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"My magic could take you there within seconds... all I need is the exact location..." He said with a slight smile. "Oh, and your name is?"
6/1/2007 #91
Pluto's Rose
Alvena pondered this for a moment. If he did help them, then they could complete their mission much faster than if they had declined his offer. It took her a full minute before she said something.

"My name is Alvena."

She knew that it was probably better if she had lied, but when she had opened her mouth to speak, that proved to be impossible.

6/1/2007 #92
"Alvena? What a beautiful name, my little 'elf friend...'" He said, making acknowledgement to her name and its meaning, "Though it pales to your beauty..." his french accent became very evident in his speech in the last comment, there were few times when that accent came to his voice... especially since it had only come after living among those peoples, seeing his natural tone sounded a bit of a mixed calm tone of Italian and arab.
6/1/2007 #93
Pluto's Rose
Normally, Alvena probably would've said something to a person who talked to her in such a manner. She was never one for such comments. But now, it was if she was under some sort of spell. She could barely talk. This was really strange.


The more that Haji spoke, the more that he reminded her of Lior.

6/1/2007 #94
He took her hand gently, "I guess I can take the lead... where is it that I'm taking you two... just give the exact name and I'll take you there..." The girl, as he expected, would fall for his charms... he smiled inwadly but hid any of that from the outside, "Lior?"
6/1/2007 #95
Pluto's Rose
"It's a tavern, about a mile due west," Alvena said without even thinking, "--I think I can get there myself. As for Lior, he frequented the tavern that I used to work at. We...were sort of friends, before he disappeared. After that, I heard rumors that he had joined the Leviathan."

She had no idea why she was saying any of this. It was not like her to be so open about these sorts of things.

6/1/2007 #96
Hmm... the girl was very knowledgeable... it amused Haji... she knew much about Leviathan but that still wouldn't be enough. "I'll take oyu.." In a moment, a cold wind surrounded the three travelers and a shadow of a giant Dragon surrounded them and a dark aura filled the area as Haji's eyes glowed and the dragon seemed to transport them within seconds to the tavern of which she was speaking about...

Haji was sure that it came about so quickly that no one would be able to even remember what happened when he used his power or the dark aura though he made a slight mistake of not allowing his aura to be read.

He wasn't exactly sure if elves were able to read auras upon coming upon them but his race of people knew this very well, being a race having the sixth sense. "Here we are... Alvena... wait, did you happen to feel a dark aura when we were coming here?" He looked around, worriedly, "They must've taken your friend..."

Crap, this wasn't supposed to happen... somebody had set this up so that the girl would disappear, this was not something of his doing... but, he knew it couldn't have ben Leviathan... there'd be no reason. Who, what took her... he had something figured out but he still didn't want anyone to get hurt unless they had to... and he was sure whoever who had taken her was going against his wishes! He looked around urgently, hoping the girl had walked away as fast as they got there and was why he didn't see her. "What is going on here?!"

6/1/2007 #97
Pluto's Rose
There was something very strange going on at the moment. For one, Alvena was certain that she had caught a glimpse of a dark aura, and Ayetra seemed to be missing.

She glanced around the tavern, hoping to see a sign of the girl that Ayetra had been talking about, the one that was trained as a druid.

What was weird was that she was feeling afraid for the first time in a long time.

On the other side of the tavern, a cloaked figure was sitting at a small table in a dimly lit corner, wearing a satisfied smirk on his face. Tarot cards lay in front of him, and they seemed to be the focus of his attention at the moment. He didn't even pay any attention when the barmaid came to refill his mug.

6/1/2007 #98
Haji looked over noticing the cloaked figure and tried to regain composure. "I think we may need to talk with him..." he said, whispering in her ear. He needed to be calm... all he needed was to find the girl's energy source and that trace back to where she is. He frowned inwardly... it sounded simpler than it actually was.
6/2/2007 #99
Pluto's Rose
Alvena nodded. There was definitely something very weird going on. For one, Ayetra was missing, and she had accepted the help of a stranger. She barely knew this person, and had accepted his help. That wasn't really typical of her, to say the least.

