys check out my forums? I know you did neo so thanks! :P
2/26/2007 #103
Hikari no Roojii
You must all check out Daylight's forum by order of your Queen!!!! ... Ok, end of weirdness now. Hey, Neo, do you like YuGiOh?
2/26/2007 #104
It's cool... the plot is interesting. :D Don't read its fanfiction, though. :D
2/26/2007 #105
Hikari no Roojii
Oh...I don't suppose you write it either then? It's shame you if you don't, there's a big contest for YuGiOh over on ffn soon. Don't know whether you've seen the advert or not.
2/26/2007 #106
Hikari no Roojii
Your mod code, Neo. 3f5a9
2/26/2007 #107
Yeah, I've seen the advertisement and even went to go see about the contest but I don't write yaoi or yuri stories. I would've loved to joined though. Thanks for the code
2/26/2007 #108
I have posted the first challenge in my forums, so go there for details. I have to finish the marking sceme and pick a due date, but you can start now =)
2/28/2007 #109
The Chibi Queen
Drive-by cheesing!
5/9/2007 #110
Hikari no Roojii
O___O It's gonna take me ages to get that off the windows...
5/12/2007 #111
What time is it for everybody?
6/19/2007 #112
Pluto's Rose
It's currently 7:39 P.M.
6/19/2007 #113
So, you're three hours ahead of me, eh? It was 4:39 when you said that!
6/19/2007 #114
Pluto's Rose
So you're out on the west coast?
6/20/2007 #115
Yeah, I am. I won't be here for like until Tuesday... so I probably won't reply to anything... So, you live near New york?
6/20/2007 #116
Pluto's Rose
6/20/2007 #117
Hey Pluto... do you use characters from your actual stories in your rpgs? Like is Jake a character on a story of yours or Aidan and them?
6/28/2007 #118
Pluto's Rose
Yeah. They're all from one story or another. As for Aidan and Jake, they're from the same story.
6/28/2007 #119
Oh, they are? Awesome! I use my characters form Miracle Knights... though Catsy, I don't completely use her true character... I use her character that hasn't been shown yet and only the flirtacious side come out every once in awhile... because only in the sequel is she much more flirtacious (though its not because she's actually flirting... its just not knowing how to be just a girl who is a friend type of personality and the innocence along with it) Catsy is much more sophisticated and sweet yet also sour.
6/28/2007 #120
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