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Alexander Starkiller

Ooh ooh ooh! Guess what! I read your story, Stuck. It was high-larious! I prefer more romance though... [Random raspberry! :P]

10/4/2010 #301


10/7/2010 #302
Alexander Starkiller

Arem has posted several stories to Fiction Press. I read the one named "Stuck". It was pretty funny and interesting. But, as I said, I prefer some romance to be mixed in with the plot. Oh well. Can't have everything.

10/7/2010 #303
I see black and you see white; I say red and you say green. I pick left and you go right, or somewhere in between. Despite all of the things on which we don't agree, Somehow I fell for you; somewhere you fell for me... ♥
10/7/2010 #304
Alexander Starkiller

Ahhhh, so pretty. What is it? Yours? Or did you find it somewhere?

10/7/2010 #305

Its the beginning of the song I'm writing. I have all the verses, just can't come up with a good chorus. taking suggestions... haha ^^

10/7/2010 #306
Alexander Starkiller

Well, something about the singer [in this case, I would guess is you] and the singer's lover loving each other no matter what, sepite how different they seem. But, I suppose you already thought of that.

When in doubt, dance out! *dances out*

10/7/2010 #307

ROFL! Hahaha, I love it. DUH! Yea. I'm trying to come up with something more... appealing to the crowd these days. something worth publishing. but I can't get the chorus down. I even have the music, just need the words.....

10/7/2010 #308
Alexander Starkiller

Yeah, well, the reason I danced out was largely dur to the fact that I more often listen to rock, Contemporary, or Metal than songs like yours. Songs like "Puppet" or "Hero" or "Storm the Gates of Hell" are not good references for your song. "One Thousand Apologies", while by Demon Hunter [metal], is similarish, but it is directed as an apology, not a confession of love. So, with no help from me, keep up the good work, Addy!

10/7/2010 #309

Hahaha, actually, Alex, there you are incorrect. As I am writing this on my piano, I plan on adding in the acoustics and electrics when I'm done, but you're correct. It is not like puppet or hero, two of my favorite songs. I do play on writing some h*** rock songs, when I find someone to write them with... I am not too great at writing those at the moment though... only acoustics... haha ^^but I can play like, everything

10/7/2010 #310
Alexander Starkiller

Oh! I can't sing. Actually, I have no idea if I can sing. But I do, my favourite songs that get stuck in my head mostly. D-I-E-4-Y-O-U and Wake the Dead are two of which that I am currently singing to myself. It's really cool that you can sing all sorts of genres, I'm almost jealous. Sooo...

*dances out*

10/7/2010 #311
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Addison... I will PM you about maybe writing music for the song I wrote, part of which is piano. It would be a piano guitar piece I wrote a while back.

10/7/2010 #312
Alexander Starkiller

What does IC mean?

10/8/2010 #313
Fleur-de-lis Evans

In character (or thats what i'm assuming)

10/8/2010 #314
Alexander Starkiller


10/8/2010 #315
Fleur-de-lis Evans

HEADS UP! I will also appear on forum as Drake Lightwing, in about 24-48 hours depending on awesome FP decided to be to me. This is for the Avie game, but I will most likely end up posting in other topics under that name.

10/9/2010 #316
Alexander Starkiller

*HEADS UP* The Gamemaster of this years HUNGER GAMES, Arem, wants YOU to join. And, for the first time ever, YOU will get to decide if you join or not. Are YOU up to it? Or are YOU going to hide in the corner, while others bring glory to their districts?!?! Stand up for YOUR district and join the Seventy-sixth HUNGER GAMES!!!

10/11/2010 #317
Drake Lightwing

Hey There Fleur here! :-D

10/11/2010 #318

Wow Alex...

10/17/2010 #319
Alexander Starkiller

Hey, Arem asked me to get the word out. JOIN THE HUNGER GAMES THREAD!!! Anyway, I just found out something shocking. 0.0 They are bringing Character Development back to the Circle on Ted Dekker's site. And they are justifying it [since almost all games have been outlawed in the Circle] by saying that there is no plot. WTHeck.

Also, JOIN THE HUNGER GAMES RPG ALREADY PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Propaganda at its finest.

10/18/2010 #320


I, for one am NOT in on that. Not going to be, either. I am DONE with that website. Still love Ted's novels, but have no interest at all in his fan community outside those who migrated here with us, and maybe Middiboy or some other individual(s).

I'm happy with what CD is here. Thank you.

10/20/2010 #321
Alexander Starkiller

I know what you mean. I would not join that CD unless I was threatened under Candlejack's knife point. And I would wait until said knife-pointer turned away in which I would tackle him for his knife. Anyway, I would also be satisfied with this CD, had I been able to join during the summer and start with the rest of y'all. :( Oh well, I have plenty of other RPG's to keep--JOIN THE HUNGER GAMES--me happy.

Now, if only I hadn't said Candlejack then I wo-

10/20/2010 #322
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Hiya everyone. I have a few notices:

ONE: My aunt died last Saturday Night, so I will be absent from the internet this weekend for her funeral. I thought I would let you know because I am in a very difficult emotional state, not just because of her death, but because of other stresses so if I come on here and snap at anyone in the next few weeks it isn't your fault so don't take it personally.

TWO: I am coming up on my Final Exam weeks at school. This means I will be on sparsely if at all. And I will only be going to the threads where I have larger investments. This will include Star Wars, Avie RPG, Classified, Vampires and Wicked only.

After the next three weeks should be able to get on at least twice a week.

10/20/2010 #323

1. My prayers go with you Fleur. It's tough to lose someone close. Hang in there :}

2. Again, my prayers go with you. Ugh. Finals.

All in all, much love and hugs to you, my friend :)


10/21/2010 #324
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Thanks you Arem. I appreciate the gesture. [hugs back]

10/25/2010 #325

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............................................................................. is gonna fall asleep at the keyboard :/

10/26/2010 #326
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Hey Addision! I looked for you on my Facebook but apparently were aren't friends? Are you Addisin Black on Facebook?

10/26/2010 #327
Alexander Starkiller

Che! I wish I had a Facebook account.

10/26/2010 #328
Fleur-de-lis Evans

It's easy to get one!

10/26/2010 #329
Alexander Starkiller

Not when it's blocked...

10/26/2010 #330
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