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Hikari no Roojii
The house had stood alone amongst the rolling fields and endless hedgerows with no company but the relentlessly howling wind for ten long years, and it showed. Once a proud, four story manor house, it was now little more than a ruin. The paint was flaking off, leaving the walls looking scarred and rotten, the windows were lucky if they had one shutter, and even luckier if they had any glass, the grounds were so overgrown that the drive was the only way to reach the front door and the roof of one of the two towers had collapsed, leaving the house looking strangely lopsided. All in all, it was not a pretty sight, but the group who stumbled across it were in no position to be picky. The storm that had been brewing for the last hour was finally starting to break; fat drops of rain were falling ever more steadily and they were drenched in no time at all. Most of the roof seemed to be intact, and a quick vote showed that the majority thought it was a better idea to seek shelter here than go on and hope to find their campsite before the storm unleashed its full fury. So, with their jackets held over their heads in a feeble attempt to stay dry, they made their way up the overgrown gravel drive as quickly as they could.
7/5/2007 #1
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine was cold. And wet. She hated the cold, and being wet. Going inside that rather odd looking manor was the only thing that would perhaps keep her dry. Admittedly, she was beginning to doubt this whole trip idea that they had had, and at the moment, really wanted to go home. But she had no choice, and was forced to rush towards the manor, hoping not to get more soaked than she already was.
7/6/2007 #2
Hikaru was the one whom rushed Lorraine into the manor. His light brown eyes weren't easily seen in the shadows of the place as he looked for some kind of light... there! He found a switch... the idiot found a switch. "Lorra-chan, Kami-sama allowed me to find the switch!" He excitedly spoke with ecstacy. Looking around, the model-like boy was sure his parents could buy this place and fix it up, and they were the type to buy it even if they didn't have a reason. With his arms crossed, Aoki came in, the sounds of chains hanging from his pants readily heard as he walked. It was his signature sound; that had been, for a long time, the way people knew he was coming. "The sign said for no one to come here... it is illegal and any intruders will get a fine," He said, a bit nervous as he walked in then about what the sign said and smiled, "Awesome!" "Yes, Kami-sama is awesome... he allowed me to be born into my rich family!" Hikaru exclaimed while pretending check Lorraine for bruises but only trying to feel on her, "Kami-sama is truly awesome!" Ken didn't know how he got pulled into this, in truth, he was here without his obligation to be there. The actor/singer/model had way better things to do than to hang with the people; they were ntohing but trouble. "Hikaru, leave Lorraine alone..." he spoke, his french accent very evident, "You're not fooling anyone!" "Don't you think this place is awesome?!" Aoki and Hikaru spoke in unison. "Where are we, anyways?" The raven haired boy responded, obviously not impressed.
7/6/2007 #3
Pluto's Rose
Backing away from Hikaru, Lorraine said, "I've never seen this place before. There was a manor that I once heard of--but it was abandoned some ten years ago." She turned and glanced through one of the near-by windows. It was still pretty stormy outside, and every few seconds thunder would shake the few shutters that the house still had on it. "I have a feeling that we're going to be here for a while," she muttered.
7/7/2007 . Edited 7/7/2007 #4
"How much is some ten years ago?" Hikaru questioned, his eyes showing his honesty in the question. Ken listened to what Lorraine had said and laughed a fake laugh, pretending like he though everything was going to be okay though he, too, had bad feelings about this place. "We're going to be okay, so there's nothing to worry about... however, what did you hear about the old manor?" Aoki frowned at Hikaru's stupidness... how much of an idiot could he be?
7/7/2007 #5
Pluto's Rose
"My mother once spoke of a manor that she was trying to sell, but couldn't," Lorraine remarked, "but I'm probably mistaken." She stared at Hikaru for a few seconds, before shaking her head. She glaced around what appeared to be an entrance hall. She could tell that there were at least three floors to the manor, and it seemed to be considerably big place.
7/7/2007 #6
"Was there anything specific that made you remember your mother speaking of a manor?" Ken asked, rubbing his hands on an old desk but then finding a black spider on there and screamed like a girl, "I hate spiders!" He sweatdropped. "This place is really old."
7/7/2007 #7
Pluto's Rose
"Not really," Lorraine admitted, still looking around at the place, "it looks like it's been abandoned for some time."
