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Alexander Starkiller

[Or Alucard from the Lost Books by Ted Dekker.]

11/4/2010 #421
Bleeding Perfection

(Val and Alex: It's Alucard from Hellsing. I edited a few details myself, since I've only ever seen bits and peices of the anime.)

11/4/2010 #422
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie tensed keeping her weapon at the ready. Maybe this hollow would only attack Ghilchrist or maybe it would remember her and go for her first. Either way she'd be here to help both Justice and Addison when this was over.

She was so focused that she wasn't paying attention to the outside. Mariana slowly walked toward a window, keeping to the shadows. There as a not-hollow presence and it wasn't a positive one.

11/4/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #423

(It is? okay...that guy kinda scares me O.o)

(Btw, my Avvie is what the inner hollow looks like)

11/5/2010 . Edited 11/5/2010 #424
Bleeding Perfection

Alucard felt the presence come to the window. He'd been noticed...

He pulled out a small piece of paper, then wrote, Don't make a sound, come outside NOW. Or you die.

He drew his gun, then turned toward the window. He pointed the gun at the girl inside, and held up the note.

11/5/2010 #425
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Mariana lifted her eyebrow. Alright. She turned from the window going to the back door. On her way she touched the vampire king's mind. She showed the note, nonchalantly coming outside the window.

Once outside she said,

"What's the point? You know that guns can't kill me right?"

11/5/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #426
Bleeding Perfection

"This one can," Alucard said, "But that's besides the point. What's going on in there? I sense a type of creature in there I've never felt befre."

11/5/2010 #427
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Mariana only gave him a half smirk. "I won't argue with you, but the only thing your gun can do is put me out for an extended period of time. And, what's it to you?" She wasn't sure why he couldn't ask her about this without being threatening. "And if you have to know....there is a hollow inhabiting one of them, a male. They are exorcising it, seeing as killing the man is not an option."

11/5/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #428
Bleeding Perfection

"Exorcising it?" Alucard laughed, "I've never heard of a demon called a 'Hollow,' before. I'll bet odds are it's not a demon."

He lowered his gun and slipped it into his holster.

11/6/2010 #429
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"That's their plan" Mariana shrugged. "I'm indifferent.... Honestly I only care about one person here anyway."

11/6/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #430

Addison had been sitting, and Morgan's arm had been a comfort to her. But as she sat she came to realize something. She turned with wide eyes.

"Morgan, that hole in his chest... if the hollow is what's keeping him alive with the hole... what happens if we take it away?"

11/6/2010 #431
Alexander Starkiller

[Er... Addy... if I were to, I dunno, join, this thread? What would you, suggest, as a good way to start...?

11/6/2010 #432
Bleeding Perfection

"That so?" Alucard said, the light glinting off his glasses and making them glow orange, "Well then what do you care about?"

11/7/2010 #433
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Mariana shrugged. "Family," she said. It was a simple and concise answer. "It so happens family got caught up in this mess, that's why I'm here."

11/7/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #434

Gilchrist raised his voice just a little. "Justice, talk to me. Whom do you serve?"

Of course the doubt entered into his mind, but he quickly let it go, re-focusing on the ultimate sovereignty of God. It really didn't make any difference what this "hollow" was, or what kind of a relationship it had with Justice. God was in charge. Gilchrist abidded in Him, and His word abidded in Gilchrist. Therefore whatever he asked in Jesus' name, God would do for him.

Thinking of which, why was he delaying?

"Justice," he re-asserted. "If you want to serve Jesus of Nazareth, shut your eyes and keep them shut for a while. If you want to give in to the hollow, keep your eyes open for a bit."

Hopefully he still had enough control over his own body to give that much of an indication. The eyes tended to be the last thing over which a person would lose control, and it didn't take much to shut the eyes or hold them open for a few seconds. All Gilchrist wanted was some indication that this was what Justice wanted.

(incidentally, desire on the part of the host isn't necessary, though it is helpful. And anyone else can jump in and let Gilchrist know that Justice already said he wants to be free.)


Morgan made a quiet cooing sound as she thought in answer to Addison's question.

~"it's all right, child. Do you not know that God works all things for the good of those who choose him? Do you not trust Him to do what's best in this situation?"~

It wasn't a literal quote of the relevant passage, but it remained true to the meaning and it would do if Addison agreed with the concept.

