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The funeral was organized quickly on the spot with minimal participation from Morgan, who could hardly move, feel, much less think about how the funeral ought to be carried out. At some point a woman draped a large black scarf over her shoulders. She pulled it close, fingers clutching randomly at the fabric. She stared straight ahead, unblinking, as activity continued around her. No one asked her to do anything. No one, as far as she knew, asked her if she needed anything, or how she was doing, or offered inane condolences.

She began to feel hot under the rising sun, but then someone put up a tent over them all, and she felt less hot. She began to feel hungry and thirsty. She didn't mention this, but someone brought her a blood pack, and without word or thought, she drank. It didn't satisfy, but at least she didn't feel like feeding on one of the live humans milling about.

A Cairn was raised among the others, a celtic cross placed atop it. Anthony's body, now looking incredibly old and wrinkled and grey, was treated and wrapped quickly--more could be done later, but this was how it would be for now--lain on a bier, and carried into the cairn by several attendants. The monk in charge, not Gilchrist, for he was in the Kingdom of Night, said a prayer in Latin, in Gaelic, and in English. The Count stepped forward and offered a few words of appreciation for Anthony's life and contributions to the estate. The monk stepped forward again, read and spoke briefly from the Scriptures, something about God's omniscient provision and infallible justice and love, and then said another prayer in the three languages.

Most of the people departed, some saying a few words to Morgan in passing, though she didn't acknowledge them. Then a kind seeming man bent down next to her and took her elbow gently in his hand, asking her to accompany him. They had some questions they needed to ask. Would she be willing and able to tell them about what happened?

Through a haze of numbness that protected her mind from imploding, Morgan nodded, rose, and slid off with him. They were quickly joined by a high ranking soldier -- colonel, she somehow knew -- with two guards following a reasonable distance behind. Not that any of them would stand for more than a couple of seconds if she meant them ill, but they had to keep up appearances if only for their own sense of security.

1/3/2011 #721
Drake Lightwing

Vince bowed his head, leaving a bit of silence. Then he says, "I do not think, from observing that Morgan will blame you... we all just wanted to help with the hollow..." He thought on the reply from Justice. He had never experienced the hollow before. "Was he injured before or after the fight or during it?" He asked Addison.


Cassie paused, a sudden feeling coming over her. It was a feeling of peace. As if whatever went on today would be explained, as if she were finding her earthly family. She continued to ponder what had been happening, realizing that Mariella would be out for a while, since she'd taken only 3/4 of the damage from the bullet. This left Cassie wondering her real identity and why Mariella was so concerned with and about her.

1/3/2011 #722

They arrived in a rustic log room -- little more than just the one room -- though Morgan knew there was much more on the estate and much of it on the cutting edge of technology, communications and luxury. Was this supposed to make her more comfortable? She hardly had the energy left to care, and she could tell the sun was up outside. She was tired. Bone tired. She wondered idly what she would do when it was time to leave this room. She didn't relish the thought of another session in the sun, however brief. She didn't have Anthony's blood. At least not enough of it to keep her skin from burning badly.

The guards remained by the door while the gentle man and the colonel and she seated themselves in antique chairs in the middle of the bare, packed earth floor.

"Mind if I begin?" Said the gentle man. Morgan just stared. The Colonel grunted something affirmative.

"Hello Morcant ap Llewelyn. My name is Malachi," he said. Something about his voice and body language drew her attention, though she couldn't read his mind. That was strange. Was he blocking her? She didn't have the will to check.

"I was acquainted with your husband, Antonious," he continued. "The Nazarene has lost a great servant on the Earth, and gained a great companion in Heaven."

She nodded, listening now, a blood tear beginning to form in one eye.

The Colonel pursed his lips, perhaps impatient. Morgan ignored him. Malachi lifted his hand a little, begging for patience from the colonel, who nodded slightly.

"I can't feel what you may feel right now, but I have experienced loss of one I loved long and greatly, and I imagine it must be very difficult for you."

She sniffed.

"I am very sorry. And though you may soon rest, the world carries on, and we with it. Will you help us? Will you tell me what happened?"

1/4/2011 #723

Morgan swallowed, nodded, and began to speak.

