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Hikari no Roojii
Got a story you want to show off? Well, advertise them here. The summaries can be as long or short as you like.
3/6/2007 #1
[s:2329524:Samurai Fiction] Title: Samurai Fiction Summary: When two hitmen find out that they have the same target to kill, things get complicated very easily. Stuck in a town where everyone wants to kill them, the two have no choice but to seek help. This ain't real: it's Samurai Fiction. Ummm... It's my first time posting, and I'd really like some comments.
3/6/2007 . Edited by Pluto's Rose, 3/9/2007 #2
ehe... here again... [s:2330541:The Faceless Deep] Title: The Faceless Deep Summary: The decision of a man between two beings, his wife and his lover: the deep blue sea. I appreciate reviewscomments. (I kinda did this under an hour, lol, since it was experiment. It was kind of inspired by HP Lovecraft, or at least the writing style on his stories) Uhmm... and Samurai Fiction is updated.
3/8/2007 . Edited by Pluto's Rose, 3/9/2007 #3
[s:2333696:The Invisible] Title: The Invisible Summary: They found themselves caught between the battle between heaven and hell, realizing that it may be the final confrontation between both sides. What they fail to understand, however, is that there are horrors beyond death and the apocalypse.
3/19/2007 . Edited by Pluto's Rose, 3/19/2007 #4
Ex-Cross Title: The Invisible Summary: They found themselves caught between the battle between heaven and hell, realizing that it may be the final confrontation between both sides. What they fail to understand, however, is that there are horrors beyond death and the apocalypse.
3/19/2007 #5
Across Eternity
[s:2341595:The Vampire, Noir] Title: The Vampire, Noir. Summary: Duty. He had given everything up for it, and it became a curse. The search for a young girl had brought everything into place, but everyone had their secrets. In between the lines he waited as the vampire Noir.
3/31/2007 . Edited by Pluto's Rose, 4/1/2007 #6
Story: Miracle Knights The story is not about literal knights... as in medieval England. It is called Knights because they are guardians or protectors. Summary: Two teens in love, but neither know of eachother's love. They are both going to end up on adventure of their lifetime. The adventure would take their emotions places they never thought it would go. The legend of Miracle Knights begins. The story is actually about more than two people... it has about 5 dfferent teens who are the mian characters. The story takes place in a place called 'Knight Island' which is a new place that is owned by France. The story starts off with two main charcters and lowly moves to more. It is full of romance and as teh story goes on, more suspesne. Comedy... action/adventure...drama... evrythign is involved in this story. It is somewhat deep once the story takes its chance t shine and slowly, it reveals everyone's true personality. Full of surprises.. and full of character developemtnt. Sadly, I haven't got many chapters doen yet but i do know exactly how the story will go. Preview: Catsy, once again, felt dreary as she turned to left, then to the right, and all around. 'The Dark Knights are close by!' The tiny ruby red cat ears started twitching and then poked out a little more. She put her hand over her cat ears and started to look around to see if anyone saw them come out. Kari looked and noticed she put her hand over head and thought she mustn’t like the music. Ken began to sing the next verse and the music stopped and the microphone began to stop working so did like he was trained when things go wrong sing acapella, which sounded prettier that then with the music except some people couldn’t really hear him. They’re here! They’re here! No! It can’t be! Too much power! How did they get this strong? Catsy felt the ground under her start moving then slowly it became a strong earth quake. Catsy jumped to higher ground and knocked Ken off the stage and told him to run with her. She turned around and saw the saw the school building falling to the ground and then she looked to the innocent Kari, who looked like she was being grabbed by some gravel that was shaped like a huge hand. After she was grabbed, she saw the man in her dream standing on top of it, with his face full of triumph like he was proud of what was going on. Ken looked at Catsy and could’ve faintly sworn that he saw her glow before he saw every body disappear before his very eyes. She jumped from where she just put him and ran towards the man over the hand. Ken noticing that she wasn’t next to him anymore, ran towards her without thinking about the consequence only about she could get hurt. They ground was coming up and splitting apart only on the school grounds, nowhere else. The man noticed Ken and smiled a demonic smile and Ken nearly froze when he looked at his smile and those eyes… he had never seen someone like him. Black wings came out the man’s back and began to spread out wide as he yelled:” Trauma of the Dark Knight of Despair!” A large black creature came out on both sides of his wings and joined together and soon had bat wings. It had red eyes that showed despair, pain, hurt, and its body was strong with it’s arms full of muscles. It flew towards Ken in lightning speedgoing right through his body and Ken fell to the ground, unconscious as the ground tried to take his eat his body and swallow him up. Link: I hope you like it. please read and review. