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Meh. Swept away, The Kind, and Circle are my favorites...

1/9/2011 #1,051
Alexander Starkiller

Beautiful Bride is my favourite, followed by Swept Away and then This Close. I like knowing that I am Christ's "beautiful bride".

1/9/2011 #1,052

That sounds awkward but really cool at the same time. ^^

My favorite two songs from Flyleaf are Cassie, (both acoustic and original) and Swept away... Cassie made me cry.. multiple times, because that story seems to mean so much to me.

1/9/2011 #1,053
Alexander Starkiller

Sorry, I only know songs from "Be mindful of death" AKA "Memento Mori".

1/9/2011 #1,054

You should look it up sometime if you ever get the chance. Its about the Columbine shooting...

1/9/2011 #1,055
Alexander Starkiller


1/9/2011 #1,056
Drake Lightwing

[Fleur responding...just under Drake because I really want to catch him up to Lazuli a lot faster than he's going...so I'll be replying in other threads using this account as well.]

Chel: That's cool. I don't have family in Flordia, but I have been there once for Universal Studios and Disney World,and will be flying down for the Harry Potter Leaky Convention and Lit Day also going to Harry Potter world.

Alex: They take it seriously, but too much police effort per city is spent on chasing m*** users/growers, that could be valuable man-power to get to the bottom of and lessen illegal gun purchase and gun violence. *shrugs* I just hope the Senator is able to live a life, and doesn't join the six other people who were killed. He probably will get life or Death Row for his actions, depending on the state.

Keira: How have you been? Did you have an enjoyable holiday? Also, my two favorite Fly Leaf songs are "All Around Me" and "Amy Says" Although, I haven't had the pleasure of listening all the way through Memento Mori.

1/9/2011 #1,057
Alexander Starkiller

Fleur: It's Arizona, my state. So yeah, we've got the death penalty. We are a Republican state, mostly.

1/9/2011 #1,058
Bleeding Perfection

(Jumping back to previous page; I meant someone making fun of themselves in the case of their race. Jokingly, of course. I've referred to myself as a "d*** white guy" more than once, and it's fine because I'm white. Obviously I should have worded my post a bit better. Either way, just don't get me started on anti-h*** conversations or whatever, because we all already know how that will end up. Rule of thumb; if you don;t wanna be offended, don't bring it up in the first place, because I guarantee that someone will offend you.)

1/10/2011 #1,059
Alexander Starkiller

[Well, "white guy" isn't really an insult. Come to think of it "cracker" isn't either. And a rule of thumb is: don't be offensive. And slurs of any kind are offensive.]

1/10/2011 #1,060
Bleeding Perfection


1/10/2011 #1,061

Fluer- it was alright. Today was really depressing, but I just went outside in the new snow and played with my monster dog, which was amazing... :)

1/10/2011 #1,062
Alexander Starkiller

Hmph! Nevermind then! Don't want to be my snowless chum... *mumble*

1/10/2011 #1,063

I'm Sorry! I'm not controlling it!!

If it makes you feel any better, I had the humiliation of sitting there watching the beautiful snow fall through classroom windows... -sigh-

1/10/2011 #1,064
Alexander Starkiller

Humiliation? Were you being made fun of?

1/10/2011 #1,065

The snow was mocking me... . I had to go outside to get to several classes in the trailers and such...

1/10/2011 #1,066
Alexander Starkiller

Well, that's different.

1/10/2011 #1,067

True, but it was still sad...

1/10/2011 #1,068
Alexander Starkiller

Hm. Mu.

1/10/2011 #1,069


1/10/2011 #1,070
Alexander Starkiller

"Mu" a negation that is typically used to say that you are saying nothing. Basically, it's what you say, when you don't want to say anything.

1/10/2011 #1,071

Hmm... bravo, bravo I say...

1/10/2011 #1,072
Alexander Starkiller

It's like meh, but instead of an apathetic response, it is a carefully considered non-response.

1/10/2011 #1,073

Hahaha, nice..

1/10/2011 #1,074

Hello, I'm in Florida! This was my first chance to post, I see I've missed much in my temporary absence.

Alex: It's not ironic, because I did not approve of the racial slurs either. None of us were actually using them in context, just discussing them. What you said was different. But I realize different people have different standards. Oh, and I like your avvie!

1/10/2011 #1,075
Alexander Starkiller

We weren't talking about racial slurs, though. We were mostly talking about homosexual slurs.

The thing is, you never once displayed disapproval in Chris' use of homosexual slurs, but I say "hell" in a more moderate fashion, and you immediately display disapproval. That's irony the way it happened. [It could also be called a double standard, but that wasn't how this happened.]

1/10/2011 #1,076

But I didn't see anyone approving of them, except Chris, and I didn't feel the need to say anything, after all you already said something.

And I didn't notice his use of those, before. I am unfamiliar with them, so I must have missed it. And how can you say "hell" in a moderate way? Can you clarify?

1/10/2011 #1,077
Alexander Starkiller

Well, using it in a phrase like I did, as opposed to using it as an expletive "What the..." or using it to mean "the fiery pits of..." In between the stronger and lesser uses of the word.

1/10/2011 #1,078

Hm, I didn't know that could be done. My parents wouldn't approve if I said it, but that's me, not you. If you don't think it's wrong, then okay. Maybe we should talk about something else, I don't want to say anything out of turn.

The movie I'm watching is really sad right now.

1/10/2011 #1,079
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Which movie?

And also Inception messes with your mind... I still haven't figured out if the draddle wobbles....

1/11/2011 #1,080
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