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Fleur-de-lis Evans

just a quick suggestion... i was thinking about starting a character guide topic for Character Developments I and V and also for Classified, each would be separate of course, so that any one who wants to join can just look there and know who everyone is instead of wading through pages and pages worth of information just to read a bio on a character.

7/5/2010 #121

Good idea! I'll let you head that one up.

7/5/2010 #122

I'm game.... I guess ;) but you have to make it

7/5/2010 #123

I'm back. Didja miss me? Don't answer that.

7/6/2010 #124
Bleeding Perfection

I did. Don't take that seriously.

7/6/2010 #125
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Alright the topic I tried to make broke... grr FP. so i'm forming my own forum specifically for the purpose of creating character logs. hopefully those topics don't malfunction, too. I will post links to topics once I start them.


7/7/2010 #126


7/7/2010 #127
Fleur-de-lis Evans

addison i noticed you posted in my broken thread... how'd you manage that?

7/7/2010 #128

huh? I clicked on it, clicked reply, and posted... what do you mean??

7/8/2010 #129

If anyone wants to post an e-mail address (they don't work if you just copy and paste or type it out) you can do so by putting spaces between the letters, like so:

n a m e @ p r o v i d e r . c o m

Then, when e-mailing the person, of course you'd have to type it without the spaces.

7/8/2010 #130
Fleur-de-lis Evans

It keeps giving me the 503 busy excuse when i hit the thread title :-(

Yep that's how FP works :-)

7/8/2010 #131

haha, yeah. I'll humor you guys with mine, but I don't check mine as often as not. It will probably be checked a couple times a week...

1 2 4 r o o k @ c a b l e o n e . n e t

7/8/2010 #132

I do recommend giving out only spam e-mail addresses until you know what kinds of things a person will e-mail to you. That way you don't have to filter your friends spam e-mails into a friend's spam folder in order to ignore them until they send you something of value. ;-)=

7/8/2010 #133

Oh don't worry mongoose, that was my spam email address ;) everything goes to spam, I have to approve everything ;)

7/8/2010 #134
Bleeding Perfection

If any of you end up being interested in recieving a free copy of Dead City Chronicles - Book One, here's my e-mail. It won't be available any time soon, so you'll have to wait a while to get a copy.

c h r i s l e a t h e r m a n 4 0 @ y a h o o . c o m

7/8/2010 . Edited 7/8/2010 #135

Haha, atleast you have a title! I

m the worst at coming up with titles. I'm roughly calling it Wings of Fate until I can come up with a better one ;)

7/9/2010 #136
Fleur-de-lis Evans

I deleted the forum I mentioned.

7/10/2010 . Edited 7/13/2010 #137

"Hrmph." *folds arms and pouts in the corner.* "Y'all just won't do the google groups thing with me, will you?"

7/10/2010 #138
Fleur-de-lis Evans

um is it complicated? i just thoguht it'd be easier no FP same sight an all

7/10/2010 #139

Oh. didn't realize it was still fiction press. And you haven't had this problem?

7/10/2010 #140

Lol, Mongoose, I haven't had the chance to look yet. ;) I might do that when my internet starts working again...

7/10/2010 #141

Well, I'm back.

7/10/2010 #142

The rolling blackouts of the last page of the threads continues with Character Development V. And I was about to post there. Maybe I can reply to something on the first page.

7/11/2010 #143
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Mongoose: yeah it works so far. there haven't been any 503s yet.

7/11/2010 #144

Working fine at the moment ;)

Hey guys, I'm going on vacation (WOOT!) to a certain place which some of you know that i can't say here, ;) but yeah. I'll be there for two weeks. I WILL have internet conneciton, and I'll try and check these because I feel horrible to be the one dragging you down, and I'll check every chance I get... but I'm not going ot let it drag me down all trip. So I may not respond so muchas I usually do.....

7/12/2010 #145

I figure we can base this rule on what most of us, as Evangelical Christians, believe: All of it is demonic except that which comes from God, and that which comes from God automatically trumps everything else. Magic doesn't work in the presence of the miraculous.

Alternatively, we can leave it up to the players in each instance, and they can determine, OOC, what they really want to have happen in each scene, as they come to it.

And yet a third alternative would be to base the effectiveness of the magic or the miracle on the strength of belief or character of the PCs involved. So, if you have a strong magic user trying to use magic around a weak Christian, the magic would still work, whereas if you had a weak magic user trying to use magic around a Christian, the magic would not work.

Even in the latter rule, we'd have to give the miraculous a greater beginning value, if you will, if only because most of us believe in the power of God at work through us IRL.

Whatever we decide on, obviously it can't be objective or quantified, either IRL or in these games/stories. But I still think it'll be better if we have at least a qualified, subjective understanding amongst ourselves that we can base our writing and playing upon, and I would like to ask that, within that understanding, we include the assumption that the Christian God, and thus, the prayers of those who serve Him, are more effective than any other attempt to influence things by non-natural means [i.e. magic].

Although it hasn't been addressed directly in the game play yet, this will also beg the question of the source of the power. Is it divine or demonic, or does someone believe in a third source? And how do we define the divine, the demonic, and this hypothetical third source? Again, I'm not asking for a judgment on theology, but only a shared understanding of the rules that will guide what happens in our stories. Stephen Lawhead made up some rules for his stories; rules that I quesiton the validity of, but which worked in his stories, as they were spiritual fantasy. Likewise C.S. Lewis. We can do the same here, but I think we should know ahead of time, what are we talking about when one PC believes they're acting by the power and will of Gaia, and another believes they're acting by the power and will of Jesus? It is obvious to me that Jesus and Gaia are different entitites, and will have different wills. So this is related in that, if Miracles are, by definition from God, and if Jesus is, by definition, God, then Gaia is not God. And if Gaia is not God, then she is either Natural and not spiritual at all, she is demonic, or she is of this hypothetical third category. As a result, anything done in the name of Gaia is magic, and again we have the question of Magic vs. the Miraculous. God vs. Gaia.

What do we do with that as collaborative writers, each with our own IRL faiths?

7/12/2010 #146
Fleur-de-lis Evans

I think I need to develop their religion more before I can bring into focus. So I can explain it in a detailed way that makes sense. I think my use of Gaia confused people, I know it confused Addision. For now I will retract Vince and Cassie in their human form from Post Apocalypse.

by the way the Firefly thread is LONELY :-(

7/13/2010 #147

*cough* there is no god *cough* Since y'all are sharing your religions.

7/13/2010 #148

Wait, whats working fine?

7/13/2010 #149

And here I thought Cassie and Vince's differing beliefs and practices made for an exciting story device. :-P

7/13/2010 #150
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