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Uh, hi, I'm semi-new to this site, and I found this forum while browsing.

Are you accepting newbies? If yes, thanks. If no, that's alright.

1/11/2011 #1,081
Alexander Starkiller

Of course we accept new writers here.

1/11/2011 #1,082

*exhales breath*

Sweet. You can call me Jac (my initials) for short.

1/11/2011 #1,083
Alexander Starkiller

Hello, Jac. As you can see, I'm Alex.

1/11/2011 #1,084

Indeed. I also assume that you can kill stars.

1/11/2011 #1,085
Alexander Starkiller

I haven't tried yet, but I can bring down Star Destroyers.

1/11/2011 #1,086


1/11/2011 #1,087
Alexander Starkiller

Yeah, stuff like that makes for a tough job, but the hours are good.

1/11/2011 #1,088

*laughs harder*

1/11/2011 #1,089
Alexander Starkiller

Calm down, calm down. I don't know how to help you if you choke, only how to make you choke faster.

1/11/2011 #1,090

*laughs lighter, and nervously*

1/11/2011 . Edited 1/11/2011 #1,091
Alexander Starkiller

So, what interests you here at Writers Inc.?

1/11/2011 #1,092

I've been looking around for a forum to join, and this one caught my eyes. Also, I'd like to try some of the RPGs here. The Most Dangerous Game is my favorite.

1/11/2011 #1,093
Alexander Starkiller

I suppose it might've interested me as well, but I like stories with happy endings. I don't even know what the plot is, if there is one. My favourite one is the Star Wars one, which is mine, then the Wicked RPG.

1/11/2011 #1,094
Alexander Starkiller

DISCLAIMER: I'm not trying to lure you away from it or anything, just saying how I felt.

1/11/2011 #1,095

I know, you're entitled to your opinion. I like star wars, too. Haven't seen all the movies, though. Pretty awesome, they were.

1/11/2011 #1,096
Alexander Starkiller

Yeah, they were.

1/11/2011 #1,097


1/11/2011 #1,098
Alexander Starkiller

*insert clever sentence here*

1/11/2011 #1,099

Uhhmmm... I got nothing.

1/11/2011 #1,100

Forgot to uncheck the check box. My email's got like 30 new messages from the forum. I think I solved it though.

1/11/2011 #1,101

So, what to do next...?

1/11/2011 #1,102

@Fleur: I don't know... it was this old one on tv that my mom and grandparents were watching.

@Jac: Haha, it took me awhile to figure out where the emails were coming from. Yeah, my parents got a little annoyed at those clogging up the inbox, lol.

@Alex: LOL!!!

1/11/2011 #1,103

Hey Jac, call me Addy. Alex, don't choke the newcomers :P Behave yourself.

WELL, today was a wonderful 6 degrees... hahaha

1/11/2011 #1,104

Yeah, it's kinda confusing. Must check the box every single time....

1/11/2011 #1,105

Hi, Addy. This is a nice group you've got here.

1/11/2011 #1,106

Six degrees?? I live in Florida! D:

1/11/2011 #1,107

Hahaha, in Kansas, and it was wonderful this morning. I prefer cold weather. And its not technically MY group luv, Arem is the one who made this site. We migrated here from several other sites where we used to RP and stuff...

1/11/2011 #1,108

It was 7b degrees in MN yesterday, but I'm on vacation in Florida right now. Hallelujah!

1/11/2011 #1,109

Hahaha, I bet you're happy :)

1/11/2011 #1,110
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