7/7/2007 #8
"Then what was the point of speaking," Aoki said rudely, "we're going to be here for awhile... the car's battery stopped working and my phone won't call anyone to send any text messages though I'm still able to get on that internet." He looked at his I-Phone in excitement. "Don't be mean to Lorraine-sama!" Hikaru ran by her side then spoke again, "Kami-sama is oing to blow you to pieces, Aoki!" Aoki gritted his teeth at Hikaru, that damn idiot. The japanese boy always used honorific and tried to just use no honorifics as to be displeasingly rue to him and how could he put Lorraine on the same honor as God. "I'll kill uoi Hikaru if I have to stay here all night with you." he said the model-like boy, his violet eyes throwing enough daggers to kill an army of thousand. "Lorraine," Ken said, "we're going to be here all night... lets make the best of it, you should find for yourself a room."
7/8/2007 #9
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine was already standing beside the spiral staircase that led to the second floor. "I'm sure that there are bedrooms up here," she called back to the group. She put her hand on the banister, and took a few steps, before realizing that the banister was wet. Drawing her hand back, she stared at it. "There's blood on the banister."
7/8/2007 #10
"I don't want to die!" Hikaru hollered, grabbing onto Aoki, "I'm too GOOD LOOKING TO DIE!" Ken shook at the thought of there being blood, "are you sure thats blood? Not wet paint?" What a hopeful thinker, isn't he? Aoki punched Hikaru off of him then kicked him in teh balls when he was on the ground, "get off of me, fag!"
7/8/2007 #11
Pluto's Rose
"WHY THE HELL WOULD IT BE WET PAINT IF NO ONE HAS BEEN HERE FOR TEN YEARS?!" Lorraine roared, "of course it's blood--my hand's red, not brown." She held up her hand to show the palm was in fact red, and not the same color as the rest of the banister.
7/8/2007 #12
"I'M Still too GOOD LOOKING TO DIE!" Hikaru yelped in pain still from gettin hit earlier. Ken knew she was right... but there being blood didn't make sny sense either. "You're- nor anybody is going to die, I'll make sure of that!" He spoke courageously, preparing himself for the worse. "Can you stop me from killing him?" Aoki asked sarcastically. "Let me walk you up, Lorraine." Ken said.
7/8/2007 #13
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine squinted, and stared at the banister more closely. "There are a couple of knicks on the wood, and judging by the size, they were made by a knife."
7/8/2007 #14
Ken pretended to not notice the blood on the banister as he helped her up the stairs. 'Ken, my son, is that you?' He could've sworn he heard. That voice was so familiar... the sound of his mother's voice. That'd be impossible... she was dead! "So, how could you tell?" He asked Lorraine, kowing full well how she could tell, "Your family work in the industry making trade?"
7/9/2007 #15
Pluto's Rose
"My dad does," Lorraine admitted, "my mom's in real estate." Even though she wasn't easily spooked, she had to admit--this place was really weird. There was something about it that made her uneasy.
7/9/2007 #16
"Oh really?" Ken said, not really surprised but pretending to be interested... being an actor had its advantages. His green eyes surveyed the stairs and the wall as he walked until he nearly slipped and grabbed onto the staircase for suppost and put his hand on the wall to catch his self. The moment he touched the wall, he could hear a child screaming in his head and a woman telling the child to leave and not to return. "What the hell?!" Ken exclaimed, his eyes wide in surprise. There was the sound of knives falling and chains waggling around... inside of his head as he suddenly looked to hsi left and saw a child slipping to where he was at and stopping to see a man hanging from the chandelier within the the room. The vision stopped. For a moment he shook in fear! Was death approaching them? "Lorraine, is there anyway to find out more about this place, has your cell phone started working yet?" His words were soft and gentle, not a bit of emergency was shown.
7/17/2007 #17
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine frowned. "No, it hasn't. But, there is a way to find out more about this house." She took a few steps towards another room, and said, "I'm going to explore. C'mon."
7/18/2007 #18
Random 4 life
((I'm going to take this time to assume that my character got approved)) "¬°Usted bastardo de un coche! Ay, ay, ay; me deuele la cabeza." Maria slammed the horn of her car and listened as it cried out to no one. She sighed. This has not been the calmest of nights. While driving out to a confrence upstate, it began to pour so hard, she could barely see the road in front of her. What's more, her car, the most reliable vechile on the road, picks this one night to break down. The only night where there wasn't a repair shop for miles. She was stuck without a paddle. Searching around, she saw a light in the near distance. Whatever was admitting it, it wasn't natural moonlight. However, it did have an eire glow around it. Still, she needed to use a phone, and whatever that was seemed to be her only option. As much as she didn't want to, Maria stepped out of the car and allowed the rain to drench her hair and clothes. She made a mad dash for the light. Walking would get her less wet, but she didn't have all the time in the world. After five minutes of running, she found a house was the source of the light. The house was creepy, but it would do. After all, she just needed the phone. There wasn't a dry part of her body when Maria knocked on the door. She just hoped that whoever lived here had enough heart for a nineteen year old broke collage student drenched and without phone service. The rain made her whole body cold and stiff. She clutched her arm to retain her body heat. She was wearing a sweater that wasn't meant to keep it's owner warm- just in style. Her jeans were becoming so stiff it hurt to walk. "At this point, they can be mass murders for all I care. As long as they have a fire and a telephone," she whispered to herself as she stood under the porch waiting for an answer.