Flipping over another card, the cloaked person smirked slightly when he noticed the Haji was present in the tavern.

6/2/2007 #100
The man seemed to have some interest in Haji... a man with obvious spiritistic powers. Haji frowned seeing the man made him cringe... a man who either thought he knew too much or something would cause annoyance to his soul. "Alvena, be careful." Haji said, walking over to the man, wanting to know where this interest had come from and what sparked it.

As he walked over, there were many things going through his mind as he stared at the tarot cards... was he some kind of psychic?! Truth be told, Haji didn't know much about his past... it was blurry. He seemed to only remember sorrow... not much more. He wanted to see who this man was before Alvena came over and he was sure that she would. "Are you the one responsible for that girl disappearing?" he whispered, still staring at the cards.

6/3/2007 #101
Pluto's Rose
"Ah," the man said, flipping over the card closest to Haji, "the Hermit. As for the girl, I have no idea what you're talking about. My name's Lior."

He smiled, and went back to the cards. He turned another card over, and this time it was Justice.

"So you brought Alvena with you? I haven't seen her in the longest time."

6/3/2007 #102
Hikari no Roojii
Sunell did nothing but curse as he stomped down the road toward the tavern. He wasn't entirely sure it was the right one, but it was the only one for many miles so he thought it was a good place to get started. And even if they weren't there, he could still stop off for a drink or five before he moved on. It might help placate his anger. He couldn't believe they'd left without him! He'd only gone back to get his cloak, since it was looking very much like it was going to rain, and when he'd returned, they were just gone. Rothas, who had also gone back inside to fetch his traveling attire, had just shrugged and said they must have been eager to set off. Unlike Sunell, he didn't seem to mind. But the elf couldn't let it go, he had every intention of screaming himself hoarse at them when he caught up.

Fortunately for them though, if they weren't in the first tavern he visited, there was a very good chance he wouldn't be catching up.

6/3/2007 #103
Pluto's Rose
Alvena was very glad to see that Sunell and Rothas were coming. They might be able to help her find where Ayetra went. And besides, she was getting more afraid by the second in this creepy place. Not to mention, the cloaked person in the corner seemed familiar to her, cut she wasn't entirely sure about who it was.
6/3/2007 #104
Hikari no Roojii
Sunell elbowed a fat merchant out of the way and stormed into the tavern, whipping his head from side to side as he tried to locate Alvena and Ayetra. Spotting Alvena, he growled and headed straight for her.

"You! How dare you leave without me! I ought to rip you a new-ooo, is that Dragon's Head Ale?"

And with that, he wandered towards the bar.

Rothas shook his head and sidled up to Alvena.

"Hello again. Where did Ayetra go? I thought she was with you?"

6/3/2007 #105
Pluto's Rose
"Apparently not. She's disappeared," Alvena stated.

The cloaked figure smirked a bit as he spotted Sunell. Turning over yet another card, The Fool, he chuckled to himself, and ignored the bar maid that had been trying to give him a refill for the past twenty minutes.

6/3/2007 #106
Hikari no Roojii
"That's not good" Rothas sighed, "When did you last see her?"

Sunell twitched as his sharp ears picked up the chuckle. Glancing over at the cloaked figure, he noticed him looking his way and concluded that he must have been laughing at him. Sunell did not like to be laughed at. Walking over to his table, he casually took the jug from the barmaid. "It looks like you need a refill my friend, allow me." He then proceeded to empty the entire contents of the jug over the cloaked figures head.

6/3/2007 #107
Pluto's Rose
"Well, we were on our way here when we came across a person who appeared to be badly injured. When he offered to help us get here faster, but then when we arrived here, she wasn't here."

The cloaked person spat out some of the ale at Sunell.


6/3/2007 #108
Hikari no Roojii
Rothas raised a curious eyebrow. "I take it this faster method was magical?"