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story: Dark Knight: Haji Escuro Espirito For the story 'Dark Knight: Haji Escuro Espirito' it is a part of Miracle kNights that bases only one character and that is Haji. Before Haji becomes who he is on Miracle kNigts, this story explains who he was and how he became who he is now. It is much more darker than Miracle kNights and stays more on the supernatural side along with tragedy. It is sad in nature but veyr interestign to read. Summary: All who looked upon him saw him as a perfect boy with no problems. His problems were greater than the average. After the death of someone very near to him, he becomes someone that he never dreamed of becoming. he becomes just as his name, a 'dark Spirit.' Haji has always been different from eevryone... with beauty that no one could truly describe, and powers that hmans can never have. His story is full of twist and many things that everyone would need to learn about him as the story goes on. Why are his parents so cold towards him? Is everything as simple as it seems. he has always had one love: Julissa. When Julissa is supposedly killed teh Knight of Light, a guardian that is supposed to be good, he would became the knight of darknesss and will give up on anything as long as he coud kill him. Preview: Haji opened his door slightly to make sure no one was outside his door because his father always came up every time he tried to sneak out the house. No one was out there! He walked like a wolf trying to stalk it’s prey by staying quiet and making no noises as he walked down the stairs. Once he got done to the last couple of steps, he saw a couple of his cousins, the teenagers, walking in loudly and talking about the basketball game that just happened. They gave him a deadly glare as if they had saw demon before their very eyes and that glaring could kill it. Haji gave them a even worse glare as he hopped the stairs down, knowing that now they know he is down there. They all gave a fake smile and spoke happily as if they really though about him, saying: "YO! Haji, what’s up… we haven’t talked since, well, forever! Dang, you’ve changed, I bet the girls LOVE you!” They said the last part trying to pretend that they were proud of him too bad their faces showed that they weren‘t proud that ‘girls loved him.’ Haji smiled and waved goodbye saying that he had to do something important. His cousins laughed and kept on calling him foolish and stupid to believe anyone would like him as soon as they door closed and kept on saying his own parents didn’t even care for him. Haji laughed to himself because he knew exactly what they were doing inside and because he was the one who had them fooled. After realizing that he had got out the house, Haji ran his fastest to a park of where a special person should be waiting for him. He knew that once he left, his cousins would tell his parents that he left, they would come after him because they would know whom he was going to see. He got to the park out of breath but if someone else ran as much as he did, they would’ve died out of exhaustion. He walked for awhile looking for her… and then he found her. Julissa was her name, and because she had that name, it was one of the most beautiful names he had ever heard or seen anyone with, it was like the scent of roses in the morning. She had long brown hair that went down to the middle of her back, and brown eyes that could light up the night sky. She looked like a young Jennifer Lopez but prettier. She didn’t see him as she was under a small light pole reading a book. Haji noticed she didn’t notice him and decided to sneak up on her. He jumped on top of a tree and leaped silently like a sniper trying to sneak on it’s prey, and then landed silently behind her. He stood there for a moment and thought about whether he should scare her, surprise, or anything. He decided to just surprise her as happiness entered into his eyes and along with sneakiness. As he put his hands over her mouth while speaking to her in a whisper:” Guess who… you know you should be more aware of who’s around you because I could’ve easily been somebody else-” he smiled a genuine smile which she always thought was sexy. She turned around with a smile on her face as she put