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Hikari no Roojii
"Why don't you incinerate Lee?" Claude suggested, "I don't think anyone will hold it against you." "He's your best friend, how can you say that?!" Mark gasped. "Shhhh, that's not information I like broadcasted, thank you very much!" Claude said hastily, waving his hand at Mark in quieting motions. Mark rolled his eyes. "Seriously though" Claude said to Aidan, "There's plenty of junk lying around here to burn, I'm sure Spazzy McNutjob wouldn't mind you roasting a few pieces of useless clutter." He only just managed to finish his sentence before Roojii knocked him out cold with an iron teapot.
7/6/2007 #2,941
Pluto's Rose
"Eh. Do they do that all the time?" Aidan asked, still watching Jake and Lee. Jake was still surveying everyone there with suspicion. He was oddly paranoid, and not even Q'aadara knew why.
7/6/2007 #2,942
Hikari no Roojii
"They don't get physical all that often, but they do argue a lot. They definitely don't get on" Claude said to Aidan. Mark was watching them fight and wringing his hands anxiously. He hated fighting, and it was even worse when it was his friends doing it. There was now a considerable amount of name calling flying with the punches, which didn't serve to make Mark any calmer. Claude turned away from Jake and Lee and focused on Pluto's Jake instead. "You ok mate? Are you high or something? You seem a little...freaked out."
7/6/2007 #2,943
Pluto's Rose
"Hmmm..." Aidan caused a stream of fire to go between Jake and Lee, before saying, "Knock it off, you're making Mark upset." "No, I'm not high," Jake said, rolling his eyes, "maybe this'll help." He lowered the book that had previously been covering his face, to reveal some very nasty burns across his face.
7/6/2007 #2,944
"Baka-kun is suspiscious?" Catsy asked, looking at Jake rather than Neo for once, "maybe you're suspicious to why you're not twitching?" She laughed, looking for Neo then realized he was trying to get ready to watch Transfomers the Movie again. "IT'S GOOD! GO see it! Oh and to get technical Hikari, You guys are a couple of hours ahead of us so technically, we're only a couple hours ahead of you when it comes out (the HP movie)." Neo said, remembering that they were like eight hours or 6 hours or something ahead of where he was at.
7/6/2007 #2,945
Pluto's Rose
"You're eight hours behind Roojii, and I'm five hours behind Roojii," Pluto explained.
7/6/2007 #2,946
Hikari no Roojii
Jake and Lee both yelped and flew apart. Lee looked furious, Jake looked hurt. "Thanks" Mark smiled, "I sometimes wish I had telekinesis or something so I could just, you know, pull them apart when they started doing that." Claude winced as Jake revealed his face. "Did you, perchance, piss Aidan off?" Roojii nodded at Neo. "Good point. I don't feel so insanely jealous now, thanks. And I SO want to see the Transformers movie, the trailers look soooo cool....yup, there's that jealousy again."
7/6/2007 #2,947
Pluto's Rose
"Eh, no problem," Aidan shrugged, he then went over to Jake, "you okay?" "How'd you know?" Jake asked sarcastically, putting the book back near his face.
7/6/2007 #2,948
Hikari no Roojii
Jake looked up at Aidan from where he was still sitting on the floor, deliberately pulling the cutest face he'd ever pulled in an attempt to milk as much sympathy as possible. His bottom lip started to wobble. "Oh, I dunno, just a hunch..." Claude chuckled.
7/6/2007 . Edited 7/6/2007 #2,949
Pluto's Rose
"It's okay," Aidan said, completely oblivious, sitting down next to Jake, and giving him a hug. Pluto sweatdropped.
7/6/2007 #2,950
Hikari no Roojii
Jake only just managed to stop himself purring and flashed Aidan a big, wobbly smile instead, his eyes shining with unshed (and completely forced) tears. "I'm sorry, I'll try my hardest not to thump Lee again, even if he's being a complete jerk...I can't promise I won't fireball him just a teensy bit though." "They are just so darn cute together" Roojii cooed, taking picture after picture to preserve the cuteness for future generations.
7/6/2007 #2,951
Pluto's Rose
"Eh, I mostly did that because I didn't want Mark to be upset. And because I wanted to incinerate something, but that's an entirely different story," Aidan rambled, before saying, "I didn't hurt you, did I?" "I know," squealed Pluto, who was now holding a video camera, and taping the event.
7/6/2007 #2,952
Hikari no Roojii
"You do know that you two are freakishly abnormal, right?" Claude asked conversationally, eying the recording instruments Pluto and Roojii were holding. "No no, I'm fine, don't worry" Jake said reassuringly, "You just surprised me is all." Leaning over, he kissed Aidan on the cheek then ruffled his hair.
7/6/2007 #2,953
Pluto's Rose
"You're not the first to say that," Pluto replied, grinning. Aidan blushed, "I--uh--I--" For some reason, he found himself unable to piece together a sentence.
