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Pluto's Rose
"Eccentric!" yelled Pluto for no apparent reason, jumping up and down, splashing most people within a few feet of her.

Sam was still oblivious to the fact that Brian had been in the Pool Room. In fact, she really didn't want to know what the screaming was.

4/9/2007 #31
Random 4 life
Dan, who couldn't take the suspense anymore, whispered the fact that Brain still had feeling for Sam into Aidan's ear. Maybe he'd know what to do.
4/9/2007 #32
Pluto's Rose
Aidan's eyes widened. He turned to Dan. "You sure?" He wasn't about to let his friends do something stupid.
4/9/2007 #33
Random 4 life
Dan nodded, "Positive. He said it, all in one word I might add, then just kind of ran off. I'd tell her, but it'd be akward. Why don't you?"
4/9/2007 #34
Pluto's Rose
Aidan blinked at this sudden, very strange request. "Why me? She takes everything I say as a joke. Wait a second..."

He got out of the pool, and pulled someone back into the pool with him.

"Samuel, would you like to know something?"

4/9/2007 #35
Random 4 life
Dan and Garret's eyes widened when they say what Aidan was doing. They proceded to tackle him.

"Excuse us, Samuel. We gotta go take care of our little friend here." Garret pulled Aidan away.

"Don't mind us." He looked Aidan straight in the eye. "What were you doing?! He's the last person we want to know! Can't you see he likes her?"

"Can you imangie how akward that would be? You think you finally have a chance with someone, then you find out their ex wants to get back together. They didn't just date for their health you know..." Garret sighed. Why was love this confusing?

4/9/2007 #36
Pluto's Rose
Aidan blinked. "I doubt that Sam still likes him, as she still refers to him as 'Bastard-kun', and starts throwing things whenever you mention his name...I suppose that you have a better idea?"
4/9/2007 #37
Random 4 life
Dan lowered his eyes. "We"
4/9/2007 #38
Pluto's Rose
Aidan blinked at Dan. "Right. Me. Dammit, why am I always the one playing the freaking hero?"
4/9/2007 #39
Random 4 life
Garret rolled his eyes. "Because, A. This is a guy thing. B. You, me, Russo, and Dan are the only sane boys here. C. This kind of involves Russo directly, so we didn't want to tell him."

"Trust me, if we could've avoided it, we would've, but your our last option."

4/9/2007 #40
Pluto's Rose
"...and why can't you guys tell her? She doesn't exactly take me seriously," Aidan remarked. He didn't want to be rude; but he was trying to stay out of this. Way out of it.
4/9/2007 #41
Random 4 life
Miko appeared randomally and ran up to Dan and Garret. "I finally know who you remind me of!" She screamed. She pointed and Dan. "You remind me of Joey Wheeler! And You of Tristan Taylor. Though, not of Honda, Honda's a pansy!" She ran off again, leaving the boys very confused.

No plot was resolved or thickened in this post...damnit.

4/11/2007 #42
Pluto's Rose
"CLICKY!" screamed Pluto as she jumped off the diving board.


Aidan turned away from his ludicrous creator, and mumbled to Dan and Garret, "Fine, if you two are too scared, then I'll tell her myself."

4/11/2007 . Edited 4/11/2007 #43
Random 4 life
Dan watched Aidan walk over to Sam. "But you can't just go up and say, 'Hi, Sam! Guess what? Brain still loves you! Just ignore the whole Kiki thing ok? YAY!' It does't work like that..."

"Uhhh, Dan?"

"What?" The pool room had gone silent. Dan just screamed at the top of his lungs the last thing he wanted anyone to hear.

...nice going.

4/11/2007 #44
Pluto's Rose
Everyone stared at Dan for a few seconds, before resuming their conversations.

Aidan smiled at Dan. "Don't worry about it..."

He went over to where Sam was, talking to Q'aadara and Emma. None of them had noticed his prescence.

"...uh, Sam...can I talk to you for a moment?"

