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Hikari no Roojii
This is different from the battle arena.

There are no scores and no rules.

This is just a place to pit your bishies against others, be they more of your own or someone elses.


-points to a black door-

Is the weapons room. You will find any weapon you can think of in there.

And that.

-points to a white door-

Is the revival room.

If your character dies, just stick them in there and they'll be as good as new.

I think that's everything.

-wanders off-

12/6/2006 #1
Hikari no Roojii
Vance: -stomps in-

Dammit, there's no one here!

12/31/2006 #2
Hikari no Roojii
Tate: -walks in-


I'll fight you, loser.

1/1/2007 #3
Hikari no Roojii
Vance: -eyes light up-

-lunges at Tate-


Tate: -leaps backwards and summons a spirit-

Vance: -hits the spirit instead-


Nice try.

-throws a ball of dark energy at the spirit, blowing it to pieces-

1/1/2007 #4
Hikari no Roojii
Tate: -thrown against the wall and knocked out by the shockwave from the energy blast-

Vance: Well...that was easy and boring.

1/1/2007 #5
Haji walks in, his eys glowing as they always seemed to glow with power. "I'll challenge you." he pronounces, taking his spiritual sword out and ready for the battle ahead of him.
1/2/2007 #6
Hikari no Roojii
Turning to face his new opponant, Vance eyed the sword warily and assumed a battle stance. "It'll take more than fancy weapons to defeat me!" he sneered, gathering a ball of dark energy into his right hand. Laughing coldly, he raised his hand and pointed the energy ball at Haji's face. "Let's see how fast you are" he hissed, his piercing green eyes widening maniacally as he threw the energy at his opponant.
1/2/2007 #7
Haji quickly jumped in the air upon seeing the ball of energy coming towards his face though the energy still hit his heel, burning it slightly. Haji laughed slightly at his opponent. His hazel eyes glowed black and the ground began to shake into an earthquake as Haji jumped from the wall to over Vance with his sword facing downward to try to strike his opponent form the top of him and slice him in half.

“ha, you must’ve thought this battle would end as fast as your last one,” Haji said, his vanity showing in his voice.

1/2/2007 #8
Hikari no Roojii
Smiling evilly, Vance levitated a foot of the ground to avoid the shaking and twisted to let Haji's blade slice through the air beside him. "You'll never get me with that thing" he smirked, creating another energy ball. "Got any other tricks?" he added, creating another ball in his other hand and preparing to fire.
1/2/2007 #9
Haji mocked Vance’s smile to every degree, “I have plenty of tricks, I hope you have more.” He knew what he was doing… he was creating another energy ball. Haji opened his hand and in the same mocking fashion before, he copied Vance’s attack.

Haji was known for copying other people’s attack in battle as long as he stayed focus and in the very few seconds, he could learn every attribute about their attacks and then copy them. Haji wielded his sword once again and sliced through the air and in the next moment, a bunch of shadows of creatures of death came out and shot forward towards Vance in lightning speed.

Haji laughed while keeping his attention to whatever that was going to happen.

1/2/2007 #10
Hikari no Roojii
Hissing, Vance quickly created a small ball of energy on each of his fingertips and shot them at the creatures, destroying them all inches from him.

Staring coldly at Haji, he let a small smile creep onto his face. "I'll admit that was close. But not close enough I'm afraid. I'm still standing."

Grinning evilly, his eyes started to glow red and the ground started to shake. With a loud cracking noise, thick vines shot up out of the ground around Haji and wrapped themselves around his arms and legs, holding him in place. "What are you going to do now?" he sneered, pointing another energy ball at Haji's heart.

1/2/2007 #11
Haji chuckled at the man’s belief that he was going to win… his eyes showed no fear as he seemed not to be trying to escape the grasp of vines that held him there. These vines had no control of whatever power that Haji would or could use so Haji frowned and pretended to be in a near death experience. “Oh, you have won.” Haji announced, his eyes glowing darkly while his sword laid flat on the ground. “Or, at least, you believe you have.”


