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Pluto's Rose
Lorraine's eyes widened. "Perhaps the--" she stopped suddenly when she remembered that her explaination made little sense. If the wires were cut, then the phone couldn't be off the hook. She involuntairily shivered.
7/31/2007 #61
Shadow Sora94
"H-hello?" Said Alan as he picked up the the phone and answered it. "Anyone there?" Asked Alan. "Hmm?" He said as he started to here a chant on the other line, then imediatly hunged up. "Time to leave this room." He said walkign out, as he gave his yelling one more time. "Please tell me someone else is here, anyone! Hello!?"
7/31/2007 #62
Pluto's Rose
"I hope they're still here," Lorraine said, more to herself than Alan. She was starting to miss Hikaru, as much as it pained her to admit it. Where could he gone off too? It was better for them to stick together, as this place had an air of despair around it that she didn't like at all. Then again, she was talking about Hikaru. And Hikaru would've gone anywhere, creepy manor, or not.
7/31/2007 #63
Shadow Sora94
"Hmm... were to go now?" Said Alan, as he looked at a room he didn't see before, a room labeled 'Room ???'. "Huh? Never seen that one." He said, surprised he hadn't seen it before. "Time to go in." He said, trying to go in. "Locked, great."
7/31/2007 #64
Pluto's Rose
She could see the faded and peeling gold paint that said 'Room ???'. She had to admit--it fascinated her. She squinted her eyes, trying to see if there was some sort of hidden message on the wood like there had been in the bedroom. So far, nothing. She ran her hand over the door, determined to find a groove of some sort amidst all the dust.
7/31/2007 #65
Shadow Sora94
"Great, another dead end." Said Alan, as he then saw what appeared to be a cat leaving Bedroom 7. "Hey, look!" He said, pointing to the cat.
7/31/2007 #66
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine stared at the cat for a few moments, before shaking her head. "It's just a supersition," she muttered, and kept repeating to herself. She gave the impression that she was going to lose it if they stayed on this floor much longer.
7/31/2007 #67
Shadow Sora94
"Meow!" Said the cat, as it then started clawing at the door. "Hey, cat, no use, it's locked." Said Alan, as he went to leave the floor. "... Why are you followign us?" He said, lookinga t the cat as it followed them.
7/31/2007 . Edited 7/31/2007 #68
Pluto's Rose
"This place is just plain freaky," Lorraine muttered to herself. As much as she hated to admit it, she was starting to get a bit scared. She really wished she knew where her friends where now.
8/1/2007 #69
Shadow Sora94
"For real car, you ned to go." He said, trying to knudge away the cat with his foot, only to see it go right threw the cat. "Whoah! ... It this cat... a ghost?" He asked out loud, seeing it as the only reason his foot could have gone right threw the cat.
8/1/2007 #70
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine's eyes widened, feeling even more scared than she had before. Right now, she missed Hikaru more than anything.

'Did I just think that?'

She shook her head, appalled by the very thought.

8/1/2007 #71
Shadow Sora94
"Meow!" Meowed the cat as it then knocked a vaase over. "What are you doing, cat?" He said, as it then brought over a key from it. "Meow!" It said as it then pointed to the door. "Uhh... okay, I think it wants us to use the key."
8/1/2007 #72
Pluto's Rose
"For which door?" Lorraine inquired, confusion written all over her face.
8/1/2007 #73
Shadow Sora94
"It says... this room." He said, looking at Room ???. "Well, here gos nothing... What the hell?" Said Alan, as he looked at another door behind the door, one that said 'The Hanged Child's Room' ... in blood. "This one is locked as well."
8/1/2007 . Edited 8/1/2007 #74
Hikaru sighed as he tried to find Lorraine; it was like they walking together and she suddenly disappeared form his sight. "Lorrai-ko!" He called out before seeing her and he was about to run to her before he noticed a shadow close to her and that guy. 'Who- what is he or that?' A glaive was obviously lifted in the air but was stopped upon Hikaru yelling, "Lorrai-ko, get out of the way!" He ran over to the female, immediately... teh shadow disappeared.

Hikaru read the words slowly on the door, "I don't think we would want to go in there--" He mentioned, getting a shiver, imagined a child hanging in a room. "Lorraine, we need to go, please..." Hikaru begged which was so unlike his character. "I can't let you get hurt..."


