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Pluto's Rose
"Let's go then, Bastard. Unless, of course, you're afraid that I might beat you?"

Aidan crossed his arms, and smirked. He had fought Jake a couple of times, but neither had actually one, as someone always intervened at the last second.

Pluto went over to Claude, and said, "That must be the thousandth time Jake's said that."

2/26/2007 #31
Random 4 life
Miko started to get nervous. Sure, she'd seen both of them fight, but it still worried her. How far could and would they go? She looked over at Aidan. He confused her no doublt. There was somthing about him that she couldn't grasp. But it did intrigue her. Jake was easy to understand...he was just mean.

Brushing a whisp of her dark brown hair out of her green eyes, she smiled and look at the group.

"Well come on! The longer you just stand here...the more bored I become."

2/26/2007 #32
Hikari no Roojii
"Alright then" Jake grinned, also eager to see who would win in a proper battle, "Let's go, I want to see this so called power you Pure's are supposed to posses."

Nodding in agreement with Pluto, Claude sighed and looked over at Jake.

"I just don't understand why he has to be so angry all the time. Aidan never did anything to him and yet he seems to genuinely detest him." he said, his voice puzzled.

Walking up beside Miko, Ana couldn't hide her anxiety as she looked at Jake and Aidan.

"Jake has always had a darkness within him. I must admit, it scares me sometimes." she said sadly.

2/26/2007 #33
Pluto's Rose
"I know. I would understand how he hated the other Jake, because he fought even when he was provoked, but Aidan didn't. Aidan never did."

Tumbling into the Battle Dome, Q'aadara arrived just in time to hear Ana's comment. "It scares you, sometimes? Wow."

The next second, Pluto and Q'aadara were sheilding their eyes, for the light in the Battle Dome was blindingly bright.

2/26/2007 #34
Random 4 life
Miko walked to the center of the battle dome and picked up the microphone that convietnly appeared.

"Ladies and gentleman! I kindly give you the battle between Jake and Aidan! Now we only have two rules here: No hitting the grion, and be home for dinner!" She placed the microphone down on a nearby table, walked to the center and raised her hands in the air.


2/26/2007 #35
Pluto's Rose
Aidan started using his powers to increase the light tremendously in the arena. He was starting to wonder whether Jake would counter with some spell, or not. Or if he was waiting for a suprise attack.
2/26/2007 #36
Catsy smirked at the warriors that filled the area and found that annoyance creased into her beautiful model or even femme god-like features. She smiled slightly at Jake but her eyes never let go of the look of annoyance that was crouching upin her heart. "How about we make this a three on three match? I"ll show you that girls can do as much if not more damage than any male."

She watched the male whom was powering up and frowned slightly, he was going to be interesting in battle, she assumed.

2/26/2007 #37
Hikari no Roojii
Smirking in his usual annoying manner, Jake looked between Aidan and Catsy.

"Neither of you stand a chance" he laughed arrogantly.

Shouting a spell, he made a column of ice sprout from the ground beneath Aidan, encasing him as it grew. Turning sharply, he sent a jet of flame directly at Catsy.

Sighing, Claude shook his head and walked away.

2/26/2007 #38
Pluto's Rose
The ice encasing Aidan started melting. In a second, Aidan was free from the ice. Turning to Catsy, he said, "I know you can fight him. I want to do this alone." He coughed, and the next second, Jake was on fire.
2/26/2007 #39
Random 4 life
Miko was really worried. She knew of both Jake's and Aidan's powers. While opposite in element, Jake was much stronger no doubt. So while they should cancel out...they didn't. She really hoped Aidan would win. His time had come. Jake and Aidan have been fighting for a long time, he needed this.

The door to the battle dome opened and Russo walked into the battledome, Kiki at his waist. Miko sighed with relief.

"Russo! Thank goodness! Can you stay and heal Aidan if he needs it?"

