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Hikari no Roojii
Ok, this is subject to change for the time being while I tweak it, but hopefully there shouldn’t be any major changes. ^^ General info: -This is a literate rp. -The idea is you create characters specifically to fit in with this world, so no old ones unless they fit in please. I have absolutely no problems with you using the characters you create here for anything else (they are your characters after all). -Members can create anything they want; gods, races, magical artifacts, places, characters, anything. As long as it’s not deliberately ridiculous and at least a little in keeping with everything else. -Anyone who participates can write fiction using this world, so if you create something for this rp, you are giving all other members permission to use it in any fics they might want to write. (It’s not that likely to happen, but nothing is impossible. X3) Character creation: -There is no limit to the amount of characters you can create, just please don’t go too mad. -Please stick to the fantasy theme when naming your characters. -The character can be anything you want. Good, evil, male, female, human, elf, dwarf, child, adult, etc. -Character bios are not required. I would rather you introduced and described them in the rp. Rules: -Be civil to other members. -No killing other member's characters, you can kill as many of your own as you like, just don't off anyone else's without permission from them please. RP info: My explaining skills need work, so I apologize in advance. ^^; There is an ancient order dedicated to fighting evil, they are called the Knights of Elythia. The order contains members from nearly every race and worshipers of nearly every goodly god. Ancient feuds and current wars are forgotten when you enter the Knights of Elythia. Your only objective is to protect the people of the realm from the forces of evil, however great or small the problem may be. In a nutshell, they track down and destroy evil. I have deliberately not given too much information, I’d rather fill in the blanks as we go along, hopefully with input from any members who might join. ^^ Here are some suggestions if you can’t really think of anything: Races: Human Elf Dwarf Halfling Dark Elf Barbarian Ogre Demon (If you’re going to use these ones, please make them at least able to take humanoid form, even if they don’t do it very often): Dragon Unicorn Griffon God/Goddess Occupations: Barmaid Assassin Sell Sword Mage Sorcerer Noble Royal Travelling Entertainer Knight Thief Ranger Priest Whore Chef Soooo, anyone interested? =3 Members: HIKARI NO ROOJII - Rothas Deshin Sunell PLUTO'S ROSE - Alvena Leviathan Lior RANDOM 4 LIFE - Ayetra Ethero Haydia Christilla NEOMINITAILS - Aoki Haji Hikaru Kyo Catsy Ken SHADOW SORA94 - Scissor Devil (real name unknown) Ulasa Eurolam V Father Laman
5/20/2007 . Edited 7/29/2007 #1
Pluto's Rose
This sounds very interesting. Consider me signed up. :)
5/20/2007 #2
Hikari no Roojii
Yay! ^________^ I'll make the rp topic now so you can start it if you want. If you'd rather not, I'll do it over the next few days. ^^ If you could give me the name of any characters you create, I'd appreciate that. I don't need a bio, just a name. ^_^
5/20/2007 #3
Pluto's Rose
I have two characters. Alvena and Leviathan. Leviathan is an alias, so you'll find out the real name in time. :)
5/20/2007 #4
Hikari no Roojii
Ok. Cool names! X3 And please disregard the first post babbling, I forgot you had to write a post when you create a topic. I'm such a moron sometimes. ^^;
5/20/2007 #5
Pluto's Rose
It's okay. ^^'
5/20/2007 #6
Random 4 life
Ok, my turn! Ayetra is a blacksmith's daughter who snuck away to become a knight. And, Ethero is the Prince of the land. He is also a knight, sworn to protect his kingdom. So, can I start Roojii-miaster?
5/23/2007 . Edited 5/23/2007 #7
Pluto's Rose
*cough Knight uncough*
5/23/2007 #8
Hikari no Roojii
Of course you can Miko!! ^___^ Jump in any time you want. ^^ -goes to add the shiny new characters to the list- ... I haven't added my own yet, have I? -head/desk- This is not making me look good. T_T
5/23/2007 #9
Random 4 life
Two new character ideas! (curtosy of my WoW addiction ^^) Haydia is a powerful mage. Master of magics consering fire and frost. Cristilla is a druid. Druids are a ancient form of magic taught to very few. They must be very powerful and stong. Druids have the ability to shapeshift into various creatures, and are very close with nature. They're amazing healers as well.
5/26/2007 . Edited by Pluto's Rose, 5/27/2007 #10
I want to sign up.
5/26/2007 #11
Hikari no Roojii
Yay! ^__^ Ok, since you're a moderator, you can add your own characters to the list as you create them (names only please^^). The same goes for the other moderators. If you create new characters, you can go ahead and add them yourselves.
5/27/2007 #12
Shadow Sora94
Can I join? I have a few characters. Scissor Devil (real name unkown)- One of two 'Cursed Childs'. A young assasin boy that appears to be about 10 years. He uses a evil 'teethed' Scissor. Nothing else is known. After a kill, he oftion writes out with the victim's blood 'The devil came here'. Not many know of he is real, he is mostly simply a rumor, a legend, nothing more to most. Ulasa- The second of two 'Cursed Childs'. A young girl that appears to be only a year younger then Scissor, known for her pitch white skin, making her lok like a ghost. Is skilled with Dark Magic. Eurolam- A young girl that is skilled with using two katanas at once. Is a nice person, not evil like the other two. V- A very rude and mean elder. Can use a dagger, but barely. Father Laman- A elderley man who exorcises evil spirits for a week. Is the grandfather of Euorlam. Thats all! Tell me if something is wrong, please. Here is also a picture to help picture Scissor's demon scissors.
7/28/2007 . Edited 7/28/2007 #13
Pluto's Rose
I think that you can join. Just familiarize yourself with where we are now in the Rp. I'm not sure if I can add the characters myself, so you may need to wait until the admin returns.
7/29/2007 #14
Hikari no Roojii
You can indeed join my dear. ^^ And Pluto, as long as there aren't any rule breaches that you can see, feel free to add them to the list. ^__^
7/29/2007 #15
Pluto's Rose
Yay! I have power! XD
7/29/2007 #16
Hikari no Roojii
XD Use it wisely, with great power comes great responsibility, etc etc. X3
7/29/2007 #17
Pluto's Rose
Neh. Why must the fun be ruined? X3 I was suddenly reminded of a quote from the Simpsons Movie. "Sir, you've gone mad with power!" "Of course I have. Have you ever tried going mad without power? It's just boring."
7/29/2007 #18
Hikari no Roojii
XDD That's brilliant! I really need to see that movie.
7/29/2007 #19
Pluto's Rose
Yes, yes you do. I saw it yesterday. :)
7/29/2007 #20
Shadow Sora94
Thanks! I also saw the movie, my favorite line XD. Or at least one of them, can't decide :P.
7/29/2007 #21
Pluto's Rose
It's definitely one of my favorite lines.
7/29/2007 #22
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