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Pluto's Rose
"She's very very dead now," said Pluto, stating the obvious, "whether the mysterious kidnapper decided to kill her, or Jake and Ryan decide to seek revenge."

"It worked," Aidan replied, "we just have to wait a bit."

6/4/2007 . Edited 6/4/2007 #2,671
Hikari no Roojii
Roojii nodded her agreement.

Nicky bit her lip and jigged about on the edge of the dust cloud. She was not a patient person at all, and she was very worried about Kelly.

6/4/2007 #2,672
Pluto's Rose
"I'm sure that she can survive a bit longer," Aidan said, trying to comfort Nicky, "we should be able to help her very soon."

Pluto blinked. "I'm getting of tired of having characters missing. It's very annoying."

6/4/2007 . Edited 6/4/2007 #2,673
Hikari no Roojii
Nicky smiled at Aidan and gave him a very brief hug, hoping that he didn't mind too much. "You're right, I just can't help worrying."

Roojii nodded her agreement again. "I'm seriously considering bringing some new ones from some of my other half developed fics, just so I have someone to mess with."

6/4/2007 #2,674
Pluto's Rose
"Yeah. I'm considering it as well. And what is born at 3AM isn't exactly...great, if you get what I'm saying," Pluto remarked.

Aidan nodded, subtly edging away from Nicky.

6/4/2007 #2,675
Hikari no Roojii
"I do indeed. I fear the 3am creations" Roojii replied, shuddering slightly.

Nicky noticed Aidan retreating and grinned. "I won't hug you again, I promise."

6/4/2007 #2,676
Pluto's Rose
"Yeah. It's scary what you can think up at that hour," Pluto shuddered.

Aidan smiled weakly. "It's okay."

6/4/2007 #2,677
Hikari no Roojii
"Indeed" Roojii nodded.

Nicky couldn't help laughing a little. "Ok, I'm just too impatient. I can feel my way through the dust cloud." Putting her hands out in front of her, she walked towards where she guessed the hole in the wall was.

6/4/2007 #2,678
Pluto's Rose
"Where's Darshana when you need her?" Pluto asked no one in pariticular.

Darshana rolled her eyes. "I'm right here."

"AH!" Pluto eeped, hitting the floor with a thud.

6/4/2007 #2,679
Hikari no Roojii
Roojii burst out laughing and slapped Darshana on the back. Perhaps a little hard.

Jake glared at the healer, still clutching his heart. "Don't sneak up on people like that!"

6/4/2007 #2,680
Pluto's Rose
"What are you talking about?" Darshana asked, "I've been here the entire time."
6/4/2007 #2,681
Hikari no Roojii
"...Don't be so quiet then!"

Nicky ignored his idiotic shouting and staggered into the wall. "Ok. That's not the hole..."

6/4/2007 #2,682
Pluto's Rose
"I haven't been that quiet. I was pretty sure that I knocked a couple things over."

Aidan sweatdropped. "We get it. Moving on now."

Pluto twitched. "I need my characters."

Pluto twitched again.

"Please don't bring out the 3am creations," Aidan pleaded, "Please."

6/4/2007 . Edited 6/4/2007 #2,683
Random 4 life
Miko shrugged. "Well, you were. Shutting up now." You could tell she didn't feel a pang of sympathy. Moving on...
6/4/2007 #2,684
Pluto's Rose
Aidan sighed. "Let's just get this over with."
6/4/2007 #2,685
Random 4 life
Miko smiled. "Yea. But first..." Without warning anyone, she pushed Aidan into Jake and watched as their faces, which included their lips, bashed into each other.

"Now, isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?"

6/4/2007 #2,686
Pluto's Rose
Pluto was laughing so hard, that when she tried to speak, all that was recognizable was, "Video...Academic Enrichment...Nick..Travis."

Jake shook his head. "Idiot."

6/5/2007 #2,687
Hikari no Roojii
Jake's eyes widened for a moment then closed as he let out a happy purr and clamped onto Aidan, prolonging the kiss for as long as possible.

Nicky just stared while Roojii took picture after picture.

6/6/2007 #2,688
Pluto's Rose
Pluto had some how gotten a hold of a video camera, and was taping the whole event.

Jake sighed, and walked a few feet away to do...something.

Aidan nearly tripped, but Jake had stopped him from doing that. He was happy, happier than he had been when Joey had said he was still in love with Emma.

6/6/2007 #2,689
Hikari no Roojii
Nicky couldn't tear her eyes away from Aidan and Jake. The change in Jake was unbelievable. Aidan had managed to do what she thought impossible, for that he'd have her eternal gratitude, plus, he was damn adorable! Completely unrelated, she knew, but she thought about it for a little while anyway.

Jake continued to kiss Aidan for as long as possible before he was forced to come up for air. When he did, he smiled down at him. He never thought he'd be capable of feelings such as this.

