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To make the world less ugly, eh? Haji watched the pair carefully, his hazel eyes not once leaving thier sight. He smirked at the two as a soft, sweet, calming wind blew past him, the wind carrying the smell of sweet araconian flowers... this weather was the type of weather meant to fool the world to believing everything is okay... just perfect for a person like him.

The knights, eh... these are the fools who would try to go against the Leviathan... who was that stupid to believe they could beat him? He smiled, knowing that they may die in this journey. There will never be a day where the world will be less ugly... never will that be a destiny for the world.

5/27/2007 #61
Pluto's Rose
Alvena was an oddly suspicious elf, so as she continued to walk with Ayetra, she had this weird feeling that someone was watching them. Dismissing it as pure paranoia, she focused her thoughts on the task at hand; finding a way to defeat the Leviathan.
5/27/2007 #62
His eyes flickered with malice as he watched the people, deciding on a plan. All he needed to do was teleport near them, make it look like something bad happened to him... he smiled. He wasn't an especially suspicious looking person... not if you tended to look at people for thier looks and judge them off of that... his looks were unscathed and beautiful beyond compare, even men admitted this was one amazing looking person. He knew it, too.

In a sudden moment, his body glowed a spectrum of colors as he made it appear as if his body was floating in the air and suddenly somebody shot an attack at him while he was in the air and he got knocked all the way to where Alveena was at, falling on top of her! "AHHHH! Helpppp!" He yelled in dramatic horror as his plan went into action.

5/27/2007 #63
Random 4 life
Ayetra gasped and ran over to the poor, suffering boy. She didn't know much about medicine. So, she wasn't sure how much the boy was hurt. Her brown eyes full of concern as she kelt down to examine the boy.

"Are you ok? Are you wounded? Do you need to see a doctor. Oh, Lord, are you alright?"

5/27/2007 #64
"AHH!" He yelped, cloaing his eyes in the dramatic display of pain as he grabbed onto hsi stomach where blood seemed to be evident, coming out slowly while a lot f his body seemed burned by the attack.

"I'm alright.." he said, wincing, "don't worry..."

5/27/2007 #65
Random 4 life
Ayetra shook her head. "I'm not smart, but I have common sense. We're going into town anyway. There has to be someone who can heal you. In the meantime, let me dress the wound."

She then procedded to take her cloak off from her back. It was a simple cloth cloak, so it would work well. She ripped it into strands to use as bandage.

"Now, I don't know a lot about medicine. But, this should help." While she was applying the bandages, she made a careful effort not to touch the wound. However, at one point, her hand did touch the exposed skin where blood was trickling down. Yet, strange as it was, her hand remained clean. Not a single blood stain. And, the bandages didn't seen to be collecting as much blood as she thought. Shrugging it off, she proceeded to help the boy up. The wind blew harder now, sending her dark auburn hair in all directions.

"Do you need help walking? Or, are you ok?"

5/27/2007 #66
"Oh, I'll be alright..." He mumbled, standing up and then falling back to his knees, "I'm a fast healer... there'll be no need to find someone who could try..." He said remorsely then grabbing onto his stomach again. "Thank you for your kindness..."
5/27/2007 #67
Random 4 life
Ayetra rolled her eyes. With a dragon on the loose, this guy was only slowing them down. Still, he did look hurt.

...Wait a minute...

...Was it a good idea?

...No, it wasn't...

...But, it was their only option.

"You guys wait here. I'm going back for Ethero." And with that, she ran off to find him again.

5/27/2007 #68
"I'm sorry... let me get out of your way; I'ms ure I can help you on whatever you're doing..." he said, wincing, but in a assuring tone, his eyes almost acted as well as he did, hiding any form of eveil.
5/27/2007 #69
Pluto's Rose
Alvena watched the person, having a strange feeling that everything that was coming out of his mouth was a lie. Yet, when she glanced at his eyes, they hid everything from her, making it impossible to confirm this theroy.

Thinking for a moment, she decided to ask this stranger a question that might help determine his true intentions.

"Have you ever seen, or heard of a person named Lior? He was supposed to have allied himself with the Leviathan. He's perhaps the only Light Elf that has."

5/28/2007 . Edited 5/28/2007 #70
Haji listened to the question carefully and responded, holding his stomach and loooking at her, "I'm sorry... I don't believe... I've heard of this person.... or the other, though Levia-whatever his name is- sounds familiar- like a story passed on from my parents before they died... if you need help fnding them, ... ouch, I'm sure I can be of much help to you." He got up, allowing his hand to go over his body and it began to glow slightly, slightly closing the wound in his stomach and other areas.
5/28/2007 #71
Pluto's Rose
Alvena wasn't convinced. Then again, it wasn't easy to convince her of anything. She watched the stranger, attempting to decipher his thoughts from his actions, something that she was usually very good at doing. For some reason, she wasn't able to.

"What is your name?"

5/28/2007 #72
Random 4 life
Before the boy cound answer the question, Ayetra came back on a shining white horse.

"I borrowed it from prince of the stupid over there. You can ride, right?"

5/28/2007 #73
Pluto's Rose
"He's going to be fine," Alvena stated as expressionless as ever. "Let's go."

She wasn't about to get rid of any of her suspicions until she could be sure that they were false.

5/28/2007 . Edited 5/28/2007 #74
Random 4 life
Ayetra's face filled with a sense of worry.

"Well, I don't know. He was hurt rather bad. Are you sure?"

5/28/2007 #75
Pluto's Rose
"If you want to stay here and help him, that's your perogative. But it's not mine," Alvena replied, heading off in the direction of the town.

