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She watched him carefully, her violet eyes not moving away from the wretched male in front of her. 'I can see that...' His words repeated in her head, he was toying with her... she needed to see how powerful he was.. in order to make no mistakes. Or at least she'd try not to make any. She began to walk towards him, like a vixen, her hips moving side to side, her mind keeping only to the battle, only the battle in front of her.

Red, nearly transparent wings came out of her back as she jumped into the air and they began to flap as she flew towards him, her claws coming out from her hands. "Light of Fire..." She screamed out, her body glowing red and the energy begin to grow more and more natural resource helping her gain this power in the quick motion she was getting it. She stopped her charging up energy and her hands went in a circular motion then suddenly, fire reupted form the ground beneath Tate. "Take that!"

4/11/2007 #61
Random 4 life
Kelly blinked. "That was...unexpected."

"It's the fortress of evil...I could walk on water if I wanted to." Joey laughed, but then went back to watching people hurt themselves...because watching people hurt themselves was fun.

4/11/2007 #62
Pluto's Rose
"...this place looks fun," said a voice.

It was Jake. He had left the secret library, and entered the Battle Dome in the hopes of finding an opponent. Or at least being mildly amused by people fighting each other.

4/19/2007 #63
Catsy turned to see Jake as he walked in; he was obvious amused by the destruction that happened within this place. She waited as the fire cleared up from the corpse's body and around it to see the person more clearer... she looked at the body and for a moment, flet disgusted. She didn't know why she came here... maybe, it was because Neo had come, but the though of death on most occasion bothered her to the deepest part of her soul.

She turned her beautiful face to meet with his and smiled, "Baka-kun," she said, looking at Neo, "who is this person?" Neo shrugged his shoulders shoulders then started speaking gibberish to the people by him.

Catsy jumped from her spot until she got in front of the male, "Bonjour... my name is Catsy, and yours? I assume you've come to either watch a battle or to do it yourself, eh?"

5/31/2007 #64
Pluto's Rose
"Jake," he answered, "and as for the second question, yes I have come here to watch the battles."

It was clear that he wasn't very used to talking to people without adding some sort of insult to them. It was also rather obvious that he was enjoying the fact that the battle dome kept getting blown to pieces.

6/1/2007 #65
"If you want an opponent," She stated, a smile planted on her face then flipping her hair out of the way, "allow me to have the pleasure of being that person."
6/5/2007 #66
Pluto's Rose
"Is that because you think it'll be an easy fight?" asked Jake, having seen her pyrokinetic abilities.
6/6/2007 #67
She sighed, feeling a bit annoyed, "I don't assume anything... Jake," She said and then decided to add to his annoyance, "you shouldn't prejudge my thoughts. It's not very gentlemen like, and I'll have you know women love a man who is tough but can still be a gentlemen." Her words were slightly flirtacious though they weren't meant to be.

Her violet eyes watched to see Jake's response by actions to her words... for some reason, she sometimes enjoyed to aggrevate men. "I've never seen you in battle... and I've just been warmed up... and I'm getting pretty bored." She smiled gently, "I would prefer that it wouldn't be a fight to the very ending." She walked over to him like a vixen, something she did on rare occasion and touched his shoulders, gently, and said: "So, what d'ya think?"

6/6/2007 #68
Pluto's Rose
"I know what women love--I have a girlfriend," he sighed, before he continued, "I guess I can make an exception for pyros this one time. After all, it's been ages since I've been able to fight someone."
6/7/2007 #69
She smiled gently, "Do you really? What would she say if you got defeated by a girl?" She asked sweetly while jumping back from him, trying to get a distance away from him. "I am most unaware of your abilities... so I'll let you egt started first." She slanted his violet eyes as she got into a fighting pose, "I do prefer not to be called a pyro... call me a warrior of hope."
6/7/2007 #70
Pluto's Rose
"She's dead," he said, with little emotion attatched to the statement. He didn't say anything after that, and merely waited for her to begin.
6/7/2007 #71
A pity... she found herself believing that he become so cold, like ice or even marble stone as to say that without any sort of feeling, or maybe it was his strength... that he didn't let emotions get in the way... but even so emotions were a powerful thing to let go. "What a sad ending... ever fell in love again?" She asked while watching him, he was calm... waiting for her to attack; she hated to be the one to attack first.

