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She felt his grip slipping and closed her eyes to shun the tear that was slipping from the emerald sea of green. She responded to him without looking. "Thankyou.. If you could be so kind as to show the way..."

12/9/2010 #661

Akabara gave a slight nod. "Of course, this way." He proceeded down the hallway.

12/9/2010 #662
Fleur-de-lis Evans

He turned to Addison, "What happened on the roof with Mariana?"


Cassie glanced at the newcomer, wondering who he was. "Hi," she said focusing her blue eyes on him. "I'm Cassandra Messinger."

12/9/2010 #663

Addison spoke without looking, following Akabara.

"She took a bullet to protect me and my fiance..."

12/9/2010 #664

Justice's vision was hazy and sounds seemed muffled. He only knew that Addison....Addison....was.......carrying.......him.....


Akabara continued down the hall, not very far from where the group had been, and opened a door to a guest room. "Here"

12/9/2010 #665

Addison nodded, walking with her graceful, silent steps to the bed and laying him down slowly. She sat beside him, running her fingers across his forehead gently. She leaned down and kissed him on the forehead, lingering for a moment..

12/9/2010 #666

Justice slowly blinked, looking up at her, mostly making out shadows. But somethig inside him caused him to manage a smile.

12/9/2010 #667

She turned back, folding her elbows on her knees and resting her head in her hands as she sighed through the tears, crying silently.

If you can hear me, God... please... please help him...

12/9/2010 #668

(Not sure how to continue this...should we wait for the others?)

12/9/2010 #669

(I don't care. Your choice. At her emotional state she could stay like that for days...)

12/9/2010 #670

(Well, it's just that Justice will probably lapse into sleep, and to play anyone else, I need to wait...)

Justice gathered any of his remaining strength to reach out to her, to comfort her..."Addison...."

12/9/2010 #671

She raised her head up to look at him, inhaling slowly to try and regain her strength... and emotion...

"Yes, love..."

12/9/2010 #672

"Don't......cry......I'll.....be.....okay.....I'll....make...it....." Justice looked at her through half-closed eyes, hearing her pain.

12/9/2010 #673
Fleur-de-lis Evans

The news shocked Vincent. He wondered... He turned, walking after Akabara, finding the room where Mirana was. Cassie was strong enough to support herself, either leaning against a wall or completely, so he didn't feel too bad about being here. He pulled the sheet back examining her shoulder, seeing a large hole in it. So, she had been shot. He found some sponges, a bucket which he filled with arm water, and going into a cabinet in the bathroom, some ointments and clean bandages. He dipped a sponge into the bucket slowly cleaning up Mariana's blood.

12/9/2010 #674
Bleeding Perfection

Vincent Valentine followed Akab.

"Do you have coffin beds?" he asked.

12/10/2010 #675
Fleur-de-lis Evans

[Sorry to snap but: Read the Post Before You Completely (RTPBYC) please! Because people aren't reading far back enough my characters are being ignored.]

Cassie glanced at the newcomer, wondering who he was. "Hi," she said focusing her blue eyes on him. "I'm Cassandra Messinger."

12/10/2010 #676
Bleeding Perfection

Vincent Valentine glanced sideways at her with his eyes, and smiled kindly - if only for the briefest moment.

"Vincent Valentine," he said, before looking back toward Akab.

(Not a man of many words.)

12/10/2010 #677
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie nodded. "What brings you here?" she followed them down the hall, highly intrigued by this new person.

12/10/2010 #678
Bleeding Perfection

"Business," he said without turning.

12/10/2010 #679

She sighed. "I know you will," she whispered. "Its just hard... I miss the old you. When you were the one supporting me..." she lay a hand on his. "but it will be alright... just promise me you'll get better..."

12/10/2010 #680

Justice looked at her and gave a small nod. "I........promise...Addison..."


Akabara looked back at Vincent. "No, I do not, Vincent. But I can figure out something if you like"

12/11/2010 #681
Fleur-de-lis Evans

"I see," Cassie said. "Maybe you can give him a dark place to sleep in," she suggested. As far as she could tell she had gotten herself into a tangled battle.


Vince sat at the side of the bed, in the shadows of the corner leafing through a small book he found in Mariana's coat pocket. It had detailed sketches of labeled family members, family trees, and through it he realized she had lied. There were two names that jumped out at him. "Apollatia [Apoll-a-ti-ah] and Cassandra. He strained his memory of Greek lore, and made the connection between Apollo and Casandra, realizing through the twisting lines that she was related to Cassie through, what seemed to be a deceased man by the name of Alexander. Closing the book, Vincent replaced it where it had been deciding to keep her secret safe. But through that little snooping he was able to find an answer as to why they shared damage, at least in a one-way fashion.

12/11/2010 #682

Addison sighed, then gently leaned down to wrap her arms around him in a hug...

12/11/2010 #683
Bleeding Perfection

Vincent nodded.

"Anything remotely coffin-like would do," he said, "But I can sleep perfectly fine in a regular bed if it's all you have."

12/12/2010 #684
Fleur-de-lis Evans

'There's open rooms by Vince's.' Cassie said via her mind. 'His room is that one, on the left.'

12/12/2010 #685

Justice gave her a small smile. "I'll.....be....okay..."


Akabara looked at Vincent. "I could have something arranged. No trouble"

12/14/2010 #686
Alexander Starkiller

Hæmon felt the sun set. He woke up instantaneously and looked around. Yep, still in a cave. He got up and stretched, cracking his back, fingers and neck. Finished, he walked out into the ever darkening landscape, climbing over rocks back onto the sparse grass, in the midst of sparse trees. He sighed and walked in a random direction, away from where he had come originally, searching the horizon of smog--that being a sure sign of a city. He had forgotten about Anastasius.

12/14/2010 #687
Bleeding Perfection

"Thank you," Vincent said.

12/14/2010 #688

It was somewhat reassuring, holding him there in his arms with his quiet voice... but she couldn't stop the doubt rolling into her mind, so she kept silent, afraid to move away, as if she would never be able to be near him like this again...

12/15/2010 #689

Anastasius stared quietly, and had stood silently and moved toward Haemon had gone. He wasn't exactly sure where over there he had gone but he went in the general direction. He paused, looking up at the night sky. It was a beautiful dark blue, and the stars shone against it, almost reaching out to him. Beckoning him. Thank you.


Akabara gave a nod. "I'll see to it."


Justice lay quietly, glad Addison was with him.

(Someone should go to find Morgan...)(Hey, that would allow for anther interaction with Anastasius. Hmm)

12/16/2010 #690
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