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Hikari no Roojii
"Should be fine then" Roojii smiled, "And, uh, what Darshana said but referring to Miko instead. Which country was first on the list?"

"In the bathroom" Jake said to Darshana, pointing to the closed door, "She's refusing to come out."

7/7/2007 #2,971
Pluto's Rose
"Oh, she's still here for a couple of weeks," Pluto said, "but I think she's going to Italy first."

"Okay," she said, walking over to the bathroom door, and knocking on it, "Nicky--it's Darshana. I think that I might be able to help you."

7/7/2007 #2,972
Hikari no Roojii
"Cool" Roojii grinned, "Hungry?" She asked, offering Pluto a bowl of Meat Vindaloo. "Oh! And I finally coloured my Harry Potter picture, lookie lookie, LINK P-"

"SHUT UP!" Claude yelled, "Just paste the link like any normal person!"


For a few moments, Nicky was determined to ignore Darshana, but then she realised that it was unlikely that she'd let up, given what she'd seen of the girl in the past. "Please, just go away" she said, barely loud enough to be heard on the other side of the door.

7/7/2007 #2,973
Pluto's Rose
"Cool, I'll go take a look," Pluto grinned, "I like the Link Power. But Miko, Miko can speak Link."

"Don't ask," Ryan sweatdropped.

"You want help, don't you?" Darshana asked.

7/7/2007 #2,974
Hikari no Roojii
"Awesome" Roojii laughed, "I'm not positive, but I think I might have seen her doing that once. I seem to remember her speaking something that I didn't understand a single word of."

Nicky sniffled loudly. "The spell is unliftable for a week at least, and that was before it was strengthened on the rebound. No matter how strong you are as a healer, you won't be able to undo it. My body isn't damaged, it's been changed, there's nothing to heal" she explained miserably, her voice still abnormally deep and masculine.

7/7/2007 #2,975
Pluto's Rose
"Perhaps Ryan can help you," Darshana suggested, "I've seen him transform other people before in the past, similar to the way that he shapeshifts."

"Yeah, that was probably when she was speaking Link," Pluto said, chuckling.

7/7/2007 . Edited 7/7/2007 #2,976
Hikari no Roojii
Nicky let out a humourless laugh. "Ryan hates me, I tease him at every available opportunity. I doubt he'd help."

Roojii laughed again then sighed. "I wish I had a second language, I'd love to be able to confuse my family."

7/7/2007 #2,977
Pluto's Rose
"That's why I'm learning Japanese," Pluto proclaimed proudly, "I know a bit of French, a bit of German, a bit of Japanese, a bit of Italian, and a lot of Spanish. And English, of course."

"...Show off," Aidan muttered.


Darshana pondered what Nicky had said. It was true that Ryan didn't like Nicky, but Darshana was persistent, more so than normal people.

"You just need the right amount of blackmail," she found herself saying.

7/7/2007 #2,978
Hikari no Roojii
"...I know a few random words of Japanese" Roojii said sadly, "And I know how to say potato head in German, but that's about it."

There was silence from the bathroom for a few moments, then Nicky spoke, sounding quite a bit less miserable. "Blackmail? You have something good on Ryan?"

7/7/2007 #2,979
Pluto's Rose
"I have blackmail on every one of Pluto's characters. Every one of them," Darshana said confidently, and was, surpisingly enough, not lying, "and so, I have something good on Ryan."

"Gomen nasai," Pluto said, "pero yo puedo hablar japones. Parle vu franscais? Sprecken ze Deutch?"

Aidan rolled his eyes, "We normal people do not speak Know-it-all."

7/7/2007 . Edited 7/7/2007 #2,980
Hikari no Roojii
The bathroom door opened a crack and one amber eye peeked out at Darshana. "What do you know?" She asked, her voice overflowing with curiosity.

Roojii blinked. "I understood all but the sentence I suspect was in Spanish. I've never taken a Spanish class in my life."

Lee whipped out his pocket translator and squinted at the screen. "Ok, this will probably make no sense at all, but what they heck, I'll do it anyway. Ryan tiene una cara como un babuino enojado."

Roojii blinked some more.

7/7/2007 #2,981
Pluto's Rose
Ryan rolled his eyes at Lee, "Que burro eres."

"Let's just say if I told a certain someone, Ryan would be very dead," Darshana said, "but since you want to know--he's a bit of a cheater."

7/7/2007 #2,982
Hikari no Roojii
Lee squinted at his translator again then shot Ryan a death glare. "Voy a matarle. Lentamente con un cuchillo de pan. I really hope that translated alright, I'd hate for you to not know what was coming."

Nicky gasped, opened the door wider and pulled Darshana inside, closing and locking it once she was in. "He's been cheating?!" She hissed, eyes shining in amusement, "Oh my god, with who?!"

7/7/2007 #2,983
Pluto's Rose
Ryan raised an eyebrow, "You're going to kill me with a breadknife?"

Darshana smirked, "With a girl named Lorraine. You've never met her before."

7/7/2007 #2,984
Hikari no Roojii
Lee grinned broadly. "Yes. Slowly." And he pulled out a very blunt breadknife.

"Probably a good thing" Nicky snorted, "She'd have to be totally insane to want to go out with Ryan, and I don't deal with insane people all that well. They usually end up...well...kinda like I am now."