"Even sadder is how cold you seem to be... remind me of myself at one time." She spoke again, her cat claws coming out and the wind seeming to get strong as her body glowed the color red. "Does it ever make you feel alone?" She asked, honestly, regretting that she even asked to battle him... it would be terrible to fight someone whom she felt so sympathetic for.

6/7/2007 #72
Pluto's Rose
"Never did after that," Jake admitted, "she was murdered, and just that was very upsetting."

He still showed no sign that he was even slightly upset talking about her death to someone that he was about to fight.

6/7/2007 #73
"Hmm... thats very sad... I'll change all that; I'll make you fall for my battling style," She said in a joking manner while putting her hand in front and then the other and started to move them in a circular motion, "Celestian Fire..." Fire began to form itself within her hands and the heavens itself began to open as she screamed out, "Charge!"

A small fireballl shot out from her hands and started to get bigger until it reached the size of a small hut in the shape of a unicorn with stars surrounding it, larger than the horse and fire shooting from the sky as it went towards Jake. "You know in the beginning... some people worshipped fire, some people even fear fire for its great power, many have used fire for making ornant thing... but, here, I'll make you see fire for what it is... and more, heck, I'll make you believe its beautful and fall to your knees whenever you see it and obeisance!" She called out to him, still calm but more in battle mode... probably trying to distract him during battle.

6/8/2007 #74
Random 4 life
Joey skipped in, courious about what was going on.

"What's going on?"

6/8/2007 #75
Pluto's Rose
"Jake and Catsy are randomly fighting each other," Ryan explained.

Jake just stared at Catsy, unmoved by this display of power. He said nothing, but it became apparent within a matter of minutes that the temperature of the Battle Dome was rapidly dropping, and the air seemed to have changed, which was kind of strange, if you think about it.

6/9/2007 . Edited 6/9/2007 #76
Random 4 life
"And Catsy would be?" Joey asked with a confused face.
6/9/2007 #77
Pluto's Rose
"She belongs to Neo," Ryan explained.
6/9/2007 #78
Random 4 life
Joey shrugged. This was all over her head. But, violence was involved, so she didn't really care.
6/9/2007 #79
Even if the attack didn't hit Jake, she knew the heat and the changing of the atmosphere would knock him out due to his losing of breath and moisture within his body... dehydration would be a good winning strategy without her having to touch him.

The dragon shape of fire straightened its course, the fire of the heaven following it... and flew towards Jake in attempt to hit him and hopefully, he wouldn't do something to deflect it.

His unnerved persona annoyed her deeply.. making her cringe... he didn't even seem to be fazed... by her show of power. However, she wasn't going to let that bother her so instead, she blew a kiss in his direction.

Her powers striked in the area Jake was standing... but the question was... did he get hit?

6/12/2007 #80
Pluto's Rose
When the smoke cleared, Jake was still standing where he had been before, looking as though nothing had happened. Well, not entirely. He had quite a few nasty burns.

"You're going to have to do better than that."

6/12/2007 #81
Huh, he looks almost as if the attack did nothing to him... she stared incredulously at the male, her eyes showing her confusion. The smoke was causing the air to become thicker, much harder to breathe, she observed.

She began to walk towards him, losing the vixen facade as she began to notice the "nasty burns" that she inflicted... wondering if that even meant that it caused him any sort of real damage. "Did those burns come my kiss or from my fire?" She asked sarcastically in response to his rude comment.

Her spiritual energy lifted as she walked closer and got close to where he was and smiled gently as she touched his face and pressed onto his cheeksand turned his face to her direction, "why don't you fight back?' She asked, hoping he would so she could actually have a strategy, "or are you afraid of fighting a girl... or is true beauty your weakness?" She continued, not meaning one word that came out her mouth... she was in hope her annoyance would cause him to fight... make it more enjoyable for her.

"Because I don't have a problem with fighting nice looking people... ridding of vain faces makes me proud." Anyone who knew her would be able to tell you that he was putting on a front, a facade, a play... for she was nothing like she was saying. She was usually the girl who preferred the peaceful way, hated flirting and was as sweet as can be. She was obviously too much around Mis'o'chi because she was playing her character almost perfectly... except her eyes showed the fact that she was lying. "It's no time to think about geting with me rather than battling me."

6/12/2007 #82
Pluto's Rose
"Hn. Nice try," he said simply.

