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Bleeding Perfection

"I'm nothing like whatever you are," I say, deploying the blades on my left arm. Both arms now had blades sticking out of them.

6/16/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #31

"Really?" he whispered, more of a questioning tone of voice than an actual curiosity.

6/16/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #32
Bleeding Perfection

"Yes really," I say, my annoyance growing, "If you and I are the same, why aren't you in one of the cages?"

I walk toward the man in the shadows.

"Why is our own government caging us up? How does that make you and I the same?"

6/16/2010 #33

"The only reason iI'm not in a cage is because I recieved the same offer that I'm giving you..."

6/16/2010 #34
Bleeding Perfection

Ok now I'm curious...

I keep the gun trained on the man, while thinking over what he could possibly be talking about.

"What's that?" I ask.

6/16/2010 #35

"I was exactly like you..." he said, not revealing his eyes. "I woke up in a cage, my family.... gone... all that I loved? Murdered. They were about to test me... just to start me on one of their runs... when Az stopped them. He said I had something special... something dark like him..." he said, flashing those perfectly straight, white teeth.

6/16/2010 #36
Bleeding Perfection

"My family isn't dead..." I say, "And that's why I have to get out..."

6/16/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #37

"You're so sure about that?"

6/16/2010 #38
Bleeding Perfection

"I can sense it! They can't be dead!"

6/17/2010 #39

"and if I told you I witnessed their executions myself?" he said quietly, keeping his eyes t the floor. there was a strange tone in his voice... almost sorrow... a dark sorrow... but it was gone as soon as it came when he went silent, awaiting an answer...

6/17/2010 #40
Bleeding Perfection

That's not possible... No!

I pull the trigger tight, almost but not quite to the point of firing. I only have 7 bullets left. Can't waste them...

"I'm getting out and going home!" I yell.

6/17/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #41

"That's what I came here to tell you..." he whispered, "I came to offer you a way out, under several conditions..."

6/17/2010 #42
Bleeding Perfection

This is going nowhere fast. I'm getting impatient.


6/17/2010 #43

"Yes, u have to do as my commander commands...."

6/17/2010 #44
Bleeding Perfection

"Just say it already, @#$$&%! I'm getting impatient here!"

6/17/2010 #45

"That's exactly it..."

6/17/2010 #46

Maerwen looked over at the new girl. (Yer) "First day?" she whispered, trying to be kind, but the sorrow showing through despite.

6/17/2010 #47
Bleeding Perfection

I'm fed up with this guy's vague responses at this point. I have an escape to orchestrate. I turn away from the man in the shadows and take the unconcious guard's gun.

"I don't have time for you," I say.

I take into a run toward the exit, leaving the man in the shadows to do whatver he wanted.

6/17/2010 #48

"Your choice..." his fading voice said with a laugh...

6/17/2010 #49
Bleeding Perfection

I run through the halls toward the exit, until I find a door marked, "Exit." I push the handle and an alarm sounds, just my luck. I slip outside anyway and make a run for the treeline.

6/17/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #50

Suddenly he would've seen nothing but black as he fell into darkness.... Az chuckled. "Letting him get a taste of what he would have felt if he'd accepted?" the guard next to him asked. "Oh he'll accept... he just needs some... persuasion."

6/17/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #51
Bleeding Perfection

Suddenly I'm in darkness, surrounded by black. I instantly know there's someone behind this.

"So you're gonna hide in the dark?" I yell, "You can't face me like a man?"

6/18/2010 #52

"Face you?" a voice said. "Why would i need to face you, I've only come to see if you shall accept my offer..."

6/18/2010 #53
Bleeding Perfection

"At least cut the darkness @#$%," I say, "It has no effect on me whatsoever, and I bet you're wasting energy by keeping it up."

6/18/2010 #54

"Cut it? My dear boy, you're sitting in it. I merely teleported you to one of my holding chambers until we get this little... matter resolved."

6/20/2010 #55
Bleeding Perfection

Holding chamber?

I scrape my still-deployed arm blades together to make sparks, which illuminate the room. A two-way mirror is on the wall next to me, and I stand and walk over to it.

"Any reason the lights are off on both sides of the window, chump?" I say, knocking twice on the glass.

In the complete darkness I hadn't been able to see through the mirror, but in the faint light produced temporarily by my arm blades scraping together, I was able to make out the faint shapes of two or three men behind the glass.

6/20/2010 #56

"Are you sure its a two way mirror?" He chuckled, allowing the lights on and revealing several prisoners bound in chains on separate sides of the large room. Both faces would've looked quite familiar to him, being his wife and daughter...

6/20/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #57
Bleeding Perfection

I gasp shortly as I notice the true identity of the two I had seen in the mirror. I run for my daughter first, slashing her bonds with my arm blades, and then continuing on to my wife's bonds.

"Vela!" I yell, "Vela wake up!"

She stirs slightly, coming to consciousness long enough for me to wake her fully. She's weak, but alive.

"How many times have i told you to quit cussing, Zane?" She said, trying to appear humorous.

"Vela," I say, hugging her gently.

I can tell she doesn't have long to live.

"You freak!" I yell to my captor, "What did you do to her?"

6/20/2010 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 11/30/2011 #58

"She didn't take to the drugs very well," he mused, as if it were nothing. "But don't worry, that's just the beginning... unless you comply with my wishes..."

6/20/2010 #59
Bleeding Perfection

Vela's eyes close slowly, and her breathing steadies. She's unconcious again.

"YOU %$@%&!" I scream.

I deploy the blades on my back, which subconciously unlocks my full power. One well placed punch on the door, followed by a quick second, blows it wide open.

"Come and face me, you monster!" I yell, "I'll bleed you dry!"

6/20/2010 #60
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