11/7/2010 #435

"I... I understand," she whispered. "It just worries me..."

((I don't know what to tell you, Alex. Hahaha, we're kinda stuck in a plot... you could come across the kingdom of night somehow, but idk...))

11/7/2010 #436
Alexander Starkiller

[It's alright. Just alert me of a way to enter if one ever appears, okay? Danke. :) I can wait for now.]

11/7/2010 #437
Bleeding Perfection

"And what's the problem with the family, then?" Alucard asked. A highly trained eye would MAYBE notice the tiny twitch at the corner of his mouth.

11/7/2010 #438

(The time lines have diverged, apparently. It'll be some time before the exorcism line catches up to the chatty uber-bad-guy line. So don't do anything to converge the two lines until they're ready.)

11/7/2010 #439

Fine...If he wants to play that way.. Justice winced, and sharply screamed, looking up at the man. Black seeped into the white of his eyes, and the iris's slowly turned white. He was losing control...again.


Akabara gave a slight look to the window. There was more trouble, and it wasn't helping with their current situation.

11/8/2010 #440
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie spoke from her position at the edge of the closet to the left side. "Gilchrist Justice said earlier that he was willing to go through with this." She kept her eyes on the situation realizing that all her concentration would be needed.

She barred everyone's emotions but Addision's and Justice's, keeping her eyes locked on the monk and Justice.


Mariana shrugged. "What does it matter who I'm here for in specifics...it really does not have much to do with you, no offense."

11/8/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #441

"Roight," Gilchrist said. "Hollow, I command you now by the authority of the name of Jesus the Christ, of Nazareth, which he bestowed upon me by the infilling of His Holy Spirit, to let go of Justice and leave this place. Go now!"

He said it with utter conviction, as though he were commanding a disobedient child that he knew would obey, as, after all, he did have authority and power over it.

(and what that means in the scheme of the story is up to Valentine. If the Hollow's a demon, and if Gilchrist is right, the hollow would have to physically leave Justice's body. If they got to Justice soon enough I would presume that he would live. But it might be like cancer. You cut it out, but it's done too much damage and the victim still dies. Also, note that when a demon is cast out of a person, unless they are subsequently filled with the Holy Spirit of God, the demon can return, bringing with it seven even worse than itself. Thus saith Jesus.)

11/8/2010 #442

(Yea..I'll have to figure this out in a way, it would be different, I would think. Oh, and Bleeding, before we get any further into this, you obviously know that there are Bleach aspects, just letting you know, I'm not following the Bleach rules in this, I'm leaving that for the Bleach Rp. In this, I'm twisting the rules to how I want them. Just so you know, before you start correcting me XD)

(I really don't know how to play this out. In a way, I would think it would be lethal to Justice, since the hollow is an actual part of his soul, technically him in a sense....hmm. Though I was going to have something going with the hollow. I think it could still work even if it was cast out. Have to see.)

11/8/2010 #443

(PM me if you want to chat about it. Otherwise I'll await your IC response with baited breath)

11/8/2010 #444

(Alright, might not come tonight, but I'll think it over)

11/8/2010 #445

( *sigh* I can't help myself. I'm making another character.)

Name: Anastasius (meaning- Resurrection, one who shall rise again)

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10''


Black hair, blue eyes

Not going to tell you anymore

11/8/2010 #446
Bleeding Perfection

Alucard turned around and walked about five paces, then turned to face back towards the girl.

"Now, now, don't start getting rude," he said, "But wouldn't you want to be able to solve those family problems once and for all?"

11/9/2010 #447
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Mariana tried not to growl savagely. "It isn't so much a problem..." she said, "as it is an issue of time and other variables. It doesn't need to be solved, rather it needs to progress and it is, so I don't need help."

11/10/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #448

What is he trying to do here?! Fine...Time to rid him myself... Justice twitched, and began to tremble. It's voice was loud in his mind, and he gritted his teeth in pain. Growling, he slammed a fist into the wall, creating cracks trailing up and down. THe pain had intensified, and he could barely stand it. Breathing was strained, and he blacked out. Play time.


Akabara had moved away from the group, heading outside to where this unknown individual was making his prescence.

11/10/2010 #449
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Mariana turned, in time to see Akabara heading toward them, she stepped back a bit, making sure she had room enough to maneuver.

11/10/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #450
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