The sky opened up and a dim light surround the battlefield. In a moment of time, the vines had no longer had Haji within their grasp but it was Vance. Haji smiled as his hands glowed and the vines held onto Vance harder than before. A tornado of fire came out from underneath Vance while Haji sword floated off from the ground and was heading towards his chest.

“This was a nice fight…!” Haji exclaimed, devoid of showing any emotions.

1/2/2007 #12
Hikari no Roojii
His eyes burning with rage, Vance pulsed with dark energy, blasting the vines away from him. Quickly sending a blast of energy downwards, he pushed himself into the air high enough to avoid the sword and flipped away from the fire. Landing gracefully on the ground, Vance looked up at his opponent and flashed him an arrogant smile.

"I do hope you can do better than that, for your sake" he said in a cold mocking voice, assuming a battle stance and waiting for Haji's next attack.

1/22/2007 #13
Haji smirked. It was great to see the anger raging through his eyes; it was something that he lived for... this man Vance was an enjoyable opponent. "Believe me I can..." He said, copying the same voice and even the same modulation of the man in front of him.

He watched the man carefully and knew that the man was waiting for his next move... but he would not allow the man to be ready for his next move. He stood still as creatures the size of a building made thier way form the ground and grabbed onto Vance, squeezing teh breath out of his body.

Thunder radiated through the ground and form the sky... his electric energy would be inavoidable if he escaped his attack... and soon while he was trying to get away form the lightning and thnder... it would be too hard for him to escape Haji's true power.

1/23/2007 #14
Hikari no Roojii
Eyes widening in shock, Vance let out a feral snarl and struggled against the monstrous beings restraining him. After a few moments he realised that his struggles were futile and let his body go limp.

Taking in a deep, calming breath, he stared directly at Haji and scowled. "Do not think you have won, this is merely an inconvenience to me. I will get free, and when I do, the Earth will bathe in your blood!" He hissed, his voice leaving no doubt that he would be more than happy to rip Haji to pieces.

Closing his eyes, he focused his mind and began to draw power from the air around him. As the power built inside him, a dark aura began to surround his body and small bolts of dark energy began to crackle around his clenched fists.

Snapping his eyes open once more, he let out a primal scream and released the energy, completely obliterating the gigantic creatures around him.

Pointing one hand at Haji with his palm facing his opponent, he chuckled maliciously and let all the energy form into a sizzling ball in front of his outstretched hand.

"Prepare to die" he said calmly, his apparent composure betrayed by the bloodlust clearly evident in his cold, green eyes.

2/15/2007 #15
Haji chuckled as he stood still and began to crackle with laughter louder and louder for the annoyance of Vance. Taking the sword form his side and slicing it through the air, the very energy cut through the energy of Vance and stopped any sort of energy form coming from. He stopped his laugh... and began to make a shield around his body... a shield of reflection.

While the shield was not known for protecting Haji, it was very seful. Any attack that hit it, the strength would as a quarter of how strong the attack actually was and then the attack would come back to its opponenet and hit them with three times the power of its own strength.

The thunders and lightning stroked the earth in a rampaging motion and destroyed everything around it whle Haji kept it from htting Vance at the moment, he just allowed it to get stronger as the ground became eroded and holes filled the battle dome large enough to have dug his creatures a grave. Haji jumped up in the air as wings slowly formed form out of his back and went straigh towards Vance... if Vance were to move then surely the element would get him... and if he tried to strike Haji with anything even his own fist, he would get it back three times stronger and it would still knock him to the outer elemenets.

He took his sword and shot out creatures of darkness and mimiced the ball of energy that vance always used and shot it towards him, hoping for him to do something.

While that was going on, he made a gaint piece of ice with diamond inside, sharper than any two-edged sword come from beneath him and go towards Vance.

"I am prepared to die... just tell me when you're going to try t kill me" haji said, clamness refelecting in every part of him. His plan was brilliant... he was brilliant.