Groans could be heard in the room that Aoki stayed... he wanted to find where the sound was coming from. The smell of blood lifted his senses and desensitized his eyes... he needed to get out but something kept him there.

'Please, save...' He heard over and over, the voice was young, it sounded like his sister... he knew it wasn't her, she had been dead for a year now. His violet eyes seeked urgently for this person, feeling passionate for the person.

Death was around the corner...


"Aoki." Worriedly, Ken murmured, knowing something bad happened.

8/1/2007 . Edited 8/1/2007 #75
Shadow Sora94
"Whoah!" Said Alan, dropping the Scissor Blade taht was not on the floor when he saw Hikaru. "Geez, you scared me." He said, then got a good look at him. "Hey, your the guy from earlier!"
8/1/2007 . Edited 8/1/2007 #76
"Yeah, and who are you?" He said offended then looking at him then at Lorraine, "and what do you want with her... why are trying to get into this room?" He pointed to the room's name then grabbed onto Lorraine's arm, wanting to lead her away.
8/1/2007 #77
Shadow Sora94
"I'm Alan Johnson, someone that like you is traped here. As for this room... It doesn't even matter, the ke won't fit." He said, tryign to put the key in the door. "And you are?"
8/1/2007 #78
"Why would you want to go in there, anyways?" Hikaru denounced, pulling Lorraine away. "I don't care who you claim you are... woe is me if I trust you or allow you to take Lorraine away."
8/2/2007 #79
Shadow Sora94
"Because, this room might ave a key to gettign out, maybe not. If there is a chance that there is a way to get out, i'll go. And the best chance of getting out of here is if we stick together, anyways." Said Alan. "And you still didn't answer my question, who are you?"
8/2/2007 . Edited 8/2/2007 #80
Hikaru sighed, he was being reasonable about getting out. "I am Hikaru Daisaki, a good friend of Lorraine." He said, not adding also her ex until she realized he was always lying and always being stupid. "Lorrai-ko, what do you think?"
8/2/2007 #81
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine glared at Hikaru for a moment, before saying, "Yeah, I know the baboon." before adding something that sounded like, "unfortunately" under her breath.
8/2/2007 #82
Shadow Sora94
"Hey!" Yelled Alan. "No need to be mean!"
8/2/2007 . Edited 8/2/2007 #83
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine rolled her eyes. "Do I look like I care?" She then stomped off towards another door.

"I don't need either of you to hold my hand for me. I can take care of myself, thank you very much." She headed off down the hall, regretting what she had said every step of the way.

8/2/2007 #84
"Lorrai-ko..." Hikaru murmured under his breath, slightly embarrased by her words. "Kami-sama, please get us out of this place." He quietly said to himself, feeling a sudden chill.

'Lorraine...' a voice could be heard through the walls, calling her name. 'Come to me... death is waiting for you.' The voice kept repeating. It started off as a whisper and got louder and louder every moment, 'don't be scared... I wasn't.'

8/2/2007 #85
Shadow Sora94
"Too bad." ALan said, running to catch up with her. "LIke I said: We need to stick together. And we're coming with you, like it or nor."
8/2/2007 . Edited 8/2/2007 #86
Pluto's Rose
"Who's there?" she asked the darkness, not addressing Hikaru or Alan. "What do you mean, death is coming?" She tried not to look too scared, but voices popping up out of nowhere tend to freak most people out.
8/2/2007 #87
Shadow Sora94
"YOu heard it too?" Asked Alan. "Thought it was just me heraing it again." He said, as he was then snaped out of his thinking by a 'Meow'. "Huh? Oh, the Ghost Cat." He said, looking at the ghost cat. walking up to the trio.
8/2/2007 #88
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine sighed. "I am so fed up with this place!" She walked a ways, before stumbling over something on the floor, and falling flat on her face; which probably wasn't the best thing to do as the floor was crawling with insects, layers upon layers of dust, and the occasional rat or mouse.
8/2/2007 #89
Shadow Sora94
"YOu okay?" Said Alan, as he watched Lorraine get off the floor.
8/2/2007 #90
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