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Hikari no Roojii
Claude twitched and snarled, clenching his fists angrily. "I think I want to hurt you Miss Catsy." He knew she was most likely not listening him and focusing on Q'aadara instead, but he felt he should threaten her anyway.

Lee slapped Ryan on the back. "Sorry, my bad. I meant to say 'you ain't normal asshole. You're a freak'."

7/4/2007 . Edited 7/4/2007 #2,881
Pluto's Rose
Ryan twitched, and snarled at Lee.

"Don't make me do something I'll regret."

7/4/2007 #2,882
Hikari no Roojii
Looking at a point somewhere a few inches to the right of Ryan's head with unfocused eyes, Lee raised a finger. "You suggest that I can influence your actions, not unlike a puppet. Are you a puppet Ryan? You don't seem like a puppet to me. More like a ragdoll or an action figure. But maybe you are a puppet, who knows? I certainly don't." He finished and continued to stare not-quite-at-Ryan in silence.

"I really hate it when he's drunk" Nicky muttered.

7/4/2007 #2,883
His lover... more annoying than her him, at least he was fair to look at. She went through her mind to see what she could say to calm the other woman down, "you shouldn't be so angry... people who are angered easily get old looking fast and fat!" Horrible. It used to be so esy to get along with people... so easy to not be angry all the time when he was alive.

She brushed her hair away form her face, "I admit he isn't my lover, never was-- but is fighting the way to handle it! If messing with Jake is a problem, then there is nothing I can do 'bout that... then fighting me would be your solution because I won't promise to not mess with his mind-- nor would I..."

"Stop!" Haji exclaimed, looking at Catsy coldly, "stop talking. You're not making anything better!"

7/4/2007 #2,884
Pluto's Rose
"You have no idea how much I would like to tear you apart--limb from limb," Q'aadara muttered.

Ryan continued to glare at Lee before deciding that it was probably stupid to try and get revenge.

7/4/2007 #2,885
Hikari no Roojii
"You won't calm her down" Nicky assured Catsy.

Grinding his teeth, Claude finally decided not to attack Catsy. Mark would never do anything with her, so it was pointless to get angry. Slumping back onto the couch, he went back to just watching.

When Ryan said nothing, Lee poked him. He was aiming for his chest but somehow got him in the eye instead. "Woops, sorry..."

7/4/2007 #2,886
"Do it, then!" Catsy had ben looking for a fight, anyways... evr sinec Ken and Mis'o'chi had died, fighting became her greatest pleasure. Watching them die caused her more pain than she'd ever know or admit.

"Stop it," Haji got in front of Catsy, "why are you doing this? This isn't you... fighting will never bring them back..."

7/4/2007 #2,887
Pluto's Rose

Ryan then kicked Lee in a very bad place.

Yes, he is immature.

"I know one person who can calm her down!" Pluto exclaimed, dragging Jake back into the forum.


Almost instantly, her mood changed. She turned to see Jake standing beside Pluto.

"Jake!" she exclaimed happily, embracing him, "I'm sorry."

7/4/2007 #2,888
Hikari no Roojii
Roojii, who had been standing behind the couch, slumped over the back of it and dissolved into silent fits of laughter as Lee shrieked and keeled over, letting out a long stream of slurred curses as he went down. Nicky couldn't help laughing too, despite her strong dislike of Ryan.

Claude watched Lee writhe on the floor for a few moments than looked back up at Jake and Q'aadara. "You know, it's kind of freaky how you do that. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it" He said to Jake, genuinely impressed.

7/4/2007 #2,889
Catsy watched them in envy. Love... they were obviously truly in love... and now she'd never have that again. She looked at Haji and slapped him for not taking up for her, "Jerk!"
7/4/2007 #2,890
Hikari no Roojii
Nicky watched Catsy and felt a surge of pity. The poor girl was obviously just lonely.

Roojii yawned. "Well, it's approaching 2:30am over here, so I think I'm gonna go to bed. Night guys." Waving, she trotted out of the forum. Her characters quickly followed her, Nicky having to drag Lee who was still swearing at Ryan and promising him much pain.