"Abbot Gilchrist came to exorcise the hollow from Justice, a vampire Antonious and I met and had begun to train. To support him, the rest of us began to pray and let God's love flow into his mind, telepathically. Love hurts us, but we let it, for the sake of Justice. It killed . . ." She stopped, something like a sob escaping.

Malachi put his hand gently on hers. "It's all right, if you need some time."

"No." she shook her head. "Just words. Love didn't kill Antonious. Love drove out the demon that kept him . . . undead. Without the demon, how could his age old body live?"

She sniffed again, and it was as though speaking the words brought her beyond the numbness and denial, at least in part, and she doubled over, laying her head on her hands which were braced on her knees, and crying. The blood flowed from her eyes over her hands and dripped to the floor as she let out the grief for so many years, decades, even centuries wasted and gone, and the current impossibility of ever getting them or her husband back.

1/5/2011 #724

"I do not know...Hopefully fast enough to accomodate your travel speed." Anastasius narrowed his wings slightly, easily catching up to Haemon, and flew overhead of him. "Slowly gain speed, and I'll see how much I can keep up with"


Justice trembled in Addison's arms, shaking his head. "This...is my..all my fault......I've caused them trouble....pain...."

1/6/2011 #725
Alexander Starkiller

Hæmon grimaced. "The problem with that is, I have two settings. There is no build up. See, if I vibrate my body extremely fast, I can run in a burst mode for very large distances at an extremely fast speed. I have the appearance of flying centimetres above the ground. But I can do it for a short time and while I do it you can see if you can keep up," Hæmon said. He concentrated on his center, letting the process begin. The world felt cold, and he was flitting.

[Btw, it is fast. Not just fast car speed, or at least, faster than almost all cars.]

1/6/2011 #726
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Vince could feel that he was slightly unwelcome in the room, yet he felt he gained enough information to give to Cassie. He bowed leaving the room,and wandering the halls.

1/6/2011 #727

She held him close. "Its alright love... it'll be alright..."

She didn't look up as she said to vince, "I... I can't remember now..."

1/6/2011 #728

Anastasius blinked. Well, hopefully he could catch up or keep him in sight at least. He didn't know how fast he could go. He stretched out his wings, and took off after him. Wind rushed around him, and his hair whipped in his face. He would have to practice technique later, but for now his main goal was his speed. He found that narrowing his wings caused him to increase in speed, so he did so. When he did, the feathers smoothed down completetly, making his wings look metallic and even more deep black and reflected than they were. Anastasius pushed further, rising slightly more up into the air, the world rushing past as if were nothing. He felt Haemon's presence and focsed on it.


JUstice lay frowning in Addison's arms. "No....It's my fault...."


Akabara had come back to the group again, and observed quietly. It seemed as if they would need more help, and he would offer.

1/7/2011 #729
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Vince thought through the possibilities with Justice. If he were hurt before the battle, the presence of the hollow would have been there for a longer period of time. Or, it could have been ever-present possibility within Justice, and coming into contact with a hollow, and receiving the wound, which caused a whole in his chest, could have evoked the hollow-personality within him. Shaking his head, he made his was toward his room, wondering about the hollow and also about Apolitia and Cassie.


Mariella twitched in her sleep, her eyes opening by not focusing immediately. When they cleared, she felt extremely sore... pain radiated from her shoulder, and that's when the fuzzy image of a bullet going towards her resurfaced in her mind. She let her eyes adjust to the dark, and noticed her bag was slightly disturbed. The edge of the black book just visible. She suddenly felt a mixture of anger, at her privacy being evaded, and panic. The secrets held in there would change her life as well as Cassie's. She attempted to push herself up but a sudden rush hit her and she slumped back her eyes drooping closed.


She paused by Mariella's door. There was blurriness in her vision, so she knew the older girl must have woken, and then fallen back to sleep. Before she could enter, she heard footfalls behind her. Vince beckoned and she moved forward, pausing by his door.


'I found more about the hollow,' he said. 'Also I just tended to her.'

1/7/2011 #730

"Its not you... its that.. thing, inside you. Please Justice, just rest... we'll handle this when you're better. I love you..."

She wished her touch would comfort him...

1/7/2011 #731
Bleeding Perfection

(New char, No idea why, but I just feel like it.)