her arms around his neck and kissed him gently on the lips as a blush appeared on her face and his. She then uttered out in a voice barely above a whisper as she flattered him:” I can do that because I know I got you to protect me." She put her hand in his hair and started ruffling it up causing some bangs to appear on his face which he just allowed to happen with a face of pure happiness appeared on his face. She was the only person that could make him feel that; he loved her with all his heart and soul, he would give his life for her if it ever came down to that. The park was very close to the ocean so they could hear the ocean waves hitting the shore as they walked together hand in hand while she leaned her head on him smiling. Suddenly they saw six balls of lights staring back at them after they walked for 15 minutes. The balls of lights seemed to be making the noise of a motorcycle’s engine, which was exactly what the balls of light happened to be coming from. Julissa frowned and closed her eyes because the light was so bright; Haji, on instinct, got into a fighting stance. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Haji Escuro Espirito! How luck are we to find you here!” yelled out a boy with long black dyed hair going down to his shoulders with some of the strangest color contacts. Haji walked closer with no fear within him to see whom he was talking to. He recognized the boy as being someone that he had trusted best friend. He was a punker and a pale one at that; he had a long face and was what you called straight up ugly. His mama couldn’t have found that face to be as nice looking face; he had a ring on his chin and a couple of earrings in his right ear. He wore an open vest showing his rough body that could only belong to a person in the 11th and or 12th grade or happened to be in the wrestling team; he had no sleeves showing that he had a large tattoo of a dragon running down his arms. He took off his vest and revealed a chain hanging off his black pants in which he grabbed with his right hand and used the other to wrap with around his fist. Another boy was much younger than the last with sky blue eyes that would pierce through someone’s soul, he was very handsome and looked like a rich white kid who wanted to prove he was bad, though he didn’t dress like one. He wore baggy pants and muscle shirt though he wasn’t all that muscular, he was more skinny than muscular but nonetheless he wore because he thought he was buff because of his stomach muscles. He, too, had a weapon but Haji couldn’t comprehend what it was but he knew it looked similar to a gun but it was much too wide to be one. He picked it up from the side of his motorcycle. Link: ------- Story: Celestial Guardians Summary: A great darkness has been reawakened, a legend will unfold. He believes that its thier fault. With innocence, she looked upon the world. In a place where evil seems unknown, the darkest legend will take place. Welcome to the legend! Preview: They struggled with each other, for a girl she was strong when she wanted something. They held in there and Ikerah held on tight as he made Celestrial fall towards him and the necklaces went into the light from what Celestrial had saw. Having spiritual insight, Ikerah had felt a whole bunch of power coming from those necklaces as he closed his eyes because of the blinding light! The next thing they knew, they were no longer in the temple, or so they thought, they were in a palace with the same decoration but it didn’t have the same dark sense that the temple had before. They both looked utterly surprised to see what they saw. The next thing they knew, the palace began to burn down but the windows seems to be un-scorched. They walked outside and saw a woman on the ground and the ‘Bird of Destruction’ in the sky encircling the woman. Ikerah, surprisingly, wasn’t thinking when he ran over there, it was like he had a connection with the woman he couldn’t understand. The woman got up before he could get over and she turned around and had a worried look on her face. He was even more surprised when she turned around. She spoke with a mature beautiful voice:” The world… will be destroyed by the Birds of Destruction’… Prince… my once loved one… Terrestrial… has released them… the ones who take my necklaces are destined to be the Celestian Guardians… the ones whom are once a part of the Celestian family… they will restore peace for a short time but then they will need to destroy the one that will cause greater destruction…” With that she disappeared, and there was a great light that appeared from the sky as they too disappeared and when they woke up… they were on the bus with their material that they never found…. And the keys. ------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The ther story is an AU of my story Miracle knights./
6/12/2007 #7
Master Judgment