2/16/2007 #16
Random 4 life
Miko wandered in the battle dome because she were bored and there others were getting annoying. She needed something to occupy her time. And she figured that even there wasn't a battle going on, she could play with the dangerous weapons. But to her luck, she walked in on two boys battling pretty toughly. Getting all excited like she did over evil things, Miko walked over. She didn't know either of them, so she couldn't claim sides. She just stood there and watched it unfold. More pumped by the second. She just sat down when she remebered she had her camera in her bag. She pulled it out as she brused a strand of her brown hair behind her ear.

"I don't want to miss a second. Even if it's just a flash that it missed by my hair." She thought as she set her camera to viedo. "And Action!"

2/16/2007 #17
Hikari no Roojii
Taking a moment to glance over at Miko, Vance sneered then turned his attention back to his opponent.

"It is a shame that you have to die, you have been most entertaining" he sighed with mock sadness, expertly clearing his mind of distracting thoughts as he finished speaking, in preparation for his next move. Closing his eyes, he let his body become one with the lightning surrounding him, his entire being becoming pure energy as it fused with Haji's own attack.

"This is the end for you" he laughed coldly, projecting his thoughts into Haji's mind since he no longer possessed a physical body, "I sense the power of your shield and I must admit, it is impressive. I am afraid that it will not help you in this situation though. Since I am now one with the lightning, anything that rebounds will not harm me. What gets through, however, should be more than enough to burn you to ashes!"

As he finished, the lightning now connected to his being shot towards Haji, destroying anything in its path and slamming into the shield with such force that the resulting shockwave cracked the lens of Miko's camera and threw her against the wall.

2/23/2007 #18
Haji frowned feeling the energy crack through his shield, the man was smarter than he had presumed and for that, he could now lose this battle. He flew towards the ground with amazing speed while his sword stayed in the air as the energy collected itself into his sword causing it to grow mightier in power and greated in strength.

Haji smiled. 'The energy is much too much for my sword' He thought to himself as the sword exploded and the energy went all hrough the stadium, destroying eveyrthing that it touched. The enrgy was still coming towards him... and his body paralyzed from the static in the air and the electricty was strong enough to keep him from moving.

The attack hit him in full force... but, he had sucked all the energy back into his body, its original source. He fell to the ground, tired and exhaused... he used too much energy tooo keep that attack from casuing any physical damage. "You've amazed me, Vance." Haji said, his hazel eyes showing his weakened state.

Even though he saved himself from dying with the last attack, he regretted it... because now, if that man decided to hit him, he wuld not be able to do anything to stop it... but if he was foinf to die, he was not going to die in shame.

His eyes began to glow and his body soon after that, "Vance, this battle has been fun... but, now, it's time to end it." He released the energy that he had sucked in slowly as time had stopped from the use of his magic. "You're in a non-physical form which means I have the ability to absorb you within my body." In a moment's instance, he took in his body and allowed the energy that had once been inside of him surround the stadium once again and then...

All the energy hit the stadium from every spot and there was no time to stop it all... fires flew through the air and acid melted down flesh and eveyrthing, the place became desolate.

He would not die in shame.

2/23/2007 #19
Hikari no Roojii
Walking slowly into the ravaged stadium, Roojii looked around and thought for a moment.

"Well, I suppose that would be a draw then" she said, scuffing at the scorched earth with her foot.

Trotting over to join her, Mark shot his creator a quizzical look.

"But won't Vance come back?" he asked, tilting his head slightly to show his confusion.

"Yes" Roojii replied, "But not until another child is born into your family, Haji managed to destroy his current body so therefor I'm going to declare it a draw. Plus, that last attack was just totally awesome!"

Rolling his eyes, Mark shook his head and walked back out of the stadium.

2/23/2007 #20
Neo came form the other side with his signature bright smile and eyes shining with the same excitement he has always had since he was a child. He stopped his smile upon looking at the battledome and seeing the other creator, "Hmm... I guess that would be a tie... hmm, but Haji's body would soon rebuild itself into the warrior that he once was... but that was a fun match to see... my poor, poor son, though!" Neo looked through all the gravel, trying to find his son and then smiled, "I still have my memory!" he laughed like an idiot and ran out the stadium.

