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Shadow Sora94
"Hello!" Said Alan, now running, causing his scissor blades to scartch along the floor. "Hey!"
7/29/2007 #31
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine's eyes widened as she caught sight of the blades, and she backed up a few paces.

"Can you stop running, please?"

7/29/2007 #32
Hikaru quickly jumped in front of Lorraine, "hey, don't hurt her... if you want someone, take Ken."
7/29/2007 #33
Shadow Sora94
At this, Alan stopped running and caught his breath. "Sorry." Said Alan, as he then set down the baldes. "I swear I won't hurt you."
7/29/2007 . Edited 7/29/2007 #34
Pluto's Rose
"That's good," Lorraine said, "and get out of my way, Hikaru. So...what's your name? And can you tell us exactly where we are?"
7/29/2007 #35
Shadow Sora94
"My name is Alan, and... I don't know. I've been in here for a while, i've lost track." Said Alan, as he started to sit down on the floor. "Theres so many rooms here I bet the people who made this place probably got lost." Said the sighing Alan. "How long have all of you been here?"
7/29/2007 . Edited 7/29/2007 #36
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine nodded. There were doors on either side of the hallway as far as the eye could see. Between every door was a stand, with a pot of flowers, or that's what used to be there. Splinters of wood littered the hallway, nearly every stand missing at least one of their legs. Whatever flowers where there, weren't there anymore. There were brown, withered stems sitting in some of the pots, deprived of sunlight, and fresh water.

"We haven't been here that long. Let's explore the place a bit."

7/29/2007 . Edited 7/29/2007 #37
Shadow Sora94
"Yeah, maybe we can find a way out... hopefully." Said Alan, as he picked up the Scissor Blades. "Hey, is it just me, or do you get the feelign we're beign watched?"
7/29/2007 #38
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine stared at Alan for a few moments, before saying, "No, I don't."
7/29/2007 #39
Shadow Sora94
"Sorry, guess it's just me... Guess this place does thigns to your mind." Said Alana s he continued to walk. 'But still... I feel like somethign is watching...' Thought Alan, as he then tripped over something, "Oof! What the hell..." Said ALan, as he looked over what he triped, yet idn't see anything. "... Great, now i'm tripping over nothing..." Said Alan, as he then heard the shatering noise agian. "Hmm?"
7/29/2007 #40
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine muttered something under her breath that sounded vaguely like an insult, before stooping down to examine what Alan had tripped over. It appeared to be a vase, a rather antique one at that. She turned over the shards, before seeing what looked like writing on the inside of it.

Convinced that it was just a trick of the light or something, Lorraine laughed nervously.

7/29/2007 #41
Shadow Sora94
"Great..." Said Alan. "Should we go in there?" Said Alan pointing to a door that said 'Beedroom 7' I don't think i've gone in there. We whould check it out."
7/29/2007 #42
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine was about to say that she didn't know what he was talking about, before turning around and realizing that she was standing in front of the bedroom door that had a faded, and peeling gold number seven painted on it. There were several scratch marks across the number, and something red and sticky was dripping from the door knob.

Lorraine gulped. "I guess we could."

7/29/2007 #43
Shadow Sora94
"Well, here gos nothing." Said Alan as he opend the door and gasped. It was nothign much, just two double bunk beds, but what mad ehim gasp was what was between them. A dead corpse. "W-what in the world?"
7/29/2007 #44
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine screamed the terrifying, blood-curdling sort of scream that one usually hears in horror movies. She backed away, before tripping over the rug and falling down on the floor.

Sure enough, a corpse was dangling from the top of the bunk bed, a noose around its neck.

"I can't see it very well," Lorraine admitted, "is it a girl or a boy and what do they look like?" She was not able to see more than the faint outline of the figure.

7/29/2007 #45
Shadow Sora94
"I don't kno- AAAHHH!" Yelled Alan, as he saw the corpse in between the beds rise. "Ack!" He yelled, cutting it in half with one of his blades. "Uhh... now is a good time to leave." Said Alan, as the group then ran out. "N-now what do we do?"
7/29/2007 . Edited 7/29/2007 #46
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine blinked, before going back into the room. "I'm going to investigate." She wandered towards it, seeing that the figure was a male.

"Perhaps we can find out who he was."

7/29/2007 #47
Shadow Sora94
"Yeah..." Said Alan, still nervous to go in. "We won't get out of this place if we do nothing..." He siad walking inside.
7/29/2007 #48
Pluto's Rose
"Hmmm..." Lorraine took note of what the person was wearing--a tuxedo, and started going through the drawers in the nightstand, determined to find some sort of identification for the dead person.
7/29/2007 #49
Shadow Sora94
"Man... this place creeps the living hell out of me..." Said Alan as he then sat down on a chair, and put down his Scissor Blades, and his eyes then went wide. 'Great... that watching feeling...' He thought to himself, as he was then snapped out of his thoughts after hearing what he believed to be a cat screeching. "You two hear that?"
7/29/2007 . Edited 7/29/2007 #50
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine shook her head. "No, I haven't heard anything." She continued to rummage through the nightstand, hoping to find the identification that she was looking for. This place was very mysterious, and perhaps the corpse contributed to the mystery itself. Either way, it was something to do to pass the time. They were cut off from every thing, so this was the closest thing to amusement that they had.
7/30/2007 #51
Shadow Sora94
"Damn, I wonder who the hell would make such a creepy house." Alan said as we walked itno the hallway. "Hey! Is anyone else here!? Hello!" He yelled, trying to find out if more people were around.
7/30/2007 . Edited 7/31/2007 #52
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine rolled her eyes. "Well, this house wasn't always like this. It's just been this way for a while. I mean, there must've been some point where it was really nice. That corpse we found didn't look as though it was poor when it was alive, that's for sure."

She paused for a few moments, and looked around. "I don't see them either..."

7/31/2007 #53
Shadow Sora94
"I guess." Said Alan as he walked in and eyed a phone in the corner of the room. "Probably ain't gonna work, but worth a try..." Said Alan as he attempted to call 9-1-1. "The line's been cut." Said Alan, as the phone then rung. "Hmmm? Hello?" He said picking up, no answer. "Strange." He siad hanging up, then looked at Lorraine. "Find anything?"
7/31/2007 #54
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine paused for a moment, her hand passing over the top of the nightstand, wiping away a layer of dust. It was then, that she felt her hand hit a grove in the wood.

She gasped, and wiped the rest of the dust from the top of the table.

"Something's been carved in the wood."

7/31/2007 #55
Shadow Sora94
"What did you find?" He asked, hearing the cat screech again, but ignored it.
7/31/2007 #56
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine stared at the table for a few moments, before saying, "I think it says: Love and Loss. Don't really know what that means, though." She sighed, before wandering over to the dresser.

"I think I might know who that corpse was," she said, her eyes widening.

7/31/2007 #57
Shadow Sora94
"Who... was it?" Said Alan, wondeing what 'Love and Loss' meant. "Well?"
7/31/2007 #58
Pluto's Rose
"I don't know," Lorraine said quietly.
7/31/2007 #59
Shadow Sora94
"Welll... now what?" Asked Alan, as the phone rung again. "I don't get it..." He said looking at the cables. "The line's been cut, why is it rinigng?" He asked, slightly panicking.
7/31/2007 #60
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