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Hikari no Roojii

If you'd like a bio drawn out for your RP character, this is the place to ask. X3

To request one, please fill out the following:

Full name:



Birth date:







Romantic status:





Favourite food(s):

Favourite drink(s):

Theme song:

Quote from the character:


Also, I'll need a physical description with as much detail as possible. ^^ If you have reference pictures, that would be great.


Obviously, the background will be a little different, but the layout will be pretty much the same.

1/26/2009 . Edited 1/26/2009 #1

Full name: Mis'o'chi Light

Nickname(s): Snob

Age: 16

Birth date: September 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8"

Race: Unknown

Powers/abilities: She can read minds very easily. Controls water and can manipulate water. Psychic.

Personality: She is about as cold as one can possibly be without being cold. Odd, actually. She cares about everyone deeply (even if she tries not to care) but pretends to care about no one. Has the ability to insult on command without reason and can find something wrong or imperfection in a real-life marysue.

Her only friend is Melanie or at least, that's the only person she claims as her friend although she seems to be closer to Catsy than even her. Loves celebrity men. She feels that although she had once believed that she was in love with Ken that only Catsy should ever be with him and will fight to keep them together.

Sexuality: Straight

Romantic status: Secret Dating

Allegiance: Miracle Knights, warriors whom were supposedly created by a supreme being to protect the universe and their world.

Likes: Fashion and Melanie's companionship

Dislikes: Hates the fact that she's with her best friend's boyfriend, Haji but can't seem to let him go.

Fears/phobias: Being lonely without no one to love

Favourite food(s): Sweet Potatoes

Favourite drink(s): Orange Juice

Theme song: Declaration by Ashanti

Quote from the character: "I just can't make you love me."

1/26/2009 #2
Captain Cakewalk

Something tells me no one comes by here anymore, but whatever. Guess I'll just fill this out for the lulz.

Full name: Zebediah Finch

Nickname(s): Zeb, or just Zebediah

Age: 13

Birth date: November 3rd

Gender: male

Height: 5' 3"

Race: white

Powers/abilities: He can rollerskate backwards, does that count? (heh)

Personality: Carefree. Always relaxed, never responsible. He's one of those people who likes to live "in the now" - spending his allowance the second he gets it, cutting class to gorge himself on ice cream, buying himself a hermit crab just because he could. Zebediah never thinks about the future, and the word "consequence" is pretty much meaningly to him. He can be kind of a jerk sometimes.

Sexuality: straight

Romantic status: never dated, or even had a "serious" crush on anyone

Allegiance: Uhm..the US??

Likes: rollerskating, techno, pool table, fast food, Thanksgiving

Dislikes: country music, gym class, being unable to reach the top shelf, homophobes, hearing the word "kawaii" used in an otherwise English sentance

Fears/phobias: the sound of a drill/saw, skating by a busy street with a speed limit over 45

Favourite food(s): cheeseburger

Favourite drink(s): cherry slushies

Theme song: Pirates Who Don't Do Anything by Relient K

Quote from the character: "Why not?"

No reference pictures, but he's short and scrawny, with messy blue hair and brown eyes, and really girly-looking. He wears really baggy clothes - a lime-green hoodie that goes down almost to his knees, with sleeves covering his hands, and tan shorts. He has knee-high, white-and-blue striped socks and ugly tan rollerskates (not rollerblades, pleaseandthankyou)

2/1/2009 #3
Hikari no Roojii

The forum was recently revived, actually. ^^

And Zebediah sounds cuuuute~ X3 I'll get started on it as soon as I've finished Neo's. :3

2/3/2009 #4
Captain Cakewalk

Thanks! Looking forward to it :D

2/3/2009 #5
Box of Magic

I don't know if you guys still do this or not but I thought it was cool! This is a character of mine from on a Roleplay, if that is ok?

Full name: Axum (This is not his real name and his real name is never mentioned.)

Nickname(s): None

Age: 20ish

Birth date: Never mentioned =P

Gender: Male

Height: about 5'6"

Race: White

Powers/abilities: He is an Elemental Mage. He can do many spells but he focuses mainly on fire.

Personality: Wise, easily angered, the leader of the group, always seems like he is hiding something

Sexuality: Straight

Romantic status: Single but flirty

Allegiance: People who fight beside him

Likes: Fire, being alone

Dislikes: Annoying people or Know-it-alls, water

Fears/phobias: None

Favourite food(s): Meat

Favourite drink(s): Tea with honey

Theme song: IDK

Quote from the character: "Sometimes you can only pave the way with fire."

Here is more information on Axum. He lives in a world called Asyre. He is in a group with many people. They are fighting against the darkness that is quickly consuming Asyre. The prophecy talks of a worrier, ranger, shifter (as in they can transform between animal to elf or human), healer, and mage (Axum).

One of his famous ways of transportation is on a cloud that he stands on. He makes it appear with his magic.

Here is what he looks like: He has sholder length auburn hair. He wears a black robe with a shiny silver pattern on his back (It doesn't matter what the pattern looks like.) He has blue eyes.

I hope that's not too much XD

6/19/2009 #6

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6/12/2010 #7
Full name: Kthryn Stark Nickname(s):Kitty Kat Age:17 Birth date:September 19th Gender:Female Height:5 feet 3 Race:Indian Powers/abilities: Ability to destroy the world, make the devil fall in love with her and mak egod desire her Personality:down to earth, compassionate,feisty, and can kick butt Sexuality:straight, bi Romantic status: in love with the devil, while an archangel is in love with her and god wants her Allegiance: torn between good and evil Likes: Dislikes: Fears/phobias: Favourite food(s): Favourite drink(s): Theme song: Quote from the character:
4/12/2012 #8
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