Catsy watched her creator in annoyance but slowly a tiny smile crept upon her face as she realized the tiny hope in neo's heart.

2/23/2007 #21
Hikari no Roojii
Blinking in surprise after the slightly strange person who just came and left, Roojii raised an eyebrow and turned to Catsy.

"Is he always like that?" she asked the new arrival.

Stomping in before Catsy even had a chance to answer, Jake looked around and snorted in amusement.

"The sign outside said Battle Dome. This doesn't look like much of an arena" he sneered, folding his arms across his chest and kicking a loose stone.

2/23/2007 #22
"Yeah, sadly, he's a strange boy... that he is." She said with deep sympathy, ignoring the male whom stomped in front of her. "We could make this place into a batle arena, stage or no stage." She said in montone while pursing her lips, her violet colored eyes peering over to the male, she smiled beautifully, "I may not look it, but I am a warrior." The beautiful female smiled.
2/23/2007 #23
Pluto's Rose
Pluto, feeling bored, wandered into the Battle Dome, closely followed by her sidekick, Aidan. She looked around, examining the damage that had been caused by the previous battle.


Pluto startled by the sound, stopped, and looked for her companion. He had tripped over a large piece of the floor. Pluto sweatdropped.

Aidan shrugged. "Not like I can help it."

2/24/2007 . Edited 2/24/2007 #24
Random 4 life
Miko saw Pluto and Aidan on the other side of the battle dome and ran up to them. She hadn't glomped Pluto in five minutes...she was overdue. She glomped Pluto and waved to Aidan.

"Any idea what's going on? The battle is fun. But why are they fighting?"

2/25/2007 #25
Pluto's Rose
Aidan pondered the purpose for the battle, and only suceeded in getting a headache. "Do you mean the earlier one, or the one with Jake. 'Cause Jake doesn't need much of a reason to fight anyone."

"You know about that well, don't you?"

Aidan looked back at Pluto, and said, "Yeah," he turned back to Miko, and said, "He's been trying to kill me for a while, but I don't really have an idea of what's happening here."

2/25/2007 #26
Random 4 life
Miko just stared at him.

"Aid, who isn't trying to kill you?"

2/25/2007 #27
Hikari no Roojii
"What are you doing here?" Jake asked Aidan, his voice clearly indicating that he wasn't fond of him, "actually, on second thoughts, I don't care" he said coldly. Turning back to Catsy, he grinned and folded his arms across his chest.

"Should I take your declaration of your skills as a challenge?" he asked, his arrogance unmissable.

Rolling her eyes, Roojii turned to Pluto and Miko.

"I get the feeling this place is about to get busted up again" she sighed.

"Well, what do you expect?" asked the handsome albino boy who had just entered and was now striding towards his creator with one eyebrow raised, "This is the Battle Dome after all you idiot."

Scowling, Roojii hit Claude over the head with the frying pan that just materialized in her hand.

2/26/2007 . Edited 2/26/2007 #28
Pluto's Rose
Aidan rolled his eyes. "Should I go get Darshana? 'Cause you're going to get your ass whupped by this girl!" Sniggering, he turned back to Pluto and Miko.

"Never takes me seriously. Anyway, Jake's due for an ass-whupping, so I guess I'll stay and watch." He sighed, turning back to Pluto, expecting her to say something.

Pluto just stared.

"The last time I saw you that confident, Jake ripped your heart right out of your body."

Aidan anime fell, and remarked, "I can't believe you remembered that..."

2/26/2007 #29
Hikari no Roojii
Snarling angrily, Jake clenched his fists and glared at Aidan.

"I really, REALLY hate you!" he growled through gritted teeth.

"We KNOW already! You don't have to keep saying that" Claude groaned.

"Hey! Why don't you fight Jake, Aidan?" Roojii cried suddenly, the thought striking her as Compy would strike a bishie with her fish, violently and out of nowhere. "Prove once and for all that you're not a wimp!" she continued, her eyes shining with excitement.

2/26/2007 #30
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