Stopping in mid-sentence, Sam nodded. At this moment, Emma and Q'aadara swam away, thinking it might be something rather important, and meant only for Sam.

"What is it?"

4/11/2007 #45
Random 4 life
Joey and Kelly, who were watching the whole time, sat down on some chairs and began to watch this whole fiasco unfold...this should be fun.
4/11/2007 #46
Pluto's Rose
"...what would you say if Brian still liked you?"

Sam twitched. "If that asshole wants to get back together, then tell him exactly what I'm thinking. He can rot in hell for all I care." She swam away from him, and didn't say another word.

4/11/2007 #47
Random 4 life
Garret knocked three time as the pool door. "Hey, she said you could go to hell!"

"How do you know he's there?"

"Jealous exes are always hiding in the most obvious places. There was a two week period when Kelly dumped me for another man, I know all the hiding spots."

"That's just creepy"

4/11/2007 #48
Pluto's Rose
...We interupt you at this pointless interlude to bring you some nice Twilight Zone music. Enjoy.

Behind the door, one could hear someone muttering nasty curses under their breath, before stomping away.

"...mission accomplished," Aidan murmured.

4/11/2007 #49
Random 4 life
Garret shrugged. "Called it."

"What? Now you're going to say that Kiki's hiding in the sewers?"

"It could happen..."

4/11/2007 #50
Pluto's Rose
Aidan nodded. "It could."

Just then, both Q'aadara and Sam had done schronized backflips and dives into the pool from the high dive, causing a wave of water to go in the direction of Aidan, Dan, and Garret.

4/11/2007 #51
Random 4 life
Dan, who liked to show off his water powers, sheilded himself. Garret however, got very very wet.

I thought it was funny. So did most people. But appearanlty, some parties poopers (*coughGarretuncough*) didn't like it that much. He look out his ulitmate water gun with the long name and aimed it at Sam.

He knew that if he aimed it a Q'aadara, she'd break it...and him, in half. He didn't like learing fractions in that way.

4/11/2007 #52
Pluto's Rose
Sam frowned, and dove underwater.

Q'aadara giggled, having an idea of what Sam would do to Garret if he sprayed her. She knew this, because Sam told her that she had done it to Mark on many occasions. And gotten grounded for it about two hundred times.

4/11/2007 #53
Random 4 life
Garret, who wasn't as smart as Sam, aimed his watergun under the water and began to fire in hopes to hit Sam.
4/11/2007 #54
Pluto's Rose
Sam popped up behind him, and did something rather childish.

She pulled his swimtrunks down, and swam away.

She had done this so many times to Mark, that he developed a phobia of pools that lasted for two years.

4/11/2007 #55
Random 4 life
Garret blinked. This was...akward. Good thing he had a big water gun. He quickly hid...him, and ran away. The boys laughed, the girls cried, and Dan whisteled him.

He kept running, and running, until he crashed into someone...

...someone you really don't wanna be crashing into at this very moment.

4/11/2007 #56
Pluto's Rose
Jake glared at Garret, and swore under his breath, cursing himself for taking a short cut.

He hurried by, without bothering to insult Garret.

"What's gotten into him?" asked Aidan.

4/11/2007 #57
Random 4 life
Garret didn't answer. He began to walk over to Miko and ask for a new swimsuit. But then it hit him

...Miko has no powers. He went to Pluto and begged her for swim trunks.

Kelly looked over at Aidan. "I don't know, but I don't like it. Shall we check it ou?"

4/11/2007 #58
Pluto's Rose
Pluto snapped her fingers, and Garret had new swim trunks.

Sam was giggling from one side of the pool. She may not of had powers, but she was okay without them.

Aidan thought for a moment. "On second thought, I don't want to know."

4/11/2007 #59
Random 4 life
Miko high-fived Sam. Cool people didn't have powers, right?

Kelly smirked. "Yes you do! Come on!" She grabbed his hand and, keeping low and out of sight, followed Jake.

4/11/2007 #60
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