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Random 4 life
Ok, so in the role play, we all play with bishies right? Well, this forum is for you to tell us a little about them. Give us some backround information and tell us what we wanna know! You can use this profile, but you don't have to: Name: Miko Age: 13ish Powers: She can be very sarcastic... Crushes?: Kind of undecided. She's kind of torn between Russo and Aidan. Favorite band: Linkin Park Favorite Sport: snowboarding Favorite book: Angels and Demons Backround: She came to the forum to escape her parents who are always yelling at her and critizising her. She just wanted to have some fun! Other: Call her a prep...and die!
3/18/2007 #1
The Ferrett
What are bishies?
3/18/2007 #2
Hikari no Roojii
Bishōnen (Bishie for short), is a Japanese term literally meaning "beautiful youth". Or "pretty boy", if you like. ^^ The female equivalent is Bishōjo, meaning "beautiful young girl". These are, obviously, Japanese terms describing anime and manga style characters but, despite the fact that this topic says to describe your "bishies", any kind of character description is allowed (and enjoyed), so long as they're used in the roleplay topic. For any that aren't going to be used there, but you still want to show off, you can always use The Showcase if you want. ^^
3/19/2007 #3
The Ferrett
Fine then, this is just a character I'm enjoying here. Name: (Twang) Age: 39 ((42-3 ::)) )) Powers: Ability to drop things from great heights. Crushes?: None Favorite band: AC/DC Favorite Sport: AFL Favorite book: Well of lost plots - Jasper Fforde Backround: He's a maniac maniac on the dancefloor. Other: Bucket!!@
3/19/2007 #4
Pluto's Rose
Name: Aidan Age: 15ish Powers: Fire and Light Crushes?: Miko. He had a crush on someone else, but to tell you would be to traumitize you. Favorite Band: AC/DC Favorite Sport: Basketball Favorite Book:...what book? Backround: He was wrongly framed for a crime, and was sent away to a school for people with powers. That he didn't have at the time. He's always being made fun of, and he really hates it, but pretends it doesn't bother him. Other: People seem to underestimate him. Despite the fact that he can kill us all...Perhaps that shouldn't of been said. Oh, and... Water = Evil That is all.
3/21/2007 . Edited 3/21/2007 #5
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