Sunell smashed the jug over the cloaked figure's head without a moments hesitation. "Don't call me an idiot."

6/3/2007 #109
Pluto's Rose
"Yes, it was."

Collapsing onto the floor of the tavern in a rather dramatic manner, the cloaked person didn't say anything more.

The hood of the cloak was no longer covering the person's face. It became apparent that the person was male, had very light hair, and pointy elven ears.

Alvena walked over to where Sunell was standing.


6/3/2007 #110
Hikari no Roojii
Sunell poked Lior with his foot and snorted, "Pansy."

Rothas followed Alvena and sighed at Sunell, "You just hit him over the head with a Terracotta jug, of course he's going to go down."

Sunell snorted again and put his hands on his slender hips, "I've been hit over the head with a sackful of bricks before and all it did was make my eyes go blurry for a second! A jug is nothing."

"We are not all as strong as you Sunell" Deshin said quietly from behind Rothas and Alvena, "Or as thick headed."

It took Sunell a full two minutes to realise he'd been insulted, and by that time, Deshin had vanished into the throng of people milling about in the tavern. Grinding his teeth, the furious elf stomped off to the bar to finish his drink.

6/3/2007 #111
Pluto's Rose
"I know for a fact that he carries an unusual amount of daggers with him," Alvena said, "Sunell was pretty close to being stabbed."

She could've sworn that she heard Lior mutter, "Shame."

6/3/2007 #112
Hikari no Roojii
Rothas' expression turned to one of horror. "For mercy's sake, try to avoid letting him get stabbed! He completely loses it if he starts to bleed. I don't know if you've ever heard of the two day riot in Longate three years ago? Not many people know this, but the cause of the whole thing was Sunell getting stabbed by a desperate beggar who got a lucky shot in. Sunell...retaliated, and the whole thing just kind of escalated from there...I do wonder sometimes how he actually managed to gain his title."

Deshin slipped back out of the crowd, now that Sunell was gone, and crouched next to Lior. "Are you alright?" He asked with one eyebrow raised. He was pretty sure he'd heard what Alvena had, so he was expecting a fairly positive answer.

6/3/2007 #113
Pluto's Rose
"I'm fine," Lior muttered, getting up off the floor.

Alvena edged away from him, hoping that he wouldn't notice her. Unfortunately for her, Lior was a highly observant elf, and already knew that she was there.

"Nice to see you, Liv."

6/3/2007 #114
Hikari no Roojii
"Good" Deshin said, then seated himself in an empty chair to drink the water he'd just purchased.

Rothas cocked his head curiously, "Liv?"

6/3/2007 #115
Pluto's Rose
Alvena blushed slightly. "Don't ask. Please."

Lior, however was enjoying this, and just continued to grin.

6/3/2007 #116
Hikari no Roojii
Sunell wandered back over, this time with his drink, and looked coldly at Lior. "Don't make me put my fist through your face boy."

Rothas somehow managed to force Sunell into a chair then turned back to Alvena. "Ayetra's disappearance is most unsettling, but we do have other matters to attend to. Have you spoken to the druid girl yet?"

6/3/2007 #117
Pluto's Rose
"Ayetra didn't tell me her name," Alvena admitted.

Lior glared at Sunell, before saying, "I take it you don't like bleeding very much?"

He moved his arm, allowing Sunell to catch a glimpse of a dagger up his sleeve.

6/3/2007 #118
Hikari no Roojii
"...Damn" Rothas muttered, "I guess we need to find Ayetra as soon as possible then."

Sunell grinned, finished his drink then stood back up and looked Lior in the eye. "I don't mind bleeding at all, how about yourself?" Throwing his cloak over his shoulder, he pulled out a two foot long curved sword with a wicked looking jagged edge.

6/3/2007 #119
Pluto's Rose
Alvena looked between Sunell and Lior, who both looked as though they were about to fight each other to the death. She sighed.

"If either of you start fighting, you'll find yourself pinned to the wall by an arrow. Through your head."

6/3/2007 #120
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