7/25/2007 #19
Pluto's Rose
((-screams- Tu no puedes escribir espanol bien! Ay!)) Lorraine stopped dead in her tracks, as she heard something knock on the door. "Perhaps it was just the wind," she murmured, trying not to sound as though she was scared.
7/27/2007 #20
Hikaru heard the knock and a smile came upon his face and heart; he loved company. "Coming!" He said, immediately, his smile could be heard through his words as he quickly opened the door. "Umm..." He said dumbly, looking at the girl, realizing she wasn't japanese, "Aloha!" He said with the thought of being ingenius. The model-like boy smiled slightly, "your pretty!" "What'd you say, Lorraine?" Ken asked, looking at the floor... before noticing blood falling from the ceiling onto the carpet... even where anybody could see it whether than just him and his strange abilities. "What the--"
7/29/2007 #21
Pluto's Rose
"Give me a second," Lorraine said, smiling sweetly. She rushed down the stairs, and over to the door. Despite the fact that she was much shorter than Hikaru, she managed to yank him a few inches back from where he was standing. "Leave her alone, lover-boy."
7/29/2007 #22
Hikaru moved away from Lorraine... his eyes staying on her then on the new girl before he threw off his shirt and gave it to the girl, seeing how cold she was... "I don't know if there's another way to warm you up," he said cheerfully, "but that would help." He stretched slightly, feeling the need to stretch his muscles... he felt weird... 'it can't be this house,' he thought to himself and then said aloud, "It must be that I haven't worked out in a week..." He said aloud with a sad and strange face before looking at Lorraine, "Jealous?" Ken froze at the sight of blood as blood seemed to come down the stairs in a fast motion, more blood coming from the celing than before, "Let's get out of here... don't you guys see the blood!" he ran from where he was and began to try to get down but found himself unable to open the door and began to run the otehr way.
7/29/2007 #23
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine frowned. "I am not jealous, thank you very much. I just am trying to stop you from acting like an idiot and embarassing yourself, which you did anyway." She paused for a few moments, before going back up the stairs. "I'm going exploring. This house is mysterious, but interesting nonetheless."
7/29/2007 #24
Hikaru began to walk up the stairs and he didn't seem to see the blood that Ken had seen causing Ken to look at him and Lorraine in confusion before noticing that Aoki wasn't around, anymore. "Did you see where Aoki went?" He asked. Hikaru shook his head as he followed Lorraine, "I don't know where he went." He said, softly as he went on speaking to Lorraine, "So, Lorraine, are you coming to my house once we leave here... I'd have my people to make us a nice dinner and we could watch tv in my theatre room." The rich boy commented while looking upon his white gold watch. "My sister has been asking about you... since you two haven't talked since her stealing your boyfriend."
7/29/2007 #25
Pluto's Rose
"Look, I'll think about it," Lorraine lied, "and tell your sister that I'll be friendly to her the same day that you stop being stupid."
7/29/2007 #26
"I'm not stupid." The pretty boy stood up for himself, walking past her then looking at her, "why do you have to be mean to me? I didn't do anything to you; personally, I believe I've tried to be a friend for you." His light brown eyes searched hers and stood annoyed by what he deciphered from her, "you're lying."
7/29/2007 #27
Pluto's Rose
"Look, it's nothing personal. I'm mean to everyone. Why? Because I want to be," Lorraine said simply, "now shall we go exploring, or would you like to stand here and try to convince me to like you?"
7/29/2007 #28
Shadow Sora94
"Huff... huff... man... how long have I been here?" Said Alan, as he walked through the empty hallway, dragging the scissor baldes he had found on the ground. "I've lost track..." Said Alan as he kept walking, and then drew in a breath. "Hello! Please tell me someone is here!" He yelled, and then sighed, but was then brought to his senses when hearing somethign brak. "Hmm? What the hell? Probably nothing..." Said Alan as he continued walking. "Hello! Anyone here?"
7/29/2007 #29
Pluto's Rose
"I hear something," Lorraine said. She wandered down the hallway, "Hello! There are people here. My name's Lorraine. My friend Hikaru is with me." She stopped for a moment, realizing what she had said.
7/29/2007 #30
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