7/7/2007 #2,985
Pluto's Rose
Ryan sweatdropped, and the fingers on one of his hands became rather sharp knives, "Need I remind you about what happened to Garret?"

"But, if I tell Ryan that Emma'll find out, he'll help. Mostly because if Emma finds out, she's going to bring the wrath of a couple of gods down on his head," Darshana giggled.

7/7/2007 #2,986
Hikari no Roojii
"Bring it baboon face!" Lee cried happily, seeming almost desperate for a fight.

Nicky laughed fairly loudly then patted Darshana on the shoulder. "Brilliant, you're a life saver. Shall we go do it now? Y'know, before I have to pee, cos I really, REALLY don't wanna do that in this body..." Her hand dropped from Darshana's shoulder and she shuddered.

7/7/2007 #2,987
Pluto's Rose
Darshana smirked, "Be right back." She put her hands together, causing the air to pick up a bit, and in an instant, she had gotten through the crack under the door and out into the main part of the forum.

She materialized in between Ryan and Lee, not knowing that they were about to fight each other.

"Ryan, you're going to help Nicky."

Ryan just gave Darshana a weird look, before turning back to face Lee.

"And Emma'll find out if you don't."

Almost immediately, the expression on Ryan's face changed.


A few seconds later, the two of them were standing outside the bathroom door.

"He says he'll help," Darshana said, knocking on the door again.

7/7/2007 #2,988
Hikari no Roojii
Nicky cracked the door open again, glared at Ryan for a moment, then let him in. "You laugh, and you're dead" she muttered, crossing her arms over her now flat chest.

"OY!" Lee yelled, running towards the bathroom but colliding with the door as Nicky slammed it in his face.

Jake snorted in amusement then went back to pretending that Lee didn't exist.

7/7/2007 #2,989
Pluto's Rose
Aidan laughed at Lee, before going back to his DS.

Ryan just stared at Nicky for a couple seconds, not blinking.

"...Wow," he said, choking back laughter, "I--uh--I think I might be able to help."

A second later, Darshana muttered, "And if you're lying you're going to find yourself on top of the peak of Mount Everest."

7/7/2007 #2,990
Hikari no Roojii
Nicky glared at Ryan. "Yeah, and I'll be right there with you, dangling you over the edge. If you can help, just do it, I'd very much like to get back to normal."

Back in the main room, Roojii was doing a kind of celebratory dance. "It's finished, it's finished, it took me weeks to get off my lazy ass and pen it, and a couple of days to colour, but it's finally finished! Pluto, look, this is Sunell."

"See, you can do it without shouting like an idiot" Claude pointed out.

"Oh shut up you killjoy."

7/7/2007 #2,991
Pluto's Rose
"Must. Check. Out. Picture," Pluto muttered like a zombie.

"Fine," Ryan snapped, concentrating as hard as he possibly could on how Nicky really looked, he muttered a few words that didn't make much sense under his breath. Hopefully, Nicky would be back to normal.

7/7/2007 #2,992
Hikari no Roojii
Roojii laughed then went back to her dance, dragging a very unwilling Claude into it too.

Nicky closed her eyes nervously as she felt a strange sensation pass through her body. Once it stopped, she cracked an eye open and looked down. Both eye popped open happily when she saw that her chest was no longer flat as a board. Running over to the full length mirror, she started to check over her new, or old, depending on which way you look at it, body. "Awesome! It feels so good to be in my own body agai-RYAN MY ASS WAS NOT THIS BIG BEFORE YOU BASTARD!!!!!"

Jake choked on the soda he'd just started drinking as Nicky's furious cry echoed out of the bathroom.

7/7/2007 #2,993
Pluto's Rose
"He's dead," Aidan stated, not looking up from the DS.

Ryan snorted in laughter, "I can only change you back to the way that I see you as," he managed to choke out, before descending into a fit of laughter.

Darshana was not amused.

7/7/2007 . Edited 7/7/2007 #2,994
Hikari no Roojii
"So dead" Jake agreed, sponging soda off the front of his shirt.

Nicky spun to face Ryan again, her eyes blazing furiously. She practically screamed a spell at him and a second later, he was gone. Once she didn't have to look at him any more, she calmed down a little and realised...she had no idea where she'd just transported him to.

7/7/2007 #2,995
Pluto's Rose
Darshana blinked, "Where'd he go?"
7/7/2007 #2,996
Hikari no Roojii
"Uhhh..." Nicky said nervously, "I...don't know. I never gave the spell a destination, he could be anywhere on Earth right now."
7/7/2007 #2,997
Pluto's Rose
"That's not good," Darshana said, "I'll see if I can go find him."

She repeated the spell that she had used before, and dematerialized.

"Dammit," Aidan muttered after a failed attempt at beating the Elite Four, "bored is the thing that I am right now."

7/7/2007 #2,998
Hikari no Roojii
"Don't try too hard" Nicky muttered, secretly praying that she'd transported him to the bottom of an ocean.

"Want to play twister?" Jake suggested, holding up the box and rattling it slightly.

7/7/2007 #2,999
Pluto's Rose
About five minutes passed, before Darshana materialized with Ryan. Ryan, who was soaking wet, spat some of the water at Nicky, accompanied by a small fish.

"Eh, no thanks," Aidan said.

7/7/2007 #3,000
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