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Hikari no Roojii
Got some tips on how to be evil? Then post them here.
11/24/2006 #1
Hikari no Roojii
One of my favourites: Clingfilm over the toilet bowl. Mwuhahaha.
11/24/2006 #2
Chromium Dragon
OMG that's nasty! But I like putting toothpaste on the toilet seat! =)
12/15/2006 #3
Chromium Dragon
Another good one is to empty out all the toothpaste and use a syringe to replace it with shaving gel. I've actually done that to my uncle. It was hilarious.
12/15/2006 #4
it's even better to go eat all the icing out of the oreos and then refill them with toothpaste! lol!
12/23/2006 #5
You guys are pathetic. truly evil things would be like to punch some chick in the ovaries! Or to kick some guy in the nuts (not reccomended, as it can cause prostate cancer)
1/11/2007 #6
Chromium Dragon
Kicking men in the nuts doesn't cause prostate cancer. And who the hell are you to come in here calling us pathetic? These are /PRANKS/, not tips for how to beat people up. Stick with things that /WON'T/ get you arrested for assault. I don't like you, and when Roojii comes back I'll have a little conversation with her about your presence here.
1/11/2007 #7
Random 4 life
oh my favorite prank of all time! *rubs hands together evily* Ok, this takes preperation 1st, find someone you know who plays the lottery every week 2nd, tape lasts weeks lotto-it would also help if you find a way so the person you prank doesn't see it...unless they are forget ful and won't remeber the #'s. 3rd, buy a lotto ticket with the numbers of last weeks show, switch it with the person's your praking card 4th, play the lottery THAT YOU TAPED!! And if you want to be really evil...while there celebrating that they "won" destroy the card in some way and make it look like and accident
2/17/2007 #8
Hey! kicken men in the nuts does so cause prostate cancer! Its called blunt forced trauma and I heard from my health teacher so its true.
2/19/2007 #9
Chromium Dragon
[q]Hey! kicken men in the nuts does so cause prostate cancer! Its called blunt forced trauma and I heard from my health teacher so its true.[/q]It doesn't. Teachers are wrong sometimes you know. It's an urban myth. GTFOMI
2/20/2007 #10
Research blunt forced trauma, and it will lead to prostate cancer. You have to get kicked in the nuts a lot to get it for that, but it can happen. Just like getting aids from sweat...which is possible btw
2/20/2007 #11
Chromium Dragon
I hope someone pushes you down a very very large flight of stairs.
2/20/2007 #12
dont be lame, pleass erunban from ur forums and ill stoip being retarded. your forums are the biggest and i want to get in them. Im not as stupid as i act, i just get bored in the same forums all the time. Why dont you give a chance? You know I'm right
2/20/2007 #13
Chromium Dragon
Yeah, you just want in my forum because it's the biggest, yet you act retarded like this. Maybe if you didn't act like such an idiot, I might unblock you. But you only want in because it's the biggest, and I really don't want idiots in my forum. Oh, and I'm looking up the retarded claims you made. I'm on an urban myth website right now. And if I recall correctly, it was disproven years ago that you can get AIDs from sweat. In fact, if you even knew anything about AIDS, you'd know that it's extremely rare to get it even if your blood comes in contact with a person with AIDS's blood. When HIV hits the air it starts dying. For some reason this doesn't happen when it's in our blood, but when it hits the air we breathe it starts dying. My doctor is an AIDs specialist, and I've talking to him about this before. I also have several friends with AIDS, so you better do your research before you claim something like that again.
2/20/2007 #14
Hikari no Roojii
Ok, I looked it up and apparently the HIV virus IS found in tears, saliva, urine and sweat, but NOT in sufficient concentration-i.e HIV has not been shown to spread this way.
2/20/2007 #15
Chromium Dragon
[q]Ok, I looked it up and apparently the HIV virus IS found in tears, saliva, urine and sweat, but NOT in sufficient concentration-i.e HIV has not been shown to spread this way.[/q]I never denied that it was found in those things, just that it isn't spread that way. Now, there is a stage of the virus where it can be spread through french kissing, at least, I think. Oh no, wait, that's Mono. Nevermind. One of the very few things I'm immuned to (Which is amazing, given my immune system sucks) is mono. Kathleen had it while she was pregnant, and I've been around loads of people with mono, some of which even shared drinks with me, and I never caught it, while everyone else caught it from them. Sometimes it pays off to be exposed to stuff in the womb.
2/20/2007 #16
Hikari no Roojii
I can't find anything on the prostate cancer thing but it doesn't sound impossible, and since we don't really know what causes cancer anyway it's pointless to argue about it.
2/20/2007 . Edited 2/20/2007 #17
Actually, the aids virus dies in air because oxygen is a very corrossive element. And maybe i wouldn't act retarded if you wouldn't be prejudiced agaionst be when you know nothing about me. As if Hikari can put up with you all the tuime if ur like this to everyone... just unblock and il stop being retarded. If not, then I'll just have top make another account to go in your forums...I have a very creative mind and could come up with an unlimited ammount of emails to use. Anyway, don't be lame, you can get aids from the exchange of any bodily fluid, even though there may be only a 0.0001% chance, the virus is still there. Except for saliva and sweat to sweat contact. Sweat to blood contact can give you aids, thats why they fire football playuers when they have aids. And you can't get aids form can only get HIV
2/20/2007 . Edited 2/20/2007 #18
Lol Aids sucks, If I got aids I would jump off of the tallest building I could find so I could experiance the freedom of flight.
2/20/2007 #19
Chromium Dragon
If you go and make different accounts, they'll only get blocked. You only want in my forum because it's big. Well guess what! It got to be that size with only a couple people using it. You didn't help it get to be that size, you didn't have any interest in it at all until it got that big. You're ignorant and you need to do a lot of research. And in case you didn't know, which I doubt you do, HIV becomes AIDs. You need to do research. And I can tell plenty about you already. You're ignorant. If you are actually smart, then you act like an idiot. Hell, you act a lot like people I know in real life and hate. If you're smart, fucking act like it. Don't just spit out urban legends and bullshit facts.
2/20/2007 #20
Wanna you are one of those people who thinks tghat they have it all figured out, and your full of shit. I don't want to be in your forums because they are big, thats pathetic to think that, but I want in just because I can't get in. Out of respect for Hikari, I won't wage war on you here, cause I actually find the people who come here pretty cool (you might be excluded), and if I were banned from here than it would suck. BTW I already appologized to you like a bunch of times, but you are too pig headed enough to accept an honest apology. I told you the first time I came on these forums that I just felt like messign with someone and you just happened to be there.
2/20/2007 #21
Chromium Dragon
But you said earlier that you wanted in my forum because it's big. Now you're saying that you want in simply because I don't want you there. How about you just leave me the hell alone and stay out of my forum? You don't seem to like me very much, so why the hell would you want to go to my forum than to irritate me? Stay out of my forum, it'll be better if you do.
2/20/2007 #22
Whatever...I will conclude this as you admitting defeat what a waste of my time. I'll just hang with the cool peeps here, instead of in your lame forum, which is prolly yerself talking to yerself
2/20/2007 #23
And can you at least take me off the wall of shame, i don't want my number up there. I don't care if I'm still blocked, but you don't need to tell everyone that i am blocked, Alright?
2/20/2007 #24
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