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Pluto's Rose
It's a room. That has a pool.
4/7/2007 #1
Random 4 life
Miko screamed. "Pool Room!" She liked pools. Pools were fun. She dived in without even bothering to change into her swimsuit. Her dive splashed Dan. He wasn't happy.
4/7/2007 . Edited 4/7/2007 #2
Pluto's Rose
Pluto giggled, and dived into the pool with her clothes on. She had really missed the Pool Room. Her diving into the pool caused Jake to become wet.

"Thanks Pluto..." he mumbled sarcastically.

Q'aadara giggled, and was promptly chased into the pool by her boyfriend.

4/7/2007 . Edited 4/7/2007 #3
Random 4 life
Miko hit Pluto. "Naughty naughty! This is literate! Change it!"
4/7/2007 #4
Pluto's Rose
"I just did," said Pluto.

Meanwhile, Jake was still chasing Q'aadara around the pool.

4/7/2007 #5
Random 4 life
Miko beamed, "Good girl!"

Garret meanwhile, was playing a fun little game called, "How many times can I throw Dan in the pool before he begins to cry." He found this game rather fun; until Dan used his water powers to create a huge tital wave and soak him to death. Then he wasn't too happy. Kelly giggled at her boyfriend's stupidity.

4/7/2007 #6
Pluto's Rose
Pluto grinned. It was obvious that Miko had said this to her a lot.

Since Pluto had temporariliy removed his weakness, (this topic only!) Aidan was free to go swimming with the others.

So he did a backflip off the diving board, and splashed both Q'aadara and Jake, who weren't too pleased.

4/8/2007 #7
Random 4 life
Meanwhile, Dan and Garret were having an all out water war. Dan had his powers, but Garret has the kx-99 Hydro-super-atomic blaster with turbo drive and an insta-tank feature.

Somtimes being a rich bastard has it's benifets.

4/8/2007 #8
Pluto's Rose
It appeared that a seal-like thing was in the pool. To be more precise, it was Dylon, as he is half Kelpie. It popped up behind Dan, and transformed back into the regular Dylon.

" want to see something really cool?" Dylon asked.

4/8/2007 #9
Random 4 life
Dan, lost in concentration at beating Garret, didn't even look at Dylon.

"Help me defeat his super rich kid gun, then maybe."

4/8/2007 #10
Pluto's Rose
Dylon chuckled. "That's precisely what I'm about to do."

Pluto had just noticed that it was now raining in the Pool Room. Dylon liked the rain.

4/8/2007 #11
Random 4 life
Dan looked around. "It's raining. So wha-" Just then, he got an idea.

Stoping the raindrops in their tracks, he sent them huring at Garret at insane speeds. They beagn to cut his arms and hands.

"Ow! Ow! Alright I give!"

"Niiice. Thanks Dy."

4/8/2007 #12
Pluto's Rose
"You're welcome, Dan."

At that moment, Sam did a backflip off the divingboard, and dove into the pool backwards. Well, what do you expect? She's on the swim team at her school.

4/8/2007 #13
Random 4 life
Russo, who was *not* on the swim team, dove, belly flopped, and come up wet and in pain. Kelly and Joey laughed, only to get splashed.
4/8/2007 #14
Pluto's Rose
Sam giggled. "Dude, you need a *ton* of practice."

Mark surfaced behind her, and rolled his eyes. "Well, we can't exactly all be *great* swimmers like you."

"Well, I do have amazing sk--wait. You were being sarcastic!"

Sam splashed her brother, who immediately fled to the other side of the pool.

4/8/2007 #15
Random 4 life
"It's times like these I'm glad I'm an only child..." Though Kelly aloud.

She was one of the few who could claim this. Dan had a younger sister, Russo and Cameron had older brothers, Joey also had a younger sister, Garret had a yonger brother, Jennifer was a only child.

Russo blinked at Sam. "Yea well...My school doesn't have a swim team..."