Name: Yet to be revealed

Age: Ten thousand years


Species: Vampire

Role: Queen of the dark vampires, and eternal rival of Akabara. (This is all made up, Val, so please just go with it.) My Alucard character is her right-hand man, and she has been in a relationship on and off with him for the last 1500 years. Currently, she is not with him.

Powers: In addition to the classic vampire powers/weaknesses (turning into a bat, superstrength, superspeed, extreme five senses, regeneration, burning in the sunlight, and being repelled by garlic, wooden stakes, holy water, and crucifixes), she also has extremely powerful psychokinetic abilities, to the extent of being able to open wormholes to alternate dimentions, and negating the existence of inanimate objects.

Weapon: . . . it also has a small throwing blade hidden on the back of the hand.

(I'll post IC later, since I gotta go in a few minutes...)

1/7/2011 . Edited 1/7/2011 #732

(Alright, no problem Bleeding)

Justice looked up at her, frowning. He was hurting everyone.....

1/10/2011 #733
Bleeding Perfection

Alucard stepped into the moonlight, which came from a crystal skylight far above.

"My Queen," he said, kneeling and dipping his head, "Chaos has reawoken."

He was, of course, referring to Vincent Valentine. Perhaps the one living soul with more physical durability than Akabara, if only in that one form.

"I see," said a youthful female voice from within the far shadows, "What do you suggest we do?"

Alucard was slightly taken aback by this. The Queen had a habit of making all the decisions herself.

She's testing me.

"Kill him before he can use that form," he said, "If I can kill him before he becomes Chaos, then many of our problems will be solved."

"That they will," she said thoughtfully, "Or perhaps..."

*Cliffhanger conversation* {HA HA}

1/10/2011 #734

Malachi bowed his head, face wrinkled in sympathetic pain, for a moment. He took a deep, shuddering breath, and moved around to Morgan's side, draping an arm over her back and pulling her close. There was nothing romantic in the gesture, only the care of one who might be a friend. She yeilded, and the two cried together for a moment.

The Colonel stood back, glowering, arms folded, a frown glued to his face. After a moment, he coughed, and Malachi looked up, regaining control of his emotions. He raised an eyebrow in question.

"Ma'am," said the Colonel, "I'm sorry for your loss. You have my condolences. But I have an estate to protect and, if I understand right, this 'hollow' is a threat. Can I get some more useful information from you?"

Malachi stood, squared his shoulders, and faced the Colonel. "That will be all for now, Morcant," he said. "Feel free to rest in here until sunset, if you wish. You are free to go at any time. Colonel," He nodded his head toward the door, and started walking from the one room structure.

The Colonel clearly wasn't happy, but Morgan was a wreck and wouldn't give him what he wanted, and this spook giving him non-verbal orders was his only 'reliable' source at the moment. He waved off the guards before someone hurt someone else, and followed Malachi from the log room to a more technologically modern conference room in a nearby building.

1/10/2011 #735
Alexander Starkiller

Hæmon stopped flitting, and waited for Anastasius caught up. He licked his lips as he sat in the dirt at the side of the road. Dry. He was dizzy, as well, and he realized he was thirsty. For water... and blood. He took a quick swig from his canteen, and licked his lips to moisten them. He opened his coat and pulled out a small vial, filled with a dark liquid. He popped the top and drained the vial fast, replacing the stopper in the vial and the vial in the coat. He wiped his mouth and licked off the extra blood, hoping Anastasius couldn't see, and realizing it didn't matter if he did.

1/10/2011 #736
Alexander Starkiller

[Oh, and what is, to the best of y'all's knowledge, the geographical location of the place most of you are at? {The something of Night. I forgot.} Like, near what city of what country? And is it in a large field, or a valley, or on a mountain, or what? I'd appreciate any help I can get.]

1/10/2011 #737

Justice lightly breathed, trying to rest as much as he could.......Still here....Haven't left. That's one down...How many more to go?


Anastasius flew over to Haemon, not feeling any fatigue, and rather enjoyed the flight. "I think I may be able to keep up with you. It seems as once you disappear from my range, I can focus on your prescence."