Russo looked long and hard at Miko. His brown eyes not blinking. He really did want to stay. It's been a while since he say a good battle. But Kiki was pulling at his shirt.

"But Ruuuuso. You promised me that we would just come in here to grabe my sweater. I left it in here. You know how much I hate fighting. Come on, let's go listen to some CD's." She seemed presistant. Russo just sighed and smiled.

"Ok baby. Sorry Miko I would stay but I can't." And with that, the two walked out of the battledome. Leaving Miko behind, confused and angry. She was sure she saw a triumphant smirk flash of Kiki's highly glossed lips as she walked out, cluthing Russo's waist

2/26/2007 #40
Hikari no Roojii
Closing his eyes, Jake absorbed the fire then snapped his eyes back open again.

"Thanks for the power boost" he grinned before shooting a barrage of ice blades at Aidan.

Striding in wearing his usual vague expression, Tate tapped Catsy on the shoulder.

"I'll fight you warrior woman" he said, a small, sadistic smile slowly creeping onto his face.

Glaring at Kiki, Roojii hugged Miko protectively and patted her head.

"Don't worry, she'll get what's coming to her, I promise."

2/26/2007 #41
Random 4 life
Miko smiled up at Roojii.

"Thanks. But I'm just curious. If Kiki hates violence, why would she leave her sweater in the most violent place here? It's not like I care. I'm just worried that Aidan will really hurt himself." She wasn't lying. Her main concern was Aidan's condition. But still, Russo was one of her best friends. And now...she couldn't spend any time with him at all. Why couldn't Kiki understand that you can have friends and a love life too?

Looking back at the battle, Miko smiled.

"Don't let him get to you Aid. You can do it!"

2/26/2007 #42
Hikari no Roojii
Thinking about what Miko had just said, Roojii had to admit that it was suspicious. There was definitely something a little off about Kiki, she just couldn't put her finger on it.
2/26/2007 #43
Pluto's Rose
Panicing for a moment, Aidan laughed. It was a rather odd thing to do. He grabbed hold of one of the ice blades, and on contact, it set itself on fire, only the flames were blue, instead of orange. The rest of the ice disappeared before it even hit him.

"Let's see you get out of this!"

He lept forward, causing the sword instead to become a whip. He tangled it around Jake, and said, "That's not ordinary fire, and someone like you should know it."

2/26/2007 #44
Hikari no Roojii
Struggling against the fire whip, Jake emitted a stream of obscenities at Aidan followed by a spell to create a freezing wind around his enemy.

"I will destroy you!" he cried, what little sanity he had fast slipping away.

2/26/2007 #45
She looked at Tate, incredulously, he seemed almost sadistic with his sinister smile. The violet eyed girl took one more glimpse of him and her eyes that were so full of purity began to strike with fire of life and hope as she moved away from him for a moment and said, "I'll accept your offer, if you're truly ready to be beat by a girl," She smiled as if she was joking.

"I'll let you know my name before I destroy your ego... my name is Catsy Wildfire, glad tyo meet your acquintance."

2/26/2007 #46
Pluto's Rose
All Aidan did was smile. "All you did was increase the power of the fire energy in the whip." It was true. The wind was fueling his fire powers, and despite the fact that it was freezing, it wasn't really phasing him in any way.

The strength of the fire increased, more powerful than it had been before.

2/26/2007 #47
Random 4 life
Miko smiled

"Go Aidan!"

At this point, Joey walked in, sick of Kiki making goo-goo eyes at Russo all day. She laughed.

"Do you like him or somthing?" This caused Miko to studder a little

"N-No of course not. He's my f-friend and I want him to win. Jake's a jerk!"

2/26/2007 #48
Hikari no Roojii
Widening his smile, Tate tilted his head back in a slightly psychotic manner before replying.

"I am Tate Satinka. And if all you are aiming to destroy is my ego, you do not stand a chance."