Roojii sidled up to Pluto and grinned hopefully. "I'll give you much candy in exchange for a copy of that video."

6/6/2007 #2,690
Pluto's Rose
"Done and done," said Pluto, grinning.

Aidan grinned happily at Jake, almost at a loss for words. He hadn't thought that Jake would ever act like this towards him, and because he did, he was incredibly happy.

6/6/2007 #2,691
Hikari no Roojii
Roojii squeed and forked over a wheelbarrow full of candy. "There's a deposit. I'll fetch you the rest next time I pass my secret store." No one knew where her store was, and she intended to keep it that way.

Jake grinned back. He too was a little surprised with how things had progressed. Pleasantly surprised though. When he thought back to how he used to treat Aidan, it made him feel more ashamed than he ever remembered feeling.

"JESSE!!!" Roojii suddenly shouted, practically stopping Nicky's heart, "I forgot about Jesse! He should still be alright because he wasn't here when all the badness started!" Ignoring the evil looks Nicky was giving her, she ran off to find him.

6/6/2007 #2,692
Pluto's Rose
"Oooo, deposit," murmured Pluto, who promptly snapped her fingers, sending it to her secret storage room.

"Eh, what're you going to do? That's the past," Aidan said to Jake, "this is now."

6/6/2007 #2,693
Hikari no Roojii
Jake nodded his agreement and kissed Aidan again, accompanying it with a short hug. "I am very happy with how now is panning out. Except for the crazy kidnappings of most of our friends of course..."

Roojii returned dragging Jesse behind her. The British no-story character just blinked and looked around in confusion.

6/6/2007 #2,694
Pluto's Rose
"Me too. But the kidnappings are beyond strange," Aidan replied, thinking about all the people that had mysteriously disappeared.

Meanwhile, Pluto was grumbling about her Spanish homework.

6/6/2007 #2,695
Hikari no Roojii
Jake nodded. He still couldn't think of anyone who might be behind it, and it was starting to get very frustrating.

Roojii, meanwhile, had come to decision. "Right! If I don't see my characters in front of me within the next five seconds, I'm digging into all my vampire characters from Dark Amaranthine!" Pulling out a stop watch, she rested a hand on her hip and started it off.

Nicky shook her head, put on her neck guard and turned to Pluto. "I've never taken Spanish."

6/6/2007 #2,696
Pluto's Rose
Pluto, "I'm very tempted to bring Kelly and Blair here. That'd liven the place up." She then turned to Nicky.

"Mi familia esta de Espana, y yo necesito apprender Espanol para hablar con ellos."

Happy that she formed a coherent sentence, she didn't say anything else, and waited patiently with her notebook.

Aidan sighed, "Stupid stupid vampire phobia..."

6/6/2007 . Edited 6/6/2007 #2,697
Hikari no Roojii
Nicky stared blankly at Pluto. "I think I may have gotten something about your family being Spanish? But after that, I've got no clue..."

Jake glared at Roojii. "Don't you DARE bring any vampires in here if Aidan is scared of them!"

Roojii giggled in response. "Don't you realise that's just going to encourage me?" Scribbling in her enchanted notebook, she brought forth a couple of characters, a pale skinned, frail looking young man with long, dark scruffy hair and a much healthier looking young man with short dark hair and jet black eyes. "Behold! Vampires!"

Seph, the short haired one, looked around at the other people in the room and raised an eyebrow. Xamrou, the frail looking one, didn't seem to have noticed that anything had happened.

6/6/2007 #2,698
Pluto's Rose
"My family's Spanish, so I have to learn Spanish to talk to them," Pluto translated. She too began writing in her notebook, and the result was a tall, pale-skinned, vampire, that had long, dark hair. He surveyed the room, and didn't seem all that interested in who was there.

Kelly didn't even blink when a short girl of about fourteen, with red hair appeared next to him. She appeared to be mildly interested in them, adjusting her glasses every so often to see them better.

"That's Kelly," Aidan said to Jake, "he's okay as far as vampires go. The other one is Blair. She's a bit of a spaz."

6/6/2007 #2,699
Hikari no Roojii
"So, steer clear of Blair then" Jake concluded.

Nicky shook her head at Pluto. "I can speak more of the mystical languages than most people, but I've never really tried different human ones. Maybe I should."

Seph glanced over at Kelly and looked him up and down. He was going to leave it at that, but then he remembered Lily saying something about it being rude to stare at people and not say anything, so he decided to give it a shot. He could always use practice with his social skills anyway. "Hello, I don't suppose you have any idea where we are, do you?"

Jesse, meanwhile, approached Blair. "Hello there, may I offer you some tea? And perhaps some biscuits, if you're feeling peckish?"

6/6/2007 #2,700
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