In truth, she did feel a little bit guilty about just leaving him there, but, if he was part of some sort of evil plot, it was best to just leave him.

5/28/2007 . Edited 5/28/2007 #76
Random 4 life
Ayetra bit her lip. This was indeed a confusing situation. If she stayed, the dragon would surely eat them all. But, if she left, the boy could die. Now, what was the lesser or two evils? Seeing no other options, she turned to the boy.

"I need to show the others to a nearby tavern. You can follow on horseback if you're ready. If you're still here when we get back, well, Druids are kown healers. Good-bye."

And, with that, she ran after the other girl. "You're going the wrong way. The tavern's this way."

5/29/2007 #77
Pluto's Rose
Alvena rolled her eyes, and followed Ayetra. She didn't like being told that she was doing something wrong, even if it was the stupidest thing imagineable.

"Fine. Let's go then."

5/29/2007 #78
Random 4 life
Ayetra smiled. Maybe this wasn't as hard as it looked at first. She turned to Alvena.

"So, you come from royalty? Man, how I wish I was that lucky! All my dad is is a blacksmith. My whole life's been surronded by horseshoes and sowrds. At least, you know that you came from somthing. But, what about people like me? Do castles have spaces for pheants like me?"

5/29/2007 #79
Pluto's Rose
"The Leviathan killed my family when I was five. I barely remember anything about being royal. After that, I was a common peasant. Besides, I had an oppurtunity to take back my position as Queen of Aelmont, but I refused. It's not as wonderful as it seems," Alvena said, evading several of Ayetra's questions.
5/29/2007 . Edited 5/30/2007 #80
Random 4 life
"YOU GAVE UP BEING QUEEN?! What's wrong with you? People waiting on you hand and foot, elegant gowns, parites, it's all so wonderful! Why'd you give it up?"
5/29/2007 #81
Pluto's Rose
"It's not that wonderful. I never wanted any of that, and I certainly don't want it now. But, you can say that I gave it up because of Lior," Alvena muttered.
5/30/2007 #82
Haji watched the girls, still holding onto his stomach, allowing his wounds to heal and listening to thier conversation. He decided to speak with honesty, "If you need, I can help you get to the tavern faster..." He paused and then said, "I'll use my magic to help you but you must allow me to come with you on this journey."
5/30/2007 #83
Pluto's Rose
Alvena narrowed her eyes at the boy.

"I still don't trust you. What if you're lying?"

5/30/2007 #84
He allowed his body to fully heal in front of her before responding, knowing that she was a smart warrior, a warrior not to be messed with. He looked at her for a moment, his hazel eyes concentrating on her and how to respond to her without raising anymore suspicion. "What if I speak the truth? Even if I am lying, what would make the difference, you'll never know if you don't trust me." He said while risp of hair out of his face and cracking his neck.

"Besides, I'm the one whose trying to help you..." He paused and looked at her, "and, honestly, why would I choose to hurt somebody as pretty and wise as you." He said, nearly flirtacious but not allowing himself to sound like an idiot and almost sincere yet coldly, "I can help you but I don't need to do anythingif a person wishes to not accept my kindly services though I do believe the pretty girl next to you would be more practical." He was a different type of man, a man who flirted without ever flirting... it was with his eyes but even that had a mysteriousness to them and only seemed to show desire.

He was a handsome boy; he knew it and used it to his advantage at every chance. One of the few people in the world that everyone had to call beautiful in appearance, even those of his own gender. His caramel skin glistened with sweat from heat of the sun as he decided to pretend as if he was walking away, knowing at least one of them would not want to stay in the heat. "Besides, I could protect you... this place is getting dangerous."

5/30/2007 #85
Pluto's Rose
"...I don't need protection," Alvena said simply, "I can protect myself without help. I still don't trust you, as I'm pretty sure that it was you who I thought was watching us a while back. I really don't feel like taking any chances in this kind of situation."

It seemed almost instantanious, but she was beginning to fall prey to the stranger's charms.

5/31/2007 . Edited 5/31/2007 #86
"Madam, you mustn't misunderstand me," he said, turning back, his eyes glowing with kindness, "I can see you can protect youself; you're incredibly strong from what I can see... ,but even a woman like you, not saying it has anything to do with gender, needs to feel protected and know someone will be there for them." He smiled gently to allow her to let down her guard slightly if at all possible... it wasn't like he was going to hurt her.

He smiled cockily to her comment about the person watching her, "Even if I was warxhing you, it wouldn't be my fault if I had been awed by your beauty and stature... I've never seen someone like you before." He walked over to her, touched her hand oh-so gently, and looked her in the eyes, "Please... even if you don't need my protection, give me the honor of helping you in some way... I'd hate to allow that opportunity to pass me by besides I'd like to help you get to wherever it is you're going... faster..."

5/31/2007 #87
Pluto's Rose
Alvena bit her lip. She still had this weird feeling about this person, a feeling that she couldn't ignore. He seemed to be telling the truth, but there was a huge risk involved with accepting the help of this person, especially since she didn't have any idea who he was.

For a moment she stood there, not saying a thing. She was really confused about what to do.

6/1/2007 #88
"It is your choice... oh, and allow me to introduce myself, my name is Haji, Haji Escuro Espirito." He said, calmly, trying to not rush her into decision.
6/1/2007 #89
Pluto's Rose
The name seemed familiar to her, but she figured that she was probably just imagining things.

"Do you have any idea of where we're headed?" she asked, referring to the tavern that she and Ayetra were trying to get too.

6/1/2007 #90
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