Cat Wind

Catherine, a girl in the 8th grade, discovers that terrible events are occurring when the new substitute teacher arrives at the school. Students start disappearing and Catherine believes that the substitute is responsible for this chaos. Things worsen when her best friend, Kitty, becomes a target of the danger lurking in the school. Readers can choose the ending of the story by picking from the 4 possible endings.

This story is most suitable for people in middle school or that have already learned about controversial health topics.


Thematic Elements: The Strong Bond of Friendship, The Destruction of Innocence, Courage, Coping with Grief or Loss

Symbols: Bastet, Anubis, Gold, Water/Fountain, Red, White, Backpack, Weapons, Stairs

8/1/2008 #8

Her, Ayuki

Love? Lust? All I knew was that my heart ached as I longed for her, Ayuki. She was the famous singer that everyone loved and in contrast, I was her burden. If only I could become a hero and win her heart. If only everything we went through was real.

8/1/2008 #9

Sanctuary Of a Place Unknown

Summary: (Warning, M&M slash) Brier is just a poor boy, who doesn't know what to do now that his family knows he's gay. When it came out months ago, his father stopped talking to him, and his mother pretends it never came out in hopes that it will all just go away.Delilah, his good friend is the only who seems to be there for him... and he needs, especially when Corbin comes into the picture. A pale boy a little taller than Brier appears in Brier's art class, and they're paired up. Brier can't help himself, he's gorgeous and easy going. Corbin seems to float through life, spreading happiness and peace, but he's too caught up in his own high to notice. Can Brier hold him down to be his?

(Baaah! It's a lame summary. Go read my actual story, it's better than this... crap.)

9/7/2008 . Edited 9/7/2008 #10

Why Eric Sleeps With Girls And Not Nicks - Eric sleeps with girls. He's not gay. He really doesn't notice the fairer attributes of his roommate Nick. That's what he tries to convince himself, anyways. lightSlash, oneshot.

Only Human - Casey is just trying to avoid life, not live it. Survival is key, happiness isn't even a secondary consideration. Peter is all about the living, all about making Casey live. Well, he's trying anyways. And Dylan? Mostly he just wants Casey. slash

11/1/2008 #11
Link Broken

Till Death Do You Part

Kate has every right to be made at a ghost for screwing up her proposal night, so why is it that after they're done fighting she's the one feeling guilty? She doesn't even agree with him. She didn't kill him in that car accident like he said, it was an accident.

Jennaleigh's Facts of Life

Jennaleigh is a cancer patient and she's 15. One day she gets a pity letter from a stranger, nothing out of the ordinary for her. Then she begins to tell him everything. "I feel like these tubes are the only thing keeping the gullotine from coming down on me, and everyone else, they're all just witnesses to my martyrdom. Sometimes I wish that I would just die and get it over with. Then I think of you."

12/19/2008 #12


During her move to St. Kilda's High, Luna suspected her brother had a crush on her. Little did she know that their affair was the catalyst in the world's upheaval.

2/10/2009 #13

Title: Falling

Summary: My foot is slipping, my heart is breaking, don't let me fall, please.

I know the summary is short, but please read it, it's a poem and just press the pretty little review button after your done, pllleaasseee :)

2/19/2009 #14
Claudia Cobain

Coffee & TV

Short summary: Love blooms where you least expect it. I finally got the job of my dreams, so I don't have to worry about spending the rest of my life in some office surrounded in countless numbers. But nothing is ideal.

Carol finally acheived her dream of actually working as a photographer. She seems to feel something for her boss and by the looks of it he does too. But eventually a love triangle appears.

3/3/2009 . Edited 3/3/2009 #15

Eli Mulligan:

Adam Marsh has a problem. He's dead, but he wasn't supposed to die just yet. Now Heaven is giving him a second chance in a new life as a 14 year old boy named Eli Mulligan. How will he adjust to this new life and the mysteries surrounding his old one?

Eli Mulligan Volume 2:

Eli and the gang adjust to their new lives as well as a mysterious new teacher that isn't quite what he seems. Meanwhile a new female student develops a crush on Mikey.

It's eventually going to be a 3 part story. I'm about halfway done with part 2.

3/19/2009 #16

War Is My Future:

A romantic story with disastrous consequences...

