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Hikari no Roojii
If I need to let members know anything, i'll post it here.
11/26/2006 #1
Hikari no Roojii
I'm going to be away over Christmas. So please don't be offended if I don't answer anything you post. -.- I don't know who i'm talking to... -sighs- Well, if anyone /DOES/ read this...I won't be here over Christmas. -stares blankly then wanders off-
12/22/2006 #2
Hikari no Roojii
I'm back! Mwuha! -starts to giggle madly-
12/27/2006 #3
Hikari no Roojii
I'm moving house and the new place has no internet connection. It should be installed within the next few days. I'll be back as soon as i'm reconnected.
1/3/2007 #4
Chromium Dragon
Upon her return Roojii will be completely drowned by the alerts. I hope you know how to swim Roojii...
1/4/2007 #5
Chromium Dragon
The alert system was up and running for a rough, precious 18hours before it shut down again. The backlog never even finished going out. I personally received about 1800 alerts (I subscribe to many forums) and the alerts suddenly died again without warning. I know they didn't finish going out because there are still many alerts missing for posts that I've already read in certain forums. Roojii, I hope you didn't drown.
1/6/2007 #6
Chromium Dragon
GAH! -Ducks for cover as alerts come flying at her- DUCK FOR COVER PEOPLE! WE HAVE ALERTS!
1/7/2007 . Edited 1/7/2007 #7
Chromium Dragon
All alert systems are good to go. But for how long, we can only guess.
1/11/2007 #8
Hikari no Roojii
The new modem arrives on Monday. I'm on my Uncles computer to write this. Be back soon.
1/11/2007 #9
Hikari no Roojii
We're connected again but I won't be back properly until Wednesday evening.
1/15/2007 #10
Hikari no Roojii
I'm back. -hugs her connection-
1/19/2007 #11
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