7/4/2007 #2,891
Pluto's Rose
"Night!" Pluto called, "I think I'll go to bed too."

She then preceeded to drag Jake, Q'aadara and Ryan out of the forum.

7/4/2007 #2,892
"Anybody here?" Neo asked after a day of non-rpging.
7/5/2007 #2,893
Pluto's Rose
"I'm almost always here," Pluto proclaimed.

Aidan rolled his eyes, and proceeded to flop down in an armchair with a DS.

7/5/2007 #2,894
Hikari no Roojii
"I am" Roojii replied, popping up out of nowhere, "But I can never tell the time using the fp clock, so I have no idea how long it's been since you posted. You still here?" She asked hopefully.

"Pluto!" She squealed, noticing that her fellow authoress had turned up as she did and promptly glomping her.

7/5/2007 . Edited 7/5/2007 #2,895
Pluto's Rose
"Yay!" Pluto said, "Well, it's WST. So it's 5:23 P.M. where Neo is. And 8:23 P.M. where I am. Give or take a couple minutes."

"It's nice to know that you can tell time," Aidan added, still playing the DS.

7/5/2007 #2,896
Hikari no Roojii
"It's 1:35 where I am" Roojii said, squinting at her watch, "I think..."

Jake sidled up to Aidan. "What are you playing?"

7/5/2007 #2,897
"I was gone, after that," Neo showed up again with assumption everyone was gone, "aww..."

"Baka-kun, be quiet!" Catsy mumbled.

7/5/2007 #2,898
Pluto's Rose
"Yeah, I was kicked off at about 8:30 last night," Pluto said sadly.

"Pokemon," Aidan answered.

7/6/2007 #2,899
Hikari no Roojii
"So we all turned up at a very similar time, then disappeared at a very similar time" Roojii chuckled, "I hate when that happens."

"Ooo, I love Pokemon! It's my favourite game! What's your strongest one and what's it called?" Jake asked Aidan, his eyes shining almost childishly.

7/6/2007 #2,900
Neo piped up upon hearing that, "My strongest are Mew, Charizard, Pigeot, Ho-oh, Suicune, and Raticate... gotta love those gamesharks!" He chuckled, thinking about playing it now. "I love all my pokemon games... I just need the Diamond and pearl version!"

Catsy smiled, "I just started on my adventure."

7/6/2007 #2,901
Hikari no Roojii
"I've always been intrigued by these 'gamesharks', what exactly do they do?" Roojii asked curiously, "Oh, and my strongest are Arcanine, Alakazam, Charizard, Blastoise and Swampert" She added, glancing over at Jake.

"I know" Jake answered in a flat voice, "You trounce me with them every time we battle, trust me, I know."

"Awwww, don't be a such a bad loser. It's not your fault if you and your pokemon suck" Roojii grinned.

Jake promptly gave her the evil eye then went to mutter in a corner.

"Which pokemon did you start with?" Mark asked Catsy, offering her a brownie at the same time.

7/6/2007 #2,902
Catsy thought for a moment, "I started with Cyndaquil and unlike Neo," she glared at her owner, "I will not use gameshark to get the best!" Neo watched Catsy with an annoyed look on his face.

Neo smiled slightly, "I like Leaf Green game rather than the one she likes." He remembered what Hikari said and thought about it, his deep brown eyes showing his thought process.

"It must be showing that your brain isn't doing any work." Haji said in surpise of Neo who believed he would never speak bad of him, expecting that to be from Catsy.

"Gamesharks are nothing but codes that make things easier but you must be wise on which ones to use... like asking for an infinite of anything is typically not very wise... I only use it to get certain pokemon..." Neo said then remembered, "but I didn't get Mew through that nor Mewtwo... Mew, I got using a glitch that doesn't mess up your game, it is the way the people who made the game made it so you could get Mew. However, you get him at a low level but even then, he is very hard for trainers to defeat since there is no certin type of power that is supereffective isnce he has eveyr power unlike Mewtwo... Mewtwo only has psychic powers, making him have weaknesses."

"He beat the Elite Four with a level 18 Mew..." Catsy said, boredly.

