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Hissing could be heard form the area whee the voice could be heard... laughter of demons seemed inevitable. Hikaru tried to look brave but his hsaking and panting gave way of his fear.

A child, a little girl in fact, came out fom the shadows. "You're here." Ghoully, her voice came out. "Death has finally come its way..." Her old styled dress could be more seen as she walked and a stench of old blood could be smelt the closer she got, her eyes turned red as she reached out trying to reach for Lorraine but Hikaru jumped in the way, her arms going right through his stomach. "I guess you don't want to play, huh?" The little girl said innocently as she pulled Hikaru over to her and sharp fangs could be seen from her as she tried to take a bite into his neck.

Without warning, electricty went flying through the room and into the little girl, protecting them from her trying to get them. Ken stood behind them, "we need to find a way out of here... Hikaru's gone." he said, involuntarily about Hikaru.

8/2/2007 #91
Shadow Sora94
"Whoah!" Sceamed Alan, as he then got his baldes into a positionthat made it look like sintead of blades, he was using a giant pair of scissors. "Who and what the hell are you!?" He screamed at the girl, as he then saw the GHost Cat nuzzle the girl's left leg. "A pet of yours?" He asked, as he then saw the girl shakeher head 'No.'
8/2/2007 #92
Pluto's Rose
"I'm fine," Lorraine said sharply, wiping some of the dust off of herself. She then turned to Ken, "Good riddance. What? Did you think I would cry if he died?"
8/2/2007 #93
Shadow Sora94
"YOu know, you can really quit ti with that crappy atitude." He said at Lorraine, frowning, then looked at the girl. "Let me ask again, who or what the blazing hell are you?!"
8/2/2007 #94
Pluto's Rose
"And you can quit trying to make me change," Lorraine said defiantly, "and ask Ken. I've been like this as long as I can remember."
8/2/2007 #95
Shadow Sora94
"..." He said nothing, as the girl then vanished. "Great." He said, as the cat was still visible. "Okay cat, you got some damn explaining o do!" He said, anger written all over his face, as it then coughed up a key. "Meow!"
8/2/2007 #96
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine merely wandered over to another door, and inspected the doorknob. She then went back over to where she had tripped, bent down, and grabbed the object off the floor. To her surprise, it was a tiara, an odd sort of thing to just be laying in a hall.

She shrugged, and dusted it off, hoping to find some sort of inscription on it.

No luck so far...

8/2/2007 #97
The girl began to laugh as fire began to come from the ground beneath her. 'You can join me... and find out exactly who I am...' the girl said, a grin coming upon her face.

Ken watched the girl in shock for a moment as he pulled Lorraine away, "Let's go... and right now, stop being so stubborn... I don't care if you cry." He responded rushingly... his green eyes peered at the place, realizing that the place took on a different shape... the decor appearing sophisticated and the place, brand new... with people all around them for a moment... it was fake, he knew but it seemed so real.

8/2/2007 #98
Shadow Sora94
"You may not go!" Yelled the cat, as it then stood in everyone's way. "Vampire Girl... unlock the door!" The cat screeched, as the girl then unlocked the door.

"W-what!?" Alan yelled, hearing hre cat speak.

"Hehehe... Beyond the door, do you have what it takes to face the horror?" Said the cat, now snickering.

8/2/2007 #99
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine opened her mouth to say something, before closing it and deciding that Ken was right. Hikaru was only trying to protect her, and all she did was snap at him. She sighed. She still held the tiara in her hand, hoping that there would be another clue as to the mystery of the house.
8/2/2007 #100
Shadow Sora94
"Ha... ha... ha..." Said the Cat, as it then nuzzled the girl's lef again. "Are you ready to go into the room? YOu can go... or the other man shall pay the price." He said, laughing.

"Whats so funny!? Who is the other one!?" He yelled at the cat.

"Can't remember his name... Doesn't wear a shirt, has spikey hair, all I remember" Said the cat.

8/2/2007 #101
Pluto's Rose
She turned the tiara over, and when she squinted, she thought that she saw the inscription, "Loss is Love." written on the back. She furrowed her eyebrows, remembering that it was the opposite of what she had found on the nightstand.

But what could it possibly mean?

8/2/2007 #102
Ken looked at the cat and almost laughed, "You're not very scary." He said between chucking and speaking. "Lorraine, we need to get out of this room, first..." he said while unable to see why the cat spoke anymore horrors that they probably couldn't afford... the place had seemed to become much different than before. "I don't care if I am ready to deal with those horrors... I just want to get out of here!" He yelled.

The young girl screamed a ear-piercing scream as spirits arised from the ground and began to try to take hold of everyone and kill them. 'No one is leaving!'

