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Hikari no Roojii
Roojii: -nods-

The thought of being all perky and positive makes me want to hurl.

Nicky: -to Aidan-

Who are you running from? Need any help?

Jake: He probably ticked off some old lady or something...

2/19/2007 #301
Pluto's Rose
Pluto: Overly-happy people scare me. People tell me I'm mean, and all I do is nod, and say, "Wow. It took you that long to figure it out." It confuses them. A lot.

Aidan:-to Nicky-

I can handle it for the moment. I'm running from Emma right now.

2/19/2007 #302
Hikari no Roojii
Roojii: I've been accused of being heartless and mean on occasion too. I don't think they realize I view that as a compliment...

Nicky: -to Aidan-

What did you do to her?

2/19/2007 #303
Pluto's Rose
Aidan: I didn't do anything! All that happened was I told her how Ryan had been acting since she'd been gone, and she completly blew up on me! It's not fair I tell you...

Q'aadara: *shakes her head*

2/19/2007 #304
Hikari no Roojii
Nicky: Can't you just burn her to a crisp or something?

Jake: Yeah. Go on Supergirl, cook her.

Claude: Why do you keep calling people things like that? Have you been watching too much TV again?

Jake: -shrugs-

2/19/2007 #305
Pluto's Rose
Aidan: No, because then, Ryan would be after me.

-to Jake-

I prefer Pyro.

Q'aadara: Oh dear.

2/19/2007 #306
Hikari no Roojii
Nicky: Hmm, that's quite a mess you're in there...

Jake: I think I prefer Supergirl. So you will be Supergirl from now on.

-sticks his tongue out at Aidan-

Claude: Stop being an asshole.

Jake: Never.

2/19/2007 #307
Pluto's Rose
Aidan: -to Jake-

I have officially renamed you Starfire. So that's who you are from now on.

*sticks his tongue out at Jake*

2/19/2007 #308
Hikari no Roojii
Jake: -.-

I hate you.

Claude: Well, you started it.

Nicky: -laughing-

2/19/2007 #309
Pluto's Rose
Aidan: I'm well aware of that.

Q'aadara: *laughing*

2/19/2007 #310
Hikari no Roojii
Jake: -stomps over to the couch and flops down on it, muttering nasty things about Aidan-

Nicky: -still sniggering-

Tate: -wanders over with a bit of the coffee table still stuck in his head-

Claude: You freak...

2/19/2007 #311
Pluto's Rose
Q'aadara: *still laughing*

Aidan: O_O Wow. Just. Wow.

2/19/2007 #312
Hikari no Roojii
Alex: -walks in dragging Gene by his ankles-

Hiya guys.

2/19/2007 #313
Pluto's Rose
Q'aadara: Hi. *staring at Gene* What the hell is up with him?
2/19/2007 #314
Hikari no Roojii
Gene: -pouting-

Alex: -laughs and shrugs-

He wouldn't stop running around like a loon so I decided to take away his ability to run.

2/19/2007 #315
Pluto's Rose
Q'aadara: *sniggers*

Aidan: Be nice...

Q'aadara: Never.

2/19/2007 #316
Hikari no Roojii
Gene: -yanks his ankles away from Alex and legs it-

Alex: Aww, who am I going to mess with now?

Tate: I'm hungry...

2/19/2007 #317
Pluto's Rose
Emma: *walks into the forum and sees Aidan* Ha! I found you!

Aidan: AH! *runs*

Emma: *laughs*

Q'aadara: I take it your not actually mad then...

Emma: Nope. Just wanted to mess with him.

Q'aadara: Ah, I see.

2/19/2007 #318
Hikari no Roojii
Jake: -chuckles-

Tate: -eating the cushion covers-

Vance: -stomps in with a blood covered cricket bat-

What's up, losers?

2/19/2007 #319
Pluto's Rose
Q'aadara: That's creepy.

Aidan: *runs back into the forum*

Emma: So you've returned.

Aidan: --; Yes.

Ryan: *walks in, and hugs Emma*

Aidan: *rolls his eyes*

2/19/2007 #320
Hikari no Roojii
Nicky: -watching Ryan and Emma-

Aww, cute.

Claude: -to Q'aadara-

What? The cushion eating or the cricket bat?


I'm surrounded by crazy people...

Roojii: I read Miko's fic. I like it.

2/19/2007 #321
Pluto's Rose
Q'aadara: -to Claude- Both.

Pluto: -to Roojii- I thought it was pretty good. Not usually what I like, but pretty good all the same.

2/19/2007 #322
Hikari no Roojii
Vance: -spots Claude watching him-

What are you looking at you albino freak?!

Claude: Yes. I'm the freak...

Roojii: -to Pluto-

Yup yup. How about you? How close to posting yours are you? I really wanna read it.

Nicky: -pokes Roojii-

Quit nagging her.

2/19/2007 #323
Pluto's Rose
Pluto: Pretty close.

Aidan: *trips over air*

Emma: *gives him a funny look*

2/19/2007 #324
Hikari no Roojii
Roojii: Goody.

Jake: -staring at Aidan-

My god, how is it possible for someone to be that stupid?

Vance: -jumps on Claude-

Claude: AHH!!!!

2/19/2007 #325
Pluto's Rose
Aidan: *stands up* I resent that.

Q'aadara: -to Claude- You okay?

2/19/2007 #326
Hikari no Roojii
Jake: I resent your existence.

Nicky: Ok. I KNOW you've said that before...

Claude: -lying in his back with Vance on top of him-

-desperately holding him away from him so he can't eat his face-

Um...not really.

2/19/2007 #327
Pluto's Rose
Q'aadara: -to Claude- You want any help?

Aidan: -to Nicky- Yeah, he has said that before.

2/19/2007 #328
Hikari no Roojii
Vance: -snarling about three inches from Claude's face-

Claude: -squeaks-

Yeah, help would be great.

Jake: -scowls at Aidan-

I can't be bothered to come up with new insults for you.

2/19/2007 #329
Pluto's Rose
Aidan: Especially when your not creative.

Q'aadara: *kicks Vance in the head*

2/19/2007 #330
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