This was just the way that he was. He'd often fight people that had twice, or even three times the ability that he did, and would fight until he was dying. You could interpert that as being stupidly brave, but he wasn't.

He was just arrogant.

6/12/2007 #83
Catsy frowned. Her hand was still on his cheeks as her annoyance caused her cat-claws to come out though she didn't mean for them to come out at the moment... and they pierced into his cheeks. For a moment, she wanted to barf... she didn't mean for that to happen and his blood was now on her hand. She jumped away and screaned, "I-I'm s-sorry..." She found herself saying, her facade completely lost.

Still, this was a battle and they needed to continue. She reached out into the air as if she were to grab onto something and an arrow appeared in her hands with the words 'HOPE" imprinted through the fire of the arrow and with the other hand, there came a bow with the word 'DESIRE' imprinted vertical on the bow area. "Jake, I wouldn't advise standing still on this attack," unless, of course, he had the ability to stop the arrow in mid air, "it might be your death sentence." She warned, her voice still calm, hiding the true alarmness to it.

6/12/2007 #84
Pluto's Rose
Wiping the blood off of his face, he continued to stare at her, wondering why she was bothering to lie about herself.

"Hn," he said again, "I can face death."

Of course, one might think that he meant he was forfeiting, when in fact, he wasn't at all.

6/12/2007 #85
She looked up to see Neo and frowned deeply, getting her bow ready to let go of it and understand exactly what he meant by that he could face death... but it, in fact, frightened her. Why did she continue with his lie about herself... knowing it was obvious that she was lying?

She knew why... but the reason would be much too unbearable for her to accept. She released the arrow but instead allowing him to get hit with it, the arrow to pierce through his soul and drag t down to the depths of sheol... she used her telekinesis to knock him down to the ground hard then to the small wall to the back of him after the arrow whizzed by, destroying a home nearby... a vacant one.

She ran over to him in high speed and slapped him across his face then elbowing him in his stomach.

6/12/2007 #86
Pluto's Rose
It was a wonderful, kind of ethereal feeling that Jake had at the moment. The pain almost felt good...

It was then that he remembered something very important--he wasn't dead. Not yet anyway. He was gasping for air, wondering why the hell he hadn't died.

6/12/2007 #87
She grabbed onto him, forcing him to look at her.. pity evident in her eyes. What kind of person would allow themselves to go through this much and yet have that look in thier eyes, almost as if death is desired. She felt his face in sympathy, "what kind of man are you? Fight me!"

She pitied him.. he was a fool... who would agree to a fight like this and not battle, allow themselves to go through this. "You are a pitiable man," she said sympathetically, her words truthful and kind as she shot out a small fireball through her hand onto his chest, making him hit the wall again hard enough to break it.

6/12/2007 #88
Pluto's Rose
Gasping for air, Jake got to his feet, despite the fact that the last blast had truly weakened him. He was coughing quite badly, and at that point, it became apparent that Catsy's fingers were freezing from where they had come in contact with his skin.

He continued to watch her, wondering what she would do next.

6/12/2007 #89
She didn't know why he wouldn't fight though she became sure it was probably to tire her out, ... what a simple plan, almost as simple as her plan to make him dehydrated and just pass out. However, she wasn't sure that was his plan so her pity continued for the man even if she tried not to allow herself to feel that way. "Jake, allow me to see your true power..." she said, walking over to him, her gentle eyes meeting with his... he was obviously weakened.

"We could just stop this battle... if you would please..." She said, trying to let him know that they needn't to keep on with the battle; he kept on coughing and it made her nervous. Using her telekinetic powers, she made the boy stand before her presence... she looked at him with a veyr sympathetic look as she cleared the smoke that had come through the arena and touched his chest just barely as her body glowed and allowed her energy to heal his body, weakening her. "Or, now that you're healed... you could battle me with all your--" She didn't realize healing him would take so much out of her... but then again, she was fatigued by the whole situation. "might and then..." She stopped, she couldn't say she then wouldn't feel so bad in battle.

"We'll see who wins." The beautiful girl finished her changed sentence. Her violet eyes never left his eyes while speaking though she was sure he could've attacked while he was that close if he wanted and she would've been unprepared. She put her left hand on her hip and the other behind his head and leaned it closer to her so she could whisper in his ear, "if we continue the battle, fight to your best avility... make it interesting." She smiled and kissed his cheek then jumped a little further from him, "make your choice!"

6/12/2007 #90
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