7/6/2007 #2,903
Hikari no Roojii
Roojii gaped at Neo. "You beat the Elite Four with a level 18 Mew?!?!?! Bloody hell..."

Jake tried not to look impressed and failed miserably.

"Y'know, if you stopped breeding Skittys and actually concentrated on making your pokemon stronger, you might do a lot better" Nicky advised, raising one eyebrow at Jake.

"Shut up!" Jake snarled, "I like Skittys."

"One of my favourites at the moment is my Absol" Roojii said, grinning at Jake, "I called it Jake."

Jake just glared.

Roojii turned back to Neo. "I have a couple of questions. One, do you have a pokemon that you're particularly fond of? And two, do you need some kind of special gadget for these gamesharks to work?"

7/6/2007 #2,904
"I love my Charmander... I always have to catch one on every game, even if that means using gameshark!" neo squealed like a girl then got back to normal after embarassing himself, "Umm, I don't kow if you need a certain object since I just use the computer to play my games, now.. but it may probably be only used if you're using a computer to play."

"That Neo," Catsy grumbled yet it was actually in a pleased voice, "I like Mew."

"I hate them all."

7/6/2007 #2,905
Hikari no Roojii
Roojii laughed then nodded. "Yeah, Charmander's are adorable" She agreed, "And, unfortunately for me, I don't use my computer for pokemon, so I guess I don't get to use any gamesharks. Darn it."

"I like Skitty, Eevee and all the evolutions of Eevee" Jake said, earning himself a strange look from Nicky.

"I never thought you'd be the kind of person who went for the cutesy ones" She muttered.

Jake stuck his tongue out at her then actually registered what the pokemon hater had said. "Hey! Who said that?! Honestly, how could anyone hate pokemon, they're so cute and fun to play with."

"...I don't know you anymore" Nicky sighed.

7/6/2007 #2,906
"I said I hate those furry little cute annoying name calling things," Haji said from his corner with his hazel eyes closed in an uncaring manner.

"Dork," Catsy called out then stopped upon thinking about who was still playing with pokemon.

Neo smiled, "I can get you an emulator (the game system) and some of the games if you want, just give me your email if you want them!"

7/6/2007 #2,907
Hikari no Roojii
Roojii's eyes lit up and she hugged Neo. "Cool! Thanks!" She said happily, "My email is"

Jake regarded Haji for a moment. "You know, not so long ago, I was just as bitter and cold as you are now. Believe me when I say it is MUCH nicer to be civil, I don't feel so dead inside anymore."

"Yeah, well, I wouldn't get used to it sweetie, I'm considering a character overhaul for you" Roojii warned, "I fear that you've started to stray too far from your true self. Your true self being a friendless asshole."

Jake made a disapproving noise and sank into an armchair.

Mark sidled up to Haji and held Damon up in front of him. "Damon's a cute little furry thing, do you hate him?"

Damon twitched his little nose and fluttered his batwings slightly, flashing Haji his best chibi eyes.

7/6/2007 #2,908
Haji's eyes shpwed fury as he sweatdropped as he looked at the furry little creature. It was soo annyoing. Without a second thought, he touched the creature as it suddenly went to nothing but bones then into dust, "Now, its even cuter!" Haji laughed as he made his voice to the same tone of Mark's in mockery.

Catsy walked over to Mark, pulling him away from Haji, "that wasn't funny!"

Neo smiled for a second, saying, "The files are being sent!"

7/6/2007 #2,909
Hikari no Roojii
Roojii grinned appreciatively at Neo, oblivious to the death of Damon.

Mark, on the other hand, was having a screaming fit. "NOOOOOO, DAMON!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU, YOU MONSTER!!!! HE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU!!!" Slumping to the floor, he burst into loud, angry tears, hugging Catsy's legs as though his life depended on it.

Jake took a different approach, he said nothing, choosing to hurl a fireball directly into Haji's face instead. Nicky quickly followed with a spell that changed Haji's gender and gave him the worst diarrhea he'd ever had.

"Um, Haji, I feel I should warn you, pretty much every one of my characters is going to want to hurt you now..." Roojii said, once she realised what had happened.

7/6/2007 #2,910
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