8/2/2007 #103
Shadow Sora94
"You will go into The Hanged CHild's Room or the other WILL die!" The cat yelled, and then looked at the girl. "And please calm down."

"... Fine... we wll go, into the room." Said Alan, as he then looked at the cat. "But first... who are you?" He asked the cat, as it ehn snickered.

"YOu will know in time..." THe cat said, as it started to walk away. "Vampire Girl, it is time for us to leave." It said, as the girl started to leave with him. "And remember..." THe cat said. "Love and Loss. YOu do not ned to worry about it for now anyways... the meaning shall come to you in time." IT said, as it vanished.

8/2/2007 . Edited 8/2/2007 #104
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine, however, was too preoccupied with the sentences that she had found. There had to be some sort of meaning behind it, and it was up to her to find out what it meant.

After all, if she didn't, who would?

8/2/2007 #105
Shadow Sora94
"It's time to go in." Alan said, as the four walked in, and hte door the shut behidn htem. "Great.' He said, then the door shut and aparentley fused itself with the wall. "What the hell!?" He yelled, as a laugh was heard fromthe head, as the four then looked to see a boy, reading, with a noose around his neck.

"So you made it here?"

8/2/2007 #106
Pluto's Rose
Lorraine shrieked when she saw the boy hanging inside the closet that had been forced open, clothes and toys lying everywhere. She strode over to where the boy was hanging, and examined him for a few moments.

"He didn't hang himself," Lorraine said quietly.

8/2/2007 #107
Shadow Sora94
At this, the Hanged Child laughed. "I didn't. So... YOu managed to live this far?" He asked.

"Yes." Alan replied. as the CHild began to lauhg.

"Good. Too bad I have to kill you now... hehehe..." Siad the child, as he stood up on the bed

8/2/2007 #108
Pluto's Rose
"You don't have to kill us," Lorraine said, "because if you do, you might die."
8/2/2007 #109
"How could you tell?" Ken asked, not really wanting an answer. He walked over closer and gasped... that wasn't a child, it was an illusion... it was truly Aoki. "Aoki?!" He yelled, seeing the illusion's true form and then saw blood on the walls saying, 'its your turn, now.'
8/2/2007 #110
Shadow Sora94
At this, a child walked out of a closed closet. "Hahaha... how do you like it? A true masterpiece, if I msut say so."

"Ugh..." Said Alan, as he looked at the dead male. "YOu did this, didn't you, kid?" He yelled at the boy, as the Hanged CHild then laughed.

"What would you say, if I offered a deal?"

"What deal?" Said Alan, looking at the child.

"A deal... that can bring him back to life." Said the smirking child.

8/2/2007 . Edited 8/2/2007 #111
Pluto's Rose
"What sort of deal?" Lorraine asked, folding her arms.
8/2/2007 #112
Shadow Sora94
"Oh nothing... jsut a little duel to the death." He said smirking. "If you win... i'll bring him back to life."

"..." Alan said nothing, as he simply raised the baldes/

Meanwhile, in a security room, watching every room in the mansion

"Well... this iwll be intresting." The cat said, sitting on the girl form earlier's lap. "Will it not?"

8/2/2007 . Edited 8/2/2007 #113
Pluto's Rose
"Rules?" she asked, slightly intrigued.
8/2/2007 #114
Shadow Sora94
"Nothing much. Just fight me." He said, laughing, as he then got Aoki of the noose, then kicked him off the bed. "Get off my bed!" He yelled, as he then placed the noose over his neck. "Hehehe..."
8/2/2007 #115
Pluto's Rose
"And if I lose?" Lorraine asked, an eyebrow raised.
8/2/2007 #116
Ken saw this and knew what to do... it was simple, even if it would mean people would have to now about his powers. Thunder and went striking all through this room going for only one person, the ghost.

"You're not very scary." Ken sighed.

8/2/2007 #117
Shadow Sora94
"You all die." He said camly, as he was then suspended int he air. "If ya'll lose I will kill you ALL!"

"Who do you bet on?" Said the cat in the security room, looking at the Ghost like girl. "The Hanged Child or the Four?"

8/2/2007 . Edited 8/2/2007 #118
Pluto's Rose
"I bet on the fact that I'm going to be walking out of here," Lorraine said nonchalantly, going for the door. Only when she touched the doorknob, golden strands shot out of the doorknob, entwining around her.

"Well that was unexpected," she mused.

8/2/2007 #119
Shadow Sora94
"hehe... YOur not going ANYWERE!" Siad the child laughing like a maniac.
8/2/2007 #120
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