Phoenix XT, a multi-billionaire company, has developed a drug which makes the mind vulnerable to outside influence. Phoenix XT is targetting people with supernatural abilities and control them. Only one boy will be able to fight back and terminate this threat but at what cost and how many will die?

Preface Preview:

I lay on the ground surrounded by the bodies of my allies as bullets, unbelievably, still missed their mark and hit the wall behind me. Not one made contact with my head. It was torturous. I now wanted it to end quickly. How many more firing would it take for one bullet to reach its mark? Probably not much and with that thought in mind I closed my eyes waiting desperately for the pain to end and to no longer carry the weight of my body. The sound of the whizzing bullets faded away and I could swear I heard the electrical impulses moving along my nerves frantically going around from muscle to muscle through the nerve fibres and to my brain which was using the basic instinct of survival all animals possess. But that was what was different with humans. I knew my fate was sealed and that I was to die at the hand of the enemy that day so why escape my destiny? I had never run away from my choices, and here, at the end, I was making the choice to stay still until death could take me.

Still incomplete

6/6/2009 #17
The Jab

Recently completed, it's my surprise hit on FictionPress, Letters of Misinfermation.

What started out as a humorous and cute little english assignment has evolved into so much more. Out of my three stories, I have done the least advertising for this one. Here's some statistics.

The Jabbe Chronicles-

Published- June 3, 2008 (Over a Year Old)

Reviews- 48

Chapters- 45


Published- January 27, 2009 (More than Six Months Old)

Reviews- 33

Chapters- 18

Letters of Misinfermation-

Published- April 4, 2009 (Four Months Old Tomorrow)

Reviews- 75

Chapters- 50

If these stats don't say it, my traffic should:

Since the month as just changed, I am shocked to learn that Letters of Misinfermation is already up to 357 Hits and 34 Visitors, making it about 10 Hits Per Person as of August 3rd

In the month of July, Letters of Misinfermation had 587 Hits and 99 Visitors, about 6 Hits Per Person.

This story is growing fast.

The story is written in a unique format. Except for one chapter, the story is told entirely through letters from various characters ranging from main character Tommy Birch to the President of the United States. The story centers around the themes of childhood, divorce, social morals, loss of innocence, suicide, war, abandoment, and other issues. Several other recurring characters include US Soldier Alex, Ukranian student Sergei Spivak, and juvenile delinquent Jimmy Carter (I didn't mean to do that actually. I named him early on in the first chapter, then many chapters later I gave his mother the last name Carter. Oops.)

So go ahead and stop by, you'll enjoy it. And don't forget, review, review, review.

Another contributor to the story's success is it's readibility and accessibility. Chapters are extremely short since they are only letters.

8/3/2009 #18
A Fire Rose

I am writing short stories on the lives of each of the seven McCallister brothers of Ireland. Right now, I have several completed and several in progress for Gavin, the sixth of the seven born. He is a farmer, and always has been. He enjoys the simple pleasures in life, and is practical and straightforward. Recently, he learned that he has two children he has never met. When their mother becomes terminally ill, she sends them from America to live with him. Not surprisingly, they are angry about being thrust into a home and a country they have never known before.

I would love readers!

10/9/2011 #19
B. Chuck

Title: Kurōn no Toshi

Summary: City of clones. This is a story about a boy named Kiyoshi who is struggling in life. Kids tease him, his father died, and he and his mother are struggling to survive. He wants to leave, escape this world. Find a new life. He'll find that he should be careful what he wishes for. I suck at summaries, better description is in story. Please RxR.

Category: Romance/Adventure

Rated: T E3%83%AD%E3%83%BC%E3%83%B3%E3%81%AE%E9%83%BD%E5%B8 %82-Kur%C5%8Dn-no-Toshi

4/18/2013 #20
Blue-Eyed Draconai

Hi, here's my story. It's called "Awakening of a Sytan Warrior". I may change the title sometime in the future, but that's what it is now.

It's about an average high school senior who has been hearing a voice in her head all her life. She's thinks it's her conscious, but is it? It's a little mystery, I suppose.

Here's the link: ing-of-Sytan-Warrior

5/19/2013 #21
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