(Kingdom of the Night. I'm actually not sure what country they are in....I suppose the kingdom is out in the open, hard to hide an entire kingdom XD, yet humans don't know about it...so...hmm..)

1/11/2011 #738
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie nodded. She was about to ask what Vince was thinking about when a thought struck her. "I'll be back in a minute," she said turning and walking to the newcomer's room. She sent out her thoughts. 'Hello,' she said. 'I have a question.'

[Bleeding: Cue Vincent Valentine]

1/11/2011 . Edited 1/11/2011 #739
Alexander Starkiller

[Sorry, Val. While I plan on going to a normal small city first, generic and all, I want to know where the Kingdom of the Night is before I move on.]

[Seriously, anyone can answer this as best they can, even if it is only agreeing with Val.]

1/11/2011 #740

Addison held him close, her breathing slow. She would stay here as long as he needed her... as long as she could...

1/11/2011 #741

(The one who plays the Kingdom of Night posted pictures of it. It's a big, many spired, palace. That's all that's left of it. I imagine it's in Transylvania, or somewhere in Eastern Europe. Mountenous terrain, forested, with still a bunch of wild animals including predators there.)

1/11/2011 #742
Bleeding Perfection

Vincent nodded, "Yes?"

1/12/2011 #743
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Cassie stood against the open door. "Well, it's about those bullets again, and mainly about that guy.... First of all, he attacked them pretty much unprovoked, at least from what I could tell, not to mention having bullets as strong as the ones he's got... Anyway, it's mainly about the bullets again. How are they made?"

She was really curious, as she hadn't spent much time around weapons, at least not to the calibre of the weapons that man or this newcomer had shown, at least.

1/12/2011 #744
Bleeding Perfection

(Actually, Vincent's gun isn't caliber anything. It's a three-barrel revolver that fires 20-gauge shotgun slugs, only with a shorter shell.)

"It's a simple matter of fashioning a bullet out of silver," He began, "But its adverse effects come from its ability to be blessed as a holy object. Silver is considered a holy substance to some. Crucifixes were often made from it in the past, and some even now. Silver, because of this, has stronger effects on undead beings, which are generally considered unholy. It's effects are strongest against werewolves, then zombies, and least of all vampires. It has effects on other undead creatures, but these three are the most effected. Alucard's gun causes the significant amout of damage that it does, because it creates a shockwave of sorts out of the air, which keeps pace with the bullet. The bullet opens the hole, and the air forces it open to about a foot in diameter, which is a lethal wound to anyone who can't heal rapidly. It can do this no matter what material thje ammunition is made from, which makes it an especially lethal gun."

He paused to let her think about it and ask any other questions she might have.

1/12/2011 . Edited 1/12/2011 #745

(Alex, go with Mongoose on the location. The location of the Kingdom of the Night was never given, so I don't know either. Just go with it for the sake of arguement.)

I should get you away from here....They'll try something again... Justice sighed, wanting it to go away, knowing it wouldn't...

1/13/2011 #746
Alexander Starkiller

[I posted something here yesterday and it's gone. I agreed with Mongoose, adding minor, vague specifics, such as the castle being in the Carpathian mountains somewhat near Transylvania. {Arguement? What arguement?}]

Hæmon looked at Anastasius. He obviously saw Hæmon drink the blood, but what did he think? Hæmon waited for the blood to start working, then he would go again.

1/13/2011 #747

(I like Transylvania anyways XD. Never been there, but love the accent XD)

Anastasius had indeed seen him drink the blood, but didn't think on it too much. It wasn't his business to question him, but he couldn't help but feel slightly curious about it. "May I ask why you drank that blood?"

1/13/2011 #748
Alexander Starkiller

Hæmon quirked an eyebrow. "I need it to survive," he said simply.

1/13/2011 #749

Anastasius gave a simple, understanding nod. "It just seemed curious, something I...seems familiar...." It did seem familiar...consuming blood to survive. From his past? A memory? Or was it an illusion, like he suspected this all was as well? He wasn't positively sure that he was here...he wasn't sure of anything except that he needed to find this individual. Did he need to consume to survive? He didn't even know that, just like this breathing. Did he need to breathe? "Is this real?...." The question was a whisper, and something unknown to him. He was still unsure that he was even living.

1/13/2011 #750
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