7/6/2007 #2,954
Hikari no Roojii
"I suspected as much" Claude nodded, chuckling slightly. Jake smiled at Aidan again. "You're so cute when you get all flustered." Roojii, meanwhile, was trying her hardest not to squee and spoil the moment.
7/6/2007 #2,955
Pluto's Rose
The blush on Aidan's face deepened, "I--um--I--er--Thank you?" Pluto was also trying not to squeal.
7/6/2007 #2,956
Hikari no Roojii
Mark watched Jake and Aidan for a moment then sniffled loudly and flung himself in Claude's arms, accidentally flattening him. Once Claude could breathe again, he hugged Mark back. Honestly, he was so needy sometimes, not that he minded really. He very much enjoyed making Mark feel loved. Jake shuffled a little closer to Aidan. "You, uh, wanna go someplace else?" He asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, "I bet I can make that blush a little deeper..." Roojii's eyes widened and she made a very yaoi-fangirl ooing sound.
7/6/2007 #2,957
Pluto's Rose
"Eh, sure," Aidan answered, grinning. Pluto was nothing but a squeeing mess on the floor.
7/6/2007 #2,958
Hikari no Roojii
"Eeeeexcellent" Jake purred, sweeping Aidan off his feet and taking him back to the room they used last time they left together. Claude had to physically hold Roojii back to stop her following them. "Have some consideration, I don't think they'd appreciate you watching." "Awwww, come on!" Roojii whined, "That is SO unfair." Lee looked like he was going to be sick. "I hope Aidan gets pregnant or something." Claude stared at him for a moment then shoved him into a cabinet, locking the door after him and making sure to keep a firm grip on Roojii the entire time.
7/6/2007 #2,959
Pluto's Rose
"No, especially since Aidan would probably incinerate you," Pluto said nonchalantly. "He is such a moron," Ryan said, referring to Lee.
7/6/2007 #2,960
Hikari no Roojii
Roojii pouted, but stopped trying to get into the other room. "Moron is an understatement" Claude said, "I doubt there's a word for what Lee is." "Quite" Roojii agreed, "Well, I gotta go now. It's getting really late again and my neck is starting to ache. I'll be back tomorrow, g'night." After hugging Pluto (and Ryan just to annoy him), she wandered out of the forum humming the Harry Potter theme tune.
7/6/2007 #2,961
Pluto's Rose
"Bye," Pluto called, leaving the forum soon after Roojii did.
7/6/2007 #2,962
Hikari no Roojii
"Anyone here?" Roojii called hopefully, scuttling back in and flopping down on the couch. Mark ran in a few moments later, looking very flustered. "We have a problem." "What is it?" Roojii asked curiously. "Well, you know all that business with Nicky?" He explained, "She, uh, still hasn't come out of the bathroom and she's completely refusing to, no matter how much we beg. She's done something to the door and none of us can get it open, I really don't know what to do, I'm so worried." Roojii thought for a moment then shrugged. "She'll come out when she wants to" she said simply, then went back to waiting to see if anyone was around, ignoring Mark's annoyed pout.
7/7/2007 #2,963
Pluto's Rose
"I'm here for a bit," Pluto said, "but I'm going to go play tennis in a while, and I'll be gone for at least an hour." "Maybe Darshana could help her," Aidan said, completely focused on the DS he was playing with at the moment.
7/7/2007 #2,964
Hikari no Roojii
"You still here?" Roojii asked, "I knew someone would show up the moment I was called away." "I love tennis!" Mark squealed, "But only with those soft, squishy foam balls. The other ones really hurt." "Has she ever returned a person to their proper gender before?" Jake asked Aidan.
7/7/2007 #2,965
Pluto's Rose
"And I'm back!" Pluto exclaimed happily, "I love tennis--and Prince of Tennis!" "Well, I'm not sure, but she probably could," Aidan said.
7/7/2007 #2,966
Hikari no Roojii
"Hi" Roojii beamed, "I've never seen Prince of Tennis. I wonder if it's on that site I gave you a link to..." Scooting over to a computer, she had a look at the list. "That's good" Jake said, "Normal Nicky is bad enough, I could really do without angry traumatised Nicky."
7/7/2007 #2,967
Pluto's Rose
"I'll see if I can help her," answered a small voice. Sure enough, Darshana was standing behind Jake. "Oh, and I was meaning to ask you," Pluto inquired, "if the videos don't work and it asks you to install something, it won't mess up the computer, will it?"
7/7/2007 #2,968
Hikari no Roojii
Clutching his heart, Jake gave her a weak smile. "Thanks..." "Is it a DivX program of some kind?" Roojii asked, "Because I had to install that and it was fine, it's been on my computer for a while now and there's been no problems."
7/7/2007 #2,969
Pluto's Rose
"Yeah, it is," Pluto answered, "and I disappeared because Miko called me." Darshana nodded, "Where is she?"
7/7/2007 #2,970
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