Swearing again, Jake called off the winds and scowled, furious with himself for not thinking of the obvious possibility of the wind fueling the fire.

2/26/2007 #49
Hikari no Roojii
Looking at Miko enquiringly, Roojii raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"You're getting awfully flustered my dear" she giggled.

2/26/2007 #50
Catsy flipped her long hair and smiled at the man, "Destroying egos is what I do best... and destroying your's won't be no different." She said calmly in response as she jumped back, keeping her power level at a minimun, not allowing her power to be detected by anyone.

"YOU CAN DO IT CATSY!" Neo yelled out from a plan flying over with a loud microphone. "You Can D---" Before he could finish his statement, a person pushed him off the plane and into the once battlefield. "SAVE ME---"

Catsy's face went red with embarrassment and made no move to turn her back to save her creator. "Baka-kun is making a fool of himself again." She watched tat carefully and tilted her chin, "I won't even attack first."

2/26/2007 #51
Random 4 life
Miko's cheeks turned a slight shade of pink.

"I'm going to help Neo." She ran over to where he landed and laughed slightly before offering her hand.

"You ok? You took a pretty nasty fall there. I'd get Russo, he has healing powers, but he's been ignoring us latley. But I'll do the best I can. Come on." She led him over to some benches and offered him a glass of water. "You took a pretty nasty fall there. But you'll be fine, people here get much worse. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about."

She smiled. She didn't want to scare him, but she was worried about his health.

"Just take it easy ok?"

2/27/2007 #52
Neo nodded, his brown eyes showing embarrassment. Catsy turned to see him and with a quick notion a red light flared from her onto neo and his body was completely healed. "Th-Thank you Miko!" Neo exclaimed, excitemeny showing in his expression. "

"Catsy is used to saving me from stunts like that." he chuckled.

2/27/2007 . Edited 2/27/2007 #53
Random 4 life
Miko smiled.

"No problem. I don't like seeing people hurt. It's my thing. Though I love the fights here, when someone hurts themselves, it bugs me. Unless it's Dan. Dan gets in too much trouble for me to care anymore. Do you do things like that all the time?" She turned her attention back to the battle, which was starting to heat up.

No pun intended, she thought to herself, smiling.

2/27/2007 #54
"Not always," Neo chuckled, watching the battle in front of him. "Go somebody!" He said randomly, not knowing who is who... he just knew he liked fire.
2/27/2007 #55
Pluto's Rose
Aidan stared back at his opponent, and said softly, "I don't want to kill you. I really don't. Doesn't mean I can't. Emma didn't kill herself to save Ryan. I killed her. And it wasn't on purpose either. I did a really stupid spell that destroyed my opponent, but killed her. Which is why Ryan hates me so much. But after all you've done to me, I really don't have a choice." He increased the fire energy in the whip, and didn't say another word.
2/28/2007 #56
Random 4 life
Miko just stared. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. He killed her? It made sense now. If someone killed her boyfriend, she wouldn't be able to forgive them either

...even if they can come back in ways I'm still trying to follow, she thought to herself. Looking up at the battle, she realized somthing. Aidan was noble, he wouldn't kill Jake. But what about Jake? Is chilvery dead in his eyes? Will fight for what's right? Tensions growing, she was getting nervous.

3/2/2007 #57
"You're taking too long!" Catsy yelled out, pulling her fire arrow into the air and shooting it at Tate, her opponent. "I don't have that much patience."
4/5/2007 #58
Hikari no Roojii
Jake looked up from inspecting his nails and lazily locked his gaze back onto Aidan.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?"

Tate smirked and stepped aside, the arrow whizzing harmlessly past his head.

"I can see that" he chuckled quietly. It was a habit of his to make his opponent as angry as possible before the fight properly began, it made them much more likely to make mistakes.

4/6/2007 #59
Pluto's Rose
Aidan sweatdropped. "Nevermind, Bastard. Shall we get on with this then?"
4/6/2007 #60
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