"Is that your best excuse?"

"Shut of, Joey."

4/8/2007 #16
Pluto's Rose
"I pwn you all," said Sam proudly, "I have five brothers."

"Yeah. At least they don't have to be your twin." This remark caused Sam to push him underwater.

"...that's a really lame excuse," Sam said to Russo.

4/8/2007 #17
Random 4 life
Russo was getting miffed. "Well, I don't like swimming...."

"That's no better."

"I hate you Kelly"

4/8/2007 #18
Pluto's Rose
"Whatever," said Sam. She swam away from them, and went over to the diving board. She jumped off of it, doing a backwards somersault, followed by a backwards dive.

It was apparent, at that precise moment, that Brian was in the corner of the Pool Room.

4/8/2007 #19
Random 4 life
Joey and Kelly blinked. This wasn't looking very good. Garret and Dan walked up to him with a mood that reminded Russo of two angry bulls in front of a waving flag.

"What are you doing here, bastard?!" Garret asked, looking ready to break his arm.

"Yea, after what you did to our friend, you better explain yourself!"

4/9/2007 . Edited by Pluto's Rose, 4/9/2007 #20
Pluto's Rose
Brian stared at them. Even though he was a few inches taller than them, their prescence sort of scared him.


He was trying to explain this in words that would make sense, and not seem completely insane.

Meanwhile, Sam was totally obilvious to the fact that her ex-boyfriend was standing in the corner of the Pool Room.

4/9/2007 #21
Hikari no Roojii
Gene ran in, closely followed by Lee, both wearing absolutely nothing. Running past the group, and completely ignoring them, they performed a synchronized bellyflop into the pool.

"Ooo, nice!" Nicky said approvingly, walking in at a more normal pace and having the decency to wear clothes.

4/9/2007 #22
Pluto's Rose
Everyone promptly backed far away from where Gene and Lee had landed.

Sam beamed. "Thanks."

Aidan randomly surfaced by Nicky. "Hi," he said, before he dove under again.

4/9/2007 #23
Random 4 life
Joey sweatdropped at the sight of Gene and Lee, she would never...ever get boys...ever.

Garret and Dan were real close to punching him in the nose, "Well?"

4/9/2007 #24
Pluto's Rose
"Well, you see...ISTILLLIKESAMKAYTHANKSBYE," he mumbled, as he ran for it.

Q'aadara swam over to Joey. "You get used to it. Guys that aren't idiotic like that are a rare find."

4/9/2007 #25
Hikari no Roojii
Nicky blinked and looked around, trying to figure out where Aidan's voice had come from.

Ana swam over to join Q'aadara and Joey.

"Too true. I don't like to say bad things about my friends, but I can't deny that most of them are idiots."

4/9/2007 #26
Pluto's Rose
Aidan popped up next to Nicky. "Hi," he said, grinning.

Q'aadara nodded. "Pluto has this weird obsession with having her characters be smart, or at least a little bit. Except with Aidan."

Aidan pouted. "I'm based off her cousin. So ha!"

4/9/2007 #27
Hikari no Roojii
"Hi" Nicky grinned back, flicking a little water at him since it didn't hurt him in here.

"At least she doesn't have them all crazy, or nearly crazy, like Roojii does" Ana laughed nervously, eying Jake who had just wandered in and was staring coldly at the water.

4/9/2007 #28
Pluto's Rose
"Hey..." He flicked a little water back at Nicky, before turning to Ana, "she has a couple crazies here, and there. Not too many though..."
4/9/2007 #29
Random 4 life
Dan and Garret blinked as they watched Brain run for it. They didn't really understand what he just said, but they heard "like" and "Sam".

It doesn't take a monkey to put the pieces together. They looked over at Sam

"Should we tell her?"

"Would it be right?"

Joey sighed, "Miko has no crazy characters really. Odd, but not crazy."

"Yet..." Miko